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143070 --a site with one big long file which is a valid though perhaps a little simple, repetitive and certainly naive treatment of the viable subject matter digital democracy (information diversity through a type of ustandardization which, paradoxical as I may and must sound, manages to remain unmolesting, as passive as possible  compaction rigour- strok- and harmonizing);as far as I'm concerned it's the perfect counterpart to my dream of an equally ubiquitous glacier effect mimic routine (and thus honouring it/them by lightening their burden so to speak <who doesn't like to have some work taken off their backs>) to decompact (unpack) formation (solid inertia, the perfect conserve, store of material and promise for mineral metabolization known as rock); check my early grey file on dualities for more of this tripe and

Autonarchy:Electronic means of communication make Direct Democracy possible. Direct Rule by all citizens can be implemented TODAY. All citizens can decide all political issues and be the government. This is government by the governed. Rule by the ruled. The ATMs make no political decisions, they just receive, record, and add decisions made by owners of magnetic cards. Today millions of financial decisions are added up in seconds by networks of ATMs. Bank managers can watch totals any time in their offices. This technology proved itself reliable for handling our finances. No Bank or Supermarket can function without it. The same technology can also handle our political decisions. It can add up and display totals of millions of votes immediately. This was impossible in the past. Representatives were needed while it was impossible to vote, and count millions of votes, in seconds. Today, when this is possible, representatives are no longer needed. We need not put voting papers in ballot boxes and spend days in counting them. We can insert a magnetic card into an ATM, key in our vote, and see totals immediately on TV. When millions of votes are added up, and displayed on TV in seconds, representatives for making political decisions are not needed. Instead of voting for political representatives every citizen can vote directly on every political decision. Why be represented rather than be present ? EVERY CITIZEN CAN PROPOSE, AND VOTE ON, EVERY POLITICAL DECISION. ------me: I call all this naive cause there would have to be a limit to mixing incompatibles; take a situation where ten factions each manage to garner around a tenth of the vote on various issues; who is going to help whom move to a location where they find more consensus? I mean each potential is a much qualified thing tied to time and place, a mango seed is not gonna do much in northern Latitudes. Take a consensual community with a 10% components of aliens; how many of either will, unless convinced they are blessed with and/or guests of people to learn from and become like, pool resources to help either reach a higher level of consensus; so the migration question is a tangley one (apart from the dearness of connectedness what with the opposite of Soviet haydays happening and hysterically massive but not unified claim staking on a basis of vastly improved 'futures' for ambitious segment in question which in fact sabotages all others).Real glad I have to do with simpler material mixing very easily (a volcano blesses with a blast of mist-tributed formatiom that can fullfill trace mineral requirements for centuries in thus most favored locales -------------- 144753 national initiative for democracy and //  --- You might like to try this too: /deep_e_muckcrazy.htm

144874 + none -Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel in Palestine by Zeeraf Duossam 11:53am Tue Mar 5 '02 End all aid to Israel, remove Israel from occupied territories and let freedom ring. The absolute next best place for the U.S. to take its screwy war on terrorism would be the portion of Palestine occupied by the Israeli military and settlers and chase the Israelis out of the region like they turkey shot Saddam's army out of Kuwait in 1991. All available force should be directed at the evil-doers in Israel to end the occupation Then, we could let a separate state of Palestine emerge and if it's not democratic with a small "d" then we could apply peaceful pressure on the Palestinian people to make their new state as free as possible. Before doing this, though, the United States needs to practice what it preaches and turn itself into a true democracy, not one dominated and corrupted by one-party Democrat-Republican dictatorship. So, in summary, end all aid to Israel, send the troops currently stationed elsewhere in the region to Israel, drive the Israelis out of any land it's occupied since 1967. This noble action would immediately impress so many of the impoverished, destitute, dispossessed people of the world that so much of the hatred for the United States would end as soon as the mission to free Palestine began.

144705  from (? . . could be org or net) SUNDAY, MARCH 3.  Re the "cloudbuster" devices mentioned in the story below, here are two other sites.  and

144631Chinese arms spending soars-getting ready for war? by the scotsman 2002-03-05 03:56:51-08     The importance of the military in the transition will be underlined tomorrow at the opening of the people’s congress. The finance minister, Xiang Huaicheng, is expected to announce an 18 per cent increase in defence spending to £16 billion.

