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shem and shaun; jacob and esau, farmer and nomad tyrant and lady's fave ---- Google threatened ---- JJRTolkien ---- legaltenderalternatives.htm ---- reputations for globalizers of justice and Nazis ------ jewish desertification reversal school  -- this is kayoss (a regular) speaking ----- let's poll opinion on the prop matrix posting methodology ----- items in brief A boycott Zionism supporting companies item (see last issue)

  153468 Sharon's predecessor Samson (post and 3 comments by me); 2nd comment (3rd and item sit in last issue): this looks like a pretty fruitful site; one long page contains this:   Hair/it/age  a tribute to scalps daring to escape & return e. webb


Exegesis on Shem and Shaun for those ready for a break from the all too pained pinpointlessness of it all(S and S are characters in the crazy book 'Finnegan's Wake standin' in for dualities such as light and shade, left and right, Cain and Able)

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it is a bit confusing [!] because the shem nature is such to embrace shaun - the paradox of love is that love must open its arms to hate, to blackandwhiteism, to the 'game' of opposition: [shem says to shaun, fw301: sure you could write anny passage [=also ann's  passage, the magnamater's passage, ie be a writer/ creator/ man/ fertile] as [fine] as that lousy erewhig [earwig/ earwicker /hce and former whig, former leftwinger, leftbanker shem]...nock the muddy nickers [rugby on the fields of eton/oxford]... christs church varses belial] -

shem has to absorb shaun - this is death - he sacrifices what he loves most [love, kindness, gentleness, conciliation[*], trade, commerce, communication,   travelling, moving, growth - all the hermes and shem things - shem is egyptian for knower, kin, traveller - and thus gets 'three men in him'  [fw somewhere] - ie, shem, ham [=sham] and shaun, to become tristan, the young hce - his opening himself to his opposite, letting go love, only makes his love purer, more powerful - death of the soul leads only to 'more abundant life' - he becomes free from 'obsession' with shaunism - it is no longer an anxiety to him [the unpushed laughing at shaun lurking in all the egosoothing but probing questions in ch 13 - he has lost his fanatical attachment to truth and honesty and is able to use flattery] - contrast jesus, who has not outgrown the opposition to the 'pharisees' and 'moneylenders', who cannot talk to pilate - he is not 'big enough' to do so, he is frightened of losing his purity [thus significant that jesus thinks god is good despite isaiah 45,7, where god says 'i create evil' [disaster/calamity/etc] cf tao-te-ching: when morality is up, goodness is in decline]  shaun is the no-goer, the parochial, the bigot, the rigid, the prejudiced, the smallminded, the excommunicating will, the apollonian destruction, warriorism, the prodigal son's brother who does not share in the father's unconditional love of the errer, the one who refuses  to fall, who is therefore in defiance of god's will, who delivers all to disobedience [romans 11.32 - the pivotal 1132 of fw] so he can demonstrate his unconditional love, his sweetest gift, the forgiveness of sins [no felix without culpa, whence 'the sweets of sin'], the pornographic novel of ulysses, and blake's mary: how else could i taste the sweetness of the forgiveness of sins: it is her purity, her obedience [=hearkening, to the uncreated law/uncreated conscience of  the heart], in following her nature to sin, to disobedience [to the created law] that makes her worthy to be mother of god - her confidence /faith in the lovingheart of 'god' [=life] that she would not miss the safety net of god if she followed her feelings and offended against mores/wonts/customs [violer da mores] by lying with this 'angel', this gorgeous hunk of a radiant young man, at the risk of being stoned to death for fornication [heresy! blasphemy! but what does the shaun/church know?]  the truth is paradoxical [because we use single words for both opposites]   *shem conciliating, 174: 'it went without saying that the cull disliked anything anyway approaching a plain straightforward standup or knockdown row, and, as often as he was called in to umpire any octagonal argument among slangwhangers, the accomplished washout always used to rub shoulders with the last speaker and clasp shakers...and agree to every word as soon as half uttered, command me!, your servant, good, i revere you, drinking that! quite truth,...also goods, said it', etc ----  the fact is, we are all not entirely beyond duality/ polarity/plurality/ world, and good and bad still exist for us - i think the twone means that the ultimate principle is the unity of unity and duality - the twone is the trivia, the tri-via [Diana Trivia], the pythagorean Y which is the same as the yinyang symbol and the same as the royal divorce - the separation/ opposition/ conflict/ confusion/ disorder/ world goes on forever [book of common prayer: world without end] because it is the only means for the recognition of unity/peace etc [everything rec thru its opp - a principle which pops up in the wisdom lit from earliest times] - fertility is the meeting of truth and illusion, unity and duality - which one can see straight away in the fact that most stories - even comedies - depend on vicissitudes - a truth which is, interestingly enough, incorporated in the human body: the genitals are placed at the intersection of the trunk and the legs - the trunk [unity] is the 'real' body [the 'bottom' is the bottom of the 'real' body] but without the legs. there would be no motion and we would be scraping along on our 'middle' [egyptian uses legs to signify motion]  [notice that motion is only necessary in duality, in separation - in contrast, laotse characterises happiness as living in a village [commodius vicus? - vicus=village] and never going to the next village tho it is in sight - [how unhappy *we* must be!!] - it is a strange idea of happiness, but makes sense: if you are happy, why would you move? if you have incorporated infinity, if you can see infinity in a grain of sand, what are you missing?] ---------   so in the 'end', we have come to shaun's no-go, hce's mountainous fixity - but then fixed people become unadaptable and get washed away by time, by revolution, by shem/ tristans, by violator of mores, by ulysses, pirate and sacker of towns... -------------    the japanese for love is made of the characters stop and go - mountain and river - hce and alp - which/who in ch 17 are set up in the central tych with christian supporters in the side tyches of the triptych - supporters symbolise defeated, conquered, subdued [i havent found where this triptych is, in ch 17, i am only going on what ?glasheen said]----  set, the chop-man for osiris, is a necessary god   agape-love-caritas   nigel best  ba dipnzls        read me free at

