Last (actually the first due to inverse chronology) 20 links that used to be in this file moved to '7yearsinthemaking', they gestated all through the 80ties, collated corrected, connected and put online since the end of them. This collection slowly grew to 20 Mb since then.     Last corrections/updates and add ontos: june 2001
The latest of my still ongoing exchanges via E-mail with various individuals (along with snippets of autobiography, my pick of the media, etc) can be found here: logbriefer.htm  (as of june 2001; though since I hardly do list stuffanymore, now sporadic).

     This fileseries (a great many, spawning special issues) are mostly taken up by surf 'results' and reading behaviours now but started out as a batch of files wherein thinks, links and reachoutinks  were seperated.    Thereafter they were called 'correspondence files', then 'miscellanies' (since spring 99; miscs-n-logs/correspondence_file_contents.htm) ) and  after that 'loggings' (since around 2000; /miscs-n-logs/logbriefer.htm)

Table of contents (with tables of contents) for the first off the cuff portion at
Bottom Line A BSolutions
which break uncivilly polarizing centralizations up or open, wether institutionally animated or simply, inertly dormant yet animatable. Welcome to the file specifying captions and segment titles (when and if provided) for all the older files (which came to 240 closely printed large paperback size pages); The first of four (see above) covering the whole works which comprise over a hundred files (5 megs of colourful text and 4 megs worth of images) by now and are still named:

Last added items (middle '99) at the top of this file
my unfortunately necessary second priority issue file. (76K)

Thoughts on some generally less remarked upon aspects of the Balkan crisis  plus related Site and List Links.  --xxx-- Today, april 23 99, Milosevic's damaged home is in the paper along with reports of his sudden reasonableness; my first priority file (see below) dating from a year ago counseled just such a course of causations; listen up a little quicker folks!! Wanna save time, tears and money dontsja?. Don't wanna blame any frustratingly ungraspable culprit categories such as there be: the peter pout principle; greed; agression; scarcity; inflation or even well meaning ignorance, etc, do you? Let's make a few hi-holies stoop and step down off of the cronily capitalistic clique using poor and stupid Slobo plus network as a flock of spacegoats. content of this file: Gorbatchov, chechenia x x x list adresses x x x sites x x x my recent thoughts; comments and recommendations x x x next nato flyer text proposals x x x debating ´bully serbs´with a warriornet list member x x x My kind of vision for macro solutions (harmonizing if not fusing Nato with VN and various humanitarian causes) called: big brother tools for little sister x x x serbs have nazi´s beat on the inflation score x x x relevant bits from my earlier priority issues.htm relocated x x x How can proper use of arms outlaw the 'wrong' use of them? x x x bombs in play, babes away x x x snippet from a mail mentioning milosevic x x x  Striking Air stricturesx x x  Handguns versus tanks; majorities vs minorities --xxx--  --xxx-- for my Dutch thoughts on the subject go to: recente_gedachtengangen.htm which includes an explanation of yet another term I've seen fit to coin: Vofelitas: voluntarily federated liberation taskforces.)

recent_links.htm (104K)