145658 Judge Says Amateur News Gatherers on Public Access To  Have Same Rights as Professionals ----- profr goes: Journalists really enjoy no special privileges, nor should they. Human and civil rights apply to all, their is no special caste. ----------- I go:2 dimes towards forcibly restraining you from indulging in this sort of stuff; I think anybody capably rendering his open and opening tactics plaus- and credible should be granted a live webcam to ghost dance in and out of doors closed to the themselves more closed and closeted.An unintrusive recordage is indeed a special skill and as all such it's own reward (though not by a long shot it's funding and perpertuation.   Here profr is redeeming his initial denial of difference with the very sort of sarcastorealistic confirmation he pretends to battle: The only special treatment they should expect is to be attacked by entrenched power elites and their hired bullies.The notion of "protected persons" also needs demolishing. Equality under the law and APster justice for all.Death to castes. -------- Ps: how is putting prices on people's heads not singling them out; pricktease what you pouratch boy!

145553 +5  First Native Americans Came From Europe, Not Asia (english)
                   by Bill White 12:08pm Wed Mar 6 '02 As predicted by Julius Evola, Native Americans are a part of the larger Indo-European family. First Native Americans Came From Europe, Not Asia New Research Indicates Native Americans Are Part Of Larger Indo-European Family    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel     Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- [LSN: As predicted by Traditionalism:]     Kenosha dig points to Europe as origin of first Americans     By JOHN FAUBER  of the [Milwaukee, Wisconsin] Journal Sentinel staff   Last Updated: March 3, 2002   A contentious theory that the first Americans came here from Europe - not    Asia - is challenging a century-old consensus among archaeologists, and a dig in Kenosha County is part of the evidence.  The two leading proponents of the Europe theory admit that many scientists reject their contention, instead holding fast to the long-established belief that the first Americans arrived from Siberia via a now-submerged land bridge across the Bering Sea to Alaska. ----- search for Cyclone Covey for more (and probably more sensible views)

145967 +12 about newswire abuse (many sensible comments) ---- They also dis IMC on their front page by fluffy 7:22am Thu Mar 7 '02  "A LITTLE PIECE OF ADVICE  If you're looking for reliable anti-New World Order news, comment and opinion DON'T VISIT INDYMEDIA.ORG It's frequented by global government, United Nations loving, morally redundant communists. I posted a Massachusetts News article regarding the fact that 'diversity' now includes pedophilia and bestiality. Peter Singer, a professor of ethics at Princeton University, openly advocates sex with animals. This was addressed by one reader with "Peter Singer's a good guy" and I was advised to "stop worrying about the moral fabric of society and all that crap." Well, so long as people like you are supposedly 'representing' the 'freedom' movement, I'll continue to highlight the fact that you are only aiding tyranny. These idiots think the New World Order is some kind of US-led Christian crusade, despite the fact that George W. Bush worships the Satanic deity Molec at Bohemian Grove. Read some of the unbelievably sick responses to the article for yourself"  -12th commenter (me):  I had to laugh despite all the sad guys at propagandamatrix being  double fold hyposchists and the neighbouring item is pretty pisspoor and mean to asking for a reinstatement of the newswire (so I click thinking to find news on the swiss one but no some gunnyshoo shine boys abused the word (which don't appear once in the goddamn piece)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Anyway, had to laugh cause find fluffy funny, guess what I jus bought? 'Sweet beast' by Midas Dekker, I remember logging at least one little blurb on him in English .. .. wait I'll google  . . .  yes bingo sinkerIknowcity! I mean what els but bestiality is the animaliberation?:
: The philosopher from Monash excites fury in Princeton - smh. ...
... Singer's "Heavy Petting" article, reviewing Midas Dekker's book Dearest Pet: On
Bestiality and questioning why people find consensual sex with animals so ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages
NR Comment on NRO
... opinion piece, "Heavy Petting" — part a review of Dearest Pet: On Bestiality by
Midas Dekker, "a Dutch biologist and popular naturalist," but really more of a ... - 48k -
Boundless: A Beast of a Theory
... In his review of the book, Dearest Pet: On Bestiality, by Midas Dekker, Singer writes
that "our physical similarities with other mammals ... are so strong that ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages
146386 similar issue; one commenter: ratwig 10:44pm Thu Mar 7 '02 This is about preserving a commons-  that's the point but there has been no change in the position of the collective despite many misleading statements about changes to the format
                    people are starting to post the same story two or three times on the same day to compensate for the faster speed of turn-over. the news wire will soon be a news crawl along the side of the main page. this propagandamatrix fool will soon enough be promoting monster truck events or endtimes tractor pulls

