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Words; their origin and (w)agings from pictogram to symbol, from near to far and back from too far hopefully (..and surely if this carries clout and weight); bits about Joyce and Jews. 8888********8888                    After reaching an understanding of the twistingnesses and turns along the periodicitously strung sentences of signicance indentifying symbols with which we go at scape surely begun as a navigation device to reach the fresh and ripe;  we must ply and employ 'm to refresh and ripen carbuncling car bungle dangle paradisial fruit running its fractal traffic course.   About tree-alphabets, -calenders and groves; limbs and lustres, leaf and shame, the best living entities deserving of careful focus for food fibre and fabitation, pleasingly pleached across the long waves: properties of TREES as most proper ties fruit growers and grafters, permapleachers and socalled death its birthright 'forefighters' '8888*********8888                         About the lessons, shelters and securities offered by, now prosecuted but even in a nuts hell, our most potent and unsurpassably big friends from lushest shade to desert shame; from public blame to pubic shame       sex, charisma, rolemodels, libido, charge, touch, tension, tensility, dominance, spin, radiance and more. the role of hygene in expansive imperialisms, instant real time vision, inflammation and fireworks vs patience and provision through extended senses of identity 888****8888                    From tender to tough engenderment..or is it reversavysall and why I as upstanding and stoutly civil sentence am stuck in the middle of no(t)mans(alone)lands at bloodstirrring dawn or dusk, I wot not. Shamen, diversifyers, charismatics, selfsufficers and mutual intimates vs schizo's, economists, secretors, centralizers, trafficers and agressors; strategies of metanoia where open is rooted and opening is rooting 88888888                     Economies and confidences of pronoia and specificity the co-operative roots of capitalism found and hopefully soon fed 8888888                     Voluntary taskforces for provisionary defense vs schizoid paranoia of coercion 888888*******88888888                Autobiographics looked around enough? Come and go to and fro the inside and cover the aspects of personable psychology; its private, public pubic and perplexciteazing possibilities for feelings, roleplaying and relation scaling not to mention miscommunication. 888888************8888888                   Intimacy, contact and community In this yellow battle between spirit bonds and blood ties we can get a glimpse of what unkindlily darkened memories people like  Charles Fourier were trying to tap for improving psycho-frameworks and -infrastructures, 8888888************8888888            Clouds form, billow, tower, drift, and clash tumble down, dissolve and maybe soon wet some fine fresh ash dualities are right around halfway to accounting for lost causes 888888888                  What is extatic process anyway?   (in)venting fresh air unstrappers, to combine music and ministry. Mimimg fresh mineral milk making glaciers musically (includes a short description of Fullerite dynamics like: double and multipolarized pyramids; octahedra  8888888             Lustre lavishing crust to dust bust lust is the decent eco fascist's must multiplicit pluralities of periodistic patterning is phun pfstuff  88****88           Unbound rock wound the clock, small humble and slow starts gain momemtum most, come dive into divine dividend like a duck into muddy water gaia, the long wave cycles and lifespan, the ancient and slow metabolism, subtlety 8*******8                  Mental and(/or -ly) gentle giants the reactionary war on death was about loss of identity; can we now please struggle valorously and militate for life by using what of it we have left unmangled, -mixed and -mystified, to prime and bestow humble beginnings of life's massive yet miniscule snowballecumulative burgeonability with some rudiments of its own?   Question of solidarity.   Ancestors and progeny, rolemodels, folktales family heroes, lore and more  88888
Braingrow==rainbow==strainflow   Understanding and living the spirit of hi deal and low life line redemption, the pilgrim pageantry of taskforces out and about with well deserved clout to defuse tension, outlaw pollution, individual caruse, single sided copying and printing, secretive armtoting, etc, no less than to touch base, practicing prevention in the already hinted at way which makes hard rock palatable for our flavor saviour sun, dissolving it to get sucked into shape thanks to proportionate representation, voluntary consensus, etc.  How inspiringly colourful  and/or radically eco/innovative is a rainbow gathering?  8888888888888                  a listing of all my favorites and then some; textbook candidates if any body cares to school and scale the pregnant and pertinent way bibliography and index thereof 8888************888888