Nigel: the moorish connection is important in that the gothic- renaissance -modernscience -backtonature movement was essentially moorish ie islamic - the moors in spain and thence spreading into europe esp in the south where the gothic-troubadour-protestant revolution [violer d'a mores] started - even aquinas and dante deeply infused with arabic/moorish/sufi stuff - of course the arabs preserved aristotle and shunted it back into europe for aquinas and the whole medieval university aristotle vs plato phenomenon --Me:  easy enough to admire arabs down in new zealand where there aren't any Nigel, try france, belgium, germany and Holland and some less admirable traits might be in evidence, don't forget their territories were turned into deserts more and 'moor', prompting them to try curb the pop-proliflifeliffyflood, only to see pressures, tempers and dunes rise still mooooooor; got an answer to that? Ps: go see, click any item there and then substitute
   154093 (tell me if you like it)
NigelBest-Wakes.htm (63K)

154593 chomsky on colombia (large slab from the book rogue states)

154577 john the perfectly AND/(which IS) incurably schizophrenic polarization poster (and frantic re a re-a re area re a frantic reposter, indyans are bunching his shit now) defends Israel but aren't they foisting a way upon Palestinians rather than the other way around? Palestinians don't coerce or force a way of life upon jews . . . and yet . . . read the supposedly uncensored nontabooed articles John cites, they managed to turn facts if not tables. Symptomatic for incurability. It makes me very hopeless other than to advocate massive small arm smuggling scenarios as in Tom Robbins latest so the poor victims can defend themselves. Google censoring Scientology critics Rotten | Submitted by: Soylent The search engine Google is censoring the Internet's leading critic of the Church of Scientology, Operation Clambake. The site has been completely removed from the search engine and from the Google Directory, which uses data from the Open Directory Project, DMOZ. Google recently came under fire for refusing to carry advertisements for websites that sell firearm related merchandise, even when the products advertised are bulk food or other benign items --- More: 'google bombing' = = on google + 71 -- links to (news for grownups) ---

