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Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and/or) arouse beleaf systemics

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Files filled with facts on long lost arts of constitut(ionaliz)ing
private and (cross)community currencies:
 symbolic, subtle and substantial.

Did you get all that? A tiny recap: This file is a central turnstile-station wherefrom to switchflip into the various parts of this my first batch with guest appearances on the ponderous yet flash subject: current issues and issues of currencies;
i.o.w., all sorts of currency issues:
symbolic, subtle and substantial,
(gl)and back around again.
The subjects range from (inter)mediate currencies (symbolic yet specific means to achieve social transparancy, value and norm harmonization) and subtle ones (paramagnetics;  metabolization of minerals, vitality, nutrition and fertility)  to immediate forms of them (substantial; tectonics and ice age directed distribution of minerals).
Proper names and credits are given as far as available to me. 
 I gave the money files here (about market manners, promissory prods, mutant missives, symbol solvents and referents, spermsheaths, cheatsheets sinfo-shuffles, stacks, stockpiles, etc, etc Almost all of them )
the following names (in order of appearance  here):public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm (5 parts; 360K)   peace_plan_11_supp.htm (2 parts; 175K)   1983_fiche_catalog.htm (122K)   exit monetary chaos (72K)    kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (2parts; 84 and 96K)   Beckerath_on_Milhaud.htm (4 parts; 333K)    Beckerath_on_peace_making.htm  (79K) poetpiet_auf_Deutsch.htm (24K)  Vaubel_on_currency_unification.htm (49K)
   Come this way  for a closer look (their tables of contents) <<with proper glimpse of the background colours for the files the links take you to since june 2001>>; (74K)
and see the intro further down this file 
Most of these writs (Roland Vaubel's and mine (on Gesell) excepted) derive from the hobby of a German who emigrated to Australia and accrued a handmastered set of microfiche (meanwhile over 1700) of which these works formed the start in the 60's ; he even has a homepage meanwhile: http://www.acenet.com.au/~jzube/lmphomepage.htm.htm
All these files concern the evils of 'exclusive' currencies, shown (if not well enough known) to aid and abet crony capitalisms (see Manuel Castells), first appeared in and around the very same issue of an international review in 4 editions,yes, a quadlingual magazine from Geneva which still exists but with a very fragmented...eh...sorry, "specialized" focus, contrasting starkly with back then when Milhaud was holding the reins with people like Zander, Rittershausen and Beckerath as correspondents/contributors.
Edited by EDGARD MILHAUD   Proffesor of Economics in tbe University of Geneva   VOLUME 10 1934

tangential encore dedicated to Aphra Behn:
money and sex

The substantial and subtle current concerning filenames here are:
paramagnetism.htm (66K) x x x Callahan_and_Hensel.htm (82K) x x x Julius_Hensel_in_english.htm (94K) x x x  1985_Hamaker_tectonic-climate_comments.htm (92K) x x x 
https://poetpiet.tripod.com/miscs-n-logs/JohnHamaker.htm (108K; looking at his netpresence spring 2001)
Julius_Hensel_auf_Deutsch.htm (104K) x x x more info on these subjects, at this site, can be had here.... x x x ......or here for instance x x x 
championtrees.org/topsoil/soil.htm  (david yarrow doing the best digital push in this front I guess); check out remineralize-the-earth.org also.
Come this way for more, an intro to and content tables for them (46K)

