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profiling =={}={}== Jenin=={}={}== skinheads =={}={}== Chris Doss The Russia Journal on Solzhenitsyn =={}={}== 174538  on one of the in my opinion best items of the year by Santiago Alba Rico, translated from =={}={}== 175267 Palastians need to learn from Native American history  =={}={}== 175673 Israel Shamir on French political upset;  =={}={}== 175676 Lenni brenner on revisionist zionism (84) reviewed 175768 Hurray for Growing Anti-Semitism????=={}={}== about the wire =={}={}== eric s raymond (hacker and gift culture revivalist=={}={}== about the economy (taken from fox and probably therefor hidden along with my brilliant comment -- 177680 Karl Kraus, cataclysm catalyst or coherence kindler? =={}={}== 176978 news/2002/04/23734.php argentina enlaces =={}={}== once again I try show there have to be some sufficiently different daddy (risk bearing and mommy (security bully) moneys=={}{}== on the dutch troubles, trials and tribulations=={}{}== copy-paste-post-prosecute? =={}{}== israel holds all people living near those they infected with virulent nihilism (otherwise known as a freedom fighter) responsible

173880 item about pro vs con of profiling; comment#174057 piet 1:06pm Fri Apr 19 '02 - I go: don't let this shit distract us from public  exposure (in the sense of permanent profiling for those in influential places; you choose living as a politician? Fine, study madonna and be accountable = presenting ((if not presentable)) allow populism to be sport that leads away from the juvenile and unpolympervparenthood related one and only via the chosen few to the magic many) thus making the contrast between the fast and fierce hooliman of the entreprouwdess hours and houris of individualims vs more responsibly slow and deliberate permapublicans clear. -------------

173891 There was no massacre in Jenin ---- I go (as last of plenny comments): sean you diabolic blindered man, tsk , tsk, t (english) piet 12:46pm Fri Apr 19 '02 comment#174041 Dutch media tidbits: Bush raising in (N)euro esteem, lowering in that of USies -- Baffling? I'd say! I was so flabbergasted and unbeleafy I forgot to read the (little) article ----- 260 antisemitic 'actions' in france this month already. If I wanted to polarize, I'd reply to sean that there never were any suicide atrocities this month either. Pure pro pig ender pal. ---- probusharonites say there were less anyway but an arab ecologist (yes the very sorta person who's existence I doubted in a recent comment, seems to teach at an israeli uni of all places) has a much more realistic take on the matter: this pruning will only encourage growth. Unity through opposition; good sparring practice; who says the jews lack the confidence of conceit. Hauptsache: die Wueste waechst, obwohl darin weniger waechst, spaerlicher, verhaltener, tischlein deck dich fischlein versteck dich denn du wirst unbeschreiblich weiblich. oh by the way, bout the UN (english) piet 12:52pm Fri Apr 19 '02 comment#174047 check the link within item 173375 for a much longer list than yours seanyson sinsan and may you burn to a crisp in the sunsoon if you love the handiwork of your favorite semites man!

174023 About Jenin (many clippings posted);I go: since the pali isra sexchange grate is 1:18 .  piet 1:42pm Fri Apr 19 '02 comment#174080we must expect some more retribulation tanxations this month to relieve the unsupportably saggin stress value of disrailian blood smeared on the imaginary borderpost life; after all even if 200 stinkers turns out a low estimate to chalk up to carefully measured presponse, XtsjAnusrate supporting federaelinjects, then .. . be where bewhere beeware beauhair to adorn sell a breeding power in the cowerbower of your feastbeast no mater twhat attitude; you got the archrival beat well and good; and chess is a respectable game. Over. Modest proposal to the filistines: look up what Karl Kraus wrote about you in connection with jews and bills of reckoning. Also: replace the red with grey in your flag and I will apply for citizenship, promise.

174084 on skinhead war in russia; As a variety of embassies warned their nationals in Russia to beware of attacks by skinheads following racist assaults from Moscow to Sakhalin, President Vladimir Putin declared "war" against racially motivated violence. "The growth of extremism is a serious threat to stability and public security in the country," Putin said in his state of the nation address. "I am referring first of all to those who under fascist and extremist slogans and symbols organize pogroms and beat people..." --snip-- The Oread Daily was a mimeographed sheet that came out first in the summer of 1970 in Lawrence, Kansas. It was irreverent, radical, spicy, revolutionary et. al. Now, three decades later it returns. To view the entire Oread Daily, please visit: ===piet 2:38pm Fri Apr 19 '02 comment#174097=== I go: solzhenitsyn book on jews says:   jews never had it as good as there (according to a march tls reviewer anyway; we won't know since it ain't been trainsleightit terrainslated); hey, sure, give a jew a forest and he'll scrape every last bit of wood like a virulent popploading kitappaler, at least that would be my gist of a book on jews in poland by SS (simon schama, adieu). now my esteem for lbo-talk has sunk a few notches since reading that and seeing a thread about jews in russia make no mention of any of this, not as monumental as (such a) one (as I) would xpect I guess. I just wrote this guy to counter mr Schwartz' whiney ways with this review. Can somebody in russia translate prettyplease????? I understand the russian jews are a major part of the zionist scheme and this Solzh book came out last summer!!!!!!!!!! -

Chris Doss The Russia Journal on Solzhenitsyn ------------------  I haven't read the book, and probably never will, but I do know Sol. preserves the distinction between the "Russians" and "Jews" and points out that ordinary Russians have suffered just as much historically as Russian Jews (he may have a point there, what with most Russians up until the mid 1800s having basically been slaves). Sol. is not known in Russia as an anti-Semite. He's known as a lot of other things -- hack, pompous ass, traitor, society's conscience, back-to-tsarism lunatic, irrelevant anachronism, depending on the person -- but not as an anti-Semite. This puts me in mind of one of those anecdotes I'm fond of recounting: I was, um, imbibing with a friend of mine, a Russian artist in his early 40s, when we began talking about Sol. He said, "I remember back in the 70s Solzhenitsyn could do no wrong. But then I read an American magazine that had somehow been smuggled into the country, and Solzhenitsyn was basically arguing for a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union. And I thought to myself, 'Alexander Isayevich is whoring himself to the Americans. I can understand that, he's a father and he wants money for his children. But you know what? I'm a father too. So my children should die so his can have piano lessons. Fuck you, Solzhenitsyn." Chris Doss The Russia Journal BTW, despite all the build-up, there hasn't been any violence yet, to my knowledge. Of course, what they are worried about in Moscow is the big Spartak soccer match today (the violence at the Tsaratyno market last year took place after a soccer match). Also BTW, Putin called for greater vigilance against racially motivated violence in his State of the Nation speech on Thursday. -----------

