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Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and/or) arouse beleaf systemics
A content tables listing the /guest_appearances/ files at poetpiet's place. -------- An introduction to, for and of some hands full of large files, averaging 80K  worth (of text only) each, coming to2Mb altogether and sometimes part of 5, 4 or 2 fold wholes; (zwei auf Deutsch dabei). ----------- Files filled with facts on long lost arts of constitut(ionaliz)ing private and community currencies
1 symbolic, 2 subtle and 3 substantial.
The subjects range from (inter)mediate currencies 
(symbolic yet specific means to achieve social transparancy, value and norm harmonization)
and subtle ones
(paramagnetics;  metabolization of minerals, vitality, nutrition and fertility)
to immediate forms of them 
(substantial; tectonics and ice age directed distribution of minerals).
Proper names and credits are given as far as available to me. 
Did you get all that? A tiny recap: This file is a central turnstile-station wherefrom to switchflip into the various parts of this my first batch with guest appearances on the ponderous yet flash subject: current issues and issues of currencies;
i.o.w., all sorts of currency issues:
symbolic, subtle and substantial,
(gl)and back around again.

I gave the (symbolshuffle) files (shown more specifically below) the following names (in order of appearance  here): public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm (5 parts; 360K)   peace_plan_11_supp.htm (2 parts; 175K)   1983_fiche_catalog.htm (122K)   exit monetary chaos (72K)    kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (2parts; 84 and 96K)   Beckerath_on_Milhaud.htm (4 parts; 333K)    Beckerath_on_peace_making.htm  (79K) poetpiet_auf_Deutsch.htm (24K)  Vaubel_on_currency_unification.htm (49K)

Most of these writs (Roland Vaubel's and mine (on Gesell) excepted), concerning the evils of exclusive currencies, shown (if not well enough known) to aid and abet crony capitalisms (see Manuel Castells), first appeared in and around the very same issue of an international review in 4 editions, yes, a quadlingual magazine from Geneva which still exists but with a very fragmented...eh...sorry, "specialized" focus, contrasting starkly with back then when Milhaud was holding the reins with people like Zander, Rittershausen and Beckerath as correspondents/contributors.
Proffesor of Economics in tbe University of Geneva
VOLUME 10 — 1934
tangential encore dedicated to Aphra Behn:
money and sex

The substantial and subtle current concerning filenames here are:
paramagnetism.htm (66K) x x x Callahan_and_Hensel.htm (82K) x x x Julius_Hensel_in_english.htm (94K) x x x  1985_Hamaker_tectonic-climate_comments.htm (92K) x x x 
see also: /miscs-n-logs/JohnHamaker.htm (108; spring 2001 netsearch results) x x x Julius_Hensel_auf_Deutsch.htm (104K) x x x more info on these subjects, at this site, can be had here.... x x x ......or here for instance x x x Come this way for an intro to and content tables for them (46K)
Mini intro (see my more extensive comments
(Such as the: Reservations vs subscriptions comments for some of my personal thoughts about the (ab)use and condonement of gold mining practices near the bottom of this file and in: "value standards.....")
I am happy (but sad, worried and suprised nobody did so sooner) as a grippy to finally (yet, I'm proud to say ittis a first in 'Anglo langoed digitaland') (re)present these pre WW2 documents (after years and years of believing I would see other people do so, much better suited, more competent and attired to stand a chance at surviving an onslaught of refutational people yelling: 'you can't update that, it is moldy and stupid old hat'!)      By the way...A number of documents in the same vein, but all in German can be found at: http://www.free.de/GELD with links to sites in English. We reproducers (MFN, makers of the site just metioned, info in the file called kicking IMF addictions, and me) took most of our clues from, were infected by and struck up friendships with the since somewhat subsided and reclusive (see heavy heaves file) but still tenacious enthusiast: John Zube (see an older catalog of his microfiche productions 8 files further down)  -------------