Indy 154019 His Noblest Fantasy Had Little To Do with Elves and Wizards (english) by Vin Suprynowicz 6:56pm Wed Mar 20 '02 (Modified on 10:43pm Wed Mar 20 '02) JRR Tolkien was an avowed anarchist. . <snip>.." Frodo's quest is not to deliver the One Ring to the right king, but rather to haul it back to the mountain of fire where it was forged in darkness, and destroy it. What's that? Not merely to reassign government power to its rightful heirs, but to reduce and limit it for all time? To declare that the solution is not merely to make sure "the right party" manipulates the existing levers of power, but rather that such unrestricted power is to be banished from the globe for good, setting men free to seek their own mortal (albeit often misguided) destinies? This is the conclusion Prof. Tolkien drew after watching Europe wracked by 30 years of (briefly interrupted) total war between the struggling factions of fascism and collectivism. It's also -- coincidentally enough -- what America's founders attempted 215 years ago, when they set about constructing a government "of limited powers, sharply defined." Do most of our present-day rulers still share that vision? Is it a common thing to walk into a federal court these days and find a judge scratching his head and declaring, "You know, the defendant has a point -- I can't seem to find any specifically delegated power in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution for the Congress to enact laws or create agencies to meddle in this field of human endeavor, at all. I thereby rule this entire section of the federal code to be unconstitutional and null and void, and order the agency whose agents have brought these charges to be dissolved forthwith. Issue yourselves severance checks, turn out the lights and lock the doors; case dismissed"? Of course not. Because the Libertarians and Constitutionalists who argue in America today that the goal and raison d'etre of this government from its founding was to limit central power in order to maximize individual freedom, get about as much respect and attention from today's swordbearers -- anxious to centralize everything from bank account reporting procedures to airport security -- as did Tolkien's little hobbits from the dark lord Sauron. Our eventual success today -- against such a fearful array of forces, once supposed to stand as "checks and balances" one against another -- looks about as likely as that of little Frodo's lonely pilgrimage to Mordor. Time will tell. Till then, we can always go see the movie. Vin Suprynowicz is assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Subscribe to his monthly newsletter by sending $96 to Privacy Alert, 561 Keystone Ave., Suite 684, Reno, NV 89503 -- or dialing 775-348-8591. His book, Send in the Waco Killers: Essays on the Freedom Movement, 1993-1998, is available via that link from, or at 1-800-244-2224, or via web site ----------------Tongue out and... (english) by T-Bone 7:26pm Wed Mar 20 '02 ppttthththttphpthptphpthphpthp! *raspberry* BACKGROUND (english) by Jordan Thornton 10:43pm Wed Mar 20 '02 While living in South Africa as a child, JRR Tolkien was bitten by a poisonous spider, and grew very ill. He and his mother went back to England, to a small, upper-class town outside of Oxford. His father died shortly after they left. His father's death forced his mother to move them into the city, in a lower class than that to which they had become accustomed. This allowed Mr. Tolkien to see many sides of life, and different ways in which men were meant to live. I heard this on CBC Radio, and found it very interesting, given his body of work. I believe his background is what provided the basis for his allegorical tales. Also, I watched "The Neverending Story" the other night, a movie I have not watched for ages. There is an exchange near the end of the film that I found very deep for the film. The evil wolf stares down the hero, and explains to him that "A People without hope is easy to control. Those who have the control, wield all the power". Given the new and questionable laws passed by the criminals lording over the United $tate$, I believe this statement is very true indeed. Resist ... Take away their power.

154929 PUC Plays Hardball With The Radical Pagan Right  by Ron McCann 2002-03-21 10:42:37-08  Pagan Unity Campaign refuses to bow to the demands of the radical Pagan right to include approval of human sacrifice as a plank in the PUC platform.  (<me: some very strange and atavistic shades of the worse side of the otherwise brilliant George Bataille>) 500 MST Brazilians beleaguered (bbc) ---------- 157111 commie (forum) infrastructure ----------  --- first and only comment:  additionally by piet 2:18pm Mon Mar 25 '02  I tried a similar post (same source, different adressee and respondent, Lets software developer Richard Kay) yesterday but failed; posted at indy main instead (item 156414 >>see 3-26-prfr.htm) ----- news/2002/03/28.php A latuff compilation --- 8th comment:  I encourage latuff to: by piet • Monday March 25, 2002 at 06:10 AM austria.indy 8569 7th comment: hey latuff, do me a favor by piet 11:08pm Fri Mar 22 '02 picture a jew, a palestinian, a watering can and a seedling starting to replant the entire holy cratered, denunded and desertified Middle East and don't be so sarcastic, satirical and sardonic all the time (not to mention devilishly and derisively realistic), OK? Thanks Book burning is a not done and allowing old stuff to crumble before digitizing is bad too but the world could shure do with all too abstractly religious books turning in the compost pile, the latter will absorb about as much feeling as God can or would is it was a person that could. recent post about a Palestinian/Israeli joint effort on permaculture and community currencies.

--------156951 for a fairly in depth discussion of 'hm' (english) by piet 12:40pm Mon Mar 25 '02 hm stands for horrible males or was it contents? Anyway(s), my new permanent URL with periodic changes -----

Mark Dery posts this at --
Scientologists gag Google
========= North America, General News March 22, 2002, 13:12 gmt / 05:12 pst The Church of Scientology (CoS) persuaded Web search service Google to delete links from its database directing users to certain pages maintained by a CoS critic, The Register reported. The church convinced Google that it was liable for copyright infringement under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) because it had links to pages that mirror excerpts from sacred texts considered by CoS as its intellectual property. According to The Register, the DMCA is ambiguous. Fair use "ensures that we may [...] quote a passage from CoS scripture and ridicule it, but not re-publish it," The Register wrote. "But there is no pre-defined limit to how much copyrighted text may be reproduced for purposes of analysis, criticism, satire or argumentation."