174538  on one of the in my opinion best items of the year by Santiago Alba Rico, translated from --- I also placed this at 18306 jerusalem saying: victim/perpetrator cycle(s) explained masterfully  One of this year's best indy items (via ccpm and z-net), even better than the pejorative journalism by 'hosenslorcher' -- the only commenter complained about the absence of suicide bombers in this most eloquent equation which has entered my prfr series ----  (I sora gratuitously stuck this blurb on propalestinians in Holland up here, where it is a little out of place I admit),what is with you peepull doesnt allow doing (english) piet 2:59am Sun Apr 21 '02 comment#174544 a regular homo maroccan columnist in holland gives an honest account of his discouragement over last week's 20 thousand heads strong propalestina protest. He 'fears for his country' (instead of actively emulating the succesfull neighbourhood father project rite here in A'dam and participating). He only watched part of it cause it was in his way and cites a huge maroccan who found it to cold to participate. Conclusion he projects desillusion with his own apathy on the country. This last weekend some jewfella is allowed to preach doom and gloom complete with giant mushroomcloudcartoon speculating (placing bets?) on telaviv as possible 'locale' rather than fess up about his stubborn refusal to radically rethink stuff. Arabs seem no better judging from the site where you will look in vain for any beleaf in my sense of the word; no mention of greenery at all in fact. ------------------ also at: 174538  You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... karl 1:50am Sun  Apr 21 '02  as i read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco González ----- This is truely excellent; on a par or even better than Hosenslorcher ---- it was reposted at 174983 and got a handful of replies:  ?? sorry space the title ?? Big Mac 12:10pm Mon Apr 22 '02 comment#175011 Eloquent, certainly. Illrefutable simply because it relies on emotion rather than hard facts. Facts can be interpreted measured. A post like this can be summarized thusly. If you think Israel is justified then you think Hitler was justified. Israel is bad. US is bad. Turkey is bad. Poor old Palestinians. Repeat liberally. A point could be made on any of these statements but verbosity does not an argument make. Unabashedly stilted language and emotional appeals and the meat and potatoes of this post. I'm sorry but some of us left brain types will read this and be unmoved. --------------- perhaps (english) mayor mccheese 12:34pm Mon Apr 22 '02 comment#175027 Bigmac: why do you shield your yourself behind the trappings of the scientific revolution? even facts, especially statistics, are warped by those with an agenda. there are times in life when making a pro/con list of "facts" cannot and should not be used as a basis for making a judgement. these are times when actions must be evaluated on their own, through the lens of your own sense of morality. morality is a emotional thing: not bound,constrained or created by facts. what is right and what is wrong. sometimes we must judge by what we feel. this must be done outside of any "historical context", "scientific reasoning", or "political agenda". this is philosophy, morality, not science. ------------- Wher's the beef?  Hamburglar 12:59pm Mon Apr 22 '02 comment#175046 Mayor McCheese, What would Big Mac know about natural things like emotions. After all he's all soybean trying to pass himself of as being "beef". He is a true capitalist. ------------- Big Mack, peice of shit decieter. Steven James Blake 2:12pm Mon Apr 22 '02 comment#175069I suppose you defend the use of the so-called "jewish" right, to paint themselves as victims when they are occupying the palistinian lands with the 4th most powerful military on earth backed up by the most powerful military machine known throughout the history of mankind. I suppose that you think "collateral damage" is ok. I suppose that if your grandmother lived in palistine and she was bulldozed under the rubble of her home by an isrealie military bulldozer, that would be alright. I suppose that if the "nazis" skinned your children and made them into lampshades, that would be ok too. I suppose that touting direct lies as proof of facts is ok in your book too. I suppose that you believe what ever your government tells you to. I suppose that you think it is ok that our government experimented on black sericemen by infecting them with syphallus just to see how it would spread through the black community. I suppose you think that Corperations should decide what evironmental regualtions should be followed. I suppose we should let serial killers judge their own cases. I suppose that you think you live in a democracy. I suppose that you think that isreal is a democracy and not a paticepatory theocracy. I suppose that you either believe everything you hear or are a complete peice of garbage. wake up you idiot. There is no more room for liars, you know quite well what the facts concerning the isrealie-palistinian sitiuation are, and if you don't just look at the maps of palistinian territory vs isrealie controlled land in the occupied terrorties and you will understand even if you will not admit is. Every lie you tell or let stand kills a child somewhere, and I hold you responsible for your actions. Of course you probably just some jerkoff that likes to get a rise out of people, considering how inept and stupid you come off, you probably are just a news tourist with no will or soul. kill a child and die. Steven James Blake Proud Citizen of The United States of America NOT the fast food dipshit bushswallowing dipshit "STATE" of america -------------- you make me want to bang my head.....Patrick 9:03pm Mon Apr 22 '02 comment#175198 so mr. blake.... let me get this straight. you feel the need to spout, and waste space that could be black background fill, against big mac, who seemed to just dispute the somewhat lofty assertion that the preceding post was "irrefutable." mr. rico in his original post had requested that people refrain from name-calling, but i guess you're point was just too important. also, you might think of spell-checking your posts (or at least their titles). >Big Mack, peice of shit decieter i think you learned those "i before e" rules backwards... oh yeah, one other thing. decieter isn't a word. here, in the english language, we use the word "decEIver." (note the spelling correction) >Every lie you tell or let stand kills a child somewhere, >and I hold you responsible for your actions. >Of course you probably just some jerkoff that likes to get >a rise out of people, considering how inept and stupid you >come off, you probably are just a news tourist with no >will or soul. >kill a child and die. "some jerkoff that likes to get a rise out of people"?????? talk about the pot and the fucking kettle.... ----------------------- 18358 sociology of zionism  by lenni brenner Tuesday April 23, 2002 at 09:35 AM  from left business observer; a look at statistics of zionism -------- 18359  last of 14 commenters cites Lenni Brenner and mentions a book of his for 10$ at, it is online also at