Public insurance
compensation money
The Possibility of Developing Insurance Facilities in Asia, in Colonies and New Countries, through applying the Milhaud System;
together with some Reflections on this System.
by Ulrich von Beckerath (Bth)
 Berlin, 1938
(A march 1968 reprint with permission. See p. 267 The Editor.)
A X 2,00 or US ~ 2.50 for 12ji0/CM A R C H!-No.1 968
Gradual publication of an ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF ALL PEACE PLANS,
in digest form, gathered from all available sources.
DISCUSSION OF ALL PEACE PLANS in search for the rightful end sensible ones.
RECOGNITION OF ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, being the greatest degree of TOLERANCE AND IMPARTIALITY which is morally still justified. This implies ANTI-TOTALITARIANISM or condemnation of communist, nazi, end other dictatorships.
Contributions are welcome. Reprint Is free end desired. Published, edited and distributed by J. M. Zube, 35 Oxley Street, Berrima, N.S.W., Australia  Postal Code Number: 2577 (still valid)
(I kept the page numbering of the  20 c (auz), '68 peace plan pamphlet in (white) for the exquisite purpose of later scanbloop corrections; volunteers anybody?)(the CAPITALizations are his idea also)
/public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm (part 1; 61K)   The Problem 208 II),   The popularisation of the Insurance Idea in Asia through Public Insurance 209 III),  Traits Differentiating Public from Private Insurance  211 IV), Organisation of a System of Public Insurance on the Assumption that in the Near Future no Specific Guaranteed Capital will be Available nor Reinsurance with Private Companies 211 A, Initial Stage 211 B, The Goal to Aim at  212 C, Nature of Objects to be Insured and Extent of Insurance Protection   213 D, Dependence of the Uniform Magnitude of Contributions on the Size of a Society 213 E, Advantages of a Moderate-Sized Society 214 F, CompuLsory Membership  215

 start of part 2 (91K):     G, Grant of an Insurance Dependent on Voluntary Membership for Objects not subject to compulsory insurance    217  H, Mode of Paying Contributions   (I is not in my copy either)     1, Due Dates 217     2 Means of Payment
 start of part 3 (83K):    J, The standards of value in legislation to insurance in Asia, more especially in Iran K,  Indemnification of losses only through reinstatement of destroyed values and not through cash Payments L. Tariffs 245
 start of part 4; (62K):    M. Dispensing with Reinsurance in Private Insurance Offices 246 V) Fresh Legislation  248   V1) Insurance of Nomad Tribes 249 V11) Co-operation with a Country is Private Insurance Offices V111) Federation of Public Societies 250 1 Time of foundation 2 Federational aid in catastrophes  250
3 Statistics prepared by the federation 250 4 A federational periodical .. 251
Concluding Remarks 251-266  They deal with many exciting subjects such as:
the currency aspects influencing the French revolution
part 5 (57K)  continues the
currency aspects influencing the French revolution
Comment on Bth's suggestion
of a limited compulsory insurance
by John Zube (who is on the web meanwhile with all of his 1500 fiches: www.acenet.com.au/~jzube/webintr.htm.htm - 74k

editorial supplement (in 2 parts) appended to the '68 'peace plan' 11(of which there are now approximately 1500 on fiche),part of the index (from a to c) to peace plans 9-11 PP 11 was the last issue to appear on paper, it deals with non-monopolized nor monopolizable compensation money vs the evils of exclusive currency. Here is a quote: If he had written instead: "Private Insurance and Compensation Money" not much in this book would have to be altered.     ****part 1**(77K)**Table of contents:
Introductory remarks about the peace plan productions and pointers to other publishers
a) Beckerath's Concept of a Limited and Justified Compulsory Insurance
b) Compulsory insurance under present-day Trustee Acts, insufficient funding end capital market control
c) Compulsory insurance whilst the money monopoly persists ?
d) Compulsory membership in a monopoly insurance company?
e) Compulsory membership mitigated by self-government end decentralization
f) Compulsory insurance and employers contributions

(Standards? Doesn't the golden sun not just stand but meander swerve and for all we know a hell of lot besides: rock us enough? How can we talk about an honest standard if the digging of the stuff is not all hunky dory happiness for most of those involved?  Piet)
 1 ) Popular Attitude Towards Money
 2 ) Some Remarks on the Monetary Theory of the Austrian School of Economics
 3 ) Is a 100% Gold Cover Necessary and Justified
start of peace plan 11 supplement ****part 2**(98K)**
 4 ) Current Gold production  adn the total gold supply
 5 ) Some Notes on the Total Gold Supply
 6 ) An Estimate of Gold Coin Denominations which Might Be Required
 7) Clearing end the Requirement of a 100% Gold Cover
 8 ) Some Suggestions for a Rightful Currency Reform
 9 ) Further Remarks on Price Adaption to an Exclusive Currency
10 ) Unequal Distribution of Gold Currency Liquidity.
11 ) Gold Production end Inflation
12 ) Rigidity of an Exclusive Metallic Currency
13 ) What is the Meaning of a "Gold Price" Provided that Gold is no longer Outlawed as a Standard of Value?
14 ) A Gold Subsidy to American Miners?
plus part of the index (from a to c) to peace plans 9-11