  links in the following categories:  trees(for a badly needed breather if you just came back from my balkan file for instance or worse the Balkan itself!) xxx logistics, translations and searches xxx news-service -xxx- politics xxx money -xxx- indigenes:  native american  South american indigenes  Aboriginal and pacific regions xxxrestorative justice, human rights,  communards (raw food and landtrusts)   xxx activists: white, black and red  xxx green: plain, deeper and deepest green  xxx innovative therap xxx global stuff like peace xxx dan's links (conspiracy and brilliance) xxx  technical innovation xxx(on) finnegan's wake (wordsaladoxology)xxx Arnold Keyserling (plus a neat orrery site) xxx irreverent and humourous sites xxx 
prefacelike_portal (56K)
Prefacelike portal for a sizable slab of text (7 Meg worth, over 90 files with 15 - 20 pages, 3 include pics) by:
Don't care for the colour(-collisillusion)s here?
See the note concerning coloursat the bottom
(reminder of your Ctrl A (highlight colouring) capabilities basically).
This file offers (besides link to loads of his Dutch (native tongue) texts and) 4 different attempts at welcoming visitors (would be de- and extractors no less than genuine benefactors. I just can't tell which is which but you know what? Let's be undecided, . . undivided....Don't that remind yall . ."... tataa taata, tadaratataa taata yyyeeaaaahhhh.." ..from:"How to take the lead and swing it"; my favorite hit from the nineties folks. Close runner up would be some Varttina songs and none could touch a double album called: "you are what you wizz", my (early eighties)  all time high  (I probably listened to Mozart's Requiem in the Aspen public library as many times somewhere half way through them though). OK, enough chitchat, let's get serious here (and help some rock grow up all the sooner ... elaborate explanations will be given).
This file aims to start you off and prime you on with brief samples and basic orientations to prevent people missing paths, trampling stuff,etc; i.o.w: getting lost here in this by now (even if only sizewise) upon first (site)sight bewildering roamstage.
This site aims to provide some slow, sure and steady approaches to wearing ubiquitous obstacles (like all too rocky parts of earth's surfaces (due to human exploits disproportionately already and still more and more so) into substances of a softer and can't help but become nurture prone nature (with a hitherto little known strain of radically comprehensive clout).

   (34K)   via

Keywords for this file: bio-diversity, legitimacy, sovereignty,  contact/choice/contract sequentializing, fair (fresh air) not free trade,    The entrance to poetpiet's page (at the bottom).          And remember: Ta-tap Ctrl A and presto, your very favorite highlight colours wall to wall here (and not very many other places else offer you that surface-efficiency, them others with all their frames, narrow columns and whatnots) so don't squint or curse and get used to the wilder array of blooming.Hello, welcome to POET*PIET's plu*place, a gnome page for a (brandnew ( . .in Dutch the word brand means:  conflagrew) stage soon to become known as the) phome age, I mean poem rage.                 * I sit under umbrellas (paraplu's in Dutch via French) to stop the tube's frequencies interfering with those of the screen's (and anti-radiation slabs of glass should be as obligatory as tree-planting, thinning and pleaching in Australia!!!for instance. I prefer sitting in the shade over sharp sunshine anyday.. .and if you did not yet know: with a pow(d)erful fresh mudspout if at all possible). To hell with primitive 'accumunition' native firestick culture, smoking (guns) gamblers and stockpiled fat chances.

The following is a message from my sponsors/wards and masters/victims.Sometimes those who seem in the lead turn out to be lagging behind many a lap in them damn (I mean our long longings filled start to fit a finish on) races.

Date:   Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:01:41 -0500 (EST)  From:   "Amanaka'a Amazon Network"  //  via (genetic resources...) <>Subject: Urgent request from Indigenous Peoples' Caucus in Seattle      To:      Reply To:     Begin Forwarded Message --------Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 16:36:03 +0800    ________________________________________________________
TITLE: Indigenous Peoples' Seattle Declaration           AUTHOR: Indigenous Peoples' Caucus at the WTO Third MinisterialConference (Seattle, 30 December - 3 November 1999)       DATE: 1 December 1999               NOTE: If you support the proposals of the Indigenous Peoples' Caucus inSeattle, kindly email your name and address to as soon as possible.

poetpiet´s list post directory:
I made a third subdirectory for the 9 files there;
contents thereof tabled (48K)  (4 (of 9 files) about and/or from within warriornet, ditto 1 each for/at ecobalance, sovernet and james joyce and 2 earlier ones with posts at,,, and a few more nonlist postings to places like guest books and the like so forth)

Tables of contents for the 9 files in poetpiet's list post directory (links thereto at the end of each list exchange content listing) 4 about warriornet; 1 each about ecobalance and sovernet; 2 on james joyce and various earlier semi-posts (guest book entries, etc) in 2 more files) All these posts consist of correspondence with as well as reactions and announcements to fellow participant list members. They follow chronological order (roughly).