175267 Palastians need to learn from Native American history Andy munger 5:43am Tue Apr 23 '02  The connection between American Indians and the palastianians has been made by several writers on the internet. While it is somewhat valid, there are alot of differences between the struggle of both groups for land they believe belongs to them. Both American Indians and palastianians fought wars to preserve their historic lands and lost. Despite this, Native americans have citizen status, while thousands The connection between American Indians and the palastianians has been made by several writers on the internet. While it is somewhat valid, there are alot of differences between the struggle of both groups for land they believe belongs to them. Both American Indians and palastianians fought wars to preserve their historic lands and lost. Despite this, Native americans have citizen status, while thousands of palastians are seeking a state of their own. The 1993 peace accord provided a promise and hope for this. American Indians were promised this only to have the many treaties broken by the U.S goverment.American Indians will never have their own state. Israel is currently waging war and destroying property of palastians in the west bank. the maerican indian fought his last war with the U.S Armyover a hundred years ago. Both groups have considered the Americans has their biggest threat and enemy. America's support for Israel has caused the palastians has much damage as the English support for The easly colonial wars agaist the eastern Indians of North America. Both groups have waged conventional war and guerilla war. The Arabs were once a conquering people. The American indians have traditionally been the conquered. Where as today there are afew million native Americans, there are over 300 million Arabs in the world. The main difference between the Indians and the palastians is the presence of Islam. Muslims can not truely ever be assimilated in the jewish state. American indians have been mostly assimilated once they leave their reservations. They had to forgone and distance from traditional culture. Had the Native American had the uniting force of religion they may have prevented the conquest of their continent. They were a scattered disunited people not too different than the Arab world pre-Muhammed. Muhammed was able to unite this small tribe to capture sand spread all over the mideast. They defeated,took land, and assimilated people much like the way the American west was won. Now the foot is on the other end and it is the Palastians fighting for their survival. The Jews feel their survial in israel is also at stake. This conflict will only end when one side gives up and accepts defeat like the American Indian did. As long as the palastians have Islam and millions of fellow Arabsthere is little The United States and Israel can do short of extermination. Foir those who think this is impossible and would never be done, they can only look at the history of the Native American. This may be the "final solution in this culture clash and couldbe the reason America is so worried about a strong Iraq. Presently, a united Islamic world would be about as effective in resisting this as the American Indians efforts were against the superior technology of the west. Yassar Arafat and the palastians need to be careful or they will end up like the native American. ============ yeah wonderfully levelheaded . .but .. . . .piet 11:30am Tue Apr 23 '02 comment#175362 let's look at the differences; although the expansiveness of europe spilling into (and the blood of) native america was set on similarly innocently unconscious and adventurous empire chasing relayboost as the us seems to be, benefiting from soul simplifying blood mixing and unmolested soils, the (euro and us) exploitation and poisoning now seem roughly comparable; leaving the abuse of the cultural shallows (american naivity) as the workforce set to secure oil access, no less a 'propellant' than the hunger for gold once was, the present setting is totally different. We lost our eco innocence. For those not blinding themselves and shortcircuiting other senses taking in impressive changes it becomes less and less hard to accept that 80 - 90 % of deserts are that on account of man In that respect the ME tops the ranks of regions with in this respect heaviest karma on record (on a par with the aboriginal one perhaps). There will no doubt be a 'time station' in the near future where the dutch experience range, captured in the adage: 'pump or drown' can be put to use, modified, revalued and updated to 'pump or dry out'; I think the vital sober up aid for Zionists to remember the greener bible passages would be having their funding flow suffer a redirect from arms to solar and other greenist gardentricks (like my heavy mists) ; let'm realize how many olivetrees they tore out this year and ask all their sponsors back state side to double their aid efforts in order to redress this quickly. Stop the mad identification with and taking counsel from what once vanquished them. All in all, if a massive capture of moisture in biomass for what are now nothing but loosest of sands would succeed we might not have to build dikes all around northern europe or be over come by floods of refugees -

175673 Israel Shamir on French political upset; my comment: opening borders along vertical axes evrywhere piet 8:05am Wed Apr 24 '02 this can be done whereever and becomes most effective there where mama's bones stick through her flesh due to human 'engineered' denudation. This is certainly needed on an international scale. Such code of conduct would certainly earn the passe partout in my book. No one should be barred from places where this is taught and practiced. the quest yon marker wrote: So we should become nationalists? I don't think the solution is more nationalism but more internationalism. That's what the left should be about. Opening borders, not closing them.

175676 Lenni brenner on revisionist zionism (84) reviewed piet 3:51am Wed Apr 24 '02 091784/840917010.html; a whole (83) book on zionism is available at brenner/index.htmI -------  stuck a blurb from Brenner's sociology found at LBO-talk up at jerusalindy 18358 and got an endorsement from the 14th c'er  next door -9: His "The Iron Wall: Revisionist Zionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir " is available from the aforementioned  Wash Rpt on M-E affrs/AET: <> for a total of about  ten eleven dollars, which is the best bargain since Prince Albert was invented. --- Ps: no article ----  told you so --------- 1st comment: oops can't leave this a perfect no comment piet 4:14am Wed Apr 24 '02 comment#175677 anybody suprised?    Here is some supple mentation:  brenner_afghan_war.htm includes 6 cartoons ----------------  that book I mentioned a review of is online also:  ironwall/index.htm Here is a conclusion of part 2.   Russian Zionism: Treason to the Jews Conclusion  Can we today applaud the role taken by Zionism in the theatre of the Romanoff  empire? We cannot be kinder than its own reviewer. What Weizmann said of Herzlâ??s cabal with Plehve applies to Russian Zionism in full sum: humiliating, pointless and disillusioning. Who today could try to justify any movement that had an audience with Louis XVI on 14 July 1789? Ante-bellum Zionism had the traitor's part in the revolutionary play, as insensate of the life problems of Jewry as the local Theosophists or Esperantists. Only with Zionism we hear off-stage whisperings and  treacheries in the ministries of anti-Semitism. For Zionism to have ever been correct politics we must believe, ipse dixit, that the eventual creation of a revived Hebrew state should have been the prime political concern of flesh and blood Jews. That was nothing better than ideological future-music. Drowning swimmers need dry land, not the Holy Land. Magnification of things Jewish and of the past homeland of the Jews, tells us that we deal with philosophers intently gazing through the wrong end of the intellectual telescope. What must be said of the movement must stand for one of its leading protagonists. Goldmann summed him up quite simply and well: a monologist. The truths of politics are always as simple and common as the simple and common people. Yet fanatics of all persuasions live as if they have a superior wisdom all their own. It is obvious that people prefer to speak the tongue they already understand 'which is of use to them' than the language of their ancestors 20 generations removed. Such extravaganzas are the metier of the educated. In no country have poor Jews been the base for the Hebrew language or Zionism. Vastly more economically secure than the people, an accomplished linguist and literary wordsmith, Jabotinsky was totally estranged from the masses. Always at the podium, a spieler, a talker, for him Zionism was the word from on high and he was the Moses of Odessa, trying to lead a  stiff-necked nation out of Egypt. In the real world he was doomed to see the educated youth of Jewry reject him and his ideas and join the ranks of the revolution.

