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Content in issue before last: Indymediasamples.htm (124K) -- 32774 Melbourne (excerpts) on indy tecnicalities (such as censorship at indy nl; also see 202911 by yours truly: war- and censorship usa two thirds of the way down) ::::: More indy development news (latest comment feature at sf.indy) ::::: 201515 pixeledpost about eyecatchers, dreamsnatchers and costmatchers ::::: Surprising Potential For Nonviolent Intifada (noted in last issue too)  :::::  'something's rotten in the state of denmark' (rape) ::::: portland 19925 (yet another ((pointer to a)) violence discussion nyc 30971; see next section) ::::: portland19594 a much becommented (elf) arson item (I myself ((once more)) engage ((with these)) reactionary incendiaries ::::: Explanatary note about my constant referral to rock powders.  ::::: 201603 muslims in the us ::::: Portland 20208 +41 critiqueing maleness 6th time around  ::::: 201716 Kennewick man History's Skeleton Closet  ::::: 202076 (and related items from Melbourne) Matt the Assasination Politics Progress reporter and APpliance promotor  ::::: on jews  :::::

Content in: indy33 (111K)  ::::: the third item is poem called chosen ::::: the second draft for 'father- and nationhoods' :::::  I attach a dream I had to a satanist spotter's item ::::: explaining the marriage between private and public money again ::::: spartacus' staccato style item ::::: 40 day patterns in reckoning seasons -- restrained vs fevered increments ::::: I shat a cross ::::: Naomi Klein moves to Argentine -- proposal to fair warfaring ::::: 4 comments on reparations ::::: one more warfairing ::::: the middle east ::::: open publishing and antisemitism ::::: I try temper cartoonist Latuff jubilance (after Swiss court dismisses case) 

Content in : indy32 (97K) 2 green items ::::: israelis warp their children ::::: a mysterious syndiculpitalist or something -- portland indy is alive with reaction ::::: primitivism critique becommented by me and a bunch of indys someplace (portland eugene or chicago?) ::::: Alternative Currencies Make Change ::::: interview with Neta Golan (ME) ::::: my comment on the fire vs waterwork imbalance ::::: more on ME and c by me  ::::: can bioneers.org cure conspiracists ::::: cooperativeresearch.org (obsesses about iraq and other elite run rackets; i am not about to check but they are possibly accurate) ::::: Akha Matt posts an item (hi matt, forgive me yet?) ::::: big dieoff speculations vs sound strategy with comments pointing to the increasing popular and 'shootoffing' readishmael.com ::::: I blurb eco-operative kinds of capitalisms again ::::: weather changes ::::: I critique the weirdest newspaper issue in recent dutch history ::::: a slab of accountancy critic gldialtone.com ::::: items in brief 

Content in : indy31 (92K) female oppression :::x::: oil :::x::: 190855 About the hate speech on IMC :::x::: circumcision :::x::: on surveillance :::x::: 191822 Fury as academics are sacked for being israeli :::x:::  the powers of purse weigh Zoon Zion and so on :::x::: Spinoza substitutes the state for god and holds on faithfully  :::x::: darwin was a sick liar (about morals; I counter with some stuff about Bruce Chatwin's ideas and takes on nomadisms; see 192199 also)  :::x::: quit yar bloat you stoned cow (I get upset with a guy posting 900K gifs all the time) :::x::: immigration and food industry parallels  :::x:::  repost of K Phillips book review ('bout plutocracy) :::x::: items in brief

 issue before that: indy30 (110K): france catches the updated and oldest sociovirus too  :::x::: new-clear E-action harmoneutralizes nukes and lsd-ers   :::x::: lots of pretty little snippets from as many items  :::x::: Soenke Zehle's multifacetted netpresence   :::x:::  new linkfile for sites found in 2001 - climate change -blackpope (sibling of mine??)

before that: indy29.htm (75K)
(Some of the) content here: Conspiracy Theory Is for Liberals  :::x::: 'bartergod' by todd boyle (webledge developer)   :::x::: onlinejournal.com becommented  :::x::: forestsandcommunities.org   :::x::: Pacifascism anybody? (compilation of mine including a nice Louise Erdrich quote from her latest and a shocking Chomsky one as well)   :::x::: islamic banking  :::x:::  items in brief 

 Content in indy28.htm (71K)Content there: samol' samol'; dunno what to say; it's pathetic, all speed seems to be allocated to ways that wend for the worse; and none of it takes on a burden to start countin' as progress. ---- ---- ahrite, I'll try again: karl kraus (rerun?) ## a rainbow ## chomsky  ## flash art ## gold mining stupidity ## reichstag is 9/11? ## cockburn ecologist  ## spoofin us hysteria ## men's resources ## climate  ## turbans and respect ## spot the weirdest blogger ## chomsky ## ladies on the right ## baudrillard ## glitch.org ## the eu leaks (but is it gonna spill all its deep thought voluntarily soon I wonder?; God, they keep Volkert v/d Graaf under perpcamsurv but it is wasted on him; he has made his decision and hasn't any secrets left .. .. unless he did kill that other guy before too of course)

