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191052 female oppression; some quotes: One minute we wanted to be liberated; the next, we wanted to be taken care of. We went to work and learned to support ourselves, but we still expected a man to hold the door for us on the way into our office. We begged men to open up and show us their vulnerabilities, but found ourselves getting turned off when they started sounding weak. -- Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, Barbara De Angelis, p 5 Women said they wanted sensitivity, so men gave them sensitivity. Women reward this by calling it "byronesque and self-involved". (Women & Love, St. Martin's Press mass market edition, 1989, Shere Hite, p 249) No matter what men do, it's not good enough for the female supremacists. ---------- Pop-feminists discovered that, contrary to Betty Friedan's assertion that women become more radical as they age (a function not of gender, but of alienation), most women are too conservative to rise up en masse and assume the equality feminism proffers. 'So they are demanding that men change', instead. In fact, as Warren Farrell points out in The Myth of Male Power, it wasn't until men had become successful enough at fulfilling their traditional role that women could afford to feel the limitations of their own role as oppression. In other words, far from oppressing them, the objective reality is that men liberated women. --------------

190876 2nd comment in part: Its called "add a comment" and it is a pretty thorought bullshit neutralizer. ----------- 7th in part: keep IMC fun (english) George Will 9:50am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190952 IMC's credibility won't suffer from bullshit posting on the open newswire, quite possibly the opposite. The open newswire is one of the most interesting aspects of IMC and not because it's authoritative and credible. Take Drudgereport for example, his web page is full of it, yet very popular. I submit that a sort of cheesy tabloid character in IMC's open feature is probably a good thing, so long as it doesn't become boring, repetitive, predictable, prosaic. IMC's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. It's already more popular than many mainstream corporate news websites like The Washington Times, and way ahead of websites like The Nation according to the rankings at Alexa Websearch. So yes, seek quality and credibility for the features section and front page, but don't dismiss the popular open section, it has something we need too. Zmag's website is authoritative and credible, and it has all the charm of decomposing cardboard. Please don't let that happen to IMC. BTW, people need to post funny and positive reviews for IMC at Alexa

jared israels effort at 190866 gets these responses:-- a Good article (english) greg 5:30am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190870 Thumbs up for this one folks, it was a good read. Jared Israel is pretty cool. -----------Not desperate for oil??? (english) K Davies 6:10am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190877 Jared Israel writes: "The US/Euro Empire is not desperate for oil." Are we to assume from this statement that the US/Euro Empire could operate without oil and gas? I don't think Mr Israel would go quite that far. That would be just too absurd. Or perhaps Mr Israel knows of huge, secret oil and gas reserves somewhere that the rest of us don't know about. Could be. But to argue that the purpose of encircling the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea oil/gas patches with US military bases is not to secure access to the oil/gas in those patches really is absurd. It's not even worth debating. Of course the Trans-Afghan/CentGas pipeline was not the only motive for invading Afghanistan. It's only one of at least 10 built or on the corporate drawing boards. And they all need military protection in order to operate. See for a map of the pipelines and the military bases. In order to understand the importance of these pipelines and their smooth functioning, perhaps Mr Israel needs to do some research on the importance of EXCESS CAPACITY in the world oil economy. Hint: there isn't much and it's getting smaller all the time: . --------------- Splitting Hairs (english) JB 6:12am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190878 I don't see why these theories can't coexist. Yes the elite/NATO are following the Brzezinski plan to the letter. And yes there is a great possibillity of nuclear war. But pumping 5 trillion dollars of *oil* through Afganistan has to be a consideration to this regime. Even if you don't believe Le monde, nobody questions ties to the oil industry of just about eveybody else,W,Poppy,Cheny,Rice,White,Kalizhad etc. Then you have world supply peaking. But just to split another hair if you read UNOCAL's testimony before Congress  105th/ap/wsap212982.htm they specifically and repeatedly say *oil* pipeline. The gas pipeline was to go to Turkey via Georgia. ------------ Yes, it's BOTH (english) Harel B 8:28am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190928 Yes, good article, and in an analytical and respectful tone except the statement, "But those who argue that "they're-in-it-for-the-oil" are not serious about facts. " As if *every* single person who argues "there's in it for oil" (which is a Heterogeneous group, and includes lots more people than those who MEAN "they're in it ONLY for oil", it includes others) -- as if ALL such people are "not serious about the facts" As the previous comment poitned out it's about both. In fact, sometimes they are two sides of the same thing: Yes you're trying to destroy competitors (Russia and europeans) power relative yours (relative Washingtons) by means of denying Them the oil pipeline advantage; even if you don't "need" it as badly, yourself, as some claim, you DO gain power by denying the oil to some and the money to others. So they are two sides of the same coin. has good info on oil and the plot to overthrow Venezuela's president. In any case, in my view we should spend 90% of our time talking to non-radicals, non-activists opening their eyes to the basic picture, rather than most 90% of our time squabbling with each other. Yes, yes, I can hear you say, we need to get the picture straight first. But as noted above and by the prevoius commented, we do have the Basic picture straight: power, money, oil, combinations thereof, as opposed to human rights and democracy, are the reasons;and even amoral US citizens have reasons (risk of global war, and other global catastrophes) to resistit. Those are enough reasons for US citizens (even ones who only care about themselves) to fight against this. Our moral responsibility is to inform them Peace, Harel (strategic planning on HOW to take power from corporations) --------------Excess Capacity (english) KD 2:48pm Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#191037 The significance of low excess capacity in world old production is that when there's a glitch in the system - a war (Iraq), a cut-off (Iraq), a big refinery fire (Kuwait), a quota dispute (Saudi Arabia), or just natural depletion (the world) - other countries can't quickly fill the gap in production. As a consequence, prices rise and the global economy goes into the tank because the global economy runs on cheap oil. It can't afford expensive oil. That's what happened in 2000 and that's what gives the corporate globalists nightmares. Their entire house of cards rests on a slippery foundation of cheap oil. The corporate globalists want more excess capacity to give them a cushion against recurrances of the 2000 price hike and resulting recession. That's what the war on Afghanistan is really about - to control access to the oil of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, and to create *new* excess capacity in the Caspian Sea region. As world oil reserves continue to relentlessly decline, the importance of excess capacity will only increase. The importance of excess capacity in *natural gas* production will also increase because natural gas can substitute for oil in many applications. -------------

