Welcome to '7 years in the making', the file switching file for the first ones (20 of them) at this site (//poetpiet.tripod.com grown to 20 Mb since then). This set of stuff used to be in the /table_of_contents.htm  (now occupied by the first set of off the cuff stuff). A semblance of the rainbowyness of it's former incarnation is preserved here: titl_fragm_rainbow.htm; a slightly less bewildering riot of colair than this version. The title '7yitm' refers to the fact that the material this file may or may not lead/tempt you to visit, gestated all through the 80ties, got connected, corrected throughout the 90ties and put online in 1996, colouring started a year after that.     Last corrections/updates and add ontos: june 2001
The latest of my still ongoing exchanges via E-mail with various individuals (along with snippets of autobiography, my pick of the media, etc) can be found here: logbriefer.htm  (as of june 2001; though since I hardly do list stuffanymore, now sporadic)        This fileseries (a great many, spawning special issues and gathered here: /miscs-n-logs/) consists of 'surfreesults' and reading behaviours now but started out as a batch of files wherein thinks, links and reachoutinks  were seperated (check the first set of 'm here: /table_of_contents.htm).       Thereafter they were called 'correspondence files', then 'miscellanies' (since spring 99; miscs-n-logs/correspondence_file_contents.htm) ) and  after that 'loggings' (since around 2000; /miscs-n-logs/logbriefer.htm)
Table of contents (with tables of contents) for
Bottom Line A BSolutions
which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant yet animatable.     Welcome to the file specifying captions and segment titles (when and if provided) for all the older files (which came to 240 closely printed large paperback size pages).
 the older and most brooded over bits, iow: the original book design (never sent to a single publisher, its dutch sibling only once); some semblance of order (sequencing, hyrarchical rank prioritization)and several more possibilities in categorizing were considered but not unambiguously attempted as far as make up goes; on the contentfront however . . . .  all is not well either last I heard. Some later redo's of the first 4 mentioned files are accesible via the top link (link at the top).
random, but reach, range and scale embedded, full spectrum sound bite samples; the most..rainbow..filled file at this site (true till the summer of 2000) a whole bunch of short samples neatly rearrownged and ready to resonate if you pour some plappersap over it. I recommend you have some of the best fruit your sense of sound judgement or provision can procure you beforehand
100K + 49K diagram (by Arnold Keyserling)
chapter subjects: 
0=clear, trees and photosynthesis, antennae and fruit lovingly braid and encompass light and darkness; clear=0 10=from hip and flowery power to grippy grey powdery flour hidden in and tickled from the knots and moments that trigger time like spinning geometries of the life between leaf and letter that spell out laws of nature's language=10 1correlations between gender and generations: restraint, (p)resolution, libido, magnetism, reduction rendered ripeness of vitally nourishing victuals, devil, death and dust 1  2pro-reduction (the physical type) strategy, agression orientations, (mineral) money and mind2  3blood and birth bonds vs spirit and principle ties3 9dualities are gendered like dust and dew9 4minerals, mud, music and ministry4  9multiplicities and manifolds9 5gaia; bony border bottomline for beleaf5  6archetypes, heros, idols and gods6  7rainbow freedom fenders7 8index and bibliography8.
verily forward FOREWORD  A chunk from my index page was moved here the 11th of december  CONTENTS: Summation of most of my sources (if they came with any) plus brief descriptions of the chapters (includes links thereto)x x x Who's counting x x x Motto x x x subject matter of factly overview x x x name dropping credits x x x (he knits me, he knots me neat)

Keywords, Proper Names and brief descriptions
(abstracts and metatags for the older files primarily but, of course, by extension applicable to the rest)