147756 profr comes up with a suprising copeephaste: Take the Toys from the Boys.  War by Assassination  John Filiss  Summation  It is not the author's intent to emphasize a particular approach to warfare as an adjunct to conventional warfare or warfare by any other means, but to elucidate a method that effectively targets the individuals concerned with creating war, thus giving them a powerful incentive to avoid war, including war assassination, altogether. In upping the ante by making the act of war more personal for those involved in its initiation and maintenance, it makes the use of diplomacy and a more considered foreign policy far more appealing to a country's leadership. At its best, the acceptance of war by assassination is a powerful check on the growth and depredations of governments. At its worst, it is a sometimes useful tool to avoiding the needless deaths of innocents, i.e., "collateral damage," when nations clash.  ---- I would have never thought this tame person with his beatiful but, apart from some texts lame discussion containing site, would come up with this sora thing. I don't think we can this sorta thing to take place on democratic footing; not even peaceful projects (attempting to do without rather than do away with figureheasds) have reached functional pioneer and pilot practise yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

????? 10th of march anyways: Each year the hypocritical USA issues its human rights reports about every country in the world except one: the USA. To remedy that deficiency, China several years ago began issuing annual human rights reports on the US.Following is the Associated Press summary of China's human rights  report on the US, followed by the actual report. If you would like to view the full text of the report directly from Xinhua News Agency, the url is: Human Rights Record of the United States in 2001
I am still on this first page, oops . .(over a week later: the link to the second page gets you to the mainstream newswires archive, so this is now an only here (till they fix the link or diy savvies substitute):  Source texts on currency reconstitution -- I have been offering these texts from the 30ties without much success so far but if they belong anywhere it is here, shoring up  your par economy objectives. (no comments) ----  the guy will push me off soon enough though; maybe I should engage him? he is the only one on the page to be blessed with a comment and a very pertinent not to mention cheery one (from Zagreb): this is an important and quite interesting topic. would you mind writing an article with about half the words, simple sentence syntax, and some sort of text structure that clearly displays points, arguments, data and advocacy/personal attitude. it is, as is, unreadable to me and probably many others thnx andrija -------- OK, here goes: Mike's argument is a common one in disgruntled economistdefyer fields: they say: banks give 10 and want 11 back which surely and slowly pulls all property and profit within their purview; credit rating, worthiness and identity are thus more and more dependent on not mores but number jugglers and folks who manage to draw lines right through things that die due to it unless they move out (sometimes suitable compensated by magnanimous father state (Betuwe lijn), etc). The factors left out of this picture are: 1) risks and their costs for both ventures and their capitals (write-offs, defaults), not to mention environment etc. 2) default. On top of that the truly pernicious rates at which banks don't just get know, judge and help business out but come to outright own them is due to and can only come about when virulence of the above is guaranteed by living under monopoly conditions, legal tender laws which allow no competitors like the ones this Mike person wants to propose. So yes, a point is made but without reference other than the Am Rev one must conclude Mikey is too deeply nostalgic to come visit some modern linkage (,,, etc) with me and guarantee a currency competion to prevent the ones in fields that don't deserve them like care and communication along with countless cascades of common congress.  ----- Perhaps I ought to mention that the actual proposed cure: (make money emission keep pace with new wealth creation) is unclear as to whether that includes anything little tangible (less than tangibles) like a mere strong resolve (that which people agree on being promising and contractually commit to .. perhaps only to realize they fell for a hype and overblown popular sentiment). I get the feeling Mike would like to be on the safe side (like a person choosing a profession to do with food in hopes of never needing to starve) and stick to monetarization of goods, forget thinking thanking, R&D, etc, maybe even throw out politicians other than those with a  calling (to find<grind>, found<ground> money for pipe dreams or something)

148270 eyewitness account of bloodshed How long till we call all this far worse than war?
nettime-bold-0203/msg00242.html (over a hundred killed since the first of this month!!!! I named it: nomansland for the ruth-n-rootlessly chjewsy now!! by vayavia (nettimer) dunno where anything comes from right? Deserts just grow by themselves rite? How long till Jerusamlem - Bagdad is a trip in the shade again????  Cutboy boycott!!!!!!! Dey's always tryintocatchup to their lost nerve; tis called overcompensation. I see all these supposedly organic people eat Bio-top produce unquestioningly and the most excellent audio-visual media club in Holland allowed a dutch politician to imply (a month ago in '') that boycott is sorta like ineffective childplay (and he has a point if what he really means is to ask how one can boycott a country that is like a black hole with goods and money going in much more than comin out), but I don't see a strong message working even less however emphatic and spoken by the high placed (the former foreign minister vdBroek wagged a finger on the same program more recently; an account of this is found here: 148266).