190855 About the hate speech on IMC a1 1:57am Tue Jul 9 '02The elevation of the open publishing format to the level of a principal that nullifies responsibility for content is a sham The IMC allows their technology and the labor of all who contribute to the public space that exists here, to be exploited at will, by bigots, sectarians and anyone else who seeks to oppress, harass and incite violence against innocent human beings based on constructs of nationality, race, religion or sexuality. This condition is portrayed as freedom. A confusion this profound can only arise from a sheltered living condition, a place where one can afford to calculate the finer points of morality with little chance of being gunned down, beaten, enslaved or dying of hunger in the process. Words have power, media has power, those who use positions of power to oppress other people will meet with opposition. Does the IMC think it's Switzerland? If what I have said here is not true then say so and try to speak clearly. ---------------- For example (english) a1 3:24am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190863 -- 190800 These are duplicated posts of the above. 190770 -- 190755 -- 190728---------- big fuckin deal bro! (english) piet 4:00am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190865 any hatred is a mere symptom of disempowerment and oppression (wether by self or other or othered self or even unselfed others and seemingly unselfish othering); as long as they keep coming in our job aint finished. Let's pose that self-delusion, projection and blindering of one's own bad habits an indisputable security ties (wether real or imaginary) cause one to be hateful. Let's realize also that such very same undiscovered and barely laid (open and out to air) mechanisms evoke all kinds of frusts possibly but not necessarily including hatred, (which is a matter of tone more than anything ((repetition and intensity of the threat vs non-monotonous witticism embellished rants of the raconteur, troubadour, conferencier, priest, imam and president)) can do a world of good).  Any anger will be the villain's (all too formal, decent, etc) excuse to ignore the content and just complaint coming dressed in such '(f)ire' don't be too squemish and holierthanthou. Allow folk to sharpen their wits; it's enough work just to remind people to not (re)post and repeat but point to previous 'mentions' and 'mentations'.---------- oops mistake again but not mistaken rite? (english) piet 5:24am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190869 Let's pose that self-delusion, projection and blindering of one's own bad habits an -------  an should be and indisputable security ties (wether real or imaginary) cause one to be hateful. ----------  I've got time to cram one more grace not in there to the tune of ???? key clacks (actually this Compaq deskpro board is sorta quoingg-springyploing type noises making): Let's pose (and pone) that self-delusion, . .. etc. -------- Words do have power (english) Spruce 5:48am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190873 Words do indeed have power. It is, therefore, the moral responsibility of those that disagree with such putrid bile as the posting and re-posting and the re-re-posting (ad naseum) by Big Owl to speak out against it. However, once someone decides what is acceptable speech and what is not, we are standing on a slippery slope. In one way or another, all words are objectionable to somebody somewhere. To curtail one individual's speech is to threaten all speech. Instead, we should simply counter such tripe. ------ Clarity (english) I. F. Stone 6:53am Tue Jul 9 '02 comment#190885 How about you speaking clearly. What kind of censorship do you espouse? ------

190??? The U.S. circumcises over 1.2 million male infants per year and is the only country in the world that circumcises most of its male infants for nonreligious reasons. The rate has remained around 60% in recent years. Circumcision is generally considered an American cultural practice, but the pertinent legal questions have not been decided and are only recently being asked. The debate about circumcision has been more vocal lately due to increased awareness and questions about harm and lack of proven benefits. Proponents continue to claim potential decreased risk of certain diseases, but these claims are not accepted by any national medical organizations. No medical association in the world recommends circumcision. -

