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Content: Argentina <><<>><> Euro <><<>><> open source <><<>><> Doug Henwood interviewed by Geert Lovink (nettimer) <><<>><> ?????? G A P ?????? <><<>><> YES!!!!!! phillyimc.org/alternatives !!!! My first posts there <><<>><> the VOC, space exploration, the net as a crimetool and 'oh, but I believe in ways and means for speaking someone dear a far cry from here  <><<>><>  Is privatize a 'nice' way to say secretize?  <><<>><>  Middle east related rot <><<>><> Oh by the way, this is the sort of couleur-make up at guerrillanews.com <><<>><> a mirror (deceased but well balmy) update <><<>><> on rurality and militia <><<>><> next item follows up seamlessly: Switserland; a little later on we see it come under justified liberarian praise and  less justified fire from same (since personal arms are incomparable to more massive misery causing ones)  <><<>><> semi-simiantism plays up and a defect from zionism petition is doing its dogged round me pursuing just as doggedly with complementary traffictricks (which gemini's are most notorious for) <><<>><> a heady hippy  <><<>><> muslimama's <><<>><> windmill power <><<>><> spooky symbolisms by Bauval (what a great name for the world's authority on Pyramids) <><<>><>  friday, the last day for this file's growth were many and various (more on posers in the German speaking countries) <><<>><> Indy Austria is

108224 "being outnumbered by even a small combination from all others ... .. . ...  by piet 11:09am Wed Dec 19 '01   .. . .. .. .eliminates all possible imperialist ambition on the part of any one. Quote from a little essay by Leopold Kohr whose point is to keep coalitions small so diversity remains large. To this 1941 effort is attached my still unanswered query as to the whereabouts and well or worse being of the lbo-talk list went. 108049

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/marxist/message/3229 Henwood at the Leninist thingy in Esssen last year (long)

  NYC indy 15283 gold-eagle.com/editorials.html  The Euro, Gold and the Dollar (long predictable rant; here are the closing lines: Secondly, actual euro/gold redemption is to the severe economic disadvantage of the ECB and its nations because a redeemable gold euro would essentially foreclose the opportunity for ECB nations to criminally loot and plunder the purchasing power of the nations of the world through the use of fiat euros as public and private foreign reserves. Payments between nations in physical gold keeps international trade relatively honest. Gold as the international moneychanger currency assures 'something for something'. A world-wide empire of a primary fiat currency for the payments between nations criminally defrauds the world and enriches without merit the fiat reserve currency creators. A fiat currency as the primary international moneychanger currency (reserve currency) assures the fabulous riches of world-wide 'something for nothing' exchanges. We Americans (our bankers) could not resist that temptation. I do not expect European bankers to resist that temptation. I do not expect any peoples of the world to resist the temptation of fabulous world-wide riches for nothing. That is why we the people must demand a return to circulating physical gold and silver currency, without fractional reserve banking. )  Oh, I get, it the fat here, the sun and the hardy host is that the picture? I got loads of leads offs, nuance and derivative for you on that score; just go to https://poetpiet.tripod.com/index2.htm and click the grey bar which says some thing about multiplicities. As for gold, I have been offering perspectives on the bright side of its history from the thirties written by some vastly underestimated dead people for a few years now (including some notes on the dark side of 'precious' metals resulting from the side effects of greed and a misunderstanding of symbiotic ties between the symbolic and substantial (this comment will double as a renewed comment at memes.org where I posted the following URL too but incompletely so far): guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm I think I posted this URL at this very or a similar gold buggy place before by the way. You will find the texts there (about a Meg, hope you don't mind extreme not to say extravagant use of shades; some of them have an escape URL to a black on white version and I will establish a portal for shadophobics) to be a welcome addition/contrast/follow up/whatever to the piece here (which I will be incorporating in https://poetpiet.tripod.com/20-21-reads.htm today, read soon and comment on still later (comp time limited). Come see previous issues at /print-resource-friendly-reads3.htm

108411 shows 12 links on the argentine crisis (20 people died there last night): zmag.org/Sustainers/content/2001-05/29weisbrot.htm zmag.org/chomsky/articles/z9101-victors-2.html zmag.org/Sustainers/content/2001-05/01hahnel.htm
Influences of neoliberalism on the educational prospects of Latin American youth
CICE article - Comparative Education
Argentina Global Policy Network
Is there a solution for Latin America?  International Socialist Review
Crisis in Argentina is a challenge for Mercosur Donau-Universität Krems
Yahoo news full coverage global economy
Globalization at work The Labor Educator
Shortsighted IMF jumps onto floundering Argentine ship The Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Argentina - unlawful debt or financial crime against human development Attac
IMF "rescue" won't help Latin America Mark Weisbrot
Argentina and the IMF Institute for Public Accuracy

<><<>><> Marco singin <><<>>
<<>><> frucht.org/roberta.html <><<>>
<><><<>><> <><<>><><>

109088 http://debate.org.uk/topics/theo/small.htm lots of docs about mutual misconceptions between Moslims and christians I can think of better things to reciprocate  gooooglies for 'poetpiet islam', 'poetpiet jesus' and poetpiet' monotheisms might get you started on your way back to learning more embedded routines than toting books around and waivering wave braving (not to mention bare rocks; america seems to have an appetite for 'm lately, especially if they suspect a particularly tasty kind of rodent under the rubble of ages); what I am trying to say is: I am quitting and not just for today either, oh, and those googlies? sorry, you know the way by now.