First and last pages constituting
a 1983 microfichecatalog
>>>>>><<<<<120 K this way >>>><<<<<
Excerpts from one of the last publications on paper by
John Zube, son of an anarchist publisher, sole operator of: LMP (Libertarian Microfiche Publishing) proud to outproduce and outpublish anybody alive or dead. I guess he pretty much managed just that on a per capita basis.   His production is up to (peace plan)-issue number 1500-something or so they are still only a buck a piece of peace and include a lot of uncategorizable and all too singularly brilliant utopians, panarchists and couleur locale social reformers.    I would like to say: thank you John, I think you deserve a Nobel Prize for 'preservation and proliferature' (however useless without the concommitant popularization but after Y2K hits praps they'll finally order some fiche through the snail mail :)) in fairly honest but heartless communication theory; your spectacular hopes for 'prominention' are well appreciated, at least by me, but now look what you done; we have an internet to accuse you of Godfathering! (too long gone since the beginning of the race to tell who has lapped who how many times over but start somewhere you did)  It would be true irony if orders for your fiche flood in from tribal quarters...rather than your beloved scifi fabulators.....


2.) A U T H O R LISTING OF L.M.P 2-41
(from e to p are left out here)
3.) On Microfilming  41
4.) On L.M.P. 2,42,69-72
5.) Hints to Literature from OTHER Microfiln- Publishers  42-68
      Individualism etc 43-52
      Anarchism etc. of the Left  53-58
      Productive Cooperatives etc.
      Peace Publications by others  60-61
      Science Fiction on Microfilm  63
      Miscellaneous titles  64-68
6.) Notes on Copyrights  69-70
7.) L.M.P. p a y s for submissions but in microfiche only!  71
8.) Libertarian Manuscripts  71
9.) S«ne favourable responses to L.M.P 71-72
10.) Microfiche for your writings, a very short introduction
Want some more????? ==>>  acenet.com.au/~jzube/webintr.htm.htm - 74k

A way out of the monetary chaos
by WalterZander

A note about the author:
Walter Zander survived the war in exile (England) from Germany and proceeded to become a Zionist thereafter, probably not before being disillusioned with currency issues.
But his work is once again if not still a hot current issue, see for yourself........
 'Zander verzandde in het hebreews woestijnzand'  meaning: Zander bogged and mired down (got stuck) in dry desert sand but now he got lucky. An incarnation of Lawrence of Arabia (I look a little bit like him, love motorcycles too but hate flaggelation or whatever he was into)

Table of content:
1. The Monetary Chaos.
2. Disadvantages of Devaluation.
3. Disadvantages of Foreign Exchange Legislation
4. Inadequacy of Compensation and Clearing Agreements
5. Need for Stable Standards of Vahe and for Removing Restrictons to Scttlement Operations.
6. Falsifying the Gold Standard through Banknotes being Legal Tender.
7. Compulsory Acceptance a Relative Novelty.
8 Compulsory Acceptance establishes the Dependence of the Currency on the Central Bank.
9. Compulsory Acceptance a Condition of every Inflation.
10. The Gold Standard as Gold for account.
11. Is the Inconvertibility of Notes incompatible with the abrogation of Compulsory Acceptance ?
12 Convertibility as Basis of Value for Paper Means of Payment.
13. State Fiat as Basis of Value for Paper Means of Payrneint ?
14. Confidence as a Basis d Value for Paper Moans of Payrnents ?
15. Acceptance by Fiscal Offic« as Basis of Value for Paper Money.
16. Commercial Bills as Basis of Value for Bianknotes.
17. Fiscal Foundation and Commercial Bill as form of Clearing.
18. Redemptions or Clearing.
19. Examples of Clearing Money.
20. Abrogation of Foreign Exchange legislation.
The practical realization of the proposals.
a) Through international agreements
b) Through intra-State legislation.
c) through private initiative.