148909 ANTI-RACIST ACTION AND THE FREE SPEECH DILEMNA; 3rd commenter is me: pools of monies to ponder by poundimpiet ---- profr i'm gonna haunt your shit to set it right (in the compost pile where it belongs).  And in the same breath I shall answer the polite and well crafted query about what 'my' kind of society would look like.  ---  First profr:"one thing stronger than armies and that's an idea who's time has come"; nay but armies come when ideas stronger than them are dumped out in favour of putrid power pilings. And besides that, what ethic allows you to quote Hugo in this respect? Was he in favor of AP or is my use of him equally justifiable? What mood and circumstance brought this credo about?  --- Yugoyougo:  " . . we need to raise funds  .. " ---  I would like to remind you all of how state monies once were just that: consensed target specific (matter of fact, targets, tasks and duties can now be specified up front) money-pools reserved as only payment for costs incurred for construction and duration of projects; see the work of GFKnapp << Knapp was the champion of the "Chartalist" theory of money, i.e. that the value of money is "created" artificially by State tax requirements. from cepa >> some digital comments and derivatives of which are at my site (below) and who googles up with this site first: (looks like a fascinating page in itself but says no more about knapp besides quoting his famous 'state theory of money'; the problem is we now have monies pretending to be state monies and yet they dropped it's essential characteristic: exclusively acceptable as payment of tax. Ps: check out the etymology of saltpage: ---- the UvA has all their figureheads on black and white postcards with an 'ponassertion', the one that caught my eye this morning reads: money flows along lines of least fiscal resistance; ---- guess what I am the closest to offering any substance about Knapp still!!!!! One of my much less visited than expected files (I called attention to it at quite a few of the global justice mov. sites): /guest_appearances/kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (fragment): OK. But then can the government using its monopolist power via a tax driven currency -- prevent inflation inthe monetized price of all transactions other than what the government directly buys? ---------- Yes. By constraining the price(s) it is willing to pay. As per the model in the draft, when there is a single supplier in the vertical component, that supplier is a price setter. A head tax or asset tax is 'easier' to 'trace' than an income tax, as the draft indicates.---- october 2000 web citations on Georg Friedrich Knapp, - 72k

 149496 + - 2 items on/as the call for zionism favoring big brands boycott  ------    149542 + 12 --- shows a gif of a Jewish usurer happy and then worried after which a very rapid summation of places and times he was banned and deported, expelled from and prosecuted, executed, slaughtered (over 20 countries and multiple times in many) flash by --- I go: hehehee heh, ooo   oo whooops  --- pretty funny cartoon + summation regardless of it's Nazi flavour.   I am missing a few ingredients  in the comments here for fuller range of obviously conflicting aspects.   I don't know what the vanguardnewsnetwork(.com) purports being justifiably emphasizable textwise but I expect their argument could go something like this:  1) What were jews doing in all these places in the first place; what is or became of their own first place before even starting a count (down)?. Was a mishap forcing them to migrate? How come they seem so much more prone to than any other hominids?   Sure has been common enough throughout their 'sojourn' to be portrayed as parasites shapeshifters who come, commercialize and take over till built up tension explodes which is when it is time to bleed, throw up a smokescreen or leave some bait / sacrifice (Schuesslburner makes a plausible case for the word Holocaust to mean just that, serving to deflect attention from Soviet jewled mass murders) / decoy to get hounded and scapegoated (allowing more clearly identifiable rootstock and core, pride of the people and/or the quicksilveryer kids to make their get away). This buffering to absorb the rage  turns into an exploitable guilt feeling since it grows big enough to prompt the decennia long look away even when that rage is recognizably mimicked and taken on for all the world to see as now in Palestine.  2): Or one could examine the persistent and tenacious superstition and selfjustification making Israel out to be the leaven to make mankind's dough rise (while it's spirit sours?) which could be coupled with the billiard/pinball push around Barry Fell (finds Libyan language as far away as Melanesia), John Philip Cohane (finds placenames in Hebrew around the world deposited' in pre-Biblical days) and perhaps Cyclone Covey (who digs even deeper) are on about but I have a question regarding those mixages: How if all this cross-cultural fertilization was so frequent and prevalent, were the big epidemics wiping out the pops of entire regions possible? Apparently the lag times between contact can cause any meanwhile occuring divergence to turn out deadly on the next round. And what makes jews different is probably the matter of a simple routine gone haywire (see Sadie Plant on pea(cock)hens and the rift between sexes, throw in a little Weininger and voila look no further for worldwide tragedy). Ever so skilled in administration (with it's implied solidarity vs disownment, the ever ambiguous flag vs cargo when matches and tallies ((two complementing parts of a single thing torn into jagged edged counterparts)) are tampered with; paper is bound to either lie or tell a good joke but I am not sure the potential for fabulously accurate and fair digi-tabulation is going to pan out any time soon, it would seem that the presently speeding pile up of secrecy serving symbols is set to continue the obsolescence of predecessors pressed into clay sealed within clay and stored similarly unap- and/or reproachably), matter of fact, since Joseph dressed in dandy rainbow candy, the well placed and clad chew invented stockpilin, the preservation of dead leaders took great flight (well, they wished to anyways, and went after it to a great hight only of course, to cause great  blight) and places of reckoning were held in such awe and exclusiveness that the hoipoloi from all over europe came to egypt to die according to a far flung theory at --- sorta unfinished; see point made in the next item>>

