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Content so far 167989   rallying call to all suicidals around the world
Even the Capitalists Condemn Israel. --- on sharon and many more ME related items --- on censorship ---
173311UN vs US

167474 wants to build a solid gold church in Jerusalem and use it as backing to make evreebiddy a billionaire (well, nearly anyway and equal all; how godly and iffy and dreamlike), I commented: from it would and let's this that and the other to let's wood it; only the modest beginnings and carryonthroughs have growth potential enough to sustain rite through and despite (though certainly not bycause of) onslaughts,  can brave odds and keep charismatic momentae comin up squeezable

hey, that weird site I never found anything at all has a petition all of a sudden; b(same at uk.geo etc): it is to the UN about immunity removal --- oops no sooner noted and the guy starts spammin the hell out of us.

167182 + 8 Even the Capitalists Condemn Israel... (english) from London Financial Times 5 April 2002 9:08am Mon Apr 8 '02   article#167182    World Bank lambasts destcruction of civilian property, and praises Palestinian Authority.    Financial Times calls it an "Invasion"    WORLD BANK FEARS  ISRAELI INVASION [!] "THREAT TO ARAB AID SCHEME" ---- one of over a handful of comments: jonno - you are an x-ian, you shame Christ (english) kayoss 11:40am Mon Apr 8 '02 comment#167305 First off, Judaism and Chrsitianity are NOT THE SAME THING you quote the book of romans which the Jews do not even believe in!!!!!! Time and again on here various Jews with a excellent knowledge of the Talmud, the Jewish holy writings have explained, using the appropriate talmudic references, that in Judaism, the Diaspora (the removal of Jews from the holy land) was their punishment by YHWH for leaving the path of following him/her (for in Judaism, unlike the patriarchal current practice of Christianity as handed down by the Roman Empire, YHWH is seen as androgynous, both male and female). The Talmud also slearly states that YHWH alone will be the one to recreate the state of Israel WHEN and ONLY WHEN the Jews have learned their lesson and follow YHWH again. It also clearly states that any attempt by man to force YHWH's hand in the matter is doomed to fail. The State Of Israel is NOT a Jewish entity. It is a Zionist entity, the two are diametrically opposed, in fact. The Christians, being goyim, less-than-human, suffer the same mistreatment under the Zionist entity as do the Arabs. "Palestinians" are, in many places, about 70% Christian, 30% Muslim. When so-called "Christians" like yourself (I'll just use x-ian from now on, as truly your belief has NOTHING to do with the character or teachings of christ - heck, you didn't even bother to quote your supposed saviour ONCE in your support of Israel, probably because such phrases as "love your neighbor as yourself" clearly show how diametrically opposed the State of Israel is to the teachings of YHWH and his son/prophets) start twisting the scriptures they supposedly hold sacred, by thaking them out of context,  in order to support the Zionist cause, i cannot help but be reminded of how those same scriptures were previously used to support such atrocities as the Inquisition and slavery. You do a grave disservice to the great ideals which the religion to which you pay lip service was founded upon. As you may be aware, your supposed belief system, when talking about the final days which you seem to be looking for signs for, talks of an Anti-Christ, a false prophet, who will lead people away from the truth and into sin. This false prophet will seem to many to be the true second coming of Christ, and MOST people will fall for it. Look honestly at the treatment that the Zionists give to their neighbors, the Palestinians, and ask yourself, is this the path that YHWH asks that we all follow? Look at the history of the religion to which you pay lip service, and look into the Essenes, especially. This is the group of people responsible for th Qumran library (aka the Dead Sea Scrolls) as well as most likely the sect to which John The Babtist, and many of Jesus's disciples belonged. This was a group that was viewed as "terrorists" be the Roman Occupiers at the time. As they fought against the occupation (sometimes violently) of the Romans, fighting for a free Israel (wait, let me correct myself, they would have called it a free Palestine....) the struggle they fought was basically the same struggle that the Christian and Muslim Palestinians are now fighting against their Zionist occupiers (which, once again, are diametrically opposed to true Judiasm, which explains why when Jewish Rabbis led a caravan of humanitarian aid into the west bank, they were fired upon by the IDF) Remember the story of the Good Samaritan? IF you honestly believe that Israel should be supported br Chrsitians everywhere, in spite of how they are treating the Chrsitians in Palestine, please, reconcile this treatment with the teachings of your alleged saviour. Until you can do such convincingly, please, call yourself an X-ian, if you're going to leave Christ's teachings and character out of your religion, you shouldn't defame Him by using His name.