 191706  GWB--Great Prevaricator (of Ignorance, Greed, and Fear) by Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher 2002-07-11 23:34:58.396908-07 Chicanery and corruption are not exclusive to Republicans, when you consider the behavior of the wimpy Democrats in Congress. A little sprinkling of anthrax proved a great excuse for the majority of the Democrats to lose what little spine they had and march in lockstep to Oily George's phony "war on terra" and give him everything he wants to strip us of our freedoms, tear up the Constitution and replace our democratic republic with a dictatorship—as long as a Bush is the dictator (and there are more Bushes waiting in the wings: Jeb, George P., young Jebbie, and perhaps even the Terrible Twins aspire to sit on the throne).

 191659  The Role of Technology in Financial Fraud by Dean Steele 2002-07-11 18:42:27.48826-07  To understand the problems involving corporate malfeasance and accounting scams in the USA today, we should look deeper into the methods used to cover up fraud by means of computerized databases.

Excellent Gore Vidal at the ?article_id=35538 Kill them!!! (cartoon by Latuff)  latuff on surveilllance camera's and I add various things (my own and from Sun Jul 7 '02 Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. (a pic of a surv. camera on fire)  ----------- answer to this at main repeated by piet 11:30am Mon Jul 8 '02 190543"kill surveillance cameras" - I go: sad to see yall gloat over and goad on pyromania Any intention to use exothermal oxidation (flame) should be outlawed and severely rationed (starting with declaring less than 2 or 3 people in one care illegal). Mustering popular support for superfluidizing and recycling whatever is fine by me but setting fire to no matter what target earns my veto everytime I have a better idea perhaps: We citizens of the free west should endure and endorse infringements and curbings on our privacy in the interest of preventing cancers like terrorism. Fine, by all means. But! Let our even finer leaders lead us, show us how it's done and remind us that a true leader only leads when he leads by example; they conjure up, deserve and merit if not provoke training the most inobtrusive, pervasive and accurate hi-tec surveillance on themselves!!! What use is surveillance in prison where walls already hamper all mischief; it's the all to free we need to put tabs on. If any of my 40 Mbeezz text would merit some hi-light(n)in' next, it's gotta be this insite (available since 98) ------------- what I said stands all the more . .. by piet 11:21am Tue Jul 9 '02 since I do grade n rate all the following highly also, just not nearly as important. ---------- from Introduction iSee is a web-based application charting the locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in urban environments. With iSee, users can find routes that avoid these cameras -­ paths of least surveillance -­ allowing them to walk around their cities without fear of being "caught on tape" by unregulated security monitors. ------------- the conclusion of the article: More disturbing, however, was the finding that incidents of police brutality and harassment captured by CCTV surveillance were routinely ignored. The tapes of these events also had a tendency to be "lost" by operators. The effect of video surveillance on criminal psychology is also not well understood. One Los Angeles study found that cameras in a retail store were perceived by criminals as a challenge, and in fact offered became an inducement towards shoplifting. At best, CCTV seems to not reduce crime, but merely to divert it to other areas. According to one Boston police official, "criminals get used to the cameras and tend to move out of sight." A final thought... Given heightened awareness of public safety and increased demand for greater security in the face of growing threats of terrorist violence, projects that undermine systems for social control may seem to some viewers to be in poor taste. It is the Institute for Applied Autonomy's position that such times call out all the more strongly for precisely these kinds of projects. As spytech dealers stumble over themselves in their haste to auction off our civil liberties - wrapped in the stars and stripes, tied up tight with memorial ribbons - to right-wing politicos who drool and salivate in anticipation of railroading their own Orwellian wet-dreams of social control through our legislative bodies, there is a vital need for independent voices that cry out against such cynical exploitation of legitimate human fear and suffering for political power and monetary gain. The Institute for Applied Autonomy is such a voice. iSee is our statement. - Brought to you by the Institute for Applied Autonomy "Now more than ever." ----------- References "ACLU Calls on Law Enforcement to Support Privacy Laws for Public Video Surveillance: Statement of Barry Steinhardt, Associate Director American Civil Liberties Union" American Civil Liberties Union (Press Release), April 8, 1999Boal, Mark, "Spycam City: The Surveillance Society: Part One," The Village Voice, week of Sept 30 – Oct 6, 1998 Flaherty, David H. "Video surveillance by public bodies: a discussion (Investigation P98-012)," Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, March 31, 1998 Levine, M. (2000). Surveillance, CCTV and SIDE: developing a research programme. In T. Postmes, R. Spears, M. Lea, & S.D Reicher (Eds.) SIDE issues centre stage: Recent developments of de-individuation in groups. Amsterdam: Proceedings of the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences. Norris, C. and Armstrong, G. "The unforgiving Eye: CCTV surveillance in public space" Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, Hull University, 1997. "NYPD to Try Video (Again)", Privacy Journal, April 1997 Reeder, Allan, "To See and Be Seen," The Atlantic Monthly Digital Edition, July 1998 Sher, Scott, "Continuous Video Surveillance and its Legal Consequences (PLRI Working Papers Series Fall 1996-01)," Public Law Research Institute, University of California Hastings College of the Law, 1996 Scottish Office Central Research Unit, "Crime and Criminal Justice Research Findings No 30: The Effect of closed circuit television on recorded crime rates and public concern about crime in Glasgow," July 7, 1999 "Video surveillance in public places," British Columbia Civil Liberties Association Newsflash!, June 1999 Institute for Applied Autonomy "Now more than ever" -------------- so once again, I ask you do all these valid but minor points add up to rules such as: the more 'say' you have, the more scrutiny you 'merit' and supporters you must lead in (and not on with reversely charged) loss of privacy -- ------------