Scale hopping and popping presumptuously providential proportion picker. project or predicamentalize  pinch 'n please or poison  proceed and propel or imprison and expel  ***********parley or pounce************proscribe palliatives or perplex peevishly personalize or pontificate  ******powder or pile up******  *******pass on or posses*********** ******ponder and peruse or pervert****** ******precipitate or pump******  ****pattern or pilfer***** ****play or pomp**** propagate or privatize  participate or prosecute by Poetpiet

inthrow and acknowledgements

 inthrow and acknowledgements
a note on future illustrations x x x dedications x x x preamble on vertical viability versus speed and space x x x technical peculiarities and implications x x x sources x x x prospects and predilections with plain, esoteric and psychoanalytic twists x x x ball bearing good tidings x x x a few more reasonable ways, whys and just how this book might matter most to people struggling to formulate and disseminate a similar  sense of decency x x x printing worries
  trees, photosynthesis and sustenance speaks for itself to all characters like mine x x x properties of TREES as most proper ties
49K +300K greasy fruitbag jpg
 TREE GROVE WOR(M )KINSHIP contents: trees, photosynthesis and sustenance x x x  an interpretation of Noah minus the cargo cultish perversion of trees x x x wood x x x  finest f-words x x x family trees for fractal foliation affiliated beleaf systemics x x x a comment on my consistently centered format x x x lets grow limber timber further out for life in tree limbs x x x biomassive bonsai binds beams bashfully x x x plan live-love and work space planting projects x x x start the age of the big ol' tree to put a stop to the bigotree x x x wor(m)ship yourself into worthy shape x x x from heavenly fire via deep green to ripe fruit x x x objectivate x x x eco guerilla's x x x clean karma
some say symbollocks to symbiosis Metatags to this file and its overflow: alphabet origins, tree-alphabets, engraving, gravity, growth, understanding, ecology, rockwriting, old testament, cetacean mindset, Dan Winter, Stan Tenen, James Joyce     Contents: Fantastic forces for biomass vs frictitious fiction for bullets x x Working hell up and out overheadx x Matter and magic to mind and math (Warburg, Aby) x x Bits and pieces about Joyce x x (see the INDRA bit in priority issues for some more) x x Symbolic attrition cut down to size reduction; x x joyce’s charm and danger, occult dirision x x Dead end Joyce or dead and joyous x x multiply mutilating acculturation plexstrained. x x Also added onto this are some disparate reflections about Jewish (whatever a jew is (an indis(tin)guis(h)ably and/or undeterminably hybrid mutt in the decisive cases (give or take a few exceptions like JPMorgan with his conspicuously monstrous bulb of a diseased nose; no wonder such people go for the behind the screens action) I'm sure), but I mean any people who helped or were forced to help make deserts and go on doing so even while and when trying to escape them (or not... like aboriginals (if but not only they did the former and seem disinclined to do the latter))..look at me!!!!) good and bad points. They are called: Gods, engravers and gravity; assimilable currencies and commands:  x x a jewish inversion series x x I try my hand at writing like Joyce x x troupe x x (rainbowgrowers come to fight for and right our plight) x x


Dual gender of sex and existence; Sex, solitarily stalked and sociably steadied, gene rations, matching fuses, handling vitality; the secret yet sensible ways to and of sexual prowess  FRAGMENT TITLES:  youthfull fervor x x deep waters still great balls of fire x x f-words, the flatly fateful version x x seed savers are not poor comers x x vert-I-cal(l) x x further the fun our fires form x x dada's, dildo's, armies and orgasms, x x disciplinary dusting and cloudbusting or raindance in sunshine x x cleavage stands to attract x x linkling's squirmy concept x x genesisx x confashion x x  x x Oedipushy pal x x made up mind to make up x x blue love bleeds when red light leaks x x or blue stricture evolvalving vs vulvacious red light leaching of love x x polystratafidelity (Gilder)
meaning of and strategies for technology (tekno = engender)
About: Rationality, bottomline biospheradicalities,  the aims of my invention and innovation proposals,
philosophical thought with eutopian roots, radically thoughtful eutopics. Some fragment titles and titled segments:  Nailing the hailed splendour, long ailing decline and perhaps now failing patrist predicament pinpointingly. x x x  pound for ground tie us over the rounds x x x  quarternaceous cli mate minting tec knowow x x x  banking secrets, subsoil secretions and subconscious x x x  rock bottom begun flowerpower x x x  buoyant '58 kevlar/organooplast buckyball x x x  storm's edge riders sow dust to harvest sun on a swirl of cloud x x x  spiritlags from jetdrags have and give heart to holdfierce windburns and -bags x x x  do time, do it right x x x  indeepandthence x x x  don't touch the deeply deceptive Dutch decency front x x x  earthy orange and mercurial, i.o.w. Dutch at its very best x x x  Amsterdam acoustics x x x  reason-season x x x  a closeknit pack is tough to hack tecknow