167989   rallying call to all suicidals around the world  Do it in a place where the note you leave will have some impact; possible text: I am doing/lending my senseless act in/to the home of the purposefull variety thereof; one more towards the saturation and turning point (a jesus complex acquisition would help) to end the need for them with the drop(dead) that tips the bigot.  -------  Religious peoples have sacrificed first borns to show how fierce and godfearing/appeasing they were (ended up allowing others to do the slaughtering ((of stragglers and cull candidates)) for 'm so as to exploit an extra bonus: the ensuing guilt complex acquired by thus tempted ones, as well)  as brashly as girls dare smile into the face of trouble if they can get a way with it. --- I aint quite suicidal yet meself and it should never be tried to organize such a thing ('we' couldn't even do a peace ralley or buffering action unnoticed, too hard to coordinate dispersed entry and blocking up with a requisite million or so, never mind supply lines). But if you're gonna jump in front of a train anyway (no doubt due to being too good for a world gone hege- and demonic with mechanized agression (not that I'm a fan of boxing either)  rather than lack of money) I suggest you help rid the Jewish and/or Zionist (tired of that endless debate), for that matter all tank employing foke ( . . eventually, we'll worry about the ones building 'm right after that) of their surreptitious and selfishly shellfishy sense of privacy. They are taking the promis(s)or(r)y promise concession a sorry stretch too far (it's a natural thing in a shy young girl, who'll not even or at best only dream of actively following through of any of the possibilities she allows upon impulse persistance ((promise (((and postponement))) prompting presence)) but other than that it is Schumpeterian attrition and pawnbill pinnball ((kind van de rekening)) schlemiel deflect collude -lide psychology) as a currency that fails to find a follow up occurrence it's pernicious and wastefull. ----- Ps: Perhaps a legit career for Matt: get travel funds to candidates. Still the wrong end of death served (as long as we don't bring dead stuff alive; bezorgd hebben = 'have delivered' <male> vs 'bezorgd zijn' = worried <female>) I think, but more and more worrying new crimes (being in the name of old excuses has got to become  bezorger (deliverer - being one ..  yeah I know too many mirrors and facets and blinding truths like the dutch word for care is zorg; most of you couldn't any less perhaps by now, time for a last period).   Of course this merits comments (2 of them): yohay, IDF officer 11:51am Tue Apr 9 '02 comment#168004 why don't you zionazis go first: The Holy Hate Ernst Hiemer One is overcome with horror upon reading the history of the Jews, as for example in an unabbreviated and unfalsified version of the Old Testament. One feels horror at the unique depravity of the Jews, at the crimes they have committed, at the devilish hate they have from the beginning directed against all those who did not want to bow to the yoke of Pan-Jewry! This horror becomes terror when one reads the rabbinical writings and reads such outbursts of Jewish rage as one finds in the Talmud Schulchan-Aruch. There it is written: From Mr. Sinai: What does Sinai mean? Sinai is the mountain on which Moses received the Jewish laws from the God Jahwe. From this mountain, the hatred of the Jews against all other peoples of the world has spread. (Schabbath, 89a) Every Jew has the obligation to see that Christian churches are burned down and wiped out. The faithful must be insulted and the clergy killed. (Schulchan Aruch, Jore dea, 146, 14) The Gentile is human shit. He is just as unclean. (Orach Chajim, 55, 20). That is what the "holy" books of the Jews say. Every Jew, regardless of whether he lives in Germany or America, whether he speaks Russian or Spanish, whether he lives in the ghetto or on Wall Street, thinks and feels as the Talmud commands him. The term "Old Testament hatred" expresses the deep antipathy Jews feel toward Gentiles. Despite its inferiority, Jewry was able to survive over the millennia because of its satanic hatred against Gentiles. Jewish hatred today is as strong as it ever was. He who does not submit is their enemy. The Jew hates the enemy with all his heart and with all the strength of his satanic soul. One needs only to recall the bitter rage Jews have always shown against those who have attempted to rouse the Gentile nations to battle against their deadly enemy by revealing the Jew as the Devil in human form. Following the old method, these men are defeated bit by bit until they are finally disposed of. The Jews systematically destroyed their honor and cleverly robbed them of their possessions until they suddenly died a "natural death." We must leave to future historians the task of explaining how many of the "heart attacks," "suicides" and other such causes of death for many opponents of the Jews were really the work of eternal Jewish hatred. Things will be revealed that we do not even suspect today. Deep and boundless hatred is an essential characteristic of Jewry. It is rooted in the Devil's blood of the Jews and can only be distantly understood by the other peoples of the earth. Still, it is our duty to learn from history. Gentiles, above all the Germans, were always too "decent" and "objective" to respond to Jewish hatred in the same or at least similar way. As a people of "poets and thinkers," we thought it beneath our dignity to respond with the same methods. We were not able even to make clear to the public the filth and depravity of our enemy. We were so "sensitive" that we avoided fighting the Jewish creature. Now there is war! The Jews forced us into a struggle for life and death. The war has forced us to give up much we formerly thought was necessary. It has also forced us to give up the "politeness" that in reality is a weakness. A boxer in the ring must use his fists to defend himself against his opponent. A fencer can only win when he uses his sword. We as a people will survive this war only if we eliminate weakness and "politeness" and respond to the Jews with an equal hatred. We must always keep in mind what the Jew wants today, and what he plans to do with us. If we do not oppose the Jews with the entire energy of our people, we are lost. But if we can use the full force of our soul that has been released by the National Socialist revolution, we need not fear the future. The devilish hatred of the Jews plunged the world into war, need and misery. Our holy hate will bring us victory and save all of mankind. ---------- Ummm.... Anonymous Anarchist 11:51am Tue Apr 9 '02 comment#168005 You're not quite right in the head, now, are you? ------ lemme place a post post comment here: me? an idf officer???? the rant about ugly things jews might have said/recorded/ admonished themselves to stick to in the past forgets to mention that jews had to crawl in a corner and scratch this sort of message on parchment or whisper it to each other in mass goals during times of enslavement (I ask you which of us would not tell Bush to eat the shit from all his weapon suppliers or make 'm do some kind of thing we judge demeaning); if they would have had time and opportunity to do as they wished in their powerlessness it is doubtfull such passages would have been written at all and the same goes for all the nice passages by the way.

168098 Censorship at IM Germany with some nice contributions by William Royere again. Here is some of the outrageous stuff he says (sounding like the 'deathknell to apple varieties ((prohibition to market them)) in the UK' story I heard yesterday): But, as to Europe, the proposed provisions even allow for one Euro nation to extradite - without due process - the national of another, for violating speech restrictions in the demanding nation  - even if those violations are not unlawful in the suspect's nation of origin. This is roughly equivalent of Alabama state outlawing the word "pornography" and being able to abduct and try a NY native for saying "pornography" in NYC (and never having traveled to Alabama).  At some point, dissidents elsewhere should seriously consider co-locating their servers in the US and using SSH tunnel connections to post their materials, thus bypassing these laws, and making it difficult for local authorities to even ascertain what that traffic consists of. This, at very least, would guarantee that their voices get out from under the oppressive and repressive aparatus of their host nations, and keep them out of jail, too. (I don't know whether Germany's IMC's troubles are related to these issues; they may just be arbitrarily editing the stuff. However, it's possible that they fear government intervention and, if so, I would well understand that)

