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Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and/or) arouse beleaf systemics

A content tables listing the /guest_appearances/ files at poetpiet's place.  ---
Files filled with facts on private and community currencies
1 symbolic, 2 subtle and 3 substantial

The subjects range from (inter)mediate currencies (symbolic yet specific means to achieve social transparancy, value and norm harmonization) and subtle ones (paramagnetics;  metabolization of minerals, vitality, nutrition and fertility)  to immediate forms of them both substantial (tectonics and ice age directed distribution of minerals).
Proper names and credits are given as far as available to me. 
Did you get all that? A tiny recap: This file is a central turnstile-station wherefrom to switchflip into the various parts of this my first batch with guest appearances on the ponderous yet flash subject: current issues and issues of currencies;
i.o.w., all sorts of currency issues:
symbolic, subtle and substantial,
(gl)and back around again.

Introduction to, for and of some hands full of large files, averaging 80K  worth (of text only) each, coming to2Mb altogether and sometimes partitioned into 5, 4 or 2 fold wholes; (zwei auf Deutsch dabei).

I gave the (symbolshuffle) files the following names (in order of appearance  here): public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm (5 parts) peace_plan_11_supp.htm (2 parts)   1983_fiche_catalog.htm (122K) exit monetary chaos (72K)  kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (2parts) Beckerath_on_Milhaud.htm (4 parts)  Beckerath_on_peace_making.htm  (79K) poetpiet_auf_Deutsch.htm (24K)  Vaubel_on_currency_unification.htm (49K)

Most of these writs (Roland Vaubel's and mine (on Gesell) excepted), concerning the evils of exclusive currencies, shown (if not well enough known) to aid and abet crony capitalisms (see Manuel Castells), first appeared in and around the very same issue ofan international review in 4 editions,yes, a quadlingual magazine from Geneva which still exists but with a very fragmented...eh...sorry, "specialized" focus, contrasting starkly with back then when Milhaud was holding the reins with people like Zander, Rittershausen and Beckerath as correspondents/contributors.
Edited by EDGARD MILHAUD   Proffesor of Economics in tbe University of Geneva   VOLUME 10 1934    Come this way for a closer look


The substantial and subtle current concerning filenames here are:
paramagnetism.htm (66K) x x x Callahan_and_Hensel.htm (82K) x x x Julius_Hensel_in_english.htm (94K) x x x  1985_Hamaker_tectonic-climate_comments.htm (92K) x x x 
 https://poetpiet.tripod.com/miscs-n-logs/JohnHamaker.htm (108K; looking at his netpresence spring 2001)
Julius_Hensel_auf_Deutsch.htm (104K) x x x 
more info on rock properties here  x x x ......and/or here for instance x x x 
championtrees.org/topsoil/soil.htm (david yarrow doing the best digital push in this front I guess); check out remineralize-the-earth.org also.

One possible aeon spanning equation
meandering amongst all curren(t)cies:
substantial plus subtle makes for symbolic ones
or was it the other way around; damn symmetry! So confusing!

Either way the alpha dominant big beaters and eat keepers* cause noise,distortion, secrecy and static to defy and disallow ouroboric recursions, let alone permit precursion versions(see bottom of this file), ataking their rightful position in place of their reactionary and horrible meddling.
* One of the quirky things that helped me fight my fixation on my father were his chronic indigestion; an effect of stuffing himself, compensating for unnamable hungers and mealtimes that were too few and far between to satisfy his kind of appetite raising vigorous excercise.
Sensible technology (engenderment) will integrates energy with matter, up the rates of mineral organicizing and metabolism; the true sense of invention, a perfect place for reduction servingand to such purposes harnessed agression. And though invent we must to push the constraint of the logistic envelope, "een kind kan de was doen".
(bring and/or accept) Heaven on earth (tie it down on-into it):
well received,
precipitated and concentrated sun's 'information'.
Most natural and honest money:
unpacked, soaked,
swollen and dissolving
precipitative accumilation sur- and subsurface,
rock's every nook, crack and cranny
 and the graduated consistencies of her 'formations'.
2 way reternity(8):
source---nondistorting thoroughfare---destillation (destination) =>return->
source---nondistorting thoroughfare---destillation (destination) =>return->
source---nondistorting thoroughfare---destillation (destination) =>return->
I will here end the beautiful/medicine/craft/daft/aft/art/investment/gain/profit and commitment besides so much more (mis)representing symbolic issues, and show you the heart of the matter:
subtle yet substantial
currencies are next.
Excerpts from a book called: Paramagnetism
rediscovering nature's secret force of growth:

rediscovering nature's secret force of growth:
written by
Philip Callahan
Callahan is one of the few men alive today who understand and develop
Hensel's work further. See next file
 This one consists of a chapter he named in honour of Hensel, titled like a book the latter wrote; also in print by Callahan's own publisher: Acres, USA (the full adress of which you may find in my
bibliography file and called: Bread from stones
this file also includes the glossary of 'Paramagnetism'
Table of contents in detail:
october 86 Acres, USA article by Phil Callahan along with relevant book ads alluded to above.
A page or two from what was then called
'soil remineralization a network news letter',
issue fall/winter 86,  containing the following articles:
composting with rockdust by Piet Bouter, (that's me)
Dairy farming with rock dust by Georg Abermann;
an 'Ice age or Solar age Bulletin' update
some news about grinders
Back to Callahan for some info on his patented
and reasonable priced measuring device
and finally the Glossary that goes with the book "Paramagnetism"
Callahan and Hensel
the index to the book called:
rediscovering nature's secret force of growth'
written by one of the few men alive today who understand
and develop Julius Hensel's work further:
Philip Callahan
furthermore, besides  (or rather, after) that:
some excerpts from work by Julius Hensel;
the (umpteenth) godfather of rockdust use in agriculture,
he earned his living as a 'physiological chemist'a comment on Hensel's favorite poet: Ovid
A few sample pages from his preturn of the century book:
"life, its foundation and the means for its preservation"
which besides the chemi-cosmology strewn throughout this work features the headings:
This next file is a continuation from the one above: Callahan and Hensel
Some sample pages from Julius Hensel's book: Life, its foundations and the means for its preservation. A century old chemi-cosmographic work  .as translated and published by Charles Schindler  in 1976 from Hergiswil, Switserland. His son Zeno now holds copyrights. For further (and/or larger efforts you may try to contact him at Sonnhaldenstr ?, 6052 in the good old ancestral town already mentioned. for some more recent bits of cosmogonian law exploration see: wheels_within_wheels.htm   Taken from an edition translated and published by Charles Schindler  in 1976 from Hergiswil, Switserland. His son Zeno now holds copyrights. For further (and/or larger efforts you may try to contact him at Sonnhaldenstr ?, 6052 in the apparantly good old ancestral town already mentioned (not that I did). 
 which I first found at a Cornell library, illegally borrowed, copied in town and snuck back in gratefully.  .
contents:  Bread from stones; our physical substance x x x Without the minerals of the primeval rocks no plant can grow x x x the wrong fertilizer theory x x x "THE SOUL"translated, condensed and turned into aphorisms by Yours Truly x x x From gases to solids x x x  Oxygen is Created. x x x  elements and forces x x x  When Forces Reach Their Limit. x x x The Universe, a Well-Tuned Musical Instrument. x x x The Sexes, a Creative Masterwork x x x God's Creative Hand. x x xcomment by yours truly
.......from out there........
.........into it.......
..way beyond the nitty gritty of group and grow up consciousness: the heart core age of the matter:
John Hamaker's
on (then) current climate
and tectonic research news
1985 Hamaker reviews of those Quarternary research (concerning tectonics and climate) articles appearing in Science, science news and Scientific American. They were featured in the Ice Age or Solar Bulletin (edited, produced and distributed by the co-author of his book: 'The Survival of Civilization', a young ex basketball player, now raw food fanatic: Don Weaver)
The contents: Januari comments featuring: Clarification; John's serious misgivings about the burgeoning variety, and, as he sees it: lack of discipline, in the Hamaker Co-ordination ranks; plus the then latest on CO2 and 'kooky' theories like pole shifts.
comments on religious  and economic matters and finally:
comments on the lead article in the Jan. 12, 1985 issue of Science News headlined: "Hot Springs, Warm Climate and CO2." by Robert M. Owen and David K. Rae of the University of Michigan
Februari comments featuring:  John Gribbin and Stephen Schneider (climatologists whom John suspected of being sort of a fossil fuel industry lobby), Idso (more into what John calls: group genius.)
May comments featuring:  Charles P Kelly and Wilhelm Reich, Ralph Borsodi (co-ordinator of the once famous School for living, the low tec branch of the formerly more holistically oriented 'whole earth', now 'Well' crowd), Don'Workheiser (a contributor there but less a back to the landish than reclusive scholar kind of guy, I believe), Tom Greco (meanwhile authored: "new money for healthy communities" see linklist) Eustace Mullins and Albert Jay Nock
June comments featuring:  the May 11, 1985 Science News, p. 294, article called: "Ocean Drilling, including John's light shining on the Bermuda Triangle and comment on an article  called: "Earth's 'Pulses' Tied to Plate Rates" including comments on the 'kooky' pole shift theories
see also: /miscs-n-logs/JohnHamaker.htm (108; spring 2001 netsearch results)
And now, a little encore: Hensel in his n***********             ***********ative language (German) and own words
This file is in
Einige Proben aus dem (1890) zweiten Druck des Buches: "Das Leben, seine Grundlagen und Mittel zu seiner Erhaltung" geschrieben von Julius Hensel        Behandelte Themen:    Hensel's Tonicum; Juden und Christen; Armut; Protein, proteus und Ovid; Steinmehl duengung; Norwegen; Sand-uhr Morphologie; Chaussee-staub; Schoepfung; Kunstduenger; Planzenkenntnisse; Landwirtschaft; 'Sonnenduft'; Krankheiten; Fruchtabtreibung; Selbstmord; Duell; Krieg; und zum Schluss: Hensel seine Lieblingsdichter
I will add a bit of an encore dedicated to the memorable saying of I believe Aphra Behn: "money is inversely proportionate to love"   a few excerpts from a book called Hopousia by J D Unwin dealing with "the sexual and economic foundations of a new society";  at  least as he saw it .....go have a look yourself..... you may learn what sharpens I site broadens scope and sharpens the double edged, sided, faced and whatever but still unstable (?) brilliance vs recklessness tumble: money and sex
That's all folks, no more guests for the moment
except for the ones who've been sitting in my heavy heaves file quietly forever already it seems.......meanwhile there's extensive quotes in multiplicities and periodicities; some of the posting files, etc.   And now, better late then never: my latest intro; it is at (or near) the top of most list post files:
Welcome to the future flour(y) pow(d)er fostering, potentially fastest and already (surely) the most solid(ly formatted) prose-poetry on earth: about 7 Megs spread out across over 88 files (averaging over 88 K'z colourful concept- harmonized and hyrarchical wordsequences, including 4 megs worth of images, even) worth of contextual 
BLABS=Bottom Line Aphoristically Ballistic Solutions
meaning:Solutions which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant (yet animatable) by pushing the logistic limits inventively, notably those (rocks) constraining vertical metabolisms (of trees).
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