 ----------- 190??? John Pilger (on the US as a rogue state via; media workers against war ----------- marketing threatens humanity by Gene Kan famous gnuman recently suicided though some have their doubts

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 191822 Fury as academics are sacked for being israeli ----- I post all 4 comments: skillfully concealed kernel of truth and true (english) cause hushked 11:17am Fri Jul 12 '02 address: comment#191831 Dr Shlesinger, a respected American-born academic at the Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv, is also a former chairman of Amnesty International in Israel and has criticised her country's policies in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  ------- iow: she was fired for being critical of the government some resurfactionists from somewhores in her very much too little to very much too much mixed up blood have set in place in a far off surkit us commedica recorpso belabourlabbersop --------------------------------- isn't this just a treasure? (english) piet 12:23pm Fri Jul 12 '02 comment#191850 "It's the rejection of the legitimacy of the state of Israel itself which lies at the core of the Israeli-Arab conflict." Afshin Ellian who has been harsh on fellow arab immigrants with some consistency has found this sort of most poisonous mud to fill his pen with also. I just don't get it; is all of arabia not big enough to find cheap empty land in. What would have prompted Zionists to refight and relive the bible? I want to bury that so book so deep nobody remembers a shred of it????? Anyway, how do yall like that liddul quote jumped down my synapses What this means is that the ageold poor powerless penman will try to figure the ins and outs of legitimacy as surely as a more barbarian brother of his will aim flame at his eyesores. what is 'legitimacy' in the face of irrefutably harsh reality? A similar poor mans bottle message. What the Hague vs Pentagon? A farce. What the UN vs a 'single' people's prideful pack of hijackers? The passengers on a jet heading for the tenderest of Toonders To grit ones teeth and be an indian disregarding pain as much as Sharon, cronies and sponsoring 'supporters' take the collateral damage route as one to derive motivation from for more cruelty, my, astonishing how they suffer and still the deathdollars roll in the chores at these rotten cores is having equality before law, under sun and in battles of riddle rattles such as these perfect pieces of ammo that are founts for the opposing parties both. But polarization is only useful (and indeed possible only) in abstracto, not where you need to maintain a modicomely decorum of eye to eye contact (the volume flashing opening) which doesn't require adaptation nor would it impose anything but a feminine valourless back turning would be averted and the flash would tell both how deep or high the limits like softy blankets and proud leashes need stretch to keep the bipolar elipse from eclypse and collapse. Arafat and Sharon in the ring at a reasonable price: all middle eastern weaponry and explosives; only indians and other legendary but alas exterminated since not massive enough barbarians were capable of such elegant solutions. --------------- boly hooks  polipiet 1:00pm Fri Jul 12 '02 comment#191859 some people got fired 'for being israeli' according to a poster who left no source. The title of this item reminds one of the second world war before anything else, despite the fresh (dare I say rebound, yes but not therefore less excusable) atrocities. how you feelin bout deserts and arabs? I say: compost all holy books and let live leaves be churnaturned and kiss each other in the wind. Maybe all we have to do is wish each other dreams like that. Talk about a poor man's lifeline to victory over core pirate pension eroding inflatables from rubber to numbers flashing on screen and oh crime, taken for truth on faith, just cause nobody can get past the curt(capt)aincy that stop whoever would not only dream of stoppin 'm anyway. Don't do anything massive people, don't especially people massively; be a little more selective and merciful before stuff gets outa hand. Inspired by that perhaps not yet meat but no doubt heavily brow beating (after an obsessive fashion) ancestral skull I would say: At first: Humanoids found it (prey) too tempting not to compete with predators and abused the humane protection excuse to close the gate at night in order to install-still full time surveillance / dependence and now we internalized all those layered overlapping, interknotted and -kneaded in abstracted hyrarchical and our man of the hour starts looking like sperm lottery obsession which distracts from the all consuming and wasting hangup: security for a grip on which I humbly beseech you to read some Ulrich von Beckerath (even if you only did it in order to cure me of my almost messianic obsession with his nevertheless (or maybe bycause of his) ridiculously common ideas).