 Defense conversion, radical autonomy and umpirical economics
aphorism and essay headings list:
parable x x x credits x x x democracy featuring crazy demons x x x orderly and public accounting hubs and centers held in check by responsible peripheries x x x LETS level square about bottom lines x x x the multiple means, mindsets, meanings and media alignment to mint more moderate, measurable and moral monies may remove morbidly monotone monopolies x x x fold in, fi(b)re and tell, crease out, water and swell x x x secret secretion secretaries x x x and now for a crash course in coherent and cosmologically correct commercial x x x mystical statuary for monastic unity x x x from rock to man, from movement of people to ecolonomikarma of clearly re- and accountably personalized currency, from harvesting to propagation x x x blended dusts and distinct digits reflect singular sentience and sussed sociability x x x the sun saves you and spends itself, so return the flavor, predeem and prime some rocky time, help it soak up rain and shine

between offence and defence

FUTURE, FORCE, AGRESSION AND MOMENTUM titled fragments: do humans have free will or must they cultivate it? x x x pent agony x x x will arms industry feel forlorn,when they are forced to help treelimbs be in dust (p)reborn? x x x smoke and bullets or  dust and fruit, a- or progression x x x new avenues for defense conversion revenue x x x from missile to music industry x x x in si(gh)d(e) ou(b)t aggression traffix vert tickly x x x punishment or pollution (see p 1) from the purity of patience x x x Interlude: from unkind cannibalistic, via capitalistic coercion to fair fights of and for co-operatively corporate ecology x x x from rain to blood and all points in between both ways x x x dabblers in cute powder crack the encumberments of all classes and categories to open erspectives for all cases closed to sunny news and public scrutiny x x x real devils advocate description of a symbolic one x x x old as gold's popularity, blond as a barbarians bond x x x white pow(d)er suspends us x x x voluntary autonomy prevents extremes of despotic authority and lawless anarchy x x x some insipid ire upon reading Larouche

part private 74K  and part public  75K

 PEOPLE DO LIKE ME, ANDWE WEAVEOUR HAVEN TO HAVE HEAVEN  Autobiographical fragments on close family, early impressions, reading credentials and cryptic abstracts with faultconfessing focus in first person. subjective feelings and heartmolds; Somewhat introverted autobiographical fragments on close family, early impressions, reading credentials and cryptic abstracts with faultconfessing focus in first person. Fleshed out stories in and about good taste are sorely lacking here, so no live action either. My most feeb-and listlessly fended for feelings front.
fragment titles: early influences x x x mom x x x pop pafka x x x malicious male issues x x x two dreams x x x my story truthfully told x x x avanti vascilanti x x x my raw/war reversion serves ice-vice reversing x x x please apply implied explication of why I try to un- and postplly rocks as a deply and supplication for an appropriate reply to sunny supplies x x x puzzle wizzes like me x x x Piet Bouter route x x x quite the moving mobilization stagerage x x x me oh my mercury, sly and slow deal x x x made up mind to make up 2 x x x confashion 2 x x x touches of enthused, empatheitc adjustments to subjective, sympathetic reaction in order to fruitfully juggle actual, possible, potential and real relatives x x x feelings fine and yellow