intro to my take on
the money part of the (gory)story:
I am happy (but sad, worried and suprised nobody did so sooner) as a grippy to finally (yet, I'm proud to say ittis a first in 'Anglo langoed digitaland') (re)present these pre WW2 documents (after years and years of believing I would see other people do so, much better suited, more competent and attired to stand a chance at surviving an onslaught of refutational people yelling: 'you can't update that, it is moldy and stupid old hat'!)      By the way...A number of documents in the same vein, but all in German can be found at: http://www.free.de/GELD with links to sites in English. We reproducers (MFN, makers of the site just metioned, info in the file called kicking IMF addictions, and me) took most of our clues from, were infected by and struck up friendships with the since somewhat subsided and reclusive (see heavy heaves file) but still tenacious enthusiast: John Zube (see an older catalog of his microfiche productions 8 files further down)
Reservations vs subscriptions
some of my personal thoughts about the (ab)use and condonement of gold mining practices near the bottom of this file and in: "value standards....."
Compared to work by the man featured most extensively herein (U v Beckerath), my own tends to contrast unfavorably, simply too generalist (coarse maze conglomerative, painted with a heavey brush, and yet....) ranting and raving against (yet using) (per)versions, evincing those very same blend bland blindness of theory and trickery one would like to see disappear, presently found all over symbol shuffle sanctioning scenario synopses and synapsing; the compensatory attraction to accounts at and from the verge of loss in detail is only natural I feel.     The worst aspect of which in this particular body of thought is insensitivity to sources, side effects of all too preciously materialistically valuable standards, stores and means of exchange. It especially, brings out the worst when too concentrated, overdone, massified.     This, in every other gold re-, pro-, in- and circumspecting sense so eminently, sticklingly knowledgable work, nevertheless, oddly enough, leaves the sorrow gold has brought about, and praps will still cause, untold.
This makes me opt for the commited attempt to see what and that which is less polarized between non-commital universality and fanatic accumulation; a golden mean of straight, narrow and yet the most curvy.       Hype and wolf cry lies help move shares (leven in de brouvwerij), make and break fortunes; mettle testing unnerve, rumour and escape clauses considered as progress.       We look back and somebody who does so methodically enough stumbles across the latest and biggest 'found' treasure yet, ......yet all of it spread out per capita based among low down-trodden and dirty tribal reality, which, just bycause we pretend to be rockets and can shed spent fuel containers, cannot go away any sooner or easier than childhood, will not redeem any of their fertility and happiness any time soon after.   Bottom Line: The gaps may be gaping but I like to think Beckerath's work and mine complementary.              The gold buggyness which these writs bespeaks is furthermore commented upon, criticized and corrected in the file: value standard and weather stability  pretty much all of which was inspired by the sort of  material one finds here. The inthrow attempts to tackle and capture this problem to free the emblem also. Here is that (inthrow) fragment in question to save you from clicking your mouse thence: English has been a second language most of the time since the late seventies, (my late teens), the third being German, in which I wrote nearly nothing but read some of the best (yet little known) works on religion and culture (Keyserling and Lessing), economics (Beckerath, Rittershausen) cosmology and agriculture (Hensel); it is obvious to me that these 'disciplines' as well as law and technology are ever such relatively relaying, parallel, perpendicular,....in short, multipolar partners, take for instance the analogous bloatings from monetary inflation and artificial fertilizers, life's  pollution (modern and perverted sense, see Ernest Young) desecrated mental and physical current respectively (dealt with extensively in chapter 2: (p)restoring animation to momentum), not to mention endless evidence that man bites off more than he can chew or if he juicelessly chews on anyway, certainly cannot digest.
This is not what I had in mind; let me go try chase up another quote:
ah..finally found it again, thought it had gone missing but I tracked it down in my priority issues and abducted it leaving a forewarding adress thither though..:
sequestered idols, photon finesse and finery