My first image files in a second subdirectory (3.1Mb spread over only 2 htm's):

(dec 98); I stuck a few pics up in a copy of the older fruit and tree file (caution, a 250K load) and made 2 with all sorts of cosmogonically vibrant and terrestrialy inert wheels:
Wheels within wheels after wheels around wheels image filled file Contents consists of:  a tiny science news article with a picture of a bicycle (tricycle really) which runs up against a wind current with its oversized children's variety , I hope to hear more about it (and if I run out of patience, may seek to follow up on myself). x x A Bucky Fuller diagram; 2 pictures of my efforts to model it into the direction of a musical mill/grinder. x x A Walter Russell painting, some of his (pi rated)  home study course diagram captions and a drawing of mine that took his as an inspiration. x x Some (more) Tom Pawlicki quotes I called: Multiplicities; poles, cones, dishes and rings. x x Finally, a picture of me and my first Honda on a California kiwi farm.

Wheels etc part 2; contents: showing a large, spherical (unfortunately not quite organpipe proportioned) metal woven/welded sculpture,  x x 2 radiolaria, x x me on my last 2 wheel Honda (so far), x x solar curve tracings, x x a neat ball and angle tangle x x and another shot of that snailhouse crutch rocket I buzzed around on for 2 years.

more_recent_thoughts.htm (9K)

American style foxhunt and setting the desert to b(l)ooming (smallest file here)

Recent thoughts (47K)

contents listing (most recent items first):  Old, root(ing), and green(ing) dreams die hard xxx Hannah Arendt inspired observation xxx people like R Cheat'm....filllows of hers? xxx Euro tictacs xxx PYRAMIDS, OCTAHEDRONS, HIGHTS AND DEPTHS xxx (C)lock time handy mime xxx rant a la Max Nordau on speculation xxx a piece on option markets and other viciously visual voraciousness xxx eric Wolf inspired ones xxx an emergency widespread and annonygal cast broad xxx Tis Time for Tyrannicide me Thinks, don't you? xxx (can somebody translate into Serbian please?) xxx history according to Deloria, Weatherford and me xxx including more on Jews and pyramids xxx Karmic law versus tarmac wall xxx about snipers, snappers, snoopers, snippers and immunation; x x x taking Paul Biro on Weininger as point of Messianic departure xxx Vofelita = Voluntarily federated liberation taskforces xxx Support and join the Natty trust! xxx p words xxx furthermore, this file features the following ('gefatsoeneerde' = corrected') fragments (freshest, (not always finest and funnest, just latest) first but chronologically sequenced and sorted if and only then when in series): nipple nudges and smoky wheezes xxx triplicities xxx An inspiration about judgement I have Hannah Arendt to thank for xxx What shall we have Clinton do? x x x from here on down you can reread the unedited earlier file called 'erratic and perhaps much too unripe precyclicks' xxx some poetry xxx ****mimechanethically**** xxx reflections on factors x x x mother's day in A'dam xxx fancy famous female xxx the Swiss, GM and voluntary combinatorics xxx the net: as communicative as vulnerable,as honest as open, as basic as 'billijk'
- - - - - 
peasant piet the problemsolver speaks up: rock grinder/  fruittramp/ nutrition nutrition  enhancing fertility consultant/ dustdabbler/  community  inspirer/  dustdowser/ entertainer room and room and room and room and board  worker/ child for life 

nov 98 chore:
a subdirectory called: guest appearances explaining
all sorts of currency issues:
symbolic, subtle and substantial,
(gl)and back around again.
The subjects range from (inter)mediate currencies (symbolic yet specific means to achieve social transparancy, value and norm harmonization) and subtle ones (paramagnetics;  metabolization of minerals, vitality, nutrition and fertility)  to immediate forms of them (substantial; tectonics and ice age directed distribution of minerals).
partly by people long dead but so much the more reason to re-embody some of the timeless principles they championed(sorry about the Joycean twists here and there; believe me, it's only mechanics, due to scanning, not disrespectful, flippant and nonsensical. If you look past it you will find some of the most rigorous concepts I have ever come across. (48K)

Symbolic currencies(74K)