About a month later:
There is a great new resource at imc called

 which I have provided with an inital commentary (about a bathwaterbearing baby in the shape of the word hyrarchy): Support for a pleasing page (1Mb from the 30's) --------  Now we are talking. Resouces (especially on all manner of monies and earthier currents). P(re)s: Qualify but don't do away with or discard (any stages of) hyrarchy. Unpailoadadly Ballistic aphorism: Life is not a stage rage of bridgeburnin rockytree. +  ----- A first quick comment on these my tea pleasing pages (the need of which I pleaded for over half a year ago); ----- aint no such thing as higher and/or lower archies? All we are is equal archies? Come on, where's your sense of realism? I think and feel activity and focus should be at and on smoothing transitions for the relatively more sensitive and delicate but that may imply and tie in with, thus be compensated by and compensate for a shock to the more hardy systems No? Take the lava outflow around the equator for instance(anybody got any quantity figures for me? *); it is a rare but compelling event and on the scale/time carousel of rock plant animal human (last shall feed the first to the second or short such kin-ciclin feasabilities in order to feel on and at the top) and it too has it's finest/confinement hour and gets to dominate for a spell. Wavearchy maybe? Either way, by now you will have gotten my drift, my difficulties to do with doing away with terms like hyrarchy altogether, without however, denying the need to clean them up a bit (a little more embeddiment please; involve the furtherst known reaches of scale without distilling a desire to conquer/invade them). * This outflow seems to confirm the Hamaker thesis (search my site) that seasonal iceload pressure flux on the poles translates all the way to equatorial regions via the liquid crystal-like 'gunk' and confirms a pressure increase if anything. by Ray saphunchline pionear you who has 30 Megs of meticulously tinted text for you at http://poetpiet.tripod.com lots of relevant rants on dust specks realm coins and currencies coursing between and through stages of ages.    ------->>fo low up>>-------- phillyimc.org/article.pl?sid=02/01/11/219207&mode=thread found that my old acquantance (was she the first to actually reply to all my ((99. 9999999% vain)) efforts?) Carol Brouillet there sticking to her old spiel as tenaciously as I do to mine ;)  a minimum of 2 sorts of money needed, Tuesday February 05, @11:43AM EST (#1) Hey Carol, how's it goin', listen, I posted a message (twice by mistake) and they threw 'm both off (also by mistake?). You can still see it (criticizing condemnation of 'hyrarchy')  come by and you will see that I am keeping an eye 'open' for developments on '(y)our' front. -------- I commented on my comment (which they leave be as a link): Tuesday February 05, @12:03PM EST (#2) or 3 would be better; commercial, communal and common: Craig Hubley goes up to six 'styles'; salvaged that brilliant essay from his defunct website(find it in the beginning of my prfr series).    Anyway what I really came back (so soon) to correct is my assumption my post was removed; I merely got moved to the regular Philly page; good call really. I would still like to know what we are going to call crumbledi - humbling heads of higher key if that word is irreedable. Guess I will go read that Gift link (to a context.org article: /ICLIB/IC41/PinchotG.htm)wherein 'hyrarchy' features. Watch for a verbatim refutation. O and by the way; I just meant to praise the alternatives page and right soon after that point to the parsing science of a man who managed to know and learn from history; hint: Beckerath + poetpiet (correcting gold standard into photosynthesis rate based value stability indexing) = fine future funtaskit

more densely formated print crime milderizing version of the
IMC alternatives page, the basic primer  (55K)

 Find their basic primer with all the hype(r)s left in (but the tints tweaked) here (70K) here are the links I thought I didn't know yet: http://iisd1.iisd.ca/pcdf/Living_Economies.htm
 afd-online.org/campaigns/2000/globalization/caplan.htm but they turn out to be David Korten works
02/02/05/0344202   for stump-starters  on Wednesday February 06, @05:51AM EST (#1)   My topic lately (again); I must admit being fascinated with these 3 related sites: humanevolution.net ----- neoteny.org --  neoteny.org/a/tablecontents.html  -- serpentfd.org;  this is how I introduced them to a friend:  Subject and springing point in these pages is: testosterone as the (mis)matchmaker and (mis)man ager ----- a few minutes later: this is more fun; same site, 2820th visitor to 'postulates': temporarily parked here: (check the postulates for a quick impression; I've parked them here for the moment: (31K file for the first few specials of 2002)  Population pressure is a hurdle massifying societies bump up against, seeing they behave rather like termite and indeed the trend to scarcification of fecundity is evident in all highly socialized insect species. bottom line: It takes a bioregion to raise a child. ------- letter on the same subject: serpendfd.com is very chummy with humanevolution.com and neotony.com Together they receive 1500 visitors a week (?) according to a boast on the latter page (with unselectable let alone copyable text)   Of course the socio.dh/evo/index_evo.htm has hundreds of 'siblings', not all too close perhaps and I don't expect any to make much of the possible allegoric reading for 'fruit of knowledge' as a fellaman or -monkey's brain as per Oscar Kiss Maerth (first author I went in personal flesh and blood search for; and my, what adventure, a dilapidating near empty castle on Como Lake, 3 red haired daughters, the man hisself living in a camper, etc)   Forgive me for bothering you with all this mainstream old hat, I mean, everybody knows Geoffrey Miller et al right?

/article.pl?sid=02/02/08/1255259&mode=threadSource texts on currency reconstitution400 visitors in 3 years (admittedly not all the material in this 1Mb section on monies at my site is relevant but..):for a file originally written in '68 by the 2000, one $ a pop, microfiche-output-man John Zube containing the following    9 ) Further Remarks on Price Adaption to an Exclusive Currency The price mechanism does not work quite as frictionless as some of its advocates believe it does - when it is d i s t u r b e d by one or two commodities (gold and silver), they alone being allowed to express price relationships and to pay for all prices so determined. The belief that prices would automatically and sufficiently adapt has been concisely put by Murray N. Rothbard ( ibid, p. 13 ):"it doesn't matter what the supply of money is. Any supply will do as welf as any other supply. The free market will simply adjust by changing the purchasing power, or effectiveness of its gold unit. The main error in this opinion is that a market which in this fashion is forced to reduce all prices is still to be considered as a free market. It must be conceded, however, that within certain limits this opinion is true, to wit, when provided that a minimum of gold is available and that there is sufficient time for the adaption to take place. Are these conditions  always fulfilled? The gold quantity available at the time of Columbus would today not suffice to turn over the volume of today's trade, not even at greatly reduced prices. Even at the time of Columbus it was, combined with silver, not able to dispense with barter and subsistence economy everywhere to spread a monetary exchange economy generally. As we have seen in the above chapter on denominations gold cannot be subdivided without limits. Coins can become too small for circulation. Rothbard himself quotes two such instances on p. 32 of the same work. (That in these cases the too small size was due to coin debasements does not matter) Thus price adaption would find a physical limit Prices might be reduced to emergency sales prices and goods, because of a shortage of usable coins, might still remain unsold whereupon goods production is likely to b reduced tohards subsistence or towards the money supply which still permits turnovers. When such a physical limit is reached then even centuries are not a long enough time for the expected price adaption to be completed. Often, as experience showed, the time available for the necessary adaption is not centuries teut merely days or weeks. (Compare here the excellent description, in plan 191, of the currency famine of 1893) When the time factor psychological elements like hopes, expectations and estimates creep in and spoil the smoothness of the desired price adaption, Shopowners and wageearners take a considerable time before they recognize the need for price and wage reductions and overcome their hesitation only slowly, Their hesitation increases a currency shortage (the turnover based on not yet reduced prices requiring a disproportionally large share of the reduced money circulation) and may even leed to their oankruptcy or unemployment before they really know what happened to them. Almost like in many car accidents events move then as rapidly that proper counteraction cannot be taken in time to prevent disaster. To the extent that people notice what happens: " f a l l i n g" not " f a l l e n" prices and wages they will be inclined to sharpen the already existing currency famine by reducing their purchases and hiring of labour and keeping higher cash reserves- in the expectation of further price and wage falls. Admittedly even this tendency cannot go on without limits. It is, nevertheless, one of the major factors ignored by those who expect automatie price adaptions to any degree- under an exclusive currency system. The price adaption within this framework functions only within rather narrow limits, that is in cases when the price and wage charges are hardly noticed, It certainty does not work in the extreme cases when its smooth functioning is required most. One might draw a comparison here with the exclusive authority of present-day States to provide protection and security. States are helpless and can grant no security or protection against the vast threats of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare and are only partly effective against the continuous threat of criminal or terrorist or subversive activities. They seem to do their jobs only when the crime rate, the threat to security, is so small that it is hardly noticed by most. In other words when it is not required anyhow, it "functions", when it is needed most it reveals inhererent defects (Compare the index-entry "Prices, falling and low, rising and high").   He (John Zube) was inspired by Ulrich von Beckerath an insurance mathematician and the subdirectory in question contains work mostly by him.  guest_appearances/intro_to_symb_currency_issues.htm  in what I am afraid is all too flowery language.  My reservations and objections to the use of gold (I prefer what it stands for at a much more profound level: weighed down, captured and value added, iow photosynthesized sunshine) 