fridaystuff.htm 122K

Getting Free 572K - A Draft General Agreement for "An Association of Democratic, Autonomous Neighborhoods" ------------- Is Greed All that's Wrong with Capitalism? -------------------- Indigenism ---- A Notion of How We Might Want To Live ---------------- some LBO-talk snippets 

 the powers of purse weigh Zoon Zion and so on:
Spinoza substitutes the state for god and holds on faithfully
(slash posted a Negri exegesis of Spinoza and some other heavy weight pilosophers riding the 20th century; they also feature an article by Louis Lingg on Gaming and cite Huizinga extensively (( How would Huizinga have seen the computer game, for example, one of the most popular forms of play today, and one produced by corporations for the enjoyment of consumers – one, in other words, in which play takes place as a commodity form? And is the philsopher right to suggest, as he does at the end of Homo Ludens, that this form – insofar as it is a ‘profane’ and ‘unholy’ form of play far removed from the original ludic impulse - ‘has no organic connection whatever with the structure of society’ whatsoerver? (3) --- also of note: Giorgio Agamben, in his recent Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life, focuses precisely on the relation between the body and political rights that is central in Sony’s claim of ownership of the player-bodies within EverQuest. Pursuing a line originating with Hannah Arendt, Agamben claims that contemporary society’s mass production of the refugee, the human without state or rights except those granted through special ‘humanitarian’ dispensation, is making clear the fact that modern political rights were never actually ‘inalienable’ but in fact absolutely conditional on citizenship in a Nation. In this way, as we have seen amply demonstrated in the figures of the Taliban’s soldiers at Camp X-Ray, and in the case of the ‘Dirty Bomber’ (all reduced to a state of ‘non legitimant combatants’, put outside of any juridical structure, neither protected under UN law, that of their own countries, nor that of the United States), the rights of the human are in fact politically constituted, and so may be politically (and strategically) dismantled.))but not Caillois which I exorted them to do with this text: guess, dare divine and grasp in a single breath (Score:-1, Bonkers) by Anonymous Comrade on Friday July 12, @11:44AM (#675) I am rather constrained to answer fully here at this stainless steel stand up one window at a time 'compedian' but must point out and to Roger Caillois's ideas on games and gaming to tie the whole homo and hyma went to say hypa n ma Gaimin gremium aggregate into the hermetic fold feed fondle a mentool least. Sorry, didn't mean to be obscure; just try his name on google and vica versa you may stir some poetpiet (me) in as required (to bring up) to taste standards of great grown apeople pretense. Enjoy --------- a few minutes later ----------- ... hermetic fold feed fondle a mentool least. .. . ??????? hermetic fold feed fondle a mentool least core near stoniness. Still ? able? never heard no rock dust spreading gospel aaa .rr.r.r. rub n rumble rubble rabble song yet??? You will. --------- re: bonkers and indicated corenearstones -- Caillois_citations.htm - 59k -- rate this you fiends from babylon = sick building syndrome foisting bloataboat - you don't know what bonkers is since it's what you are yarsolves. ) -------- more phil. links: (Bataille)

 ---------- Not those who burn perversion of vision but those who earn (by) it are important enough (disproportionately at that now obviously) to deserve the trappings and entrapments of their own devising (for others). --- Underclasses, -races and -genders are pure necessities and basic to prevent and ward off the functional imperative of catharsis, purge, prune, cull, curb and 'modestification' that always threatens to hit too close to home and too close for comfort; an expansion imperative is born with those who can least afford it (latest light I saw shed on the subject was a chapter from 'what am I doing here' by Bruce Chatwin in which he talks of nomads quite a bit) and they infect folk in richer environments who then escalate the whole matter which has the pleasant and life 'saving' spinn off of finding value in the refuse of previous rounds (oil in the deserts).