The equally unstemmed tides of biased, homogenizing, monomaniac and sterilizing moves toward central control, wether simultaneous, superseding, precluding, postpartem or subsequent (side by side, over, before or after each other) which cultures, kingdoms and their growing areas suffer as reflected in our respectively (crosspurposed) lateral/social and vertical/biophysical traffic stimulants called currencies and fertilizers would benefit from the following dredged up derivations: money may finance and facilitate information flow of and for (planned) production and ownership exchange voluntarily (when quantified, locatizable and timelimited) for us more or less dense, distant, elevated and equal subjects before and under an undiscriminating sun (which suffers an as always unsuccesful and inadequate anthropomorhization of cosmic complexes when we put ourselves in the middle and at the tide turning mercy of it. In this case Jesus entreats us to share and have no secrets for nor hold back from each other, but we prove to take after our motherly muddling rock at least as much). This so far singularly important model for central control and its variation bound business, in contrast to ours, is not as eagerly sought out and after as the somehow judged more permanent, certainly more solid, but merely symbolic and so just as surely inedible one of its up till recently dominant representative delegate: gold.
Equally paradoxical, its value is raised up to supreme status standard, while ignoring the virtually free though poisoned in the digging process, byproduct which when wetted with wishes for a warm welcome of the real and palatable value creating beamball thing would seem more deserving of this treatment since such interaction constitutes the basis for life and hence at least biospherical buoyancy and aging staging value.
What irks me most about gold is the methods of mining it; I mean the slavery, poisoning and violence involved and the vices it awakens in the human breast.
So with nature's currency and creditary effect I mean just such mingling of moistures with ('preventingly and provisionally' minted = crushed, 'decentralized') mineraldusts from proverbially discarded cornerstones (see 2L the sun saves you and spends itself).
many more refs to Jesus are to be found in a file called:
/~poetpiet/typical arcs, lovely people
Pinched a Pynchon joke, but what do aspect off a signist right up there with say Fourier, Suze White and other collidash scoop ful clumpy clodists encyclickeyly implementing the HCE (Helpless Corpse Enactment)
store keepers    game peepers  score keepers
If you find yourself at the forefront and initiative is (left) up to you would you shirk and cower just cause you lack selfconfidence? No, you give it a shot against all odds; the trigger is not left in you neighbourhood for no reason no matter how undeserving you feel about that.                       Nevertheless, I feel the media are mocking my of course feeble and hopelessly romantic attempts; challenging me to follow up on my own fancies, fill my own vacancies, lead the way, particularly on the refugee issue. I am barely able to express, not able to realize nor even catalyze them very well. When some of these works I onlined last hit a medium and moderately sizable European audience, the country men of the profferers were shifting gears in the opposite direction.       Whereas my own work tends to be too generalist (coarse maze conglomerative, heavy brush, sub- and presumption sanctioning scenario synopses and synapsing), the compensatory attraction to accounts at and from the verge of loss in detail is only natural I feel; worst aspect of which in the case of this particular body of thought is the insensitivity to sources and side effects of all too materialistically valuable
standards and stores besides means
of exchange. It brings out the worst when overdone, too concentrated, massified; this here, in every other 'gold' re-, pro-, circum- and inspecting way so eminently, sticklingly knowledgable work, nevertheless, oddly enough, overlooks, not to put a finer and more emotional point on it, the untold and yet to unfold tales of sorrow its mining has caused and still will perhaps; all of which makes me opt for an attempt to see what and that which is less polarized between non-commital universality and fanatic accumulation hype, rumour mongering (blow bubbles and bail before they burst or butcher them bycause they bulge, depending on your rank in the smell my elbow poke bared armpit ordeur) and lies which 'help' move shares and make futures, when really it is a poker game replete with wold cries, mettle and nerve tests, etc.       Complexities of environment has been displaced by same of manipulation; I mean 'prim's' vs 'civ's'.    Demarrage, departure as progress; all the world's latest and biggest 'found' treasure gutted from what low down trodden and dirty tribal life is left on a per capita jubilee basis. Even the whole world's gold store spent on such now ailing, formerly autonomous free societies would not begin to make the sort of change that really mattered in the sense implied by the latter half of these files without a (p)regenerative grasp of what such symbolized wealth signified and/or could mean. Bycause unfortunately the rockdust gospel is as yet a mere furtive member of our collective group consciousness.