175768 Hurray for Growing Anti-Semitism???? (english) anti-nazi 11:46am Wed Apr 24 '02 comment#175803 Once again, Bill Royere shows his hatred of Jews. Readers, please be advised that the person who posted these articles is a white supremacist named William Randolph Royere III. (Yes, another Nazi named Bill. But this one doesn't seem to be the infamous Bill White.) Royere has chosen to hate Jews, not Zionism. In fact, he makes no distinction between Jews and Zionists, writing "Jews and Zionists and Zionists and Jews. For my money, they're all in the same basket." (see article 166524). He pretends to support Palestinians in their struggle against the Israeli occupation. But he actually does not respect Arabs (see article 164323). Previous anti-Jewish posts by this Bill include article 169268 and 169272, in which he says "Kill the Jews." More of the same is at 168165, 168200 (in which he wants the US to start building new gas chambers), 166238 (in which he spreads the urban legend of an anti-Jewish warning falsely attributed to Ben Franklin and also spreads the erroneous notion that Jews killed Jesus Christ (when actually it was the Imperial Roman occupiers who did)), 165882, and others. In 171734 he describes his support for inherited monarchy. (Yes, a monarchist at Indymedia!!! Will wonders never cease?) His claims are rebutted at 171811. Royere has a preference for copying stories from World Net Daily, a right-wing, Christian American news and opinion website. He often adds his own spin in the summary section of his IMC posts. Please take this into account when you read his posts. I believe I entered a civilized sounding piece of mr Royere along with a comment on his strange website in my last indy issue. Goes to show what difference 2 pairs of eyes make of one single complex fella human being.

176331  piet 1:47am Fri Apr 26 '02      new on me; profuse service, 9  languages, 1000 orgs; let's see if I can  find a worthy sample . . ah yes, a fairy tale: Tinker's Bubble =>  might as well add a more serious link micro-credit.   their development finance archive has 103 messages for march (=lively) ==>    for a simple beginners update for prehistoric gift(ec)onomyies  go to

 176299 Marco on Roberta Blackgoat; I add a response to an uncomprehending previous commenter: if you can't grasp what marco might  mean  I recommend starting some books by Barbara Kingsolver; that might get you a lot closer to the 'remotenesses'  you are coming from.     And I could mention Louise Eldrich so you certainly won't  come up empty handed if you are close enough to a library even if you can't surf marco's site. --------  closer to the 'remotenesses' - piet wtf?   s.pam?    really? "closer to the 'remotenesses' you are coming  from?" so am i coming from the remotenessess or going closer to it?   wtf once more? "remotenesses"? haha since we aren't using complete sentences or even real words, i hope you won't mind my lack of capitalization.   haha, get it? "capitalization"? no, you don't. there's  nothing to get.   this has really gone all to hell now. certainly not news, but  we've already passed that milestone, so... no worries.   really, the original post is already incomprehensible and if you can "grasp what marco might mean" then i would recommend some books by Edgar Cayce or maybe Madame Cleo, 'cause you're fucking psychic. Haha ;-) although you know, as well as i, if marco were not running with the 'in-crowd,' responsible for keeping the wire clean, the original post would be hidden as spam.    seriously, i appreciate the references and i know you weren't trying to condescend, but i've actually traveled the world questing for indigenous people's rights and i'd be more capable than many at deciphering and accepting this content even without your help. the point is, it's unintelligible especially to the neophyte reader and hardly a news item. in fact, not even complete sentences. abuse of the wire can go both ways and selective editing policies really perturb me. I see dedicated readers lambasting right-wing spammers or the infamous links. then, something like this comes along, it's defended, and I think it could make indymedia look hypocritical. i do, however, apologize if *that* perturbs you. it's great though, that we're both allowed our opinions and a forum in which to make such comments. even when it does get silly. ------------  Your Polemics Defile A Memorial   marco    83 year old Roberta Blackgoat died April 23, 2002.   I was being poemical; you were being polemical.   Now I ask you, if this isn't news - what is?   marco  from hacker revenge: 5.1. 1. Forget bottom-up; work on top-down One of the things that seemed clearest was that the historical Unix strategy of bottom-up evangelism (relying on engineers to persuade their bosses by rational argument) had been a failure. This was naive and easily trumped by Microsoft. Further, the Netscape breakthrough didn't happen that way. It happened because a strategic decision-maker (Jim Barksdale) got the clue and then imposed that vision on the people below him. The conclusion was inescapable. Instead of working bottom-up, we should be evangelizing top-down -- making a direct effort to capture the CEO/CTO/CIO types. ---- I go:  work from the bottom down for a top up (into rocks to fluff the scenery) ==>> I specialed and prfr'ed this here: ESRaymond.htm (120K)   from homesteadng the noosphere: In this paper, I examine in detail the property and ownership customs of the open-source culture. Yes, it does have property customs -- and rather elaborate ones too, which reveal an underlying gift culture in which hackers compete amicably for peer repute. This analysis has large implications for anyone interested in organizing large-scale intellectual collaborations. -----

indy org il 23894 by Ran HaCohen: When acting against soldiers, the suicide bomber has international law on his side. Yes: international legislation acknowledges the right of occupied people to use force against their oppressors, both inside the occupied territories and outside them. and 20297 friends of the earth middle east