130966   A MUST see; it's a fun response to a serious problem; I gave it a shot as well; summing up recent experience at the same time as it haps. Have you vent your cop at all, will your travel?  Since I am a fiend for parenthetically compacted brevity the poor par peer parent is ease may appear endisease unless you come over and take it one colour at a time through the densest ((((((((((((((())))))))))))))) stormeyerapits. ------- I might mention  my latest  prfr (250K) containing a ccru article on sinofuturism which exposes VOC (Verenigde Oost Indie Companie) an early venture capital pooling trading company cq MNC) type practice (even still, just recently the best radio programmers in Holland interviewed one of the space invaders ((out into it, not from it, such as is this items topic, sorry this valuable info comes rather late here)) and these guys were calmly demeaning the moon by calling her a socket tempting them to plug in while praising the VOC as a shining example providing precedent to presently planned parallel and prolonged perpetrants; this rap was given a very apt pause by splicing a Maura O'Connell interpreformance in of 'A far cry' ((This Malcolm Holcombe song turned out quite the punchnonlinear contrast)) the lyrics to which ((plus a link to audiofragment)) can be seen here: /2002/jan.htm) for what it is (a scam to get rich quick from a destructive loot though the latter gets ticketed as 'getting smarter') and from which I took some disconcerting insights regarding 'insectualization' of mankind (triggered by the word 'swarmachine' ((the article looks at drugtrade and the net as veil and foil for it, all of which prefigured (((out))) by Sun Tzu)) found in said article). ----------- I posted a copy with a sequel/digest at 131474  : Go have yo flash fun (answer to130966 about the deplorable exploit problem); here is the summary: Some one posted a toilet's repartee to smug affront in a flash comment on 130966 'A suggested location for the left's new utopian society'  set above a Fw of a Times article about exploratory abuse with the wages of sin (one doesn't elevate oneself to get rich as much as one subjects others for it); ----

Comments to the above at (hidden) 131474:  Unintelligible by PJD 7:44am Fri Feb 8 '02     Get this totally unintelligible rubbish off of here.  ----------  Comment on 130966 (english)
 by Mark Bialkowski 9:49am Fri Feb 8 '02 mbialkowski@rogers.coMAPSBLOCK    This looks more like a comment on 130966 than a separate article. As such, it's a simple violation of section III b 3 of the editorial policy, and will be grouped with that post.  If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please get in touch with myself or the newswire working group, www-newswire at lists.indymedia.org

130887 pic-compilation with soft gay necking; I comment most of what sits in the light grey table above + the Confucius jokes from the jan2.htm issue (still growin as logbriefer) as well as this: osama hit the us in the foreskin and the ensuing orgasmic drip dropped all over afghanistan; the aim was good but the viability a little off; uncle sam is holding it back and in a little too far beyond either pleasure or progeny I fear. - ------and after me an interesting commenter (Tom) goes:  Stop spamming by Tom 10:43am Thu Feb 7 '02 Everyday, you post these stupid gay pride thing ... and get the same comments. Look, gay rights, equality, etc are all well and good. But gays aren't superior or inferior.  Got that? Sure, 90% of molesters are straight; so are 90% of people.   And that's the point. Just like the anti-Semites who come on here to hijack a potential  mass movement, you are here to turn a mass movement about economics into a debate on what a small minority do in bed. Frankly, I don't care what you do as long as everyone is free.  It is only an upperclass minority who have time to worry about such minor issues. The rest of us are out fighting the real war while you aim for false consciousness. Get a life! Get a clue!

131020 is privatization a 'nice' word for secrecy?   by piet 10:38am Thu Feb 7 '02 When city authorities have clauses and signatures which prohibit 'use' of their content at the bottom of their communication with the general populace one has to wonder where that bloody open society even exists at all yet apart from beneath the pipedreamer's cap.   When public authorities on any scale of magnitude have clauses and signatures which prohibit 'use' of their content  at the bottom of their communication with the general populace one has to wonder where that bloody open society even exists at all yet apart from beneath the pipedreamer's cap. Even consensually constituted currencies which state money can soon become(simply allow people to allocate their taxes to targets of their choosing)will have budgeters drop plenny a stitch in their projections, since articulating goals times material costs minus learning money leaves gaps rifts and rooms for misunderstanding as it is; since practices as just cited happen a lot, in Amsterdam for instance, the appaling meaning of my title doesn't show up as an eyesore when we haven't much to contrast it with. Once that minor yet momentous glitch is rectified we will see privatization become what it should be: risk bearing (1) play money for (1) and of the steepin rich BUT with the grand difference of not existing at the cost of us more modest plodder ploppy plish-plash pleash our soakers and stoopers.