 indy27.htm (86K)  Table of contents: profiling  :::x::: Jenin  :::x::: skinheads :::x::: Chris Doss The Russia Journal on Solzhenitsyn  :::x::: 174538  on one of the in my opinion best items of the year by Santiago Alba Rico, translated from Rebelion.org  :::x::: 175267 Palastians need to learn from Native American history   :::x::: 175673 Israel Shamir on French political upset;  :::x::: 175676 Lenni brenner on revisionist zionism (84) reviewed 175768 Hurray for Growing Anti-Semitism????  :::x::: about the wire  :::x::: eric s raymond (hacker and gift culture revivalist  :::x::: about the economy (taken from fox and probably therefor hidden along with my brilliant comment  :::x::: 177680 Karl Kraus, cataclysm catalyst or coherence kindler?  :::x::: 176978 argentina.indymedia.org news/2002/04/23734.php argentina alternative-finance.org.uk enlaces  :::x::: once again I try show there have to be some sufficiently different daddy (risk bearing and mommy (security bully) moneys  :::x::: on the dutch troubles, trials and tribulations  :::x:::  copy-paste-post-prosecute?  :::x::: israel holds all people living near those they infected with virulent nihilism (otherwise known as a freedom fighter) responsible

indy26 (108K)   167989   rallying call to all suicidals around the world (shades of Theodor Lessing's Roman entertainment story) :::x::: Even the Capitalists Condemn Israel. :::x::: on sharon and many more ME related items :::x::: on censorship :::x::: 173311UN vs US :::x::: items in brief

indy25 (87K)   Last changes on the 7th of april Table of contents: shem and shaun; jacob and esau, farmer and nomad tyrant and lady's fave :::x:::  Google threatened  :::x:::  JJRTolkien  :::x:::  legaltenderalternatives.htm  :::x:::  reputations for globalizers of justice and Nazis :::x:::  jewish desertification reversal school  :::x:::  this is kayoss (a regular) speaking  :::x:::  let's poll opinion on the prop matrix posting methodology  :::x::: items in brief

indy24 (94K)  Content: autonarchy   :::x::: comment on Assasination politician prfr   :::x::: Native American origins  :::x::: about newswire abuse . . and bestiality  :::x::: primitivism.com/assassination   :::x::: philly imc alternatives (in)activity (it's much slower than others, perhaps cause of the rating sofware)   :::x::: Cutboy boycott!!!!!!!Dey's always tryintocatchup to their lost nerve  :::x::: pools of monies to ponder (trying to point to Knapp again; not as elegant as an earlier, democracy related attempt)  :::x:::  peddle a Jerusalem-Bagdad in the newly grown shade.  =<<>>= Canan in then in the time of Sharon predecessor Samson   :::x::: pipeline lovers  =<<>>= Items in brief  :::x::: Content-refreshment.htm  A new permanent fixture

indy23 (104K)  content:  Israel boycott - (attached a little something about my new insights in ((and sufferings from)) Otto Weininger's work)   :::x::: Swiss Indy is down for a (prudent or cowardly?) reflection pause  :::x::: our Joycean blabberer at it again  :::x::: The middle east  :::x::: 138249 Robert Fisk: Europe must stop parroting the American script in the Middle East  The Independent  :::x::: 138033 +5 COINTELPRO loves the word ZIONAZI   :::x::: fascists (bundlers) vs collactivists  :::x::: Kelley Walker specials ::::x:::: hardhitting graphics  :::x::: fat special (thanks to a waaaay too verbose autonarchists)   :::x::: endless zionazionazionitis   :::x::: Items in brief

indy22 (104K)
Argentina <><<>><> Euro <><<>><> open source <><<>><> Doug Henwood interviewed by Geert Lovink (nettimer) <><<>><> ?????? G A P ?????? <><<>><> YES!!!!!! phillyimc.org/alternatives !!!! My first posts there <><<>><> the VOC, space exploration, the net as a crimetool and 'oh, but I believe in ways and means for speaking someone dear a far cry from here<><<>><>  Is privatize a 'nice' way to say secretize?  <><<>><>  Middle east related rot <><<>><> Oh by the way, this is the sort of couleur-make up at guerrillanews.com<><<>><> a mirror (deceased but well balmy) update <><<>><> on rurality and militia <><<>><> next item follows up seamlessly: Switserland; a little later on we see it come under justified liberarian praise and  less justified fire from same (since personal arms are incomparable to more massive misery causing ones)<><<>><> semi-simiantism plays up and a defect from zionism petition is doing its dogged round me pursuing just as doggedly with complementary traffictricks (which gemini's are most notorious for) <><<>><> a heady hippy  <><<>><> muslimama's <><<>><> windmill power <><<>><> spooky symbolisms by Bauval (what a great name for the world's authority on Pyramids) <><<>><>  friday, the last day for this file's growth were many and various (more on posers in the German speaking countries) <><<>><> Indy Austria is

NOTE: All the following files moved (in may 2002 when tripod cut it's free hosting space in half) to the dutch daughter thereof, thus http://members.lycos.nl/vadercats/2001/indy21.htm for example; any and all files in the subdirectories /2001/ and /miscs-n-logs/ should have this prefix; I haven't been able to correct any but the sorts of interalink files you find yourself reading in now. That means that the little green table (for printfriendly files -prfr-) at the bottom here is up to date but earlier version in older files are not (besides being less complete of course)

indy21 (plenny K)  islamania (big hit at at the anarchy board) contribution (about saharasia) which gets into a good screenful about Dutch politics <><<>><> Horowitz <><<>><>

2001/indy20.htm  osama confession tape  <><<>><> The green journal  <><<>><> Benjamin Barber: "Osama did democracy a favor  <><<>><  national vanguard criticism  <><<>><> invasion of canaan  <><<>><> where did the lbo-talk list go????<><<>><> Leopold Kohr Disunion now (1941)  <><<>><> John Zerzan on numb number numbest   <><<>><> google saves the day <><<>><> items in brief ----- oh djseez, I just noticed to have forgotten to mention IsraelShamir.com, I did a 200K prfr on him during this issue (guess you know where to find 'm)

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