149738 The show and the reality of the brutalizing of tens of thousands  by GUSH SHALOM (this item contains an account of Israeli contemplating moving out again, not out of fear but bycause of the suffocating morale)  ---- I sure hope by piet 5:49am Wed Mar 13 '02 dear jewfook will think twice about getting a move on again (lest they embark on debarkstatio nafters tation ad infinitum AGAIN???) before wondering how it is such a hardcore tenacious-n-orthodox elite could survive world wanderment a parallel to which is simply unknown (just as it is unsure whether the world is gonna survive it unless) only to find themselves in the general vicinity of their completely obliterated (edited, reedited, etc) roots once again. They do have a task in the Middle east if you ask me: returning to the scene of the crime --- Genesis as a paradise parable is completely unconvincing since all evidence of tribal community is blacked and struck out of it to focus on one couple! That's a definition of PURE PORN if you ask me (and unnecessary to depict a struggle between nomadism and settleritis). Abraham appearing out of God nose nowhere to start the since then virulently spread idea of buying and selling land, the price of/for poppressure.  To make a long story short, I wood be ptickled purple if I saw a start of regreening efforts the likes of which are hitherto unknown. I would think there are plenty of gardens to plot. And with any luck I can peddle a Jerusalem-Bagdad in the newly grown shade.

Innovative minds boycott the cut boys 
who frantically overcompensate loss of nerve
Boycutt arabs, work a handtool and peddle a bike
149731 (reapeated at 149526, 149488 and 149473 <<this last one has with the most (8) comments>>):  Companies sending 5% of their profits to Zion shown with logo: Kia Ora, Sunkist, Disney, CocaCola, L 'Oreal, Hugo Boss, Kleenex, Tommy Hilfiger, Marks and Spencer, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Lilt, Schweppes, Gap, Buitoni, Maggi, Nestle
149496 Douwe Egberts, Kiwi, Bali, Brian Hanes, Lovable, Outer banks, Pickwick, Ball park, Maison Cafe, Superior, Nur die, sprite, apex, Huggies, Kotex, Wonderbra, SaraLee Intimate brands, Revlon, Express, Sanex, Hillshire Farm, Champion, Jimmy Dean, Hanes, Ambi Pur Aoste
149422 Vichy laboratoires, clinique, donnaKaran, Perrier, BananaRepublic, Lancome, Garnier, Aramis, Helena Rubinstein, Danone, Dim, J.Crew, Carrefour, Calvin Klein, Biotherm, Auchan
 150089, 150562 boycott + 11 comments ------------- selfridges & co, johnson & johnson, justmysize, leggs, plantex, kotex, danone, structure vittel, libbys, maybelline, redken, Tchibo, joeMalone, pryca laMere, hema, scott, dim, lindex, victoria's secrets ---- 150377 kimberley clark, estee lauder
150799boycott; the most complete poster yet; it doesn't seem to harvest much support and enthusiams (although this item has a shamelessly funny comment); perhaps the looks of all those logo's in a closed front turns people off or intimidates them even (even if they never use any of them).

150396 resistance is fertile (post by ASeed A'dam)  -- oh jesus, ain-t-hey great aindaywonderful? -- such clever folk a seed what organicity! - 'resistance is fertile' . . .what rich connotations to savor .. . - resisting, being impervious immune re(- possibly con and in any case pre)served yet fertile - what proffer of paradox, so lifelike! - I would almost associate the innate pent up fertility in rocks here . .. if only a man I know who has trying to convey just that sort of content was debarred from partaking of publications circulating throught Aseed (the paper seedneeds are prodigious and this person periodically rescued some discarded rarities from the waste basket which he thought was ((along with his website - fro which they never even showed interest)) participation enough) but he was branded as spy and treated as persono nongrata. That still grates as it is not remedied to date; matter of fact if and when confronted with these facts (at market stand up coincidences) the people involved say they are no longer associated and imply not feeling the need to remedy stuff. --- And just to let yall know what you're missing since dumpin your pet dumpsterdive a churn an earning turning him into the hauntin hounded I am:over 13000 visitors in the first half of march to my US tripod filepile. I bet your 10 volunteers cannot top that.