Toc's for 26 files, filled with facts on private and community currencies, averaging 80K  worth (of text only) each, coming to2Mb altogether and sometimes part of 5, 4 or 2 fold wholes; (zwei auf Deutsch dabei).      I gave the (symbolshuffle) files the following names (in order of appearance  here):public_insurance_and_compensation_money.htm (5 parts; 360K)   peace_plan_11_supp.htm (2 parts; 175K)   1983_fiche_catalog.htm (122K)   exit monetary chaos (72K)    kicking_IMF_addictions.htm (2parts; 84 and 96K)   Beckerath_on_Milhaud.htm (4 parts; 333K)    Beckerath_on_peace_making.htm  (79K) poetpiet_auf_Deutsch.htm (24K)  Vaubel_on_currency_unification.htm (49K)

Most of these writs (Roland Vaubel's and mine (on Gesell) excepted), concerning the evils of exclusive currencies, shown (if not well enough known) to aid and abet crony capitalisms (see Manuel Castells), first appeared in and around the very same issue of an international review in 4 editions, yes, a quadlingual magazine from Geneva which still exists but with a very, "specialized" focus, contrasting starkly with back then when Milhaud was holding the reins with people like Zander, Rittershausen and Beckerath as correspondents/contributors.

Edited by EDGARD MILHAUD Proffesor of Economics in tbe University of Geneva VOLUME 10 1934

Substantial ones: (46K)

The substantial and subtle current concerning filenames here are:
paramagnetism.htm (66K) x x x Callahan_and_Hensel.htm (82K) x x x Julius_Hensel_in_english.htm (94K) x x x  1985_Hamaker_tectonic-climate_comments.htm (92K) x x x 
/miscs-n-logs/JohnHamaker.htm (108K; looking at his netpresence spring 2001) xxx Julius_Hensel_auf_Deutsch.htm (104K) x x x more info on these subjects, at this site, can be had here.... x x x ......or here for instance x x x (david yarrow doing the best digital push in this front I guess); check out also.


My no longer nothing but latest links
classified in roughly/much the same way as in the older (and again newer) link file:  Again, like in that earlier file, I did not hyper this newer set of destinations for esthetic reasons, (except for the 100 web pages (8 categories) or so listed at the bottom). I had rather have my file be pretty than help you get out of it as fast as possible; anyway, all it takes is a copy paste behind: http://www (or http:) routine. comments are in a different colour, bracketed and placed behind or under the adress.
categories here:  search engines xxx trees and treerelated xxx poetry and publishing xxx world government, xxx conspiracy classics, xxx power mongers, economics, xxx reports on digital policies and other news services, xxx native sites join the race from and back home*** xxx botany and 'border crossing freeing style' xxx ****** video and film images plus sound sources  xxx artsy newdity and nogotsjensayshones xxx some very learned and correspondingly dry bits, xxx a few psychedelic and systemically philosophica-l-inks xxx In addition: some 100 pageadresses in 8 categories click(en)abled, yes hypered links, a few new ones here are added to the "commendablinklist" file as well.

progressive_ecoknowmusts.htm (48K)
Sparrings with, and first attempts to elicit responses to my site from people who pile up
Posts at the progressive economists (pen-l http://csf.colorado.EDU/lists/pen-l)

     revolutionary poetpiet style applied in part: colour-tone-sync-andanced; created: oct 98   Pen-l is part of:communications for a sustainable future a listserv at the U of Colorado maintained by Michael perelman who wrote: 'primitive accumulation'; the frequently returning topic which initially attracted me to this motley crew: Marxists and barely tolerated dissidents (participants there combat democrapitalism from various angles such as market socialism) thereof is: indiginous struggles. Messages there are sorted by month and author, thread or subject. Specs for size added would make it even more decent and easy to forget the one liners, a complete waste of time in my opinion unless you deliver masses of them like I do elsewhere.contents:  about Louis Proyect (see new_links) a heavy contributor to the crew just mentioned --xxx--an email to him --xxx-- and one to many correspondents there  --xxx--the only 'respondeur' from these world emburdened 'revolstutionists' so far; messages to and fro Valis the pen-l poolpal  --xxx--to a colleague of his who calls himself Boddhisatva --xxx--