157786 New (3rd) book on money by Thomas Greco
Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender
I used only 19 pages to compact the original 93 page pdf format, grrrrrrr; the trick to get it conformated' is due to a lawlibrarian who showed me to click the pfd hand (allows the right mouseclick choice 'continuous',
then click the tool select icon and right click on a select all
((unless the thing is locked)),
now you may copy paste)
LegalTenderAlternatives.htm (208K)
(starts an instant pfd download)
typically something to go for via google (html) cache; see the weirdo adequacy article on the latter below)
I attached notes pointing to the prfr URL at the spam/posts Jon did around the world's indy's (3 so far): Jon Change's new site (I liked an earlier version better) The function of the Time-Energy Accounting (TEA) system, 100% backed by HUMAN TIME and RENEWABLE ENERGY, is to: --1. Administer a lawful citizens’ currency. --2. Strengthen the liberties and responsibilities of individual citizens and local communities. --3. Minimize the centralization of power. --4. Balance competition and cooperation in the marketplace. --5. Minimize public and private bureaucracy. --6. Maximize efficient and equitable utilization of natural resources. --7. Eliminate the need for personal income tax. --8. Minimize the need for any taxation. --9. Minimize corporate-government racketeering. --10. Stabilize the money supply and price level. --11. Restore full-reserve banking. --12. Remove the primary cause of economic inflation, deflation, recessions, depressions, warfare and waste of resources. --13. Enhance life, liberty, tranquility and democracy for all. I at Jon should collect all his responses and put THEM on his 'group' (of one) sites

Reminder (unique post): /2002/march15prfr.htm contains that superbly satirical/bitter/truthfull item called pejorative journalism, this 'verbal terror by Hosenslorcher has as yet not been indexed by Google (too busy fightin off the peskily parasitic scientologists I guess. ------- mutual credit banking; a 'forum' (more like ((old))correspondence) between the site subject/maker (Boudewijn Wegerig, a south african greybeard) and some other fook; the nature of money today: ------------ 158065 Bush creates monsters (includes short and to the point 'comics'). ----------- 157568 +23 (short C's) the afghan quake + 23 short comments ----------- 157842Free The Hunzas! by Funcarelo. Hunza Tribal Chief. Atilla Clan; the hunza's want their recipees to be free (and not sold over the net)
Palestinians kill 2 international observers -- 12th comment: The Palastinian Athority is by Earnst Miesner 10:48pm Tue Mar 26 '02 an Isreli racket. Arafat was hand picked by Isreal and the US to be dictator of the sections of the West Bank that the Isrealis could not control directly. He gets much of his funding from US taxpayers.  He does not speak for most Palastinians. The Isrealis try to kill off any Palastinian leaders who oppose Arafat. It would be VERY EASY for the Isrealis to have a person in a Palastinian Athority uniform kill the UN people. Also the Palastinians have been asking for more UN support lately and the Isrealis have been opposed to having UN people in "their" country. So My take is that it was either an accident, or an Isreali attemt to terrorize UN employees and discredit the Palastinians. (nothing worthwile here I can discover)

158586 Palestinians in Brussels ---- 158561 comic relief

158333 + 10 an issue on gender (see some sadie plant rants in april.htm too)

Kelley wrote:  ".. . .I think you have to realize you'll ever only reach 10%. I sat at the feet of sucky profs and THEY reached students. I got ace evaluations and I didn't reach any more than the sucky profs that everyone hated. so, take a little of the pressure off yourself.  Give me the weekend and i'll think about it some more when I have time. -----------------   Can't say I've sat at proffy feet much ever, let's see . .. butcher school? nah, they had teachers. Krishnamurti and Baghwan (on a bleu moon)? Maybe the latter was a wayward sexologist Phd. The funniest account of inattention paid to a prof's regular lectures I ever heard was from the mightily mobile (mealy? lemmeknow) mouth attached to the persona of Arnold Keyserling, he has a pretty unchanging repertoire and through the 3 semesters I heard him (on his 'wheel') downtown Vienna in the Art Akademie the story of his one faithful student who kept attending lectures (only) cause he slept best in that situation. A Floridan laywer translated a lot of Keyserling's work (who's father helped Steiner with the Ag stuff and Karl Kraus made fun of) and put it here:   For those capable of German there is