151215 the guy who keeps going: 'hatred forbidden' (with a gif) calls the following piece 'shamir like hatred', here is a comment: Every group hates other groups (english) by Mr. Lover Man 2:13pm Fri Mar 15 '02 You can pull quotes from any group and there will be instances of them putting down other groups. White vs Black, Black vs White, White vs White., Black vs. Black. White vs Asian, Asian Vs Asian and so on down the line. All ethnic groups think they are superior to their neighbors. Remember China used to think it was the center of the universe? Every group has a history of hating other groups. All we can do as individuals is be aware of that and show a little love to our fellow human beings. People don't buy into the uptite assholes with their Jews this, Arabs that. Work on yourself. Remember those that can't build, tear down and that's what the jerks who post negative bullshit here are doing. To all others, keep up the good work! -:

153468  Canaan in the time of Sharon predecessor Samson    first the passage that got (google to get) me to a 70K file at this site out of Sapulpa OK: It seemed to me that we were concerned with some ancient Hercules, perhaps a Hebrew adaptation of the hero Melkart of the Phoenicians, a kind of Samson, the conqueror of Africa, who was the prototype of the Greek Hercules.  It might be a perverted survival of Joshua, the conquering Israelite, canonized by the primitive polytheistic Jew.  The whole thing is shrouded in baffling obscurity. ---------- Personally I think a fanatic and sincerely deep dig will soon do nothing so much as lead to the inescapable conclusion all we ever can come up with is dust; better choose a useful kind then eh? Every square mile resacralized, crisscrossed by a shady path is the goal of anybody who realizes deserts are more a man/womanmade phenom than we are willing to acknowledge. visitors) META name="Description" Content="Thought Provoking Studies On Biblical Issues including Adam's Rib, Christmas,Islam,Judaism,Chronology, Talmud, Bnai Noach, etc."  We are pleased to present the following studies for your enlightenment. You may copy and distribute them provided you keep our copyright notice on them. They are presented for educational and informational purposes only. We try to cover issues in an objective way that are seldom addressed in traditional religious circles. We are not evangelizing. There is a saying "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still". We are not interested in converting anybody to anything - We know that is quite impossible. Our goal is simply to provoke our readers to think for themselves, rather than swallowing everything they might have been taught - hook, line, sinker, fisherman and boots. Most people simply adopt their beliefs from their family, their peers or their society without ever questioning whether they are true. We feel that everyone should investigate and prove what is true for himself. There is much dis-information floating around in religious circles and it is highly doubtful that any religious faith today has been able to stay free of it. All are vulnerable to criticism in one way or other. We feel that religious ideas must be rigorously tested for truth no matter how time honored and cherished they may be. We try to represent the views and teachings of the major faiths as accurately as possible. We believe you can find something presented here of which you were unaware - something that will enhance your understanding. Yes, we have our own opinions and make our own judgements about various issues. That does come out in our articles. We try to present those thoughts by clearly showing the source and logic on which they are based. We try to get to the source of everything as much as possible. No one has to agree with us and no one has to answer to us. In the end, what you conclude is your business alone. That is why we have chosen this non-invasive, non threatening forum to present this material. We hope you will be challenged by it whether you agree or not. Timeline of the Passover The Fortieth Passover The Fiction Of The Virgin Birth Where is God - How Can You Know - The Sojourn of God in the Domain of Time A Sensible Perspective on Noah's Flood More information about Jasher The Paiute Messiah The Strange Phenomena of Cargo Cults Ten Messiahs So, Whatever Became Of The Canaanites? And The Spirit Of God Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters What Was (and Is) the Original Faith? The Authentic Annals Of The Early Hebrews - Is It The RealBook Of Jasher? Adam's Rib - A Truly Amazing Story An Outline Of The Talmud Christmas - It's Not What It Seems Mark Twain's War Prayer The Divisions Of Judaism Perkei Avos - The Key to the Oral Torah Impressions Of A First Time Visitor To Israel: Tel Aviv - Modern Israel Zion Square - Social Center Of Jerusalem The Old City - A Place Of Many Surprises The Day I Went To Hell - Hezekiah's Tunnel Upcoming Articles: An Explanation Of Our Theological Perspective What Christians Do not Understand about Judaism The Islamic Perspective On Judaism And Christianity Abraham's Tent - A Metaphor For Human Kindness What Christians Do Not Understand About Islam Traditional Christianity Is Not The Religion Of The New Testament The Concept Of Canonicity - It's Not What You Think The Oral Torah  A Message to our Guests: New articles are added each month.    Our "coming soon" list is presented to let you know the kind of material you will find here.  Come back often to see what's new.  If you would like to respond your comments are welcome, pro or con.       Back To Home Page