176409 the us economy surges (a paste from Fox which ((is probablty why it)) got hidden); here are the comments: who knows Rob 9:35am Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176417 U know - who knows! At the end of the USSR everything was also perfect and great. They fulfilled every plan they made - that is at least what they told themselves and the world. A few days later and: BAM! I have no doubt that the US administration is able and willing to falsify every statistic they like to and to lie to the people until their last day. Therefore: I don't buy the numbers. you mean... (english) blitzen 11:26am Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176446 ...economic success for the U.S. doesn't meet with your particular ideology, so you reject the facts? ============= A better gauge (english) SVA 11:29am Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176448 Better more honest gauges of the economy would be: 1. How much money are corps spending on marketing and advertisment, R&D, and expansion. 2. The current national unemployment rate, broken down by region. Corps tend to cut back on spending, if they project negative net profits for the short-term. Short-term normally being 2-4 quarters. SVA =========== the better half covers for U-S-Lackers (english) piet 1:03pm Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176474 that be the 'defense' industries, always the 'gangmaker' as a weird cyclesport expression has it. A very fascinating one to us kids having had to peddle to school against headwind and being very happy to find a moped slow enough to keep up with. Wouldn't you know it, they (belgians and ditch foke) turn this into the type sport done in stadiums with leaning hardwood sides. America has had that famous skater sprinter pal widthda huuuuuuuuuge thighs introduce ittoyouall no? Now, please see that they (armamental cases) are restrained, put to shame, . . . why not literally lose their balls. . . . hey that's an idea, let's envision a future where incurably selfish types suffer that fate (after ample fair warning) by the age of, say 16 (should be an increasingly diminishing percentage by the time that goes into full effect but for now, this godawful spooky emergency), let's see if we can get the housewives of arms and army industry related professions to cut the balls off of their mates all at the same time as if it were a loonymoon pagan todo in about a . well . . cut'm some ssslick ssslack. lessssay .. . before this quarternary timelapse snaps shut (or so); sicker, seep and drop this whole item on a flyer in the base male base box . . . errr. . .forum ... list . . .aaaeeeh, how do we get a hold of these ultra insecure brutality condoning females anyway. I am at a loss . .. aren't you? Ps: learn dutch today (along with aforementioned irresolvably oppolaridiculizations) via an excellent book: Finnegan's wake in bilingual edition for only 70 pleuro If we can't fight fairly clever, nor clever fairly we should reduce fightin to one on one fair and knowbody rig the ragridden jury rule ok?  ========== The gdp rising does not mean economic upturn (english) Steven James Blake 1:12pm Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176478 This is trickle down economics. this up turn is mainly in the defense industry. which in real dollars and jobs means nothing to average americans. the real measuring stick of economic prosperity is what the average american is making and how many have full time jobs with money in the bank. and these numbers suck. we are heading for a world wide war. and our defense industry is being preped to build the war machines we need to support it. in addition with all of the recent tax breaks for corperations, not much of this money will be returned to us. some of it will return from the various workers who pay taxes. most of it is moved "off-shore". See you in the new american "STATE" Hope you like the new non immigration service. Seige Heil. brush up on your german boys and girls. sjb =========== brush up on your crush up rather, friend(s) (english) piet 1:35pm Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176482 I'll let you have a sample free from that impressive(ly priced) tome. Today's NRC: born for lorn in lore of love to live and wife by wile and rile by rule of ruse  ----  gelegd in wiegen om te liegen van lijven als wijven die wijlen en willen op wallen na lallen met ballen I'll buy it. Some day over@@@@@@he mainflow stop pestering genteelasses and my ready to rumble for better crumble minkin ya cowards behind numbers and even less playcent ammoperdition ya funks ya flukes ya losers of love. ========= Burn, burn, that oil! (english) J.I. 3:09pm Fri Apr 26 '02 comment#176499 The faster, the better, baby!

176978 argentina enlaces ---- huge page of close to a hundred alternative / independent / autonomizing currency system links to places throughout Latin America in spanish  Navigate to the spanish page within for the hypered version ----- Oops, that url should be ....    Close to a hundred sites linked and blurbed.  Here are the citations mentioning Argentinia directly: ------