Are there some similiarities and parallels between the (media) reports and reputations of the Nazi's and the anti-globalists? MMMMmmmm.As KKraus said (more or less): Jews rule the stockmarket, the media and now they want to debase our dreams (and yet .. . he had a closetfull of taboo and filled socks  . .. and yet . .. ) --- a snippet from the squeeze list: or start with something "in the news"--some contemporary event/issue/controversy....let them flesh out positions, attitudes/values underlying those positions and then help them figure out how what they've figured out fits into the schema of the class --------I did this one year... it was a lot of work actually (I dream of being able to wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee and read the paper!). I brought in clippings every week, I've still got them. I got really inspired one year and wrote a letter to the editor about Haider's fascism, which some dim-wit had praised as taking pride in ones nation. I was quite pleased when it came up for discussion (a couple of my students actually ended up writing papers on Austrian nationalism). I received 2 hate-phone calls and a picture of Hitler that someone sent me, with an article explaining how he was misunderstood. I saved that too.ken ------ clubbing the kinmin Haider's parents were wrong; he was maligned for his humanitarian gesture to misguided fighters, nevertheless, we now have a litter of little haiders in ascendancy all over europe; the pim fortuyn fellow (who years ago received a package of most of the pamphlets I was to put into my guest_appearances subdir. years later cause he complained people were so apathetic) salutes like it is supposed to look cute and gets away with it (of course practicing homo's can do that; it's the repressed ones one as to watch out for.   ----- Humanitarian gesture? ---------    +P: what do you call saluting? (a salute is a salute even when done to da devil hisssself though the deep bleu sea knows (s)he need it most) -------    Misguided fighters? ---------- +P: 99% of all foke are sheep even among fighters; dey d-own do it for demsolves and 'scuse me but how many fighters had any contact at all with jews; most of those handling them were under the impression of relocating them -- a still much popular  practice in zionazilazionaloid land as I understand. The time's up sort of game children play when some hide and the seekers go: whoever hasn't scurried is to be seen".  Jews were refused as servicefoke, at least the poss. to make promotion (see Aby Warburg who agitated against this, for all his love of art, he was a fucking militant too, I mean, a real man too right?) --------------    The wrong parents? We should be so lucky. ----------   +p: yeah easy way out is what you think right? Not if you know I don't sub to an american dream concept leads anywhere (but more slavery and squalor  only worse). Take a person out of his genetically tuned playpen (and vica versa though that is said to be impossible; one has to wait one generation at least) and soon the valveholes on the multispeed/many axled n sprocketed all ears gears don't line upto let the shit through  (but frust to fears and tears. I'd say that goes for all but the most tenacious and petrified -- who tend to be desert dwellers and take their habit(at)s and home makery into the woods without qualms, they don't even bother doing without their dust veils since they feel confident  about turning up a few flurries soon enough; what i'm saying is: the deserts are winnin), clog time and I don't mean wooden ones  ---------  Ken: ... I hope, despite modernity, they'll be able to see in this film something other than the glorification of punishment qua comedy... ken -------  very nice indeed Kenneman but . .. ar (dare I repeat a reek west? .. so soon?) wit a bout me provisionary force/exertion/urteil? I'd post another few googles but don't wanna seem too impudent. -------- Shopping malls. The new public space, but you can't pamphlet. I've never understood the connection between genetics and leather pants. Maybe someone can explain to me the word 'fetish.' ken -------- gosh, tall order Ken, but yeah the bits about how genetics, resonances, peoples, playpen pliability and gauntlet pro-life-rates n rations interact could use some work, no denying.   as for featish try this guy; he seems to have gone a little a shy or maybe he can't quite stand by his earlier work on Habermas after the Sloterdijk Debatte eventhough he sounds like he is rite up there with the safeT in numbers crowd holding the worst aspects of a burgeoning movement up to ridicule and derision with snide remarks that remind me of reports about the windy break ins (to the exclusion of etc) of late: (probably a fresh unlinked to page; you ought to climb a few notches before I'm done with ya. there are plenny squeeze list items in the logbriefer to and I crosspost indy items to them; thus my files bleed the way)
   -- via Indy 153482 the global commons for the benefit of scientific progress, education and the public good (about info-flowfreedom)

159335 A golden reign of tolerance ---- my response: yeah grand; yet now, this region has turned t (english) by o near desert 2:22am Fri Mar 29 '02 read feuchtwanger most famous novel 'somethingor other (lady?) from toledo' and find plenny of war throughout the region; seems the hormone tides are bound to accumulate too much sexplowsievity on a regular basis -