perhaps better yet is the next quote, I haven't really scrutinized either of them but post them here cause I noticed most arguments start from a few generations back whereas the Middle east is probably the most and longest contested area since earth flipped into it's presents spin, I mean that's easily several millions of years (found on a search for 'samson architecture canaan' with pages and pages of hits)  Were these the same Philistines that threatened Judah seven centuries later? Probably not. The settlement of the Philistines in the 12th century B.C. is clearly reflected in the type of pottery and architecture of south-western Canaan and in the historical sources from that period, which indicate that many peoples from the North (the Sea Peoples, and among them the 'Peleset' or Philistines) invaded the region and even reached the very border of Egypt. Egyptian annals do not refer to the Philistines previous to this period. Archaeological evidence of continuous Philistine occupation of this region has not (yet?) been found. ------ I commented on myself: I guess what I'm really saying is: the most therapeutic way of goin about diggin up old bones will be the by no means imaginary one that finds it's way back to greener days, then let the magic middle mean and IMAGINATIVE mirror of such love flip ya forward  ---- I think this is what cog dissonance is driving at in 153317

quoted from Blood of the moon by George Grant by a cartflippyhippy girl (with a large collection of dust free pics in her gallery):

152886 And now for the REAL rea$on behind war to rid world of evil  by D. Grant Haynes (from Turkmen state news service); --------  last commenter:  Pipeline problems by The Auditor 11:31am Mon Mar 18 '02    This pipeline project is an obvious scam. In October 2001, a man spilled thousands of barrels of oil just by shooting the Alaska  Pipeline twice with a normal (for America) hunting rifle. In  Colombia, where security problems are more severe, it has been shown that long pipelines are not defensible against guerrilla attacks. Given that for the forseeable future, Afghanis will be far better armed than even Alaskans, and that India is unlikely to depend on Pakistan for any significant source of energy, the market is severely limited in this direction. On the other hand, the Enron debacle shows us that a project need not make sense or money for savvy operators to extract big bucks from it.

153361 Ali Kemal does a cool point for point refutation (taday (twozdy) I find indymedian ended last night with an especially obsessive riot of polarizing shouting matches about the most incendiary characters around the globe Arabids and duedo's .. . and this file probably has more of it than any before too .. . mmmmm .. I can think of better world regions to allow such a tonesetting prominence) -----------------