 Middle East related
zionism induced and justifying antisemitism, etc
http://www.indymedia.org.il/imc/israel/  webcast/display.php3?article_id=14010
/israelshamirdotcom.htm  by poetpiet3:09pm Sat Feb 2 '02 -- israel shamir deserves a little attention I think.   201K print resource friendlily printable file: http://piet.tripod.com/2001/israelshamirdotcom.htm (about 10 of his items; yes I think he is that good).  11066 = Maidens and warriors is a december gem' nobody  commented on it and I find his work of such a magnitude in truth as to expect a lot more mention than a couple of handfuls worth over the whole of the year past.

http://english.pravda.ru/letters/2002/02/07/26286.html Pravda: THE PURGE OF JOE SOBRAN AND THE AXIS OF EVIL  by Bill White for Pravda 2002-02-07 09:47:35-08 In the story of Joe Sobran and his purge from National Review we see a key element in the final stages of the consolidation of the Zionist stranglehold on the American media, as he, one of the last dissenters, and a former true believer, was forced out -- not because he had become a great threat, though his martyrdom has given him an air of greatness -- but because he dared to dissent at all.

132924  This article shows why Palestinians are, justifiably, desperate.   by Jim Lobe 2002-02-10 20:53:56-08  600 Homeless (Palestinian) Families ''Israel has demolished more than 600 homes--displacing more than 5,000 residents of the Gaza Strip in violation of international law--since the beginning of the so-called al-Aqsa intifada almost 18 months ago, according to a report released Monday by Israel's most prominent human rights group, B'Tselem. The vast majority of these demolitions took place at night without any warning to residents, some of whom were forced to flee their homes when bulldozers were already "at their doorstep," according to the 40-page report, which charged that the policy behind the operations amounted to "collective punishment" forbidden under international law.''  This article shows why Palestinians are, justifiably, desperate. http://themanifestoandwhy.tripod.com

 132581 12th out of 17 c's ((the first 9(!) of which are rabidly pro-israeli incitements to violence on a meanwhile hidden post (let's see if I can keep it up; wanna place bets anybody?); by piet 9:32am Sun Feb 10 '02  to all the specially spatially challenged members of our species: stop makin us all like you you monomaniacs!!!!!  Do I wanna be robbed the nice official and legal way, all the better the more fancy the writs served and notes promissorizing they want me to call mine or at least covet, the truer the books they want me to develop appetites for and depencencies on; all done to feed the ostentation fed back to me in fake superficial (windowdressing ((windowdressing)) with philanthropy) finery, or would I prefer to face a petty robber at knifepoint? Either way, the crowd swarms behind through, after and out before, in front of proliferating swarmachines insectualizing the hell out of the rest of us not much longer greenery embedded schlemiels with their out of control population policies one branch plain suppressing their female folk, the other trying to please 'm more than most sorry I am the most, no more than that most.    I once posted a google list for the terms 'invasion of canaan' to a months earlier similar post and never combed through them but if you add Theaux you should get close to the truth that those who don't live and/or think through their (past) actions are condemned to repeat them.   Ps: one before this last comment of mine (space craze related) got hidden at 131474; I'll try an improved version or tack it on as a comment some more (which was the point in the first place).  --- Once again, I wouldn't be suprised if I could keep the getting hidden streak up; anyone wanna take bets? Consult this item too: 105153 Quick guide to hidden articles ----
132896 10,000 participants protest downtown TelAviv

Oh by the way, this is the sort of couleur-make up at guerrillanews.com these days; it is a pretty usable infrastructure and will be more so when dusts settle yet overall speeds pick up a bit; I am gladder to have served here than most other places that seem to say 'look what you made me (able to) do' but don't really. Here is a prfr called GNNeffectiveness (108K)  with: The effectiveness of GNN and an article from anarchymag.org by Jason Quinn called 'why I am not a primitivist ++plus++ some filler: from COMMUNITY WITHOUT UNITY: A POLITICS OF DERRIDEAN EXTRAVAGANCE by William Corlett. (also in 2002/Indymedia)

This is a sample of my mirror which stopped growing near the end of oct 2001 (I even took most of it down again early 2002 since Indy speed improved dramatically;  2591K left, see below) th and can still be view copy-pastin the file names. Seeindy16.htm   for more (by now old news regarding) newswire accessing trick history and these: 102544 a 105153 Quick guide to hidden articles ----

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133692 Open Letter to the No-wing Milita Movement (english) by LWOD 8:40am Tue Feb 12 '02 (Modified on 8:47am Tue Feb 12 '02) From Live Wild Or Die zine #8 2001, author(s) unknown. Posted by Trans-Mississipi News Service.  ----- one commenter (Julian) out of a handful: ".... Second, urban activists seem not to care to try to understand rural issues at all but would rather write rural people off as racist rednecks. Rural people who are trying to address the same issues we're all facing by militantly defending themselves are written off as racists without any research or further inquiry. Furthermore, some exposure to anarchist,  anti-capitalist and anti-racist ideas would help keep the nazis away and prevent rural youth from becoming racists.  I need to do more research on all this, as do the former posters.." ---------------