168888 Amos Oz interviews Ariel Sharon  P. 3:10pm Wed Apr 10 '02  This excerpt of the interview was published in the Israeli daily "Davar" on Dec. 17th 1982. The complete interview is found in Amos Oz's book "In the Land of Israel", published in Hebrew by Am Oved in 1983; I understand the book is available in an English translation as well. Oz has publicly acknowleged that "C" is Sharon. As you probably know he is a well-known (and pro-Zionist, though anti-Sharon) Israeli novelist and intellectual.  --- this piece got reposted a lot and I put it in one of the prfr which also points to an item with a snippet of news from the first woman to digitally laud my labours): "Horrified as I was by the events of 9-11, I was more shocked by the words of the government and the media in the aftermath," says Carol Brouillet of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom who organized the delegation. "The cries for war were deafening, and the evidence against the 'terrorists' seemed utterly fabricated, bizarre, and unbelievable—like a passport floating out of the pocket of a hijacker on a domestic flight, from that inferno to the streets of New York." ------ Humor via their linklist: ) -------- Eye n the right

168953 article; conclusion: The first strategy is to make clear that no attack on Iraq is acceptable, and that the Arab League will resolve the issue of the weapons inspectors. Second, suspend the Arab League Peace Plan and recall Arab and Muslim ambassadors from the U.S. and England until Sharon withdraws immediately from all Palestinian Authority areas. Third, insist on a U.N.-sponsored International Conference on the Palestinian-Israeli issue and on defining “terrorism.” America needs the 56 Muslim nations more than Muslims need them. Will the Arabs ever manifest such courage and spine? It’s hard to believe. If they don't, however, then surely their political survival and U.S. interests will suffer in the long term for one simple reason: neither the U.S., nor the Arab/Muslim world, nor the United Nations have the courage to stand up to Israel and say enough is enough. -

168831  War of the world: U.S.military is America's largest, least accountable polluter (english)  Geov Parrish 1:15pm Wed Apr 10 '02 Workingforchange has just posted Geov Parrish’s excellent new piece on the military's efforts to avoid responsibility for its environmental destruction -- at home and around  the world.

         168799  Please, Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit? by Sarah Shields 12:09pm Wed Apr 10 '02 A Jew confronts her complicity in the ongoing racist oppression of Palestinians.    Published on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 by ----   Dear Dad,  It was an enormously heavy responsibility you raised me  with. You taught me that the Jews have been oppressed for centuries. You taught me that the holocaust could only happen because the Germans were silent. You taught me that Jews must never, never, never be silent when injustice occurs, because our silence makes us complicit. ---- a commenter recommends a suicide mission to earn 72 chippendales, the always hard on ones

168973 Good article on anti-semitism and how it hurts the Palistinian cause. Unabridged translation of an article by Uri Avnery, published in Ma'ariv, February 7, 2000. Uri Avnery: ANTI-SEMITISM AND THE ARABS (it ends thus): The rise of Joerg Haider in Austria will encourage the extreme, anti-Semitic right all over Europe. That, in turn, will cause many Jews in Europe to start thinking about immigration to Israel. Even the most fanatic enemy of Israel in the Arab world would not be happy about that, would he? The Palestinians like to say that they are "the victims of the victims", meaning the Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany to Palestine. If so, Joerg Haider is their biggest enemy. ---------- and now, the last few comments: sean (responsible for most of 168970 introduced thus: There is no moral equivalence. The Palestinians deliberately target israeli civilians whilst the Israelis only target Palestinian terrorists in their response. If the Palestinians need a secret weapon..then they should try NON VIOLENCE and HONEST NEGOTIATION not SUICIDE MASS MURDER ) 5:37pm Wed Apr 10 '02 comment#168990 irrelevant hair splitting on terminology ======= irrelevant semantics?  cog dissonance 5:49pm Wed Apr 10 '02 comment#168996 I don't know Sean, it doesn't seem insignificant to me if you don't even recognize who these people are and what their history is. Not that facts should ever get in the way of things. "Mere" semantics have a lot to do with perception of things actually. You'll notice this when it comes to the media and pressure from the pro-Israel lobby groups to exchange the word "settlement" with "neighbourhood," and to refer to Israel's assassinations as "targeted killings." ======== ARAFAT IS NOT A TERRORIST and POPE is Jewish (english) sean 6:19pm Wed Apr 10 '02 comment#169017 Actually, you may have a point. I was completely dumbfounded that recently the Islamic nations all got together in Malaysia to try to find a definition for terrorism but couldn't quite find the verbal acrobatics necessary to define terrorism whilst excusing the Palestinian suicide bombers who deliberately target Israeli civilians. It would seem to me that the definition of terrorism is bleedingly obvious..perhaps try the following Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of non-combatants for political purposes. The definitive example would, therefore, have to be Palestinian suicide murderors! the other thing that strikes me as amazing is that the World community is unprepared to call a spade a spade or actually an Arafat a terrorist IF ARAFAT IS NOT A TERRORIST THEN THE POPE IS JEWISH ========= sean, then who isn't a terrorist? (english) cog dissonance 6:38pm Wed Apr 10 '02 comment#169029 Sean, I don't have a problem if you want to define terrorism as violence used against civilians to achieve political aims. But the problem with that is just about everyone becomes a terrorist. Do you mean to tell me that early zionist groups didn't employ terrorism to achieve their goals (see Stern Gang, Haganah, and Irgun for example). How about Columbus and his gang of "civilized" folks who slaughtered millions of Native Americans? Remember too, that the African National Congress was labelled as a terrorist group, and they did use terrorism. But then what do you call apartheid? Remember, Israel, like the U.S., was an unabashed supporter of the apartheid regime. They both also supported the terrorist Contras in Nicaragua, but they weren't referred to as terrorists, right?  What do you call intentionally destroying a country's water supply (U.S. and Iraq, Israel and Ramallah...)? Are dictators terrorists? I would say so. Then why have Western countries made friends with so many of them. Sean, I don't have a problem with your very obvious moral outrage at Arafat and suicide bombings. My problem is, I'm not sure how much moral authority you can claim if you can't recognize Israel's responsibility (I realize it's not ONLY their fault) for terrorizing Palestinians for the past 35 years. Go to B'Tselem's web page (, and read about Israel's use of torture and house demolitions and humiliations of Palestinians. This was all before the Indifada. Everybody excuses their own violence, or "their side's" violence as self-defence. The truth is, terrorism works, and always has worked. Unfortunately in this world we live in, the language of violence is the strongest language of coersion.========= re: sean (english) CWRL 6:48pm Wed Apr 10 '02 comment#169036 BTW-Israel has also got a lot to answer for. The Palestinian actions(s.bombings) may be regarded as religous terror by us, but there seems to be mixed opinion on whether they are religous or anger based. The attacks carried out by groups such as hamas are probably religous based, in that the martyr gets a rewarded for his actions when he dies. But then again, some of the attacks have been carried out by groups that are only slightly or none religous, by nationalistic groups. But you have to ask yourself, what drives a person to kill himself for a cause such as the one in palestine? Maybe years of being humiliated, dispossessed, terrorised mixed in with a bit of religous radicalism is the answer. What ever the answer, that don't solve the problem that innocent people are dying on both sides does it? Israel, maybe sheltering itself from the s.bombings is also stirring up anger internationally with it's own actions. Maybe it's a tit for tat rivallry thing betwwen mister ariel 'fatslob' sharon and mister arafat.