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144738 A Telegraph article by Philps about defeating national armies with leaderless guerrilla. (no guesses where the examples come from <allowed/needed>) -----  =<><<>><>=147180  still not dotting the landscape with this type of intergraduallly intergraded permapleach old growth defendamentalrevolution?????  =<><<>><>=147480 plusplenny Nixon believed Jews dominated the media145841 part of a monthly review article that want to be an overview with JSMill and Hayek thrown in (didn't appeal to me)  =<><<>><>=144844  America is STILL winning the war... + good comments about bombing ranges tc. =<><<>><>= 145825 another earthjam must see!!!!! =<><<>><>=14577  Interview of Greg Palast (BBC & Observer) by Alex Jones----- 145724    =<><<>><>=147936 spams bots spambots, wire-hoggers and other unrateez =<><<>><> detail.cfm?artid=125&row=1  Primitive accumulation of capital in conteporary times.146508 Pro-pharmaceutical Industry Political Correctness In Movie "A Beautiful Mind" forum with psychiatric industry watch topping the pop list  =<><<>><>= T h e    C e n t e r    f o r    S t r a t e g i c    a n d     I n t e r n a t i o n a l     S t u d i e s ---- The collapse of the twin towers like a deck of cards symbolized the collapse of U.S. foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim worlds. =<><<>><>= 146374 Zimbabwe  =<><<>><>= 146528 Breaking the Tyranny of Silence (oddball diction with most repeated expr: 'global jew mob  =<><<>><>= 146373 on meaning (just the comments; I already know what he says. . well alright then here is one line: And Hassids are dancers, joyous people --  the cream of Judaism, the very essence of Judaism is with them, with those mad people. ) : Meaning is a dance, not a rock. Meaning is music. You will find it only if you create it. Remember it.  -- So what is making a rock dance? demeaning? memeaning? No meaningfoolfillerfuller!!!  =<><<>><>= 146239 + 12 (2 of which here -40) Bill White selection  =<><<>><>= 145997 +12 Americans really are the good guys by Yassar Arafat  =<><<>><>= 150814 on 'organizing' (I would say: play it safe, and use the word in its most tangible and ancient sense) ------ site stuck along with a cheer for indy item; I'm not so sure I share their sentiment, just a few more of those paralytic problem addicts like prop a gonermoantricks and jean can prodigally post us all under   =<><<>><>= 151004 incredibly long and reactionary Horrorwitz blaming the left for 'undermining US security' ------ we now have a hyper loonloner (darkroom client) in dutch politics who wants to rule Holland from a Bentley and turn our defenses over to the navy .. . .perhaps with the fartooshortsighted and barebrained idea that we will thereafter have full employment topping up all our dikes .it's completely criminal to use the big boy toys..  =<><<>><>= 150887 Taxpayers for peace (a million? Well, thax a millyon anywoei) ----- Montreal anglo site  =<><<>><>= 150602 pretty funny past job  =<><<>><>= 152514: Here is some proof that even a decent, hip and aware of peaceful jews person can't quite allow a jj purge to take hold: fuck off you simpleton (english) by jew who? 6:35pm Sun Mar 17 '02,,, Peace Now, Rabbis for Human Rights, Gush Shalom,, reserve officers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories, Chomsky, Rabbi Michael Lerner,...I could go on, but since this doesn't fit into that 3 inch square that is your mind, why bother? It's not that criticism of Israel is anti-semitic. It's just that idiots like you who group all Jews into one category are just idiots. Do yourself a favour and actually meet some Jewish people, and see if they fit into your preconceptions, or better yet, drop your preconceptions, and meet some Jewish people.  =<><<>><>=  152454 Greg Palast interview  =<><<>><>= 151059 long with a diverse set of links; summary: Are you familiar with Hitler's burning of the Reichstag? He had it burned to blame it on Communists so that he could "lock up power" in Germany. You will see in the "disturbing reports" below that we may be looking at a 9-11 Reichstag incident, and we'd damn well better get this information out far wide and fast, if we care whether our children will grow up in a new 4th Reich.  =<><<>><>=  // (news and stuff)   =<><<>><>= (anybody suprised?)  =<><<>><>= 151401 dopecannabillinks  =<><<>><>=  151385 parable making jews out to be like drones (might be mighty deep  =<><<>><>= - 151294 islam and slavery  =<><<>><>= 151312 Jew related  =<><<>><>= <reconn> front.php3?article_id=18148 Progressive Muslims  =<><<>><>=

 151078 LeMonde article: 'america never cared about afghan women =<><<>><>= 152610 One Primitivist's (Uncle Ted's)  Response to Criticisms  =<><<>><>=151185 israel shamir: A Farm for Raising Pure Priests to be Established Soon - by Erez Fridman (with lots of Shahak excerpts)  =<><<>><>= 151274 Another one bites the dust by Robert Fisk (about ((AP in action)) the potentially testifying witnesses to the Sharon massacre assasinations, 3 in a month)  =<><<>><>= 151284  Prospects for Peace in the Middle East (english) by Noam Chomsky =<><<>><>= 151094  Fisk on Arab opposition to plotted war =<><<>><>= ?????? The Anti-Israel Rant of Robert Fisk   =<><<>><>= 152771 + 9 Can someone refute Ayn Rand/Objectivism? =<><<>><>= 152411 + 6 In Defense of Anti-Racist Action =<><<>><>= Diss Belief Extreme Islam and Hatred of Capitalism by R. U. Sirius (via nettime) =<><<>><>=152398 Ani diFranco interview  =<><<>><>=153270  headlines02/0318-03.htm = Chomsky feels well received, well, better anyways. ----- 153040 Why pay taxes?  by Geov Parrish reconstitute our taxbase and consensualize  by Targ Ettingprocess (googlies for 'tax Knapp poetpiet)  =<><<>><>= (the feds are messin here too)  =<><<>><>= 153354 and -5 Edward Said (?) on Zionism in America, last line: ".. the results will be dismal and discrediting for us Arabs" =<><<>><>=

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152523 + 13 A well know revolucionary says "Fuck off eugene anarchists!!" (english) by Geov Parrish ------- 152172 15 girls die as zealots 'drive them into blaze' by london Telegraph 6:55am Fri Mar 15 '02 Saudi religious police send grils back into burning school for improper attire. ------- 151175 + 8 Israeli Humanity vs Arab Barbarism by John a very seriously pro-Israeli guy 7:00am Fri Mar 15 '02 --- (Shahak cited again; only excerpts here): -----   152863 Gitlin (from and one comment

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