 Welcome to some idiosyncratic and strangely synoptic autobiography again, but more open, easyergoing and extroverted, about me and people who figured in my life, whom I learnt from, worked, played and/or fell in love with for weeks or months intermittently, (record stay in one place during the past 17 years is 3 months: Saudi Arabia, Seattle, upstate NY, Vienna and Amsterdam), hippy hearty handy and/or heady engagements;     close, but not quite melted, severed nor (p)retied or tried blood ties   Will they bubble forth again after being beaten, brittled and buried in the battle with spirit bonds?       Somewhat skeptical notes about body electronician John Ray's seminar, mostly (again) cryptic and convolutedly faultfinding focus on and abstracts about encounters with people.    Table of contents:  knots, weaves and braids of life between Piet rock and John Ray- x x - Therapist Ray x x a rehash on fire x x Ray's pupil teaches irridiscence x x Campe- x x --La Rouche- x x --Ariel-- x x -Kees, king of spades x x magnetic females- x x --Hillary x x Ronna at froglevel, Arkansas x x Louise- x x -Kita-- x x --Deena-- x x -Neysa- x x --Anne x x Hairy root preroute featured Susie x x

gender and dualities

PATRILINEAL HEAP A TRICKS OR SHE MINDED MATRIX       titled aphorisms and fragments contained herein: his nor her story x x Genesis revisited x x yore cult's ambiguity and their con sequences x x wishful (l)inking x x divide and concur with encompassed dualities x x a bit binary x x inform and unfold meets like refold and preform
friendlyest musical inventions
titled fragment content (as far has they have any):  SET---(P)redefining the 'rafiness' of direct action x x x aries and libra---taurus and scorpio---cancer and capricorn leo and acquarius---virgo and pisces x x x rite of way x x x riddledy rock x x x discernment concerning concerts x x x precycling mutant mingle mixture mangles the inanimate x x x rockbottom tool and toy around x x x vision provision x x x guitar and gaian shovel, symbolz and substance x x x SET again x x x nomads and glaciers x x x genially greening machine gene, a con-on-drum x x x spin that grinder x x x very important words end on -ust---verbo-city
(Ac)counting methods; wether sheep, stars, fruits or time; Walter Russell's, etc
A how to count and keep; wether sheep, stars, fruits or time 
  triplicities, quant quandaries, etc., Keyserling's forte, William Irwin Thompson and Theodor Lessing borrowings fragment title contents:  global sweat is just as well met wet x x two in one is three x x Coitis, Religere, Monetas x x Quaint quadra---psycross x x ash troll logics x x rock unlocking clockwork x x sacred circles x x x sacred circles