177680 Karl Kraus, cataclysm catalyst or coherence kindler? ---- a repeat of 177244 with 4 comments, a retraction and  tangential addition. Colere, coller and colour galore.  ---- 177244  hope this thought strikes you forcefully too: zionitis worse than nazisum piet 4:11am Tue Apr 30 '02  after all, german were reacting to a (relatively speaking much more) foreign element (than palestinians, a kind of close kin in all but culture to jews) which had catalysed a wave of involuntary changes (alienating urbanization at record rates and breakneck speeds). Any figures on the percentage of israeli who migrated to the middle east voluntarily anybody? Let's not blame them though, just fix it (contain their uncannyness); who knows which pack of perhaps long since extinct barbarians set them in motion where.  That's rite no question mark on that last sentence. Since it is not incontrovertibly answerable (like nothing really is); but that does not release us from a duty to scale within scale, graduate and interpenetrate (overlap)fillup on philistine flip flap lip. With the money and clout they have they could have easily turned the legitimating spiel (make the desert bloom) into reality but it has turned into a fable, worse, a lie (was it 12.000 or 120.000 trees they bulldozered into oblivion? It is hard for me to remember, let alone accept). ------------Mike 6:34am Tue Apr 30 '02 comment#177264 Piet, YOUR prejudices are showing, YOUR unthinking acceptance of an obviously unhistorical mythology. If the German Jews were some kind of "foreign element", then how come the language they spoke derived from OLD German? The Jewish presence in the Rhineland cities was as old as those cities themselves. This was not an "invasion of foreigners from the "East". Again as should be obvious for linguistic reasons, the Jews of the "East" HAD to have gotten there from what is now Germany (they spoke a GERMAN derived language, not a Slavic one) =========== Piet, was ist mit ihnen falsch? (english) Kurt the Yank 8:10am Tue Apr 30 '02 address: Brooklyn, NY USA comment#177278 Piet, was ist mit ihnen falsch? Bitte erklaren uns, dass nicht Sie ein Deutscher sind, der Weltkrieg Zwei vergessen hatte. ============= Death to land thieves outside the whale 10:46am Tue Apr 30 '02 comment#177313 The settlers are evil militant land thieving freaks. They are the main problem that nobody talks enough about. The grizzly murders that are being perpetrated by both sides overshadows the quiddity of this whole mess. It is because of the actions of the aggressive militant land thieves that the world is on the brink....And shame on the adult settler that would put his 5 yr. old child in a battle zone. The poor dear child didn't deserve to die because of the rapacity of a fucking thieving "I must own everything" settler ------------- lmfao (english) amuzed 7:32am Wed May 1 '02 comment#177466 you people have entirely too much time on your hands speculating, yes i said speculating on things you can do nothing about. ----------- Postscript by Piet: Ya know, I had second thoughts by now (some days later): picking (fights with) closer of kin makes the match a potentially fairer one(and so more likely to result in a stand-off ritualization ((symbol swing origin??)) unless there is no livable room left to graciously retreat to; evolutionarily speaking such family squables must be the driving force behind expansion since it is not really in your interest to annihilate close of kin if you can just push 'm out of your territory and thus make your self a better, buffering ((bias confirming, comfortzone reinforcing)) neighbour ((in the long run)) than a relatively more alien one).  --- Either way I give you this tangential follow up to contemplate: the 28th of april was the 128th recurrance of it since Karl Krauswas born. He put out a tremendous amount of his own writing (being independently wealthy, all he ever earned ((or won in his many many lawsuits)) was given away to victims of the exposed trouble in question). He It might have been (t)his work which inspired and pumped up the courage of the reading populace (to the point where it arguably  ((if you allow me to characterize him (((and us))) as a cataclysm catalyst)) culminated in the uprising which set fire to the justice building and cost 88 mostly innocent bystanders lives)  in that he gave them a way to articulate their feelings(even if only in a borrowed fashion build pressure over and vent frustration with the masterfull if reactionary, idealistic and indignant use of language ((spread in a (((red))) periodical which was as thick as a book)) and in occasional performances of his own and the works of Shakespeare, Goethe and some few others). Elias Canetti fell under his spell for years (and found his wife that way); he called Kraus the master of 'entsetzen'; I think I went and elucidated some connotations to this word (roughly meaning indignance, outrage) elsewhere recently.  I put and pone it to you that he was the prototypical indyan; sharply satirical critic of corruption, power and personalities with a special focus on the justice system, in his view all the soldiers from the imperial era were merely redressed as policemen to continue the same prostitution of opinion. One might argue he was not like indyans in that he was against freedom of the press (but that would be a superficial way of taking him by his word; his frown on press freedom concerned its ability to take bribes, prostitute and pimp itself to all sorts of commerce) nor are his awareness levels of and regarding selfdestructiveness and ultimate futility of his passion (which he calls purely personall at his most defense) comparable(one wonders if that's bycause he was so commited to the type of passive agression wielding a pen lends itself to).  Oh, by the way , little Karl complained of his work being 'totgeschwiegen' = silenced to death, censured and ignored; sure enough still holds where it hurts (although Karlchen was pretty sure of his posthumous fame) one can't even get a sign of life out of the list dedicated to him (I asked to help retrieve the passages where he weaves 'philistine' and derivatives into his metaphors ((mostly conventional ways except for at least once)) which I failed to locate and now haunts me). If you should like to know a little more about him (his aversion to psychoanalysis is what he is most famous for) come this way =>> 5k Karl Kraus, an Austrian writer and satirist ...  This page is dedicated to Karl Kraus, satirist and genius. Contains a CV, links and quotations. -------- 30K blurb on karl kraus  piet 7:27am Thu May 2 '02 comment#177693 I would like to rectify at least one mistake: locate (in the last few lines) should read: (re)locate. The linked page (below) is part of a large site including and the bottom one of it: (sounds pretentious and pompous at first glance but he does seem to share gender issue interest with Kraus). =========== beware of that last link a little (english) piet 7:48am Thu May 2 '02 comment#177694 slightly too weineresque .. .to the point of mysogenist I am embarrased to find out.

179347 about (without mentioning the site); I go:  you need to do better than that (english) piet 11:16pm Fri May 10 '02 comment#179450 howbout some of the lyrics the guy wrote or sumthing??? He is in dutch jail for supposedly helping or sympathizing with (bit murky and this article don't help yet either) ETA . .. and if you must kill anything kill a rock for me willya, I like 'm well dead and welled indeed. If you can load the results in a wide callibration range sprayspout gizmo I'd be ever so solidarious, promise. ----------------

179453 IMC in decline? (english) J. 1:09am Sat May 11 '02 179453 IMC in decline? (hidden; I put a liddul in and marco explains policies once again)  Let's have an online poll. Yesterday I posted a story called "The deterioration and decline of Indymedia." I noticed that it was commented upon more than any other post during that 24 hour period. Virtually every comment agreed with the main point: Indymedia has become less interesting and very staid as a result of the recent change. Virtually everyone agreed that the open wire was not well displayed and that it should be placed on the main page. I think the Volunteers who organize indymedia should poll the readers and participants. Please register your own suggestion below. J. add your own comments Linked articles: LARGE PACIFIST DEMONSTRATION IN ISRAEL--IMC Failure (english) (full story and 2 comments) ======== Bth ascending? (english) piet 2:06am Sat May 11 '02 comment#179457 instead of gold, think/set (more 'cleanly' and clearly monetizable) photosynthesis rates and diversities for more up to date backdrop and confidence kindler. Beckerath_on_Milhaud.htm(part 2 of a '36 article has received 140 visitors since '98; 4 parts in total 444K). This is part of what I sent Fortuyn some hands full of years ago (the whole subdir guest app in fact) and my stupid selfsatisfied pride found that sufficient until it was too late. from poll to pole to pool da proboscities for vaults to splAsh and spletter apart impartially Rockkeykiller ========= Yes, do a poll! (english) One of your respondents from yesterday 4:45am Sat May 11 '02 address: NZ comment#179462 I've just returned from out of town (i.e. its really late at night here, but had to check 'the world') and found the news wire still showing about 10 items I read this morning. I frequently posted stuff, but lately (post-change) have not really felt the same inclination. Even when I spotted something really worth posting, I frequently lacked the enthusiasm to post it, as the wire lacked its formal vigour. Perhaps others also felt this way, and maybe that apparent general loss of enthusiasm (due to the change to the news wire) is part of the problem. If I post stuff, I do so because I value the contributions others make and do my bit to help. So please, IMC staff, set up a poll and let us have a say that WE can make judgements from. And also tack it onto the current homepage, for others who have yet to find the new news wire link. The porno and crazies were certainly an irritation, but I'd sooner sift through the rubbish than to see this resource lost. Thank you ========comment hidden (english) marco 6:07am Sat May 11 '02 comment#179465 This is an administrative comment while at the same time merely a comment to another administrative comment. And so, not a news article. It's has been hidden to respect the spirit of the Indymedia newswire's editorial policy. Any questions? Send them, along with the article id # in question, to And please consider getting involved generally around If you have questions about the feature wire, go to: Since being implemented it has shown itself to be even more effective than we had originally hoped for. Dare I call it beautiful? It will be fine tuned over time based on input to that list, but it will not likely be scrapped. With all due respect, I must say that if you read a few of the messages in the archive to either of these two lists you'll probably be compelled to "just shut the fuck up." Venceremos, marco ========== a couple other thoughts (english) marco 6:38am Sat May 11 '02 comment#179467 While I have a couple other minutes I can spare, I'll mention the following. People can find the duplicate you referred to here in an attempt to make this look like news at: 179032 J, either you - or one of the many people commenting to you who have your exact same writing style - mentioned that there's nothing along the newswire but Israel/Palestine issues. I would say that some of that is to be expected, but at the same time I would say you're exaggerating greatly. It's actually much less fixated on Palestine/Israel issues than: ----1) one would expect, given current world events ----2) prior to the featurewire implementation ----3) you, JC, and Bill White were duking it out over with c0int3lpr0 tool, Bobbydroppings and triple anon in the fray. So again, let me try to find a respectful way to just generally say, "shut the fuck up." peace and carrots, marco ps: if you need quick proof that the past week or two has shown some really great newswire articles having less to do with Israel OR the Untied States, check out: 179279 It's still got a long ways to go, so to speak, but the newswire rawks now more than it ever did. Oh lastly, I must say right this moment I count 6 stories directly about israel out of about 30 articles. I think twice that have to do with the United States, so if GLOBAL newswire needs any urgent attention, I'd say it's MORE in the direction of articles about other international topics including Israel and LESS from its typical habit of being overly UScentric. Of course, you would hate that, huh?