169197 "Commanding Heights" on PBS is Privatization drivel (english) D.Li 2:28am Thu Apr 11 '02 (Modified on 3:34am Thu Apr 11 '02) article#169197 PBS has joined the corporate campaign in "Saving Private Capital" in airing the 3-part "Commanding Heights" series on the global economy. Far from presenting a truly objective critique of the scourge of Capital's domination of the global economy(to the detriment of 80% or more of the Earth's 6 billion inhabitants, the show's authors has presented a decidedly pro-"free market" piece that, for example, totally omits the vicious CIA role in bringing on Chile's dictator Pinochet. Moreover, the Wall Street gendarme's use of economic shock therapy is opportunistically spun to glorify privatizing nations' collective productive resources... If you want to see the sophistication of modern-day Capitalist propaganda (thinly disguised as a "balanced" story on the global economy), you'd better check out Daniel Yergin's "Commanding Heights" show on PBS. By exaggerating the serious problems under the old Soviet-era command economy model (and omitting the gravest consequences of the global Privatized Capital), the show is a not-so-subtle attempt to inculcate popular acceptance of Capital's bloody global hegemony. Allies & friends, please send notes to PBS denouncing their sycophantic support for the apologists of global "Private Capital." ========= Greg palast slams this paid commercial too... (english) R.M.Nixion 2:54am Thu Apr 11 '02 comment#169202 watch this video (realvideo) Here's a cspan interview with BBC reporter greg palast who slams this as one big propaganda move by NPR/pbs as well as others... -dicky========= well that didn't work out... (english) R.M.Nixion 3:12am Thu Apr 11 '02 comment#169209 can't tell you why that didn't go through,but you can check it out: GO TO CSPAN AND SEARCH Greg Palast, Author, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" hURRY CAUSE ON TOP OF MAKING THE INERVIEW IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND IT DISSAPEARS IN A FEWS DAYS..OF COURSE DICKY ========= False Dawn (english) Fran 3:34am Thu Apr 11 '02 comment#169215 False Dawn The premise is that deregulation and global free trade will resolve the problem inherent in a "Keynsian" based economy. If it were true that governments were not directly involved in funnelling money to corporations which need re-investment periodically, then you could say that the theory proposed by Hayek should work. What we have under Thatchersim and Reaganomics is a bastardized version which takes money out of the middle class, and protects only the interests of 1% of the population, if at all.(Enron) But the claims are always that people are "more prosperous" than ever, which is patently untrue. Hayek underlined the evils of "socialism" in the sense of tryranny, towards which the conservative agenda is beating a path. There is no way to rationalize falling behind the consumer price index for twenty years, or having to work more hours at less pay for the same quality of life. The conservative agenda demonstrated in "Commanding Heights" only consists of "victory" over the socialists and a temporary resurgence in the pernicious effects of the outlaw frontier. The effects of having temporary market innovation for the benefit of the established eludes long standing societal problems such as universal health care, which should be a right. Instead of deregulated markets, you have interest-rate prohibition, which ensures that the downward spiral of deflation that erodes the rights of working people; you have consistent exportation of manufacturing capacity which requires the enslavement of less developed countries; you have unfair competition in the value of currency; currencies are propped up by money printing-operations without a gold standard; trusts such as social security/pensions are looted; most of the money taken out of the middle class is squandered on market speculation and derivatives; the value of your economy depends on the price of commodities such as oil and fight wars over it; and you have to return to propping up in "Keynsian" fashion the "mainstays" of the economy while blatantly refusing to assist the unemployed, further eroding the middle class. The outcome of this is extemist, tyrannical governments. There is no small irony over the fact that major powers have engaged in propping up tyrannies for their own benefit. You become what you embrace. Hayek False Dawn --------

170027 Me: ha ha; i once was a dutch cuddle kid too but I evolved into this sort of compendium podner: guess I am not quite ready (nor willing victim nor suitable) for (soundbite) publicity (let alone sponsoring) by the likes of CNN Flying is a crime; owing mass produced whatever (from newspapers to cars) is one too. Secretive politics is not politics; far more people worry about 'graduating' into the dark bleu yonder than deserve to be here in the first place, I would say the institution of publically voted castration taking clues from close observance during early childhood through puberty would make all young wild uns realize they better get an education on sociably scaling, cleaning and distributing stuff if they wanna hold on to their balls.

171811 someone doesn't like Royere's take on destiny and royalty; I go: lemme nutshell you widis possible cluein ---- I was 16 when i first read 'the beginning was the end' and it shaped my thinking ever since. A book written by O K Maerth, a whole lot more purpose globetrotter than I ever was deals with cannibalism (fruit of knowledge) as THE missing link btwn man and monkee (sorry, the other way around of course). In it the argument goes that royalty was traditionally that remnant of the populace which hadn't gone quite as mad as the rest (kuru like trouble but different), they had retained some of the old conservative telepathy and were nurtured pampered and eventually lost all use due to inbreeding; organicotelelights out and the long wait for GE and the Japerversion of bright and nourishing fruit (unavailable and/or out of reach in poorich japonation).

170248 Terror, rules of the game; worsening state of affairs --- Food for thought. It is in German though; can simwan chase it through a trainsleightour? accessprobs here. But after weeks of linklanguish my fourth prfr file (with already over 30 issues) is up. Stuck this up at 9332 Austria too since it is from oversize quarterly rag with Germanic/francophone and more paneuropean penblotplotters).