MFN, the monetary freedom network got permission 1987, from original publisher: Annals of Collective economy, a trilingual magazine from Geneva (which still exists but with a very fragmented...eh...sorry, "specialized" focus, contrasting starkly with back then when Milhaud was holding the editorial and publisher's reins), to reprint the following 1935 document. More info on MFN prededes it:
written in the early thirties
by Prof. Heinrich Rittershausen
part 1 (84K) ((((files themselves have black texts)

Note about the MFN network (pretty dormant now)
A Banks of Issue end Banknotes as Means for Organising Mutual Markets
 1. Need of an organisation linking production and consumption.
 2. Bill transactions.
 3. The transition to the modern credit system.
 4. The Scotch banknotes as the basis for the classical theory of banks of issue.
 5. The deferred proceeds from sales as a bosis for tumover credit.
 6. Turnover credit.
 7. The turnover credit operations of banks.
 8. The redemption of the banknotes issued.
 9. Note credit as exchange or conversion credit.
10. The source of the tumover credit.
I I. Elasticity and exclusion of abuses.
12. Excluding the danger of inflation oy means of the principle of free market rates for means of payments, whilst avoiding legal tender and forced currency.
13. Procuring work through turnover credit or through capital credit.
14. The concept  "monetary standard" and worked currency.
15. A danger of inflation in procuring employmcnt is only possible where there is a forced currency.
16. Clearing operations as completing the classical system.

B The Gradual Destructlon of the Classical System from 1909 to 1932 as Cause of the Difficulties encountered in Reintegrating the Workless
1. Culmination and decline of the classical system.
2. The obecuration of the classica! bank conceptiona through the separation of the functions bettveen note and deposit banket—
 3. The centralisation of the banks of issue as the boundary line in the transition from banknotes to paper money.—
 4. Decline and fall of the classical syatem through the abandonment of convertibility and the introduction of a forced Currency.
 5. The abandonment of convertibility and its consequences
 6. A forced currency regime, the idea of a Central Bank, and inflationiam, are identical.
 7. After the fall of the banks, followed the destruction of the German monetary system through its passing from commercial bill money to financial bill money.
 8. The Reichsbank, temporanly the largest mortgage bank, for lack of a sound banking system, present the re-employment of the workless. —
 9. Fateful compensation of an inflation of financial bill money with a deflatiion of commercial bill money.
10. Misconceived rehabilitation of the banka au~rnents anemployment.
11. The unnecessary sacrifice of the gold and foreign exchange holdinge of the Reichsbank intensified unemploymcnt. _
12. From what quarter does inflation threaten to-day ? —
13. Aggravation of the situation through the mistaken expectation of devaluahon.—
    (a) The Bank maintains its traditional end statutory gold purchasing rate.
    (b) Now as to the altemative way.
14. Is the Central Bank system or are free banks mor. favourable to increase in employment and trade recovery
15. Decline of the credit agatem and aggravation of the unemployment problem aa the outcome of an unhealthy developmcnt during severol decadea.—
part 2 kicks in here 96K
 C The Coopensation Principle end the "Vier Gesetzentwuerfe' (Four Draft Laws) for Reintegrating the Workless in the Econooic Process 30
I. From Payment to Compensation
II. Draft Law concerning Compensation Banks    34
III. Draft Law concerning the Issue of Treasury    40
 IV. Draft Law concerning the Raising of Annuity Rates end the Lowering of Real Interest Rates through the Introduction of Compensation in Loans
 V. Draft Law concerning Calculating in Stabilised Values 46
D Results 49
1. Principal conclusion: need of not fixing a limit to means of payment.—
2. Practical part solutions: The system of Central Banks and the future of our banking and settlement systems.—
3. Limits of thc significance of turnover credif for thc solution of the unemployment problem._

by Ulrich von Beckerath  *x* part 1 *x* (88K)