133626 IMC SWITZERLAND UNDER FIRE (english) by Latuff (who is a cartoon artist) 5:36am Tue Feb 12 '02 (Modified on 8:55am Tue Feb 12 '02) latuff@uninet.com.br Swiss non-governmental organization Aktion Kinder des Holocaust is threatening with legal charges two members from editorial staff of Independent Media Center of Switzerland, an alternative media group formed by volunteer activists, for publishing of material seems as anti-Semitic. ---------1st of 2 comments as of euro tuesday eve: Cheap excuse (english) by Remember Deir Yassim 8:28am Tue Feb 12 '02 Palestinians are semite. It does not seem that Latuff is anti-semitic. I don't think he was saying anything particularly bad about semitic people, rather some particular persons who may be semitic. The "anti-semitic" label is often used as a cheap all-encompassing and convenient "weapon" whenever some people want to prevent the rest of the world from addressing issues such as the Palestinian Holocaust. "Black" Jews are treated very shabbily in Israel. A totally shameful act recently was the refusal by a certain category of Jews preventing the body of a Jewish commando from being buried in their ground. He was "black". Is there any protection for these Jews from Jews who are "white"? How does "anti-semitic" apply in instances of gross prejudice by one semitic category ("white") against another? The same ploy was used in UK and France when some Jews were prosecuted (for grand scale financial and electoral fraud) it was called anti-semitic. I suppose when blacks or whites are prosecuted, they can also scream "anti-black" or "anti-white"? Meanwhile, while you ponder these, you could do something about this: Here is the online petition for the reservists who refuse to participate in the genocidal rampage of Adolf Sharon who is trying to outdo all his ZioNazi predecessors in exacerbating the Palestinian Holocaust. http://www.seruv.org/CivilPeteng.asp Show your support for the brave reservists by signing and telling all about it. Don't forget to visit israelshamir.net Some Arabs call Mr Shamir, son of a famous rabbi anti-semitic. after a rabid antizionist comment with many links -----------------  I go:Remdeirya said it all already . .almost,  I would like to add to his info; that petition is damn tricky; his link leads you to the (root of the) Hebrew site and the files are damn long, get you stuck waitin; click stop soon after targeting the url and find the 'english' button; you should end up here: http://www.seruv.org.il/civeng.asp even there click stop soon unless you can keep up with 3050 petitioner info's -----------  the other thing I would like to say is that the swiss indy item on this topic http://switzerland.indymedia.org  /display.php3?article_id=8134 has 50 commenters already!!!!!!!!!!1; sorta funny all this comes right after reading Elias Canetti's Zuri school years for me; relevant part is the account of his urgent enthusiasm about answering teacher's questions; he delicately describes how he didn't learn much about (respect for) his fellow student until reprimanded after rising tensions and holding back his eager beaver flash intellogenes (I recognize this so well and remember the proverb fill out hour as the one of my few childhood 'g(l)ories'). No less interesting perhaps is what happed over last weekend here in Holland: the most right wing populist rising (cometlike and also a gay person) has led into a battle his party couldn't keep up to: immigration stop and repeal of discrimination law cause it doesn't stroke with free speech; his plan is to allow the mullahs and imam to go right ahead and compare him to a pig(pigs homo's? Never seen such a thing and I used to clean their stables) and such but he will have'm all become truely Dutch (after his fashion I guess) before allowing any more hard won liberty antagonists into the country. -------------- also tacked and tandemed the same onto a few more identical placements  by Remember Deir Yassim; at 133672 among others. ------  on friday  135491 LISTEN UP!!!- The Palestinian/Israeli struggle is more complicated ---- I go: practically impracticable sign unless  . .  slowpokepietrickore I like the petition post but I've been haunting the poster with this info which I think he should incorporate: that petition is damn tricky; his link leads you to the (root of the) Hebrew site and the files are damn long, get you stuck waitin with the average speed connection; I recommend:
 click stop soon after targeting the url and find the 'english' button;
you should end up here:  seruv.org.il/civeng.asp even once you get there you should click stop immediately unless you can
keep up with 3050 petitioner info's (and that was only tuesday)----------

 http://switzerland.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=8933the background of AKdH by case closed 8:58pm Tue Feb 12 '02 STOP ATTACK ON LATUFF! AKDH has a foul reputation based on its actions, including: *working to silence the journalistic investigation that exposed Binjamin Wilkomirski's "Fragments" to be a fraud. Wilkomirksi wrote a book that claimed to represent his supposed experiences as a child in a nazi death camp. Today, the book and Wilkomirski are universally regarded as fraudulent. He was in fact born in 1941, raised in Zurich during all of World War II, "and knows Auschwitz only as a tourist." But that information would never have become known if akdh had had its way: "It is becoming barely feasible, but we still are inclined to believe his story, in principle. In the meantime, further interventions arrive. Wilkomirski and "Aktion Kinder des Holocaust," a group clearly close to him, request both orally and in writing that we cease from further research." stopbadtherapy.com/  experts/fragments/ganzfried.html For more on the Wilkomirski hoax, see the 800+ references at Google: google.com/search?hl=en&q = wilkomirski+fragments&btnG=Google+Search *akdh was the power behind the scenes in defaming a school in a series of TV broadcasts. The broadcasters were forced to issue a public retraction after court action was brought. "In Germany, two TV-programs were broadcast by REPORT-Mainz, on 28 Feb and 10 July 2000, seemingly much based on lobbying by AKdH (Aktion Kinder der Holocaust), a small group in Basle. The programs alleged an inherent anti-Semitism in Waldorf education was coming to increased expression at Waldorf schools in Germany, making Jewish parents increasingly taking their cildren out of the schools. The second program has been put up at the site of PLANS as one of its tool in its campaign against Waldorf education. "The programs led to a storm of protests from Waldorf parents, pupils and teachers at the c.180 Waldorf schools in Germany. Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, former Waldorf pupil and daughter of Heinz Galinski, a former chairman of the Central Jewish Council in Germany, considered the Report program on Waldorf schools to be "propaganda of the worst kind" and published an appeal in defence of the Waldorf schools in Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung, (General Jewish Weekly) and in five large German Newspapers. "In a third broadcast, 9 April 2001, the program, faced with the need to in court prove its allegation on the removal of Jewish children from Waldorf schools by their parents, retreated from the allegation." http://hem.passagen.se/thebee/  comments/Germany/Germany.htm *akdh has gone after real nazi sites, but they have also attacked others. Latuff is merely the latest case in point. The adkh strategy is to force free website providers to eject anyone akdh doesn't like, and then to lock them when they go to commercial sites: "The strategy is to push away such pages from free providers to commercial sites and than lock this sites." http://volksgruppen.orf.at/austria/  en/archiv02/010212_en.htm This seems to be a first stage assault on Latuff. If they can successfully intimidate his cartoons off free sites like IMC, then they will be able to target him very easily if he goes to commercial sites. ----- As for the actual legality of their actions:Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:26:43 +0200 From: Matthias Leisi To: Declan McCullagh Subject: Re: FC: German state moves to block "illegal" sites including rotten.com In-Reply-To: <>; from declan@well.com on Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 07:51:41PM -0700 (Context: politechbot.com/p-02662.html) Swiss authorities have tried similar approaches in the (not-so-distant) past. In January/Februar 2001, under the pressure of a group which calls itself "Aktion Kinder des Holocaust" (Action of Holocaust Children) swiss ISPs were asked to block traffic to a yet unkown number of (nazi propaganda) sites. SIUG (Swiss Internet Users Group) asked ISPs directly as to what sites they were blocking, but only few responded (mainly those who said they were not blocking anything). But two large backbone providers (Sunrise.ch and IP/Plus, subsidiary of former monopolist Swisscom) were blocking access to at least some sites. See SIUG Press Release at siug.ch/presse/Presse.20010629.html Already in 1998, Swiss authorities requested that ISPs shut down connectivity to a number of sites (a transcript of this letter is available at http://groups.google.com/  groups?oi=djq&selm=an_374548192 ). There is no sound legal base for those attempts at censorship _yet_. There are some provision in terms of laws on anti-hate speech already in place, and two parliamentary initiatives to clarify the situation for ISPs are underway: parlament.ch/ab/frameset/d/n/  4609/35656/d_n_4609_35656_35784.htm Matthias (Disclaimer: Member of SIUG)   interesting-people.org/archives/  interesting-people/200110/msg00230.html ------- Waldorf ist merkwürdig, da hat die AKDH recht by Waldorf-Holzfäller 9:40pm Tue Feb 12 '02 Die Waldorf-Schule ist nun mal merkwürdig und hinterfragenswert, da hat die AKDH recht. Rudolf Steiner mit seiner behämmerten Wurzelrassen-Theorie ist ja wohl kaum jemand, für den man sich einsetzen sollte. Und meines Wissens hat sich die Waldorf-Schickeria nicht gross von der Wurzelrassen-Kacke distanziert. Man kann sich natürlich fragen, ob AKDH wieder gleich mit dem Vorschlaghammer drauflos gehauen hat, anstatt die Sache langsam und halbwegs korrekt anzugehen. Aber es gibt echt wichtigere Probleme auf dieser Welt...---------  Nieder mit esoterischen Rassisten by Nakam 9:42pm Tue Feb 12 '02 Die Anthroposophie, jene Ideologie die hinter den Waldorfschulen steht, ist eine rassistische und antisemitische Sektenlehre und hat nichts mit fortschrittlichen Ideen zu tun! Die AKdH hingegen sehr wohlt! Der Fall Wilkirski. --------- Brief an den Autor Stefan Mächler by finderin 10:48pm Tue Feb 12 '02 akdh.ch/ps/ps_02Maechler.html ---------- hang latuff and punish his fanclub! by hexenfeuer 10:18am Wed Feb 13 '02 hang latuff and punish his fanclub! Die Bedrohung, die die FepA fühlt by keine Angst 10:45am Wed Feb 13 '02 @Hexenfeuer, die Bedrohung, die die FepAisten und die FepAistin immer wieder hervorheben, diese Barbarische, rohe Gewalt, und die auch dem Vertreter der AkDH sorgen macht, blendet eines aus: Es gibt in dieser Geschichte Drohaufrufe von allen Möglichen Leuten, gegen alle möglichen Leute. Deine Drohung richtet sich gegen Latuf, den du hängen willst und gegen den Latuf Fanclub, den du bestrafen willst. (Wen meinst du damit?) Also, ich weiss nicht wer du bist, und was du mit deinem Comment bezwecken willst. Dass du dich mit dem Namen Hexenfeuer in die Nähe der Inquisition rückst, lässt mich vermuten, dass du nur Öl ins Feuer giessen willst, zu deiner Unterhaltung. Du bist einE IdiotIn.   8398 and 8888 are relevant and the green frame below has more too)    --------  the austrian post in particular is revealing; the founder poses as Nazi on different fora and then publically denounces them for not taking action against him!!!!!