171259  Israelis and Palestinians are genetically identical 5th and last comment: Ruemynations piet 1:27am Sun Apr 14 '02 comment#171448 After seeing 5.000 arabs file past me (posted a brief account 12 hours ago) I have some afterthoughts: The 'regreen the middle east' phrase was my invention and I did not manage to infect anybody though the arabs proved very pleased a white man would shout hisself hoarse with them. Wat I did hear was: 'bush sharon terrorist!!!' and 'sharon murderer' out of very angry mouths. Philosophy section: If half of all of humanity are women and women have .. lessay a choice (mix) of THE semitic traits (the courage and the cowardice of conviction, not to mention emotion) than there are simply to many rank n hyrarchy obsessed semitic mechanisms (in a loose sense) on the loose in the world and the foke I heard yesterday are the more realistic when turning conceptual tables: "Bush and Sharon are number one and two terrorists", .. but . . aren't they a hypoverdrive Arab leading the spread of traumatising machismo to the furthest corners of the world? I mean they themselves seem to declare them their invincible superiors simply demanding sacrifices their positions call for and archaically 'merit' and one hears a whole lot fewer alternatives than the tired old 72 virgin stories. Anti-semitism has been pretty selective cause the penstroke mindmolding violence one f(r)action perpetrated was reserved to a tiny elite of the rest who invariably betrayed their constituency (or what would have to be called that in case a pretense of democracy was made; not an arab world strong point). Meanwhile violence leads nowhere but desolation, emphasis and insistence are things arabs excel in but despite the green band in the Palestinian flag I don't know a single Arab ecologist. ----- Dutch conclusion: Met geweld kom je nergens en kun je nergens blijven, het gaat nergens over maar wel over ergens, over het verergeren ervan. ---- erg = bad  ---- erger = irritation ergens = somewhere --- nergens = nowhere  ---- hier en nu = here and now  ---- verergeren = worsen  ---- vraag = demand  ---- vergen = calling for, demanding  ---- verenig = united --- (identical comment posted at 171000 a latuff cartoon with windmills, the armsail of which is made out of palestinian flag)

171191 the return of an old timer with his weird combo of Bible text and satellite pics of (the little and/or lacking) greenery in the sahara.

follow up on some posting method critique in last issue: RE: Re: be polite enough to bundle your posts and save us from having to. -- Joseph Watson wrote: There is so limit to postings and you don't have to read them. Simple really. ---------- There are limits to evrytang dear waywardy webwagician (how many robotic antics did you say you use to retrieve news again?). I find your reply moronic since you pass over the fact that bundling your prolificity takes work which you could save us and thereby yourself a bunch too; it's called consideration I believe. You may have already found that spam policy gets you hidden (even apart from questionable content) meanwhile (try find last nights bundled bunch). Are you lacking water in your charts? You won't find things are easily set aflow via the web but who knows I too try.

  170915 15- 20.000 foke (officials initially said 5000) carried banners and sang slogans (Sharon featuring big; one flyer takes the peace sign to a bomb in 4 steps while the word shalom degenates into sharon keeping step). Regreen the middle east (and the near and far as well while we're at it). Ps: no article. deed's all fokes. ---------- Where, Pease? (english) Anonymous 9:11am Sat Apr 13 '02 comment#170927 And when, while you're at it. ---------- Germany (english) Edda 9:54am Sat Apr 13 '02 comment#170944 I dont know, were Piet saw the demos - but here in Germany there where this afternoon thousends on the streets - about 15.000 in Berlin (some threw stones at the british embassy) 7000 in Frankfurt, 3ooo in Stuttgart and about 3000 in Munic. All demonstratet against the israeli army-attac on helples Palestinians and shoutet words like: Its Sharon the murder and the terrorist ---------- sorry dummyold me; Amsterdam, today piet 9:56am Sat Apr 13 '02 comment#170946 A nice balance of men and women, some children as well as over the top anger and plenny of diy bannering; the ones equating zionism to nazism were announced to be illegal in a big daily today but carried unmolested. Few white fokes there; a small contingent of 'jews for a different sound' brought up the rear. The speeches suffered from a poor soundsystem. ---------- some additions  piet 3:04am Sun Apr 14 '02 comment#171475 item 17070 and 17000 have them; officials figures have risen to 10.000 (police) and 30.000 (organizers); of course the hate filled/loving/exuding uneducated rebels, the costly (due to dished and ditched education, parried and evaded discipline) males had their predictable type moments, accounts of which in Dutch via I witnessed a dispute between a softspoken, subdued and respectful father and his son, a rebellious beau with fancy clothes 'blowing high from the tower' (as the dutch have it) in harsh tones. I always deplored the lack of such opportunity but a similar bias found its way into the words instead of the censored tone. Conclusion: Pride, porn, pomp, pump, appearance and apparanthood are the worst classifiers
Related material in Dutch: 3235 3266

Look for John Tanner's account of going native (back when there still were ((m))any); a description sits in the book: over a miljon visitors since 95 - Harold E Driver and Edwin James

171050 AOL confiscates anti-Sharon accounts by Laurie King-Irani 2002-04-13 13:09:44-07 One creepy thing after another has happened. In the morning, I tried to log on to AOL and found my account "suspended" and the dialog box gave me a number to call. I didn't get around to that until the afternoon and had a bizarre conversation with AOL. You will go nuts. The short version is that AOL has literally "confiscated" both of the Sharon accounts--Indict Sharon and Arrest Sharon (the latter was the one created first, and then we converted to the Indict). Seems there was some type of a campaign against the two screen names, and AOL "suspended" my entire account in order to accomplish their goals with the Sharon accounts.   ----I answer an earlier squeezelistmember remark on nutscrape: "anybody care to blame nutscope for this too?"

article#171033 When did Gore last 'speak out boldly'? (english) D. Grant Haynes 12:38pm Sat Apr 13 '02 (Modified on 5:59pm Sat Apr 13 '02) article#171033AP is running a speech story about former Vice President Al Gore calling for Democrats to "speak out boldly" about what is wrong in America. AP is running a speech story about former Vice President Al Gore calling for Democrats to "speak out boldly" about what is wrong in America. In my opinion Al Gore is one of the things wrong in the Democratic Party. I hope he is wise enough not to make another run for the presidency. His attempt to straddle the fence in 2000--to agree with Bush on so many issues that debate moderators were left with dead air to fill--is one of the causes of the 2000 presidential election debacle.a commenter goes:Not just singin in the shower (english) Duke Spook 1:05pm Sat Apr 13 '02 comment#171044 We've got pictures of Al polishing his "Pal" in the shower. You won't be hearing from him any time soon.