192588 + 29 --- Darwin was a sick liar (by a masonhater); 17th comment: tis a bit rich to wanna fight fire w fire piet 10:40am Tue Jul 16 '02 comment#192650 diabolic freemasonic imagination will fear and tremble before your precious prize I'm sure.  speeds and successievelikelihoods (free translation of a dutch word meaning slowths - gradualities) are not informative as to wether they are bursting bounds or not and wether that constitutes net gains or infringements; I think a look in this direction would be more fruitful:  Renzo D'Agnillo BRUCE CHATWIN.  Settlers, Exiles and Nomads  Edizioni Tracce, Pescara 2001  saggio (in inglese)  pp. 224, lire 25.000   per richiedere il libro contrassegno invia una  E-mail cliccando sull'immagine che segue...    Torna alla home page delle Edizioni Tracce   Nevertheless, in spite of their apparently bemusing diversity in terms of surface representation, on a deep level Chatwin's works paradigmatically reiterate the basic thematic concerns that constituted what he called his "searches"; namely, the nature of man's restlessness, the conflict between settler and nomad, and the question of exile and marginality. Such concerns, besides being recurrent obsessions of Chatwin's own life, are intrinsically bound with his conception and presentation of his characters which can be seen to fall into the three anthropological paradigms of SETTLER, EXILE and NOMAD. The fact that these categories may often overlap in more than one character is a reflection of the complexity and imaginative dynamism of Chatwin's vision, though it in no way undermines the possibility of a coherent discussion of his works. The following study is an attempt to trace Chatwin's representation and dramatisation of these three figures in his main works. --------------- 20th:  more sources on nomadisms (english) piet 11:15am Tue Jul 16 '02  comment#192662 not exactly john appleseed varieties thereof perhaps but nonetheless, for the sake of completeness as well as a pointer to the source of the link mentioned above: 4 links to brief articles, one of which is broken but here corrected (the saudi one): reminiscent of the movies I watched at the last idfa  -------A google: Blending Tradition and Progress in the Desert To the uninitiated, the deserts of Saudi Arabia conjure up images of barrenness devoid of life. ... magazine-winter-96/blending.html - 13k - ------- a very short one ----------- I'll take this opp. to correct a hasty passage: speeds and successievelikelihoods (free translation of a dutch word meaning slowths - gradualities) of metabolisms tunings and tolerances are not informative as to wether they are bursting bounds (is it fresh? ripe? does it belong to someone? Is that an absentee owner who has lethal guards set over his marketable patch? etc) no matter how EMPHAtically spelled. Nor does it make clear wether these breaches constitute net gains or infringements for any sets of affected 'perspectives'; I think a look in this direction would be more fruitful. ------- oh, and mr varnish: do you think, now that we have computers, the pencil will ever be as endangered as apes are? How far does your honour thy father and mother stretch? --------------- 22th: to conclude with a fitting link piet 11:44am Tue Jul 16 '02  comment#192672 before yall start reading evolutionary psychology and blessed repro rates theory (nothing equals the factors of gain obtainable from crushing and spreading the rite rock otherwise known as the rockrite) I hope to direct your att. just once more time to the bruce man, yeah you too spruce man, via a site that might rate high in its own rite here:
---------------- an answer for me: To Spruce and zzzz-id (english) VISH VARNAY 2:38pm Tue Jul 16 '02  comment#192688 Dear Spruce You made your point rather eloquently I must say! Please excuse me if my first two points were mistaken as being serious. The last point of mine was to be taken seriously. I am sorry that you had to spend the time and energy on presenting your points, but I am sure others benefited from it. Spruce, what you had to say made a lot of sense to me. I have alway's held the conviction that we are all equal and related to this animal kingdom. I don't suscribe to the biblical notion that the other animals on this planet were put here to serve man. To piet-a pencil is an inanimate object created by man, my second point best serves you. And zzzz-id, I never said the world or evolution was made by God to be immoral.
The world is whose domain? Jesus said "I am not of this world." Anyway brother & sister monkey's have a glorious existence. This day is given to me by the mercy of God.
Peace, love, and wackiness, SOUL MONKEY # 1 Vish Varnay