134780 A loooooooong post from wwww.luminist.org a hippy who likes drugs and aleister Crowley, he wants to start a religion and harvests one comment: There it is (english) by . 9:19pm Wed Feb 13 '02 You made a big pile of fresh steaming bullshit and posted it on the internet. I hope you're happy now. the guy has a beard; mine won't reach that length for about a year (or so). --- These 2 essays are taken up in feb-reads3.htm: POST-APOCALYPTIC PAGANISM  -- Utopianism, anarchism, and the rainbow nation.

http://members.shaw.ca/fairsystem/WelcomeToRadicalSite.htm the older website. ../WelcomeToConventionalSite.htm Has the season of pontificators started or what?????? Glickman is from Courtenay ----- definitely worth a visit: ../Links.htm ----- There is a substantial Indonesian leg for this site to stand on ------ geocities.com/bikeadvoc/urban.html bike page; I really detest visiting geocities now since the ancient machines and software I work from are temporarily lamed by the java and it don't even add anything to the ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

134290  Muslim Women Say They're Equal in Islam ---- an item about the dustguard - veil - modesty - protection racket evokes a comment of mine  by piet 11:31am Wed Feb 13 '02   first off, what might be the pragmatic reason for the damn rags? DUST!!!!! And that's why I get the creeps when I see them in green environments; are they harbingers? Just a little tardy in realizing they can be (dust)freeer now?  Second, who's fooling anyone about modesty or equality or inviolability or for that matter the scarring process supposedly keeping everybody in line (even Pierre Clastres retoric leaks on this score). Can't hide cuteness, ugliness for a minute, nor the schizofrenia of capitalism compounded by mono everything forever neither.   Can't call missing vital ingredients or excessively free speech discrimination and I'll leave you with my latest greatest retrievealalls on the sexual front: the middle section from: serpentfd.org/postulates.html  (see prfr one pagedown tap here till filefillment, thereafter via fourth prfr collection)

134497: life is all about rhythm and scale    Hey, I was just going to complain about that stupid yellowy nervous db level needle/indicator hitting out at such a nervous pace and now they took it down! My prayer answered before prayed; maybe a bit of related windpower news then, since that damn thing reminded me so much of those large modern and nervously rpm'ed mills (one of which crumpled in recent winds; quite a contrast to the human cartwheel and Dutch live-in model which has a whooosh one two three whooshy rhythm): Denmark's new right wing gov has promised to mind the profit; whatever else that might mean, it is given as the reason for defunding wind power in which sector Denmark still leads with it filling about a quarter of it's needs. Another thing that mad gif reminded me of was the first place I saw it, the Dutch indy (ironic detail being that the grounds for rejecting the original windmill gif (which I was so enthused about but unable to obtain a copy after I found it rejected) were to do with size, it was dropped in favor of one that sported a more modest bit size; couldn't have possible been more cumbersome than that stupid jerk needle spasm gizmo.
134490 +24  Reactionary Complainers vs. Independent Solutionists -- not bad. Cool excersize!!!!! Go Indyans Go!