on the dutch troubles, trials and tribulations
179171 Social democrats mourn death neo-fascist 2002/may2002/ neth-m09.shtml ======= What a load (english) weetabix 8:35pm Thu May 9 '02 comment#179242 Substandard analysis and mediocre reporting. What an idiotic article. Totalitarians will do anything to keep power apparently and many Dutch are disgusted by this assasination. The man on the list to succede Fortuyn is a black immigrants from the dutch east indies, Fascist my ass. Cant even wait for the body to get cold to start sniping away at someone? How disgusting. The last thing the world needs is a bunch of illiterate fanatics playing journalist. What a disgusting and stupid article. =========Me:he said backward, not primitive you stewpits. (english) piet 12:58am Fri May 10 '02 comment#179265 I mean for cryin' eatlead the standard a supposedly mainstream respectable daily next door (belgium) has it Fortuyn wanted to throw tinted foke out of the country whereas he does the opposite; he grants dubious status holder who have been here 5 years legitimacy; he wants to stop eay entry which is choking us up (rather than filling us up); a man of great subtlety is lost and it is my fault for not protecting him. I made fun of Pim Foretune myself on this service earlier and as equally split personality I have a right to defend him now.

178636  ??? --- 179372 CORPORATE LEFTIST slanders of Murdered Dutch Politician, Pim Fortuyn, critiqued a green looking at Pim  -- a very substantial item to which I add:  to all regrets, I add failing to seduce pim .  . piet 10:56pm Fri May 10 '02 comment#179447 . . and protect him. With my guardian angels and his limelitelove and liveliness (learning very fast he was too) he .. we would have been team to help stop politics as we know it. After all to lead away from and/or back to politics being everybody's daily business (as it used to be ((Ulrich von Beckerath, Knapp, Hayek)), as it is ((multiLETS, microfinance)), as it will be ((open money, etc)) soon) instead of the focus on clogged fulcrums, broken spokespersons, secretive pontifacts, etc we need a person who exposes the fraud and castration of one (money) for all (motives). Damn my stupid pride, just bycause I wasted a handful of bucks on postage covering papers now here (too): guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_issues.htm

179019  (see ((/2002/))5-13.htm  for this item of which my contribution is but a small part; this one here has some later corrections):  eulogy for Pim: so, . . I endure the somanyeth attack and counsel session daddy bestows on my . .(shit, I don't sound like bobby yet do I????, anyways he gives me counsel about my) pending (for a decade already) (re)motorization (on the surface but he will till his last breath keep implying if not outrite telling me I am worth shit ((what he does manage to be more and more polite about is giving the following orders: "gogetajob, why don't you" as if I never do nuttin)) which is as good as our relating seems set to get) and whatayaknow? That very moment a man dies and the next thing dad does is call my nephew who lives in the local hollywood and was one of the first to hear of the brutal murder. Spooky no??? Aye aye, patronyms and patriation. Helder (Rural Route Ringer, too remotely controlled by the dutch govt) and Graaf (killer of a fast rising Dutch politician who was set to stop leaks, hemorhaging and insults to dignity unless merited) now both in custody. It bothers me more than I can say to see two solid dutch words 'owned up' by young people turned criminally psychotically (shades of world's end ((or was it devil's end)) by Coraghesan Boyle; riveting writ). I will speak of the case I know best. The cometary tale of Pim Fortuyn, like in a titanic battle, the one between form and style or content and appearance, Graaf (hyper formal legal nitpicker) and Fortuyn (semi scholarly too but on top and/or despite of that, a styling strategizer, genre mixer, playful debater and sparkling emoticon battallion all by hissself) seems to have had an invisible but meddley tentacle or two to spare when it came to helping the latter into a very dead darkroom (visits to the aboveground variety are as happy and open a bunch of proudly flouted memories to him as those illustrating his catholicity) fullfilling condition and complement to attaining his (other) halflife aspiration: sainthood, a present status pursued in a public eye he knew how to keep hungry for him on the strength of his sheer against all odds (including things like his bentley, etc) egalitarian joviality and of course bycause street campaigning got hell to break out (he wasn't even going to go home that night cause of the incidents and the guilt question about demonization of his controversial self rages). This archaic tugowar hijacked the democratic process as it should be: each and every bit of POLITICIZED money (SEE ULRICH VON BECKERATH) voluntarily parted with and accepted while passably well enough informed about those affected. The generated interest is booked on the account of taboobreaking democratic processes but to me these antics emphasize how much personalities and charismas related phenomena belong in the theatre (outrunning market speeds by EMOTOfactors that mock those of lightning magnitude) whereas politicized, they constitute a pretense and make believe posture of ability to freeze, monetize and weigh moony moods down with pontifical assurances meant to legitimize a next (in)stallment of stability (as if production cycles were really stuck on some sort of olympic periodicity), possible to the extent of cultural savvie that got and gets lost: know/remember how the magic words open and direct once kept and must now squeeze out parasitic spaces for capital flight,  ego bloat and impersonal deception. Antipodal resonances drew v/d Graaf en Fortuyn together, one of them seems to be a degree of dedication perhaps (never mind the possibility of them being victims both, the as of now still silent peretrator of this onerous crime having being hypnotized into his onerous deed)  Anyway, yet another great loss. A person can be a complete idiot on most issues but be (s)he right about the most pressing problem? Useful, perfect even. I am mortified. I know I could have seduced the man kept him from harm and infused some sense in him .. I fancy .. ----------------------

