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made this file in the beginning of march 2004, the second half of it shows an alphabetical list of the printfriendly files (consist of otherwheres ((stripped of formatting and thus densified better)) suited for adoption at my site) i did in 2002 (heaps)

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  (35K)  (still going on; spewing out the news profusely  Corporate Reform Weekly  (osho and open systems)  (stopped growing)  (nettimers et al)  new: pages/_text2/0626_essay14-engl.htm Summary of the study: The Reproach of Antisemitism in Critical Reflexion  (biblical issues) 

Santiago Alba Rico = TOTALLY EXCELLENT! google hit 30 is the first one in english: You are not nazis ... silence the crimes of the US or Israel are blessed, decorated, and applauded? by Santiago Alba Rico  April 19, 2002. ...  - 31k ----   - and here: a 101K prfr http://  (not a whole hell of a lot there; requires sign up/in)  a single page site  (Nick Land)  (fire horse ex junkie)  drugs, aliens, wars and maria callas
  (california, peace and green)  ecologist  innernationalists in Costa Rica  -----  ---  
very neat and tidy but dead site with UN type scope; the forum has 6 posts and 144 views
Paul Laffoley, one man thinktank along the likes of Walter Russell and Arnold Keyserling  
Blogleft Critical Intervention -- by Douglas Kellner
  (just what it says; very fast moving and changing hybrid images, empty windows of all sizes flashing for a second gone the next, etc)  (via  unretrievable even using to find out why I describe that item thus (in indy24.htm) : still not dotting the landscape with this type of intergraduallly intergraded permapleach old growth defendamentalrevolution?????  (the man who distinguishing tides and trades between proprietary and open sofware development/ownership  (one of many many files I did during 2002, see the end of this file for all of them)  latest additions date from nov 03 - subsidiary of  keith hart nettimer and author of a book called 'money in an unequal world', entirely online here   ---------  --------  An Ebook  ebooks/dom-main.pdf  ----------  
(nothin but an upside down factory icon there at the mo)  
(phun stuff and heavy too, Cixous, Benjamin, Said, Fourier .. .)  (on genetic engineering in 3 languages) -  
(pretty good fun; abberant and curious is the aim here) 

that's it for the outside portion of that period's digital wanderings; here's the outside become insite part:

020603.htm HTML 204K ------ 020605-2.htm HTML 73K ------ 020605.htm HTML 158K ------ 2002links.htm HTML 1K ------ 3-26-prfr.htm HTML 217K ------ 4-15.htm HTML 180K ------ 4-22.htm HTML 73K ------ 4-29.htm HTML 110K ------ 4-2ndweek.htm HTML 167K ------ 4-4-reads.htm HTML 172K ------ 4-firstweek.htm HTML 82K ------ 5-13.htm HTML 202K ------ 5-14.htm HTML 158K ------ 5-17.htm HTML 88K ------ 5-28.htm HTML 94K ------ 5-3.htm HTML 115K ------ 5-31.htm HTML 74K ------ 6-19.htm HTML 104K ------ 6-26.htm HTML 77K ------ 6-28.htm HTML 123K ------ 7-1.htm HTML 96K ------ 7-18.htm HTML 135K ------ 7-21.htm HTML 131K ------ 7-22.htm HTML 159K ------ 7-3.htm HTML 115K ------ 7-4.htm HTML 54K ------ 7-5.htm HTML 71K ------ 8-23-2.html HTML 112K ------ 8-23-3.htm HTML 129K ------ 8-23.html HTML 158K ------ 8-28.htm HTML 236K ------ 9-12.htm HTML 173K ------ 9-4.htm HTML 146K ------ april.htm HTML 92K ------ B2Bdepictions.gif IMAGE 9K ------ Bg.gif IMAGE 1K ------ Currencease.htm HTML 56K ------ DanWinter.htm HTML 134K ------ Delanda-special.htm HTML 210K ------ Eastman.htm HTML 77 K ------ ESRaymond.htm HTML 142K ------ ESRaymond2.htm HTML 103K ------ feb-lbo-threads.htm HTML 83K ------ feb-reads4.htm HTML 133K ------ feb-reads5.htm HTML 123K ------ feb-reads7.htm HTML 115K ------ first-april-read.htm HTML 144 K ------ first-postvac-prfr.htm HTML 166K ------ Gabriel-Tarde.htm HTML 79K ------ hoffmandashinfodotcom.htm HTML 110K ------ indy22.htm HTML 103K ------ indy23.htm HTML 103K ------ indy24.htm HTML 90K ------ indy25.htm HTML 85K ------ indy26.htm HTML 106K ------ indy27.htm HTML 107K ------ indy28.htm HTML 70K ------ indy29.htm HTML 74K ------ indy30.htm HTML 109K ------ indy31.htm HTML 92K ------ indy32.htm HTML 96K ------ indy33.htm HTML 110K ------ Indymedia.htm HTML 56K ------ jan-nettime-money.htm HTML 96K ------ jan-reads1.htm HTML 249K ------ jan.htm HTML 103 K ------ july.htm HTML 93K ------ june.htm HTML 92K ------ k-gothikdotnet.htm HTML 151K ------ sky.htm HTML 63K ------ Kelley.htm HTML 90K ------ kelley2.htm HTML 135K ------ kleurenwiel.jpg IMAGE 13K ------ LaurenceRickels.htm HTML 69K ------ LBO-a-s-99.htm HTML 113K ------ lbo-stuff.htm HTML 101K ------ lbo.htm HTML 30K ------ LBOonCockburn.htm HTML 71K ------ LegalTenderAlternatives.htm HTML 207K ------ logsbriefers.htm HTML 24 K ------ march.htm HTML 67K ------ march12prfr.htm HTML 176K ------ march15prfr.htm HTML 162K ------ march18prfr.htm HTML 105K ------ marreads1.htm HTML 133K ------ marreads2.htm HTML 80K ------ marreads3.htm HTML 161K ------ MeruRubik.gif IMAGE 17K ------ Moonday.htm HTML 148K ------ nettime.htm HTML 169K ------ NigelBest-Wakes.htm HTML 52K ------ oekonuxdotorg.htm HTML 140K ------ onJews.htm HTML 138K ------ open.htm HTML 145K ------ pen-l.htm HTML 60K ------ phillyimc-alt-intro.htm HTML 54K ------ phillyimc-alternatives.htm HTML 69K ------ postvac-prfr2.htm HTML 106K ------ prfr-LBO-a-s-99.html HTML 105K ------ prfr4.htm HTML 83K ------ Prfr5.htm HTML 35K ------ prfr5.htm HTML 58K ------ print-resource-friendly-reads4.htm HTML 75K ------ pynchon-special.htm HTML 79K ------ Rosebug.htm HTML 20K ------ squeezelist.htm HTML 49K ------ tiresomezion.htm HTML 55K ------ trumpets.jpg