134852 Henk don't harvest much sympathy with this post (usually doesn't but I DO clearly see the stars forming a mask ((hell of a lot more plausible one than the Mars mole anyway). ------- enterprisemission.com/bauval.htm has this: SATANíS CALLING CARD SEPTEMBER 11: A DATE TO REMEMBER. By Robert G. Bauval taken from grahamhancock.com/phorum/  read.php?f=1&i=75176&t=75176 ----  I didn't know Bauval was into this shit; thought he had his head in the stars like the Pharaohs, mmmmm guess not ---------

the archive guide for this year /2002/Indymedia.htm is of course nearly empty still and so leaves plenty of room for fillers, the present ones are (yellow) parts of a fresh prfr:

135285Big, long black block interview with many photo's, only the top part of the first one appeals to me though (cheery green, nice bleu, never mind the letters though).

135279Henk again about the symbolism of a fifth target (woman with star).

135262  item by Majdur that somebody tacked lots of Israel Shamir onto; I go: my 200K /israelshamirdotcom.htm > /2001/   yup, later today I am moving that beauty I finished up 2001 with before my break to that subdirectory and then the link from /print-resource-friendly-reads4.htm will work again. https://poetpiet.tripod.com/print-resource-friendly-reads4.htm
Sorry about that fortnight offsiding it.

nuance.dhs.org/lbo-talk/current/index.html bookmarkit!

135229  INDYMEDIAS ZIONIST EDGE   by WARNING 2:50pm Thu Feb 14 '02 (Modified on 8:05pm Thu Feb 14 '02)  Anyone notice how quickly articals critical of Isreal are removed from this apparently free and independant media? Im sure this "artical" will soon be deleted.  Anyone notice how quickly articals critical of Isreal are removed from this apparently free and independant media? Im sure this "artical" will soon be deleted. ---------  I'm sure it will  by Yuda 3:09pm Thu Feb 14 '02  fergalsharkey@godisdead.com --------- Yes I'm sure you are right this "article" will probably be removed as it is not an article just an opinion piece maybe if you turn this short rant into an article it would stay up for a lot longer ------------  My Response  by The Individualist Anarchist 3:17pm Thu Feb 14 '02  individualistanarchist@yahoo.com   I've posted plenty of articles critical of Israel. None of them have been removed. b.150m.com/ ------- ARTICAL!!!!!!1111  by The Anachronist 3:18pm Thu Feb 14 '02   I think some "articals" were just never meant to be.  ------    huh?  by stderr 3:57pm Thu Feb 14 '02  Why do you post in english? ------- Those Wacky Jews! by John 4:36pm Thu Feb 14 '02   Those wacky Jews! They're always up to something! If they aren't trying to take over the world, they're trying to take over Indymedia! Darn them all anyways! -------- Stop, please.   by E 6:21pm Thu Feb 14 '02  Well, I think the problem is more that you're obviously some kind of fanatic. Critiqing Isreal is completely in order. Posting insane and borderline anti-semetic rants is not. I suggest you examine your motives. ---------------  Who owns Hellavision and Afraidio ?  by Wuz Apolitical 8:05pm Thu Feb 14 '02   Interesting how anti-Jewish sentiment is pounced upon and vilified, far beyond what is appropriate. Methinks they protest too much! They're just mad because (lots of) people are getting hip. Careful: for each ounce of offense taken by a Jew, s/he will demand a pound of flesh in return. Look at the mess the world is in today. Who's smack in the center of it? Try a little experiment. Turn on your hellavision and afraidio news, and count the Jews! No wonder the discourse is slanted their way. And it's one, two, three, Vilify! Get revenge! Vehemence! Vehemence! The only cheek to be turned will be on their precious ass! But be advised: A lot of people are getting damn sick and tired of being pushed. --------------------- turn it out for the better poopholes !!!!!!!  Prophitpiet ----  Elias Canetti relates the fanaticism and reverence about learning provoking the most famous western sentiment (only meant for Jews to prove to themselves that Christianity don't work and they need not feel guilty 'bout killin' no son of Godd, even if it was meant to be the last time) in his beloved Zueri's schoolrooms; he had to restrain his precipitous on the ballgunjump to even get to know the qualities and characters of his till then cut off fellow students; one can take the man with a book is never alone too far, I know. His other work don't amount to much as far as I can see but if you are looking for a delicate description of plumcrazyness go to his graphic autobio's. ----- Let's hear it for the mumble - crumble - humbleness and open book mythflipside of jewish prowess: UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO ALL THAT PRETENDS TO BE POLITE POLITICAL AND PERTINENT  -- Kind of like Aby Warburg's ideal but he couldn't face the sources of his (ample) means without losing it--- ENCRYPTION YOKED TO THE SAFEGUARDING REGISTRATIONS BY ALL AND FOR ALL, LET REPUTATION RULE not that this is within schizoically afflicted rulers reach whatever race age and stage they sport; whatever money the command. ----- DON'T ALLOW COMMERCE TO HIJACK AND SUBVERT CABLING AND AXSYS; WHERE ARE THE GOOD SIDES OF CLINTON/GORE?

135075 The home of the free: Switzerland  <<libertarianoid look>>------ 2nd comment: Leopold Kohr has a way of saying all this  by buttbeter 11:18am Thu Feb 14 '02  check item: 108049 ----- 5th comment <<libertarianoid criticism>>-: Let's find a country and worship it.  by Ethan Mitchell 12:45pm Thu Feb 14 '02 tr11@sover.net  Switzerland: founded as the mountain refuge of international mercenaries. Switzerland: made its fortunes off unscrupulous banking deals, happily working with the Nazis and South Africa. Switzerland: home of the Davos World Economic Forum. Switzerland: where nearly all civil liberties were flushed down the toliet in order to protect said economic forum. Switzerland: where every man is automatically drafted into the army, and there are military bases nearly everywhere....  Look, I like them too. They have a great democratic system (and an extraordinarily low voter turnout). But whether its Switzerland or Sweden or the United States, countries are never useful examples of "the perfect government." More, they are useful examples that the perfect government is an oxymoron.