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rainbow fame, fun and family variety        ancestors and progeny, all sorts of metamentors         immanentors and inventors of fabulously clean energy         ice age cycle juggling gaia cosmologists         green militants, bickering about babylonian green unclean +-doing.      my kind of green pro(-)vision; (p)reduced uprizaroucellwall-wellwill greengoods (dusts, seeds, trees, fruits)   the dustily powerfully fresh powder    indiginous voluntary racisms, commun(al)(i)ties, and/or fledgling ideologies  taskforces, secrecy, inertia, and other momentae    technology and politics   sorry, didn't do sexlinks but check the  bibliography ********* ******** ******** ***** ******** ******* ***** ********* *** ***** ***** ************  ********* ***** ****** ***** ********* is an older intro to my early linking methods (and perhaps still usefull for enterknot beginners) ....................
9 Megabite worth of text (mostly) and pictures, varyingly colourful files (especially the one called: /random_yet_spectral_samples.htm; it is filled with rainbows of sorts) (text only, so, sound but so far silent) prose-poetry, pamphlets, articles, essays and aphorisms.    By the way: a Megabite is nowhere near a Petabyte, 4 of which constitute a month's worth of worldwide internet traffic as of halfway '98, as soon as mine make up a measly millionth part of it  I 'll have to run and hide from  flame, blame, shame and of course: fame.      You can find uninformative listings of select particulars for all original files in their table of content   c-linker gateways to the gritnitwhatnot in the chapters, an internal (c)linker list to go see my chapters.     If you can't slick a scent, click a colour..(whoops, I know not how to keep link colours under control yet, so strike that and go one more remove beyond reflexive intuition for now please):  No matter what colour your machine uses if it overrides page link prefs;  in my 3 files with links, this one, metatags and table of contents, they will probably all look somewhat like combinations of these (k)notnetted (unlinked) symbolsets: You find them right after the pointers, directives and descriptions.   Links in this 888***888 sort of style are scattered throughout the files called: 'keywords, descript....', 'table of content' and right through to the end of this one after each chapter/file description)        Hint for beginners: When you place your cursor on something like this: 888***888888***888 further down near the bottom of this filethe file names appear in the destination bar at the bottom of the screen.  Slow down, file switching zone ahead choose carefully use your big, bad, browser button called: back, to retrace your step and branch out and off elsewhere.   Besides the the table of content(All oldest links are incorporated here)and similar files linked to at the top, the keyword one, the commendablinklist.htm (to a limited extent) are the only ones with links to the 113 files here (and the intro in the guest appearance directory has 'm to the 26 files there) a bare minimum for a Meg of text, I am sure, it obliges you to use your big bad browser's back button in the unlikely case you should decide to explore more than one file at this site.               Each chapter eyes as follows:Biggest letters (lin caps) at the head of each file are poetically neologist coinings serving as chapter names.    These 'condensations are accompanied and followed (sometimes even preceded) by descriptions of the categorical approaches to and starting points from, for and of substantial objectives. After that it is fragment-title under fragment title or one after the other seperated by x x x  and each one in a different colour (come back soon and you may find them hypered, linked and targeted to the fragments in question................naaa, too much work; page down keytaps or find in page function under edit should get you there).     If you're lucky and looking, you may find the paper sources that fed the thoughts in and helped provoke/substantiate each chapter apppended  (saving you a trip to the file with nothing but that sort of thing: the bibliography and index; see the bottom).

I thought I had my Nedstat (at tripod)  installed since the end of nov 98(but once I checked it was obviously ailing; after ignoring some corrective instructions 'it' (?) decided to start counting halfway april 99...  only to stall again at the precious number 2 a day or so later. Can anybody recommend a stat less difficult to rouse to its sadly obscure and as yet unpolitically nonethical duties?).
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Is this the only disfunctional counter(ring) culture left?

Traffic guager and differentially recording Tripod tool Nedstat:Nedstat Counter(the 'stand alone' straight from the source sports a blue icon)  Should you care to install it I hope it will take you less time to get it to work for you (I thought I was pretty smart and even prone to 'catch fire' at all these inter-hits, -knits, -dots and -knots but if it takes me half a year to actually grasp the thing I must have been to busy with peripherals or something..Anyway, the reason it's disfunctioning now is that I download and edit often but that means the counter code changes spontaneously each time and I am too ?????? to redo the same thing over and over again); for half a year I schizoically made fun of the counters (see the foreword or inthrow...there's a copy in the third  miscellany (amongst others.. inthrow or foreword) along with more gropes); then I realized I should stand by my own intentions a little more consistently(kin seek windily; a joycification of the word the Dutch use here: consequent which by the way doesn't fit the same grammatical category in our sensibility either, one can not hang -ly on it although we use (-lijk) a form of that suffix (if that's what it is)plenty often, like the -lich in German) and come up with ways to encourage and help such developments further along.       Ideally and what's more, in our time realizably so, the merging, fusing and friendly harmonizing, or if you want to put it that way: the take over, swallow up or ....   why not call it that long expected revolution and/or the complementation, proportionalization and compatibilization of politics, population and money (let me add fertilizer since I am going along at a good clip in this here umpteenth and multimanyeth attempt to be windingly windingly comprehensive).        It only worked another few weeks; when you load html files up and/or down strange things may happen. Beware.