priority issues The 4 topics featured: 
1 How can proper 1 use of arms outlaw the 'wrong' use of them? How can we deal with 'm to stop the dealing of 'm????  this section moved here  In other words: How can one learn to act on the crux of paradoxes, tide turning versions from per- into everything but.  Paradoxes abound in life; they 've got stuck together into mandala art for a while already. In real life and time all and every labyrinthine, peripheral initiative can be complemented by an undistorting, merely inventorizing turf tab station of central arborescent registry and categorical collation.  --xxx-- 2 Impartial yet expert thoughts on 2 the euro (setting us up for an offendingly nonorganic change) and/or any other currency competition/unification (s)(w)allowing troubles. Including hints on how we currency issue delegaters/depriveds (dey got us by the deprivated parts podners!) can take our democratic differentiation and political potential empowerment back. Guiding light: Roland Vaubel and his 500 page academic work --xxx--  3 indiginous issues, including radically green provisionary politics   --xxx-- 4 information  tec logistic(k)s and other subcultural marginalia (like my hobby horses) highlighted.
More specifically:
Is 'our' IMF a benign despot or a patient predator?  --xxx-- A Roland Vaubel inspired (and by me long awaited) piece on the top down push for the Euro called: the euro starts too early.  --xxx-- INDRA (A'dam) lecture cycle (late 97) comments by Piet  --xxx-- A propo Joyce (see loquacious....chapter for more)  --xxx-- Spare a thought about Indigenes Part of a digest about a sojourn in Gondwana land (oct 96-aug 97) also called New Holland for a spell before a but slightly different one was cast: the utterly dissociative term: Terra Nullius, nevertheless crown land, and yet  prime location to one can send incorrigbles down to, since it used to be so conveniently remote not realizing that conflagrations on one side can call forth precipitations on the other as 1998 seems to prove beyond a doubt but one must have an eye for the obvious; Hamaker'sdifferential effect (colder here means warmer there budging the average very little) and this year particularly incriminating for Holland since Indonesians caught the neoliberal big fish swallow lil' ones bug from us good. Now these parts are known as Ozzie land after the land of Oz which seemed comparably miraculous; perhaps not such a coincidence either and appropriately enough since, by the way,......: link<here>link 's some 'evidence' about Frank L Baum's supposedly genocidal agitation.  --xxx--  Dear NUS students for sustainability playing potential politician.  --xxx--  Pick up some Biblical bias and get lost in Babylonian babygland bibliograpy to betray and condemn true charm of babyland.  --xxx--  For more Ozzie (ad)ventures see tailend of chapter 7 --xxx--  (rainbowgatherings and such) and the fourth appendix (sojourn at J Zube's microfiche mastering minion). --xxx-- Technology issues:  All, any and a medium is, gives and does the massage, maybe a bit like rock is, gives and does dust and/or goes to particulate pieces jagged, rough in part and/or superficially, to show off limelight polish.   --xxx--  Sequestered idols and sunny symbolism vs symbiotics is no longer here; I moved it to: the currency issues intro   --xxx-- aborted diamonds   --xxx--   Callahan's, Rickels's, mine and Gilder's views in a nutshell --xxx--  vacant frequencies, photon finesse and finery --xxx-- unstoppable waves, unbreakable limbs and now: vacant frequencies? --xxx--  mail missive for Cato Institute on 'spectrannulius' --xxx--  callibration of the masses --xxx-- Shamanic panic and massive (bene) factoring  --xxx-- Jesus and Cernunnos --xxx-- 
plygaerazer plotting pillfurhernherz
'Lingo' chapter extension (74K)
and lead up to my Joyce studies, most of which ended up in the warriornet listpost files by the way)
Controversies, inversions, reversals and other preflexions sparked off by a classic courtcase: Stan Tenen vs Dan Winter --xxx-- libel, plagiarism and all kinds of -ortions:  big on slight and slander, short and slender on neat and tender; a recent foulmouth attack over the placement of 7 and 12 letters plus two periods constituting two adresses among the 280  in my link list, by the owner of one of them, ordering me to choose between him and his archrival, ...arch....haha!!! I will continue to ironize him by opting for these adresses to remain neighbours, at least till he apologizes, then maybe I'll concede to place them at either end of the category.--xxx-- Titled fragments:  Reply to a slanderous Email from S Tenen --xxx-- neighbourliness of shopshipshape(w)righters and wreckers --xxx-- His prompt response with a few (bold) edits added. --xxx-- Reproduction of some sanctimonious and smart posts by him at Jewish list groups --xxx-- War, Hollywood, Tenen, Gold, Photosynthesis. --xxx-- A digest of Conspiracy literature or Jesus for central banker --xxx-- The second world war. --xxx-- An extremist swingthing swayed between the vaccin virtuosity and epidemic magnitudes of critical dillutionary Homo in Hollywooded war path, where the middle of the road is a bad place to be.  --xxx-- I mail Bob Dratch the technocetacean wayward wizard.  --xxx-- My comments on Dan's posted mail discussion about wether love can pro- and evoke anger.  --xxx-- Back to Tenen for a bit more of the same shame sham shadow dnacign. --xxx--  6/12 E- mail to Dan.  --xxx-- third week of june addition: --xxx-- comment on EILS: equal interval letterskip (Tenen's hobbyhorse and bottled genistroke). --xxx-- 