160304 wanted: large slaboland for a jewish desertification reversal school (english) by sprotskipjot 11:38pm Fri Mar 29 '02 (Modified on 1:45am Sat Mar 30 '02) they's-mart enough to make a go of it anywhere but not smack in the face of their heaviest hardest karma; don't try lift that fork lest it breaks. that's all fokes  -----chew on this disthrowbation (english) by piet 1:45am Sat Mar 30 '02 googling'us foreign aid percentage israel' gets you an indywire page within the first 20 results but not the most relevant unfortunately. 'israel's claim on us foreign aid percentage' = don't get you any within the first 50 the same as exact phrase = 0 "US foreign aid allocation" = US Coalition for Child Survival ... food meals per person in the US Beyond that, the US Foreign Aid allocation—the portion of the international affairs budget that funds overseas economic and ... - 11k - --------- Al-Ahram Weekly | Home News | Egypt and US bolster defence ties ... Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Egypt receives the second largest US foreign aid allocation after Israel. Since the signing of the peace treaty, Washington has ... - 10k --------- Do human rights matter in bilateral aid allocation? A ... HTML versie ... has focused on the role of human rights in US foreign aid allocation. Cingranelli and Pasquarello (1985), for example, examined whether human rights played a ... - ---------- The Determinants of Aid Allocation by Regional Multilateral ... - HTML versie ... literature has focused on the determinants of United States (US) foreign aid allocation, particularly with respect to the role of political and civil rights ... ----------- Introduction Learning Outcomes  Kato, Masakatsu (1969), "A Model of US Foreign Aid Allocation: An Application of a Rational Decision-Making Scheme", in John E. Mueller (Ed.), Approaches to ... - -------- Voice of America, 99-08-24 ... TEXT: Turning to another domestic issue, the current US foreign aid allocation, there is widespread criticism of its size, like this one in "The San Francisco ... - 68k -------- III. Comparison of the United States¡¯ and Japanese Foreign Aid ... ... Central American countries, increased the share of Latin America in US foreign aid allocation. Aid to Africa which was less than $1 billion in the 1960s and ... - 101k ----------- preliminary (to the point of preconceived; I didn't study any of these docs)conclusion: america likes the arms trade (as did holland in its 'hay' day and still .. .decision about the joint star fighter discussed with relish . .. the climate changes are as welcomed by Holland's inhabitants as (the former's) refugeed will be refused ).

162601 the refusnik letter again; only one comment: Attitude to peace activist = attitude to life (english) by N. O. Comment 10:21pm Mon Apr 1 '02 Arresting peace activists, hitting them with shrapnel, etc., demonstrates a disrespect for de-escalation and a lust for genocide that has only three worse examples in the world: 1. The genocide of the Great Apes (chimps, gorillas, bonobos, orang-utans) who pose no harm to competition to humans, but whose numbers have been depleted 50% by meat hunting and habitat destruction just in the past 10 years. 2. Al Qaeda declaring all "Jews" and "Americans" the enemy and targets for extinction, despite the many Jews and many Americans who have sought to end dependence on Saudi oil and the military-industrial complex of the USA and Israel. 3. The U.S.A. creating seven million Afghan refugees and killing hundreds of civilians bombing Afghan cities full of others who had nowhere to go. Israel has entered sad company with its genocidal policies.