Gaean cosmology bottomline gaialogical principles and values
The fragment titles as far as they have any:  sources for this chapter x x x must mix much fire and ice to feel real fine and nice x x x this is your glacier speaking through clenched teeth x x x hatch a glacial egg, x x x a much less regrettable and unforgivable personification x x x form an e norm x x x flunky flyer yet forerunner of a fulfillment of sorts x x x in defense of ecolonomics x x x mobilize babies (rocks) and baby immobility (rocks) x x x ancestral rock rocks the clock a round ancestralistically x x x can gaia come and go between guns and gonads x x x it is a pleasure to pry and perk some pent up powder x x x vert ego of single celler sexiness x x x pretty powerful personification potential x x x careful now x x x woundz and boundz or beauty bound and wound,bent on unbinding the bended winds of mind x x x gra-vital--- x x x mothers milk
life between ancestors and prosperity
prospective revivals and platitudinous reversals around the inter essence of real runners and stunners as rolemodels. Prospects for and perspective on their inter-essentializing possibilities, revivals and reversals and platitutorial potential as providance-revisionary rolemodels.
THE TITLED SEGMENTS: x x from density to tensility x x Madonna, my vulcano x x polystrata(-)fi(e)delity x x Cernunnos churns us on to learn discern yearned for earning x x mint mind, a hint to grind x x turn pre-delection inside out x x me oh my Mercurial Curiosity between hideal and low deal x x hell is inner fire x x Jesus came for kids x x regarding 'King Jesus' by Robert Graves x x don't just recycle, pre-cycle x x fairytale about a screening for a show of hands x x Jewish Jesus x x Jews x x you wish to stress jewishness x x metal x x clout of faith or benefit of doubt x x mettle x x clean carma doesn't do with clean up carma must undo x x sword and stone x x dogspell wardback x x toy and tell with and in the key of Petrus x x does peter pan plug the pope's propitious clue properly? x x royal pee, priestly poo and purple peep hole prophetricks x x
rainbow-root-route-routine regiment
time of rock plus shine of rain equals growth
rainbow-root-route-routine regiment; 
future of victorious vitality, a way of life
Compostition; inextricable dirt and beauty, work and leisure x x my experience at rainbowgatherings, wellspring of exstatic tongue twistirrups x x    contents: rainbow refugee xxx the beat that leaves something to eat x x soilorganisms are us xxx great fully deadshow xxx smoke versus dust xxx riddle and (dis)solve rock xxx no life across that line, across that border..yet.. xxx how about that magic hat xxx The oz rainbowgathering as an instance of virulent inflammation,  a token of the unthinking, impatient and immature type of grabby grasp on hedonism. xxx A warning for counter- and subcultural ferals, freaks and other sometimes sympathetic marginals. xxx Spectre contesters vs proportionateley prospective protesters xxx East gippsland old growth battle (1oo arrests after 4 weeks)
appendices contents: appendix 0:  x x Pawlicki, virtuoso of virtuality and miraculous physics x x appendix 1: close but not quite my philosophy in quotes from fame claimers x x appendix 2: Letter to Lay (by) day Madonna from '86: x x only natural------The optimistsic historian's sequence and schedule in brief: Gravity--testosterone---strength---brute and dumb dominance---greed---glaciers---gods---goodness--- grace x x from bad kinds of power to kind powder dabs x x rev her reverently x x torque update and spin stability, not traffic safety but safety traffic for force and forces to find their place in a gentler 21st century x x I say she is a staying player x x pow(d)erfully feminine writ large x x appendix 3: How I acquired and lost a US green card. x x appendix 4: some personal stuff between Joern and me, perhaps useful for the next well intended pilgrimage. x x

Bibliography and index thereof   (for paper sources only; see the inthrow for some comments on my prints and printing worries)
 a very partial resource list per chapter consisting of painstakingly sniffed, searched, stalked and staked out currenticullumsrabblers blendable to bend, mend and spend some time; my favorite inspirers and personal textbook authors whose separate titles are not mentioned since I only cited people, most of whose work I could stomach very well; other sources listed include: commendable contact adresses, preference references, catalogs and constitution drafts for watertight proletarian privilege, parity implementation.    Curiously enough I list no poets and haven't read any very thoroughly except one: Robert Graves.          Featuring authors, institutions, publications, subjects and keywords
listed in the bibliography, only the ones I have read closest and with greatest interest, leaving out countless others, even people like Alan Watts, with whom I started my dictionary aided English reading at 15 years of age. My choice of what deserves to, and a guess at what will, be out and obvious in brighter daylight a little later on after this frigid dawn. I'd love to scan the best and rarest of it to start fi(b)ring it around at every able body.       Please, pulease yall, prospective professionals, dear students, 70% of whose criminally induced conversations  I overhear in the corridors and traffic between floors, in and out of doors daily, concern the retch reflexes and chuck ups which imposed curriculae of corporate corpulence evoke. Silly sucker geesies, it's time for a peace sign cleaving and clearing the air all the way back to innocence.      Give the books in this hitlist a sniff and alert the ones you know will love them, in my opinion they are exemplary textbooks to make the future matter rather than help it fall even flatter as Christianity and technotrauma already make it do. Jesus was suspected of self aggrandization and praised for divine inspiration almost at the same time, albeit by opposite camps, I for one sometimes second trying to force the issue at impatient junctures which top off unabomber like brooding indecision, the cutting curse/coursing cure of choice, thought and free will; all (at)tending to the inability to love within your means.

Here ends the rock tree, human and other being mingle program through mimic and discernmint of truly natural and most common current.
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