Stockmarket misery: As more and more people make peace with the harsh reality of earning one's luxury over backs and at expense of people degraded to opponents who are 'levelled', supposed to be equally willing to try make and stake a lucky one, if wits for more informed and shrewd (meaning: insidiously superior and secretively violent) bets be lacking. A child will understand that on average roughly half of them will bet against the other half and the better their beg, steal and/or borrow skills, the more people are prone to suffer the consequences with odds stacked against their sharig in windfalls; no climbing and selecting skills needed. It makes me sick to see the solid and economizing Dutch jump on the wealthy nation bandwagon with all its speculations and pricejacks gaining ground.

PS: The public insurance piece makes reference to index baskets, 'energy units' and other choices for account units and value standards, notably some used among traditional Makuta Negroes.     The rate of photosynthesis carries my preference over say: solar energy reception rate (SERRA) cause it might turn into a just as much subsidized affair as ordinary traffic is now.
Tec-talk on my scan experience;
tactic take and other tiresome tidbits of distortion derivation, slip- an seepage instability
(or dynamic if you prefer the optimisticalization):
All the files in this folder are scans; I find it well amusing to give the old straight and narrow, not to say: rigorous language of these good fellows a mechanical twist and loopy take on golden mean meanings of gold; the permutant fuzz generates Joycean (many a file (4 solid ones)relating to his line of work at this site)swell; its allawfull and filling mee with glee.....
As far as replace alls and manual corrections failed so far, you will occasionally come across a sentence mangled by ~ and other signs, but not quite so drastically difficult as in the following example: 22. The Pru:~cal Reali~oD d ~e Pro~o~l~ meaning 22. The practical realization of the proposals. Such scan-spell-slip ups and difficulties were too hard to solve for me without recourses to the written sources at first; here are a few more samples:
deatically >> means >> elastically; theone = theorie; aiclcnesa > > sickness; (a hard one to figure out)
Maybe I 'm just working too hard...I just did an extensive week long correction session and all there is left to do does not hamper understanding so much. 'end' should be 'and' and so forth.       Like I said: it is usually easy enough to figure out, easier than in the above 'cited' sample rest assured, (read d's for cl's, te's for b's, l for L, end = and, ffl = m, 'teut' instead of 'but', etc,  such and similar configurations mostly. I hope the remaining, uncorrected mismorphscans may be excused, even by John the perfectionist himself and at least for the time being...)
and sometimes you can read around and though them since, unlike Joyce, scanners go for routines. I leave most of the scanned text stand uncorrected cause I think it is quite readable with a little extra effort and bycause it would take me too much time to correct it now, unmotivated as I am, since I doubt many people are gonna read it with honorouble intention nor will substantial amounts of readers go at it cause they see the necessities and lawfulnesses summed up right for a change; let alone just cause I want them to.

About some unfortunate aspects of the format
"c i r c u l a t o r y  s a t i s f a c t i o n"
Beckerath used to space letters as shown above, for emphasis, and rather than hand correct them, I left all to stand but it means that one word sometimes straddles 2 lines. Hope yall won't mind.     PS: Sorry but the tables don't scan very well as text and I have not tackled images yet,  I consequently omitted one table in Rittershausen's piece for now.
That's all folks, no more guests for the moment except for the ones who've been sitting in my heavy heaves file quietly forever already it seems.......meanwhile there's extensive quotes in multiplicities and periodicities; some of the posting files, etc.   And now, better late then never: my latest intro; it is at (or near) the top of most list post files:

Your host was piet the punchline pioneer who shuns not hardest of tasks:  (no, not leading a paper and print free life or a personally owned phone, computer and car free one too, that's easy; but) to pinch pith to most universally assimilable of powders cause "it ain't so bad to be a paracletic dabbler  with all these newspfangled plexciting and gruesomely growsomizing autonomobiles"
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aim responses at: pensievepiet@netscape.net
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BLABS=Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions
meaning: Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable) by pushing the logistic limits inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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