192628 rAndOmIzE  £ 8:57am Tue Jul 16 '02Listen YOU, if i've told you once i've told you eighteen point seven five zero eight times, the Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth!!!        - - Sadly, a purely random number (from the spontaneously created series number set that lacks any pattern between the numbers) is truly an absolute. But it's still a useful tool. So majorly  feking random is probably better that just random as freaking crap. And a set of majorly freaking  random numbers would have to be majorly freaking lengthy to find any pattern. - - I was going to try and write something really impressive about artificial intelligence &   variables, but I don't remember exactly what it was. So I shall have to leave that one to the military geniuses, pseudointellectual geeks, & similar ilk. Also, I do believe that the very concept of artificial intelligence is flawed and probably a waste of time anyways. But I digress.   A javascript random number generator (unimaginable as it seems, yet true):   ------------  quit yar bloat you stoned cow!!!!!!!!! (english)  piet 10:15am Tue Jul 16 '02  comment#192644   some unwary person will be put off indy permanently if innocently clicking your 'item' and being stuck (with the meter runnin) a good liddul while - don't you realize that, you spoilt cat? ninehundred somethink K giffie!!!!!  The bloat of bits to keep encryption afloat and the energy it costs to keep it available can bring a country down sooner than a bin laden can, we know that now don't we?; the randomization employed in a blob of a labyrinthine lock is saying come and get lost in my haystack; you'll never find that needle and that's what our accountancy world has slid down to too which is no wonder since and seeing that acc. banks libraries post offices politics and the world of advertizing OUGHT to be in harmony rite?  Is this what you had in mind buster? ------------------  Great Idea! (english)  . 10:49am Tue Jul 16 '02  comment#192652 If a LOT of people sent a LOT of "random" emails back and forth containing nothing but random numbers - and random numbers encrypted so that when the spooks in Washington decrypted them they'd see nothing but more random numbers - the whole big brother electronic surveillance system would soon collapse.  A good way to keep 'em busy and off the street, and hey - as far as "stoned cows" are concerned - "In Vodka Veritas."
192199 Our Right to the Land of Israel (english) Chosen One 12:30am Sun Jul 14 '02 (Modified on 11:01am Sun Jul 14 '02) article#192199 What is our claim to the land? -God's promise in the Torah. God told Abraham: "I have given this land to your descendants..." Our Right to the Land of Israel There is a fundamental argument that must be dealt with. At the bottom of all the Arab rhetoric lies one basic claim: "You are intruders. This is our land. We had been living here for centuries and then you decided to take it from us." ----------------- What God? Whose God? (english) Bystander 3:02am Sun Jul 14 '02 comment#192214 I think you made up this God of yours to steal land from Arabs. Tell you what, you definitively prove that this God of yours really does exist, and that He/She/It really is the God of the ENTIRE world, and then I might be willing to take you seriously. But even then I would suspect your motives. ---------------- Uhuh Right (english) Moi 10:37am Sun Jul 14 '02 comment#192238 God showed "Overt miracles" did he? It took superior American weaponry, in massive quantities, for God to show your "overt miracles". Overt miracles my ass. Don't cloak yourself in religion to steal another people's land. The more informed and educated among us Americans know better. Lie and Deny, the Zionist strategy...and I'll be damned if it ain't working.... --------------Open your mind (english) Rams 10:39am Sun Jul 14 '02 address: Aruba comment#192239 If your God is the god..then your God is everyones god, because God do not discriminate. So Isreal belong to everyone, because everyone is God's children. 2nd: What if i do not belief in the jewish religion? what then? Who are you to say that your religion is the only true religion? one can say. So if you want to life according you religion ,you have to let other people belief there religion and respect the international law and U.N. Because no killing or extermination can be justified by any religion. ------------------ Who's god? (english) eeeeeeezy 11:01am Sun Jul 14 '02 comment#192244 I asked my god about your god and he told me that your god is full of crap, and I believe him. So there. ------------------ I have just read 'what am I doing here' by Bruce Chatwin and after half a book full of lukewarm sissy flabflap about art he gets to dot some eyes and delves into nomadism (aims some brief, to the point and the stabs characteristic of his style at it); worth a read (it's the chapter before the part of the book called 'people').  ------ bh did some (slightly confusing) exegesis(with a clear emphasis on the Terra Nullius sorta clauses used by avaricious and violent; the sort of concept that makes you wonder at the crack of dawn . .. ) in an item of his own but I just erased it .. . ah found the number on a scrap of paper 192411 . . along with these jots: See what Gilder says in Wired this month --- find Spinoza refs around the web, specifically his thoughts about the state (and wether or not they were inspired by antecedents of the Knapp Beckerath line

finer atunement to timing factor allows access to the more spectacularly perishable food; best suited to the more contained and contenting explosive of happinesses, the most informal yet stable forms thereof. --------- logistics is ideology - In immigration as in food quality and nutritional value similar and parallel miscalculations abound,  actually the criminal deceptions are rampant. Volumes and tolerances are inflated (use of ammonia products as fertilizers) at the cost of sustainability; to measure growth by weight and volume is lobsided enough but to manipulate them while obstinately refusing to include the cost of concommitant disease increase and havoc has left us with weakenings and enfeeblements all around; even the most robust non hypochondriac would have to conclude this in all honesty.

192960  repost of K Phillips book review ('bout plutocracy)

   -----  somebody posted it with the unwieldy sort of URL's that make text run off the page on some browsers.  PreS: I (Piet) added a critique of a review for Wealth and democracy in the NYRoB --- runaway male (spermlikely proliferative) monies should have the more cautious (decent and prudent) state monies as complements ---  just cause Prussians didn't handle the ballsiness that era spawned (precisely thanks to the very nicely balanced sets of private and state monies people got to shovel and sign around) don't mean such positive and driving forces should be taboo for ever and anon.