135067individanark posts an antiwar article heckling the UN and Hague Court; I go: Look, Nato is bad and the UN imperfect; after aeons of less and less conventional branchbeating and bolderheaving bellicosity we have now perfected harm to life enough to make any educated person a believer in and taker of comfort in Catastrophism but you don't just turn out front defusing masses overnight a gradual recognition for the need (ensuing facilitatious mobility training, work/play/earn moolah AND reputation; see my ruminations, nightdreams and pipemares of the potential for rainbowtype crowds) preceded such intent. There is still plenny of opportunity to do better; let's call it stealth supplyline blockage solving tourism

RIGHT WING NETHERLANDS PARTY EXPELS ITS NATIONAL LEADER FOR ISLAMOPHOBIC REMARKS (english)   by arabicnews 9:56am Thu Feb 14 '02 (Modified on 11:31am Thu Feb 14 '02) A growing right-wing party has sacked its charismatic leader for making slurs against Muslims. Pim Fortuyn, a former academic and television talk show personality, was ousted at a meeting Sunday of the executive committee of Leefbaar Nederland
 when he refused to retract comments published in a newspaper interview Saturday. Popular politician ousted from leadership after anti-Muslim remarks Regional-Netherlands, Culture Arabic News 2/13/2002                    http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub  /Daily/Day/020213/2002021328.html 

135049 Homosexuality rife in Muslim countries by everybody knows 11:08am Thu Feb 14 '02  the most right wing populist rising (cometlike and also a gay person) has led into a battle his party couldn't keep up to:  immigration stop and repeal of discrimination law cause it doesn't stroke with free speech; his plan is to allow the mullahs and imam to go right ahead and compare him to a pig (pigs homo's? Never seen such a thing and I used to clean their stables) and such but he will have'm all become truely Dutch (after his fashion I guess) before allowing any more hard won liberty antagonists into the country. -------------- also tacked and tandemed the same onto a few more identical placements by Remember Deir Yassim; at 133672 among others.      More on the hairless head to the one of State aspirant Pimpf Voortuin (frontyard?, I can only hope his soldierly salute is dreadfully satyric but he has some nasty american habits like a chauffeur, etc) in German at the 26th comment of:                    http://switzerland.indymedia.org/  display.php3?article_id=8973&group=webcast 

135002------- Chomsky routes authoritarian Turks

134974 SHAREWIRE: Inter-Press Service: Argentina's Rebellion in the Neighborhoods by Marcela Valente (shared by George King) 2002-02-14 08:01:25-08  REASON FOR SHARING: This article is an update on grassroots democratic action in Argentina. They are forming the kinds of directly democratic assemblies many IMC readers are interested in. Mario Colombati even says something funny. 

134974SHAREWIRE: Inter-Press Service: Argentina's Rebellion in the Neighborhoods  commondreams.org/headlines02/0214-04.htm

134918  DRCNet Interview: Noam Chomsky (english) 

6973 austria indy (very beautiful !!! !!!! !!!!) -- hab grad ein Versuch zur Definition gemacht by habauseinfuerallemal http://members.tripodnet.nl/vadercats/  Semi-antisemitismus-Definition.htm 
Semi-Simiantismus ist eigentlich besser.

trend.partisan.net hat Kommentar (geschmacklos) aber diese Liste wuerde viel gut machen wenn nur die Deutsche indy nicht so hinter der Aestetik aller anderen zurueckgeblieben scheint oder ist mein Geschmack da nur im Wege?):de.indymedia.org/2001/12/12741.html 

Items in brief: (christmiss-in-war-party-time)
108852 a common dreams article on the incomprehensibility of jesus -------- 108607 many articles on (US) in the Caspian region (but the site seems to have died in 99??? <><<>><> 108157 +4 (= reposted 108311 +6, 4 unhappy clampurs, Mark who has long since resorted to a standard reply referred to already and one who feels this is the price, no, sorry, proof of open publishing) national alliance guy writes up a long account of the right wing (115 bodied) and left flap (40 such) anti-israel demo (where savory and seriously compostheap overdue urine bombs were served .. err r...eh . .. launched) <><<>><> 108179 +11 viceland.com on US history <><<>><> 108190 +4 the deaf messenger is bobbering up fond memories of Olin but he seems to not have kept his cool there lately and becomes drastically more realistic in his rant because of the confrontational shovel to pushy episode <><<>><> added some extra follerips to yesterday's extra.htm (see quote from that long file on open source below too and same applies what did to item before last; also nettime by the way) <><<>><>  108663 +10 on freerepublic fora <><<>><> unexpected bonus day entries: 109101 109114 a native patriot ---------- 109153 + 9 news from puerto rico ---------- 109155 Flight instructor warned FBI in August: terrorist taking lessons! (english) (full story and 3 comments) www.memes.org ---------- 109168 + 10 amusing comments on a funny cartoon with an 'ugly' background ----------- 109274 +10 about the (palestinian) right of return-----  131043&group=webcast It takes a global village idiot ------ -- - - -- Maxxam's old growth rape reported by Shunka --------- kuro5hin.org/story/2002/2/5/104947/2427131303 libertarians vs anarchists (280 comments on the 10th of feb) ---- 131889 links thisaway (and draws one 'redneck condemnatory' comment: geocities.com/markamooky/timelines.html   ---   web.wt.net/~mseely ----- 132041 Many suprisingly similarly sized comments ------  131850  Capitalism is an unethical system. Only immoral people support  it.  --- A long rant with Marx and Proudhon quote, then individualistanarchist@yahoo.com (http://b.150m.com/ his new site; use google on his 13 favorite sites like: serendipity.nofadz.com constituting the extremes of his mind expanding capabilities) makes an appearances -----   Revolutionary: "For the capitalist and the property owner they mean the power and the right, guaranteed by the State, to live without working." --------  IA:  Do you only manual labor to be work? Most capitalists I know are workaholics. -------- Revolutionary:  "And since neither property nor capital produces anything when not fertilized by labor" ----------  IA:  How much can your labor produce when not fertilized by capital ---------- this article gets pointed to at 131830 (has another 8 c's) ------ http://edebates.e-thepeople.org/a-national/article/top

Content in Last issue indy21 (92K)
Content:  osama confession tape  <><<>><> The green journal  <><<>><> Benjamin Barber: "Osama did democracy a favor  <><<>><>   national vanguard criticism  <><<>><> invasion of canaan  <><<>><> where did the lbo-talk list go???? <><<>><> Leopold Kohr Disunion now (1941)  <><<>><> John Zerzan on numb number numbest   <><<>><> google saves the day <><<>><> items in brief ----- oh djseez, I just noticed to have forgotten to mention IsraelShamir.com, I did a 200K prfr on him during this issue (guess you know where to find 'm)

Once again, (my selection of) indy stuff overview: /2001/Indymedia.htm

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