The following is a scanned repro of a 1935
'Annals of Collective economy' article called:
The Practical Realization of the Milhaud Proposals 
1. Public Opinion and the Milhaud Proposal.
— 2. Points Differentiating the Milhaud Reform Proposals from those of Others.
—3. The Milhaud Proposals as an Integral Whole.
—4. A Basic Flaw in our Economic System.
A) The True Nature of a Money Debt.
B) Security in Cash Payments and in Non-Cash Settlementt.
—5. The Milhaud Proposals as a Basis for a New Syatem of Pécuniary Settlements.
A) The Prevailing Money Monopoly as a Cause of Money Shortage and therefore of the Trade Depression;
B) Exchange of Commodities without Goods Warrants.
C) Exchange of Commodities with Goods Warrants.
D) The Placing of Orders as a Factor in the Goods Warrants System.
clink for part 2 (75K) leaving from this light purple line
E) Short-Term Validity of the Goods Warrants.
F) An Improvement in the Civil law as a Result of tke Milhaud Proposals and as a First Step towards a Social Reform.
6. The Realization of tke Fundamental Conceptions underlying the Milhaud Proposals, should States not take tke Initiative.
A) Purchaaing Certificates in External Trading on a Private Enterprise Basis.
B) Work Supply Banks as Private lnstitution.
part three (80K) starts to conclude point B)
C) Technical Details concerning the lssue of Goods Warrants by work Supply Banks.
D) Financing by means of Goods Warrants Manufacturing Operations occupying a Considerable Time.
7. Other Aspects.
A) Payment of Rent with Goods Warrants.
B) Payment of Dividends witk Goods Warrants.
C) General Objections on the part of "Practical Men"
part four (90K) starts with the following:
D) lssues of Goods Warrants and "Creation of Money".
E) ls a Homogeneous Circulating Medium the Ideal ?
I added a partially(spectralw)ring passage repro hereabouts.
F) Security against Inflation of Means of Payment Generally.
—8 . Conclusion. Very good !!!
And now, ladies and gents, may I ask, nay beg most humbly for your extra-specially rapt attention for the sort of document which will have to be written and read again if all else fails. And it sure did but so did I; I could have gone on, while I was there(during a rainbow gathering held in a purportedly (second WW) massacred and since abandoned Slovene mountain village)deeper into yugoslavia to try and find some translators for all of these works I have displayed on such occasions (without, suprise suprise, receiving much attention from the blissed out hippies).
Beckerath (Bth) on detente and disarmament issues
>>>>*****(80K)****<<<<Excerpt from one of the first and few publications on paper about the threat of nuclear war, by
JOHN ZUBE (Bth was his mentor),  who thereafter went 'FICHING',
Some sample of his writings in German appearing here: //members.tripodnet.nl/vadercats/Deutsch.htm
They are taken from 4000 pages comprising a 40 piece peace-plan fiche batch by John Zube,one he sold me in a San Franciscan hotel room almost decades ago.... (My attempt to help work on the second batch failed;see a file called: "heavy heaves...." for some silly gossip and hopefully succesful forewarning to accompany and arm ensuing attempts) and contain correspondence between Beckerath and a number of people like Rittershausen, a well known professor and prolific author of lexica and textbooks, all of which are a lot less radical than the document cited in full here.  In my eyes...err..ears rather,  Beckerath was an unsurpassed composer of cadence and meaning; the former quite lost in these, and surely in any, translations.... unfortunately; the London translater: G Spiller is therefore much less to blame than to thank which I hereby (posthumously?) do of course.
I will close this section with a much fresher follow up, a recent effort on the scores so well kept in the foregoing files: 
Roland Vaubel on currency unification strategies; the summary of his 400+ page academic tome

You may also go see the pamphlet he concocted with 4 others and had signed by hundreds of economists against pushing an across the board and sweeping introduction of the Euro in my https://members.tripod.com/~poetpiet/priority_issues.htm
I wish you happy and snappy reading

Poetpiet auf Deutsch Gesellige fascho's? und Zegg-kritik
All right I admit, I am cheating, mingling with the guests, but after that bit of German in the last file I thought I would tag on a bit written in that noble language. Written about 3 three years ago as a reaction against the 'fascist scare': lefty extremists facing up to their mirror image and trying to take and face them off.

tangential encore dedicated to Aphra Behn:
money and sex

The substantial and subtle current concerning filenames here are:
paramagnetism.htm (66K) x x x Callahan_and_Hensel.htm (82K) x x x Julius_Hensel_in_english.htm (94K) x x x  1985_Hamaker_tectonic-climate_comments.htm (92K) x x x   x x x Julius_Hensel_auf_Deutsch.htm (104K) x x x more info on these subjects, at this site, can be had here.... x x x ......or here for instance

I will add a bit of an encore dedicated to Aphra Behn: a few excerpts from a book called Hopousia by J D Unwin dealing with "the sexual and economic foundations of a new society";  at  least as he saw it .....go have a look yourself..... you may learn what sharpens I site broadens scope and sharpens the double edged, sided, faced and whatever but still unstable (?) brilliance vs recklessness tumble: money and sex
You are reaching the end of this gate way to a digitalization of up to a full century old, yet still all too and unjustifiably unknown writs, (more or less colourful Netscape composer format) dis- and concerning the harmonization of sales, orders, needs, deserts, earningsand yearnings no less than rights, duties and pleasures.
That's all folks, no more guests for the moment
except for the ones who've been sitting in my heavy heaves file quietly forever already it seems.......meanwhile there's extensive quotes in multiplicities and periodicities; some of the posting files, etc.   And now, better late then never: my latest intro; it is at (or near) the top of most list post files:

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