Old news (from back when congestion happed): -- one must on of the following:
10-10-01-1.htm 72K   10-10-01-2.htm 69K  10-10-01-3.htm 92K   11-10-01-1.htm 72K   11-10-01-2.htm 71K  11-10-01-3.htm 49K   12-10-01-1.htm 80K 12-10-01-2.htm 79K  12-10-01-3.htm 54  13-10-01-1.htm 74  13-10-01-2.htm 73  13-10-01-3.htm 56  18-10-01-1.htm 69  18-10-01-2.htm 92  19-10-01-1.htm 72  19-10-01-2.htm 52  21-10-01-9.htm 43  22-10-01-1.htm 83  22-9-01-8.htm 48  23-10-01-4.htm 42  24-10-01-1.htm 69  24-10-01-2.htm 73  4-10-01-1.htm 61  4-10-01-2.htm 58  4-10-01-3.htm 63  5-10-01-1.htm 60  5-10-01-2.htm 61  6-10-01-1.htm 89  6-10-01-2.htm 65  7-10-01-1.htm 85  7-10-01-2.htm 83  8-10-01-1.htm 57  8-10-01-2.htm 74  8-10-01-3.htm 55  baudrillard-earlier.htm 34K    baudrillard.htm 12K clinton.htm 22K    dicktators.htm 26K  laden.htm 54K    marcos.htm 64K   palast.htm 29K  zinn.htm 29K

 ------ goolengood forest battles news (the fight is not quite over but logging is proceeding and the activists suffer from terror and destruction besides 25 mile exclusion zones. -- A nice gallery: ----- ----  ------- crashes netscape but they have lots of clean tec (caution, very commercial) -----

172494 someone is starting to use the /front.php3 entry too ---- I go: are you whiners finally over it? gheez I've been using that shortcut to start my daily wire perusal since the 'big' post nighnileven. If I weren't serving the tideghost so feedfully I'd look like a fool for not being pied much atonesin. -------------

-----172497  Join The Indymedia Whiner's Club--- 3rd commenter: what the fuck --- cog dissonance 9:00pm Mon Apr 15 '02 comment#172506 Jesus christ, you don't like the new front page, bookmark the open publishing page instead. What's the difference? Oooh, it's not the default front page. Therefore everything has changed, and indymedia is now no different than CNN. I can't understand if people are just too stupid or too lazy to click on the "open" icon to get here. As others have pointed out, this is also the GLOBAL site, so it's appropriate to have some samples from local IMCs all over the world. Everyone relax. You see, we're still arguing over nothing. ======== Its all about the newbs (english) clueless 9:32pm Mon Apr 15 '02 comment#172519 What about newbs? They won't know to click on the tiny open link. They are hiding the open newswire from new people, undermining the potential audience. If there was a big a$$ link that said "Go to the live newswire" or something, it would be acceptable, but all the people I have asked to look at indymedia today who haven't been here before (3 total) NONE could find the open newswire even when I specifically asked them to look for "the open newswire". They all read the features and left. Censorship through commitee produced "features" is the same structure that produced the Corpo news and all their lies. Lets nip this problem in the bud now, before the commitee changes and feeds us bullshit. I believe the change is an attempt to undermine indymedia and the morons that can't see that need to pull their head out of their code and look around. It's not about convienence for the old hats, but GETTING THE INFORMATION TO THE MASSES. Simple is bliss. ====== good point about credibility (english) activist 9:56pm Mon Apr 15 '02 comment#172524 Whether it is intentional or inadvertent, the new change undermines IMC's credibility, this WILL have dire consequences. Think a little bit PLEASE!! IMC is growing in stature, only someone wishing to curb it's growth would change it, are you sure the changes have been made with a complete understanding of the power behind indymedia? The power being the people of the world awakening and having a voice? Imagine arriving at a site that preaches open publishing and only to find all those ridiculous stories yesterday it looked like a tree protestor was more important than Palestine. Ok it is very sad about the environmentalist death and yes it should be on IMC but to place it above all the Palestinian posts that were far more important was ridiculous. It makes IMC laughable. Reverse it, please reverse it! Make the Open wire default and the features a click away. For the sake of IMC and the Global Justice Movement or whatever movement you want to name, give everyone an equal voice. ===== Newbies (english) Chuck0 10:07pm Mon Apr 15 '02 comment#172529 Quote: "What about newbs? They won't know to click on the tiny open link. They are hiding the open newswire from new people, undermining the potential audience." This is a fair criticism, but this will be addressed in the next stages of the redesign of the website. I've seen one of the proposals that concerns design and this problem would be addressed. ===== wow (english) luther blissett 12:41am Tue Apr 16 '02 comment#172576 wow we've sold out that badly?, I wonder what it takes to be hardcore enough for this guy? hey i know, lets smash the windows of everybody who ate today! thatll teach em a lesson. ya wanna know why the change happened? scroll back to the top of this page!

Post to the squeeze list:  RE: fair-l; unfair focus covers for/ ignores/distracts from systemic problems ---- worries me endlessly that a Sharonian/weapon/oil taxdough complex is flaming and crossfi(b)rin' away with such abandon; it's gotta hide even worse deals I' sure. But which ones? Global IMC is confirming this report; up to 90% of all posting is focussed on that less than one percent of the world's land mass; is this some sort of perverse luxury problem? Undo thy nerve knot Fet=h focus, try follow your hands as you spread your stretched arms wide.