164089 + 26 this Chris Hanson person evokes plenny opposition (on a long term basis) 7 Questions every liberal should be forced to answer - truthfuly Here is my choice of best of the bunch (most consistently brilliant; all answers had great points): questions for conservatives (english) by kayoss 3:26pm Wed Apr 3 '02 1. A convicted War Criminal is serving aa a media consultant. During his time in public office, he orders a massacre of civilians. The next week he kills a elected president, 3 days later he installs a brutal military regime that is responsible for the deaths and dissapearances of thousands. Considering you oppose the world court, how do you propose stopping Kissenger from killing again? 2. It's the middle of the night, and you have a stroke. You call 911, the ambulance will be at your home in 5 minutes, the blood in your brain will cause permanent damage will be in your bedroom in 10 seconds. Considering you oppose the best treatment known to prevent brain damage in a stroke, medicinal marijuana, how are you going to stop this stroke from destroying your brain (or whatever part of it you didn't destroy with keggers in the frat house)? 3. What if, before you were born, your mother was pregnant with a pregancy that would probably kill her. The state, being run against the princiiples of seperation of church and state, denied her the right of choice of an abortion. Would you condem her for travelling to a less repressive society to save her life? (This happened to my mother before I was born, before Roe v. Wade...) 4)Since you believe tobacco corporations should recieve government subsidies as kickbacks for heavy contributions to the campaign coffers of the likes of Jesse Helms, in spite of well documented marketing of their product illegally to children in order to get them addicted and thus expand the customer base, and also in spite of extensive documentations of chemical additives to this subsidized tobacco to raise addiction rates even higher, why, other than its potential to cut into the profits of the oil companies, plastics companies, pharmaceutical ccompanies, and other major contributors to conservative campaign coffers who also have heavy ties to fascist organizations dating back to the nazi era, do you feel that a plant that has never been shown to be harmful in any way, that has the potential to ressurect the american family farmer, that has shown amazing health benefits in a number of conditions, thus making it very possible to have affordable healthcare for all without increasing the average prson's taxes by a cent, should be the target of a multibillion dollar war that also takes away the constitutional freedoms which this very country was founded upon? 5. Since you believe that people who oppose a powerful corporations and seek more government independence from these corporations are dangerous extremists, can I assume you would have been a "Loyalist" during the Revolutionary War? (For those of you who attended public school in the Reagan-Bush years, a "Loyalist" supported the King of England and opposed the creation of a nation run by colonists instead of the East India Trading Company) 6. Statistics indicate that there were 41,821 deaths in 2000 alone caused by cars. Less than 4,000 people were killed by terrorism in the US in the years 2000 and 2001 combined. Does this mean we should spend 20x as much as were are spending in Afganistan to ostensibly "fight terrorism" to launch an all out war against auto manufacturers and those counties which give them aid and abbestment? (I Bike, and I encourage others to do the same, however the most common reason people give for driving rather than biking is that they are afraid of the cars on the road not watching where they are going. This is a valid fear, as drivers do not watch where they are going and have hit me before. As this use of terror is the main reason people give for making the political choice to drive, (thus choosing to poison the air, and not only hand money to terrorists by buying oil, but also financially encouraging those who create the conditions that make terrorism an inevitability in our world) rather than making the political choice to bike (thus not adding to pollution, keeping one's body in far better shape, not handing money to terrorists or those who inspire their actions, etc) does that not make every single person who endangers the life of others by pumping poisons into the air and commanding a lethal projectile down the street, a terrorist?) 7. Considering the position Conservatives have taken on the following issues, how would you feel about the following: -Your daughter begins dating a black man. -Your son is going camping with a homosexual friend his own age. -The pilot of the commerical airliner you are flying has been working for below poverty wage ($16,000 a year to start!!!) because of a crackdown on labor organizations. -A convicted drunk driver moves into the white house and you forgot to bring the cocaine to his inaugeration party.

165338 To Subject: be polite enough to bundle your posts and save us from having to. ---- dunno what poor sod of an intimidated subordinate and clerked jerk you (ab)use to post all your rants at indy but you are obviously not being received, lauded and pointed out as a shining example (witness the ((overdue but now kicked in well and good)) binbunchabundling of your unfarfromfascist 'news') but I plead you let him take some work off of our and his (their?) hands herding links WITHOUT THE ARTICLES into one item a day; that's still more than any of us regulars do and maybe you should read Elias Canetti's account of his schooling in Zuerich to get an idea of what this is all about if you don't get it yet. We have shoestring budgets and don't need to duplicate stuff unless we have a): strong feelings about them, b): fear the place they live on the web will not survive long; neither seems to apply to your mechanically steady supply. I do find an occasional choice tidbit on your site, like this one: Propaganda Poll    Where Do You See the Current Push for Implantable Microchips and Merging Man and Machine Leading?
                                                                          votes          percent
1.)  A Happy Techno-Plantation                            7                2%
2.)  A Nightmare Slave Plantation                       72             20%
3.)  Robots Ruling Over Humans                        10              3%
4.)  People Just Being More Dumb                     32              9%
5.)  Something that Will Backfire on the NWO    31              9%
6.)  Satanic Rule                                                     81             22%
7.)  Nowhere - We Will Defeat This                      75             21%
8.)  Total Apocalypse                                              53            15%
Stop yourself from vying for most disliked poster please. Thanks. If you view indyans as a potential recruit pool I suggest you not start (continue) to alienatet us. ---- see also 164794 + 20 ---- it looks like all the propma stuff got hidden I meant to place an item number here of the latest bundle; it looks like a little remake is in the offing anywho:

Items in Brief
155985 Olympia mayday hap vacancies ---- 155730 links on Gold buggery (give 'm a from hell hauling helping hand) ------ 155599(conspiracy via openeye) ------ 155576 (a spectrum of the right) ---- 155478 (marco on groupings)----- 155459 (Indigenes to Wolfensohn - pdf) -------- 155292 How The Left Undermined America's Security by David Horowitz (only the comments to this long and boring read, matter of fact, since he is so boring I decided I didn't even need to yet still be safe to say this about this big effort) --------- 155220 Tolkien and the flight from modern life  ------------------ 155144 + 4 HOW TO BE WELCOME BY IMC GERMANY AND  AUSTRIA by Latuff
Best of by Marco
(I've plainly inspired him)