RULE BY THE WEALTHY (english) Carol Goar 7:58pm Wed Jul 17 '02 article#192925  The only way to dismantle a plutocracy is to sever the link between money and power. Jul. 13, 01:00 EDT  ----- 'Too much in the hands of too few'  by Carol Goar (
PLUTOCRACY IS one of those words that seems to belong to a bygone era. The notion of government by the rich, for the rich, conjures up images of European aristocrats, Russian czars or African potentates. Look closer to home, says American commentator Kevin Phillips, author of a disturbing new book entitled Wealth and Democracy. He depicts the United States as "the most polarized and inequality-ridden of major Western nations" and warns the current concentration of power in the hands of a moneyed elite is unsustainable. This is the sort of analysis one might expect from a left-leaning polemicist in a season of confidence-busting corporate scandals. But Phillips is a Republican. Moreover, he started work on Wealth and Democracy in 1999, when the American economy was red-hot, stock prices were soaring and analysts could see no end to the bull market. Two things troubled him. He saw eerie parallels between the market mania of the late 20th century and the speculative booms of the roaring '20s and the Gilded Age (1870-90). Then, as now, a privileged elite was enriching itself at the expense of everybody else. "As wealth concentration grows, especially near the crest of a drawn-out boom, so does upper-bracket control of politics and its ability to shape its own preferment," Phillips noted. "The cost to ordinary Americans has been substantial â?? in reduced median family income, in stagnant wages, in a diminished sense of community and commonweal, in fewer private and government services and sometimes in poorer physical and mental health amid money-culture values, work hours and competitive consumption." His second concern was that corporate leviathans were pouring obscene amounts of money into the electoral system. By the time George W. Bush won the presidency in late 2000, Phillips was convinced that big business had bought control of the political agenda. "The essence of plutocracy, fulfilled in 2000, has been the determination and ability of wealth to reach beyond its own realm of money and control politics and government as well," he wrote. If Phillips had merely been prescient, his book would be clever, but not compelling. What gives Wealth and Democracy its moral weight are the lessons he draws from past plutocracies and the way he applies them to the U.S. and other countries that allow the wealthy few to benefit at the expense of the many. He looks at three once-great powers that went through cycles of giddy accumulation, global pre-eminence, increasing polarization, dissipation and decline. The first was Spain, whose galleons plundered the world for gold and silver in the 16th century. Next came Holland, the greatest commercial power of the 17th century. Finally, he examines 19th-century Britain, with its thriving factories, railroads, docks and far-flung empire. All three thought they could rewrite the rules of history and remain at the pinnacle forever. But each followed the same trajectory: a 50-year climb to global ascendancy, a golden era in which all prospered, a widening of the gap between rich and poor, a shift from technological innovation to financial speculation, and a slide into decadence, corruption and decay. Looking at his homeland, Phillips sees all the danger signals of a superpower in decline. The richest one per cent of Americans have reaped more than half of the nation's income gains in the last decade. Paper wealth has outpaced productivity. The middle class is working longer and harder to keep up. Federal and state legislators have cut business taxes, loosened health and safety regulations, encouraged profligate energy use and shrugged off calls for campaign finance reform. And now, a wave of scandals is shaking corporate America. Canada, too, is becoming sharply polarized. The richest 20 per cent of families now earn 45.2 per cent of the nation's income â?? a 9 per cent gain over the past decade. The poorest 20 per cent earn 3.1 per cent â?? a drop of 18.5 per cent. Canadian politicians, like their American counterparts, are paying obeisance to the marketplace at the expense of equity, the environment and human health. Phillips stops short of forecasting the inevitable downfall of North America. With the right political leadership and the right mix of policies â?? high taxes on capital gains and inherited wealth, progressive social programs and strict oversight of corporations â?? it might be possible to free democracy from the grip of commerce, he suggests. Lectures like the one Bush delivered to Wall Street executives this week aren't enough. Neither are jail terms for prominent white-collar criminals. As long as wealthy politicians depend on corporate largesse to get elected, America will be governed by the rich, for the rich. The only way to dismantle a plutocracy is to sever the link between money and power. 

a note on the NYRoB ( article by Jeff Madrick reviewing 'Wealth and Democracy' by Kevin Phillips:Jeff seems confused about what and where wide and narrow can be usefully employed and imposes such an exclusively quantitative meaning on them (reflective of his wish for an unmixup of these terms perhaps); he applies the former to geography (in a validating and approving manner) but the latter adverbially added to (come to the aid of?) abstraction gets denied a place and/or gets labelled as getting one noplace. In other words he seems to regard widened horizons (especially actual extent of territory: broad sweeps of hinterland) as good (UK supplanting holland and in turn trumped by the so much more vaster US) vs narrowed conceptions and points of view (abstractions) being bad. This turning of matter and its mappings into a positive and negative pole fails to  explain how they remain inseparably concommital and should be harmonized, we will fail to do so at our 'caust' and that of all affected. These (probably his own) thoughts come at the end of a 'delugial' digit distillation faithfully following Phillips' lead (I guess to reflect some respect for the wealth of data he has delved in to offer)


has a gif of president Bush's head being hit from the back by a red  (tomato like) tidal wave -- I go: not fair (english) piet 12:09pm Wed Jul 17 '02 comment#192879 to hit a man from behind not even if that's your victim's tactic my my what big tomatoes do grow over in a merry kin's oil

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174538Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez - introduced thus: You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. ---------- Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict -----------175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? --------------- 
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