172054 + 17 one of first in a heaping pile of complaints and whines about the front page nettoyage (cleanup stupid) ---------  ?????? Vorfux has a point.  Freedom Fighters 6:09am Tue Apr 16 '02 article#172658 It should be "very" clear to anyone  who visits where the  "goodies" are hidden. Maybe a dedicated table cell with information  about why the main page now looks different. Also, how about a highly visible (high up on the right side, above the news posts) button/link to the newswire.  Just so everyone who visits will understand, now and forever where the  latest goodies are located.

173103 let's fuck things up -- I go: let's show we are immune to adverse evil ways --- Within reasonable limits the following (illusion) holds: Destroying a stranger's property to protest the destruction of a stranger's property?. Succumbing to an infection need not be, no matter how immersive, coercive invasive and any other but the right -sive it gets you see. Resorting to similar methods your opponents uses (resist them forcing those upon you no matter how in your face exemplarily they 'demonstrate' 'm) has them seeing you stoop to their level and they stocked up for ever to win that sorta game.

 173311UN vs US My countryman from the foreignpressfoundation is at us (indyans) again; I go: that text didn't hit the spot but I think what he means to say is something like a distillation of the articles searching with UN vs US
 Searched the web for un vs us.   Results 1 - 50 of about 538,000. Search took 0.40 seconds.

UN vs US
... Point: The UN vs The US. "they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their
spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages

     Dueling Twins
     ... Foster. Says James, "My twin passions these days are for science, which tells us
     what the world is actually like, and political philosophy, which tells what we ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages
     [ More results from ]

UN vs US
Dueling Twins. UN vs US. ... The United States is not a
nation to which peace is a necessity. - Grover ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages  a point and counterpoint thing by James Hall; looks good.

US vs World UN - 22k -
The United States versus the World at the United Nations by William Blum
America, we have all been taught for half a century, is the leader of "The Free World". If this is so, it's proper to ask: Where are the followers? Where is the evidence that Washington's world view sways the multitude of nations? To enlist support for its wars in Korea, Vietnam and in the Gulf, the United States had to resort to a lot of bribery and threats. At the United Nations, the US has, with noteworthy regularity, been on the minority side in voting on resolutions. The table below shows a portion of this pattern. It covers an arbitrarily chosen 10-year period, 1978 through 1987, and is composed of the following sections: 1978-1981: All voting in the General Assembly examined; only those resolutions for which the US cast a solitary "no" vote or were joined by one or two other nations are listed. 1982-1983: All voting in the General Assembly examined; only those resolutions for which the US cast a solitary "no" vote are listed.  1984-1987: Only a portion of the General Assembly resolutions are examined, and a sample has been selected, primarily for diversity. The number of abstentions is not shown. There were many resolutions where Israel cast a solitary "no" vote and the US was the sole abstainer.  Voting on resolutions of the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council are not included here, but these votes show a very similar pattern. In the Council -- where its solitary "no" vote is enough to defeat a measure -- the United States is free to play its role of international school bully.
We were all also taught that the Communists had no respect for world opinion.
"... a decent respect to the opinions of mankind ..."
The Declaration of Independence

Op-Ed: The UN vs. the US Constitution Jul 2001 The UN vs. the US Constitution.
by Larry Pratt. The UN talks ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 1999
US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 1999. Sums in $US, rounded
to the nearest million Percentages ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

     US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 2000 - Global Policy Forum - UN ...
     US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 2000. Sums in $US, rounded
     to the nearest million ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages
     [ More results from ]

Ambassador Eric Rouleau on French vs. US Policies in the Middle ...
... questioner's points, Rouleau said that concerning UN Resolution 688, there is nothing
in ... 15, 1996) Eric Rouleau on French vs. US Policies in the Middle East ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

US vs the world
... applicability of Israeli law over the Golan Heights Dec. 18 36/234B 127-1 (US) UN
accounting changes for 1980-1 1982 [only solitary US votes] Oct. 28 37 ... - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

... UN vs US, Project ORE SWOT 22, The UN was to be used as a vehicle to "have all the
files in immigration, police and interpol in all parts of the world corrected ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

Dept. of State - US and the UN: Poll Shows US Public Positive ...
... the US should "make it a priority to press the other countries at the UN to lower
America's 25 percent share" of UN dues (47% yes, "make it a priority" vs. 49 ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

The National Anxiety Center: The United Nations Versus America ... The UN already has control over major US historical sites and natural wonders including the Statute of Liberty and Yellowstone National Park. ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages
The UN intends to secure the power to tax all financial transactions and control the taxation policies of all nations!   The UN intends to exercise power over land use throughout the world. And the   oceans too!   The UN already has control over major U.S. historical sites and natural wonders including the Statute of Liberty and Yellowstone National Park. The UN intends to restrict gun ownership worldwide.     The UN intends to have its own, independent military force answerable only to  itself.  The UN’s International Criminal Court will be able to indict any American. No Constitutional protections will exist to protect any citizen of the United States. The  UN intends to require every citizen of the world to carry a national or international identity card.  The UN favors a major "population control" program, not unlike the one in force  in Red China.  And there’s more! ------ piet: but this should suffice to show these guys are incurably schizo; blaming others for their own behavious, accusing others of it, projecting what they are too blind and unwilling to see themselves doing. etc. Isay no more. Ah, wait they have their Ami flag with the caption 'these colours don't run' (no, indeed to the quite contrary, they shamelessly invade and poison), above an article by Alan Caruba (ridiculing and defaming greens) also to emphatically illustrate the inversion disease known az 's kid 'so foreign ya

Terrorism: Q & A | Peacekeeping and the UN
... Politics? A Clash of Civilizations? US Foreign Policy: Unilateralism and Arrogance? ... Democratization. Trade-Off: Going Alone vs. UN Action. Economics: At Home. ... - 59k - Cached - Similar pages

UN Reeling From Nastygrams
... story on • AIDS Drugs: US vs. the World. • Worldwide Copyrights a
Quagmire? • US Ousted From UN Body. • Global Steam Released on Kyoto. • Nader ...,1848,45134,00.html - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

     AIDS Drugs: US vs. the World
     ... AIDS Drugs: US vs. the World By Paulo Rebêlo Print this • E-mail it • Set E-mail
     Alerts 2:00 am May 31, 2001 PDT. ... Headlines 4:42 pm March 4, 2002 PST, ...,1283,44175,00.html - 27k - Cached - Similar pages
     [ More results from ]