April: (via 163046) --------- 163118 ( link to Sharon's old schemes (now on schedule) -------- 163130 = mediachannel article ------ 163313 Mass graves in Palestine by the BBC (? unchecked item; and in truth, who could? Observers (Pottekijkers = pejorative dutch version) dissallowed in the more and more hellishly holy land) ------- book on jesuits 'vatican assasins' excerpted (long) ----------- (texans) ----- 163559 + 11 with ------ like valis from 's been busy; uses a black background now with a formula sorta similar to his former effort) ------------ 163637 on the CIA (very long) ------- << I did miss a few days here >>----- 159765 IMC palestine hacked (redirected, stragglers on the same issue are at -84) --------------- 160003 + 20 (see avenger, a pretty convincing formulator) --------- 158930 A great American company logo pile making up a swa sticka toget her ---------- 159601 US: BIKE-AID this summer! education with a grass roots edge; "grassroutes" tour ----------- and truth.htm (index) ------ 164396 + great comments (all 9 of 'm) tacked onto a long rant by a Quran lover who says that the existence of God is probably lower than the time it would take to achieve the same number 28 times in a row (400 thousand years) ------- ---- ----- 161557 mp3 on neighbourhood assembly in Buenos Aires ----- 164145 Israeli army 'men' open fire on international observers (I was so greatly discouraged by this that I let a few posts on it slip by catatonically; here is another one: 163685 <from the Guardian>) ---- 164180 the invasion by israel shamir ----- 163876 Belgian senator on Israel (which has 250 atomic warheads) ------ 161555 The Independent: Downing Street said al-Qa'ida was using chemical weapons: it was wrong. The Pentagon said Saddam Hussein was to blame for the anthrax attacks on the US: it was wrong. Don't always trust what they tell you in the war on terror --------- 164230another episode in the Israel boycott advancing research by the foke. ----- 164556 10 Things We Should Know About US Policy in Middle East (english) by Stephen Zunes 12:50am Thu Apr 4 '02 Stephen Zunes is an associate professor of politics and chair of the Peace & Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco. He serves as a senior policy analyst and Middle East editor for the Foreign Policy in Focus Project. ----- 164651 naming, unmasking and engaging the powers; a trilogy by Walter Wink (via the pynchon mailing list:  =pynchon-l&month=0203&sort=date) ----- 165308 IMC NEWS BLAST: PALESTINIANS UNDER SIEGE   by Indymedia News Blast Team 10:43pm Thu Apr 4 '02   IMC NEWS BLAST: a selection of important news summaries, stories, opinions   and media found on a variety of the Independent Media Center websites. ----- 165240 Here is a list of Israel/Palestinian groups that support non-violence ------ 165271 If you think JTS Moore's new documentary would only interest computer geeks, you're wrong. The subject isn't just a computer operating system so much as the rules that define an industry integral to our culture and economy. ------- 164993 article about the chosen fjew fascist forces fucking with witnessing ------ 165168   US aid to Israel - Tax Dollars Soaked in Blood  by Susan Abulhawa 2002-04-04 18:41:54-08   US tax dollars at work but not at home 164891 World Sustainability Hearing at the Rio+10 Summit  Johannesburg, South Africa, August 26 - September 4, 2002 ------- 166591 Appeal to end racism against BC Aboriginal People ----- 165803 list of attacks on journalists (many, see also 165455)  ------ 165815 funny cartoon called 'not too smart' (about bombs) ------------ 166317 tough turdery teachin' Bobby is back!!!!! ------- 188906 Looooong poster (horizontal) ------------- -------

Kelley's eye for irony: Bush on bin Laden: "He's the ultimate parasite who found weakness, exploited it, and he's met his match."

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166524 + 14 Israel (and Jews) Against the World ------------- 166977 Fisk --------- another Fisk: 166574 on the Arab summit ----------- 166956 + 4 I'm Tired Of Financing Racist State Of Israel ----------- 165888 America's War Inc: Weapons and Wars 'R' US ------------- 165882 Israeli troops attack foreign journalists ------------- 165825 Not in our name -- ----------- 165812 UNTIL WHEN WILL THE PALESTINIANS PAY FOR ARAFAT'S STRATEGIC MISTAKE? by By Muna Hamzeh---------- 165536 The Road to War in the Mideast 
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