 179131 = an interesting comment: IMC and Free Republic (english) Ethan Mitchell 11:23am Thu May 9 '02 article#179131 I spend almost as much time reading the posts at FR as I do reading the posts on the IMCs. I would like to clear up some of the errors in the responses posted above. Both forums--like usenet and salon and slashdot and mudcat and a million others--are subject to exactly the same dynamic. They were all created by teams with a specific purpose in mind which included (but was not limited to) providing people with a forum for discussion. They all recieve so much traffic that they are not capable of monitoring all their posts, even if they wanted to. Inevitably, portions of each forum are devoted to ideological wars, or simply flame wars, between different viewpoints. Other portions of each forum contain superb discussions and journalism. Yes, FR too, people. In each case, the users of the service do very little to support it, and feel completely uninhibited about condemning it at the same time as they are using it. It is true that you hear lots of people talking about getting censored on FR--you hear lots of people talking about getting censored here, as well. In fact, every third message contains a line like "I know you are only going to censor this you fucking stalinist bastards," yet nevertheless I seem to be able to read them. For the IMCs, two experiences on FR are worth studying. First, the topical / personalizable index is a very effective noise filter, and does not seem to invite as much navel-gazing as slashdots' system. Second, FRs legal troubles over re-posted copyrighted materials should send up a red flag for us. It would be very easy for the IMCs to get sued over an accidental or malicious re-post. Free speech, free forums, free society.

179590 'national-sovereignty' or global state of subsidiarity & free movement--BETTER ? {pretty long item; sits in the 5-13.htm} ---- I go: remember a guy called spinoza? (english) piet 12:37am Sun May 12 '02 comment#179596 this fella is reputed to have done to religiosity what you intend to do to nation(itis) but he turned around and (religiously adored, revered and praised the nationstate.

Items in brief:
m): yay): B8 At(ch: "H ThrIH= seal."= Gwe= F3-01Lin ----
174046 I thought this was an item which had my comments on not mentioning plants or any of those life sciences but perhaps I stuck it elsewhere in Dutch) but it seems an unrelated comment by someone else ------ 174487 Interesting item as are today's (the 24th; I did my share on Dutch indy and I have a bad habit of not translating my own work)-------- 174850 according to a commenter the boycott site is hacked but he offers a substitute: ---------- - Just a Philosophy: A Response to Bill Gates (it's a hit; 22 replies to this one on stuff like search engines logs (( ==>> blog lessons: and the like)  --------- 174613 on Jewish Nazis, unfortunately not just golemlike yet antisemitically wishful thinking constructs mr de Winter pal!!! (some dutch author who thinks to justify the exchange rate with pointers to india who's Mohamedan dead merit little media attention --- yeah rite! Like we have had great constituents of migrant pops from that stamp) ------------ 174564 Moore on his own (prolonged bestseller) success ----- 175010 Pravda on US policy in the ME (these lamers don't do Solz on jews neither ------ 174704 the 2 ways of war according to Torah by J Berman (with a scathing shredding critique) ---------175657 hope you can seehear this rapoetryslidemusoshow via ------- 176324 About the IMF => I tacked some items from onto this one (about microcredit) -------- 176289 Liangry rant scapegoating Switserland --------- 176235 Natural Hygene links ------ 176934 arts scandal in montreal??? ---------- 176892 Nazi (Sudilkov) zionist (Jenin) comparison; last commenter alledges the nazi uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss.  ------- 176994 trouble for Cree in Canada looming ------- 176509 on porn and sex -- ----- 177000 pedofilia prevalent among the gay comm. ------- (smoothly loading GIGANTIC page, their first in a loooong list of links: = abberant news with black background, red links and this colour blurbs ---- a page full of 'news' and only one items earns itself some comments (3):   A burqa, you know, is something a person outside sees. You are inside it. You don't see it, or think it strange. It is there to stop others from seeing you, not you from watching them. ------------- ----------------  interview with Michael Moore about his still the list topping hit "Stupid White Men" ignored by Corporate Media -----------176357 Charles Manson -- Air, Trees, Water, Animals. ATWA -------------- (a bit meager as yet) ------------- 177437 chariots of fire as caption to a picture of a souped up cycle driven by someone in a solar cell suit ----------177415 Anthrax home brew says Boyle (english) Francis Boyle 10:12pm Tue Apr 30 '02 This is a very disturbing article by Francis Boyle, professor of int'l law at the Univ. of Illinois. BioWarfare, Terror Weapons, and the U.S. Home Brew?  ------------- ---------------- 177340Indigenous Targets of Colombian Paramilitaries (english) by Oread Daily ----------- 177657 more about that cravenly nihilistic 'leading military historian' Creveld (see 4-29.htm) ---------- 9/11 skeptics ------- 10 lingual site

sorta my third loggin style permanent URL
through which I plan to circulate prfr candidatin' texts.
This batch is 105K . ..and quite so fresh anymore; I've started to skip carrying stuff through this url; today's (5-3.htm) must be the third time I pass up refreshing this file; perhaps cause the first item in it is so damn good!!!!!!!!!

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Content: 167989  rallying call to all suicidals around the world (shades of Theodor Lessing's Roman entertainment story) ---- Even the Capitalists Condemn Israel. --- on sharon and many more ME related items --- on censorship --- 173311UN vs US ----- items in brief
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