Canada vs. US; BC vs. Washington - #18 Oct/Nov 95
... All dollar figures are converted to US$. Most statistics are for 1990. Sources: 1 ... 3,5,6.
World Labor Report (UN) 7. UN Human Development Index 9 ... - 3k -

US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 1997
US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 1997. Sums in $US, rounded
to the nearest million Percentages ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

The UN is Evil - The United Nation's mission is not world peace ...
... Frequently Asked Questions Support Us Please help support our efforts to counteract
the actions of the United Nations. Your financial support will help us ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

Rule of Law Vs. Rule of War: Are media missing the lesson of ...
... Rule of Law Vs. Rule of War. ... explosion). If that approach fails, the US could present
its case to the ... law is seen as preposterous, un-American and weak. In a ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

the next one is a pretty sorry lot of macho soa like stuff I'm sure
Drifting Toward the Use of Force
... Fourth, the US must not allow the dispute to move from a UN vs. Iraq to a US vs.
Saddam Hussein confrontation. The rhetoric about "looking forward to working ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

Charmed Technology - bio - Alex Lightman - Star Scores ... Alex Lightman - Articles. Star Scores. Comparing the US vs. UN cases for Space Authority. by Alex ... - 83k - || technology and culture, from the trenches ... Life Vs Starcraft by porkchop_d_clown, 03 ... jurisdiction over China, the US, Russia, Sudan, and Switzerland ... enforce international law? NATO? UN blue-helmets? A yet ... - 101k -

The United States vs. Iraq -- A Study in Hypocrisy The United States vs. Iraq -- A Study in ... Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq. "I ... guest, in May 1996, UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright, responded ... - 11k -

Critical Thinking vs Specious Arguments ... Web resources: Critical thinking vs. Specious arguments. ... ... and Evidence ( ..
. - 14k -

Gangsterism in the guise of diplomacy US flaunts scheme to use ... ... inspections as pretext for war vs. Iraq. ... In recent weeks US officials have openly discussed their ... their contempt for the UN and international public opinion as ... - 20k -

US vs UN Human Rights - OpEdArt Images of Opinion. Home. Political/News. 5-07-01. BACK. INDEX. NEXT. - 4k -

United States - Congress vs. UN: Rift Widens
... Congress vs. UN: Rift Widens. ... Saddam Hussein. But the UN secretary-general is quickly ...
President Clinton for "subcontracting US foreign policy" and letting Annan ... - 12k -

SignOn San Diego World -- At UN, it's US and Israel vs. ...
... At UN, it's US and Israel vs. Palestinians and supporters.
By Edith M. Lederer ... - 13k
unavailable at this time, can't even take a peek via the google cache; I'll offer this (by same lady) in the meantime:, dadon't woik, simthong fishy with the fuck ups; the google cache displays little squares. -----  Arab Political
... for full Arab "norm... Full Story UN backs Mideast plan | By EDITH M. LEDERER --
The Associated Press | UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Seeking an end to escalating ... - 82k - Cached - Similar pages

Linkages Coverage of the UN Framework Convention for Climate ...
... Entire Interview (8:31); Latest on US vs. EU Positions (1:48); Developing countries
agreement down the road? (0:30); Industrial Countries must get ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

Libya and the UN-sanctions
... of the problem of the UN Security Council interferring with the ... the problem of politic
vs. legality - but law is law, even in the US - and they turn out to ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Muncie, Indiana -
... Wednesday, March 13, 2002. US Expert Testifies vs. Milosevic; US, Allies Seize Shah-e-Kot
Valley; UN Council Backs Palestinian State; UN Council Backs Palestinian ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

Items in brief:
166646  seems to be about poetry and compassion -------- 167607 Leila thinks foke like me are trolls ------ Libertarian blogs: the return of an old timer with his weird combo of Bible text and satellite pics of (the little and/or lacking) greenery in the sahara. --------- 172611 ant story (metafilterians have some short comments too) -------- = indy blogger --------- 172187 is otto a german physicist ------- 172374 Muslim discussions --------- remindin myself: look for John Clark's 'Cashflow article (used to be in the britannica) -------- --- ---- thank god for sept 11 ???? ---- ---  168768 I think it is sufficiently clear that the mainstream American media is complicit in the ongoing massacre campaign in the Occupied Territories. ---- + isidor puts in some israel is rogue terrorist nation ------ 168764 the prop matrix makes good news sound ugly (of course) ------ 168746 Daoud Kuttab - 2002-04-10 11:00:48-07  A too-brief wrap-up of the many times Arafat has condemnded terror in Arabic -------- 168690 on Dupont and Monsanto -------  169932 USA: Eight state prepares to welcome hemp as new cash crop ------- Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace (bicycle brigades ------ -------- 169818 FINLAND: Women Protest with Their Wombs against Nuclear Power by reuters 2002-04-11 21:15:28-07 interesting strategy: "Hundreds of Finnish women are protesting with their wombs, vowing they will not give birth for the next four years unless parliament scraps plans to another nuclear power station." ------- 169742 ------- 169951NPR on reviving antisemitism in Europe ------169189 Chronicle of Higher Education article (on corporatism) discussed at ------- 170517 US jewess ------ 170633 Is this the largest solidarity link collection ever?  -------- // Jon Chance' favorite wtc account  ------ 171711 A link to the nyt (on Gore) ------- jest for pun ---- poetry resources -------  ------ ----  ------- 170668 MLK on Zionism (a commenter claims it is a forgery) --------- 170685 Poll via ------- ---- 170899 Poll: Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel ------- 170316 13 bundled Right Wingdingdong posts ------ (or qp) -------

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169672 second of 2 pieces posted (with only links, no comments, the second is at ) ------ 169250  Monbiot at commondreams on us (indyans) --------- 169412 Hate speech has consequences (with an unattributed but well referenced piece on Ben Gurion's 'transformation', it even includes a  paragraph on Magnes) ------- 169278 doc.mhtml?i=special&s= breytenbach20020410An Open Letter To General Ariel Sharon (english) by Breyten Breytenbach ---------- 169197 "Commanding Heights" on PBS is Privatization drivel 
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