Commendablinklist (102K)
sporting the next categories (in reverse order):

I ranked the plus or minus 300 sites listed in this file here similarly (minimal descriptions added when the name isn't indicative enough or merely acronymonious) roughly into the following themes: logistic aids and search engines trees as calenders, alphabet models, infrastructure and sustenance mature tree magic; periodic pleaches and pleasures (..if all goes well our attention oughta all add up to stands of and standing for 'm not to mention respect for (their magnitude in) old age.)Except for most underlined lines in grey I left all these adresses 'unhypered' for esthetic reasons; but for real lazy bones I tacked some clicklinks on to the "new links" file (same style as this one at first. I like a different colour per category, so you will have to add the 'prefix' (http://www in most cases) yourselves as follows for instance: leave it in the location bar and remove what was tagged on after it, now add the adress you fancy with a copy, paste, enter sequence.  raw food; letter origins, symbolization polyfidelity and extended families  economics, politics and sacred geometry  taskforces, secrecy, inertia, and other momentae  indiginous, voluntary and 'rizing racisms, and/or fledgling ideologies takes on the dustily powerful fresh powder placement  greengoods (grinders, dusts, seeds, trees, fruit)   my kind of green pro(-)vision; (p)reduced uprizaroucellwall-wellwill   green militants, bickering about babylonian green unclean +-doing.  ice age cycle juggling, gaian cosmologists  immanentors and inventors of fabulously clean energy ancestors and progeny, all sorts of metamentors rainbow fame, fun, family, variety and fabulation
including 4 candidates for the 
most comprehensive sites

From here on down this file used to show the long laboured and brooded over oldest bits; iow the original book design wherein some semblances of systemics were woven, but due to and during the present redo (showing the respective background colour along with some keywordlike hints to ease any shocks and spare people the tints that disappoint since they dislike 'm without a full window size blasts)I noticed the discrepancy in the mix of painstakingly wordked an rewordked material with the later and other much less so, rather more of the cuff stuff <see abuv>. I therefore moved the oldest 20 files to: '7yearsinthemaking',
Stat installed near the end of july 2001
(same counter adding up about 18 files) last update june 2001
 Sad the dreamscape turned into a fence? Here's how to deal with that along with whatever else is too dense and tense. (Only partly hypered) link files at this site are commendablinklist.htm and new_links and recent_links.htm  and fifth_linklist.htm and (almost fully hypered)Balkan sites, lists and (re)commentdations Brief descriptions to the main features at this Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions (afford and) arouse beleaf systemics by piet the punchline pioneer who shuns not hardest of tasks: (no, not leading a paper and print free life or a personally owned phone, computer and car free one too, that's easy; but) to pinch pith to most universally assimilable of powders cause "it ain't so bad to be a paracletic dabbler  with all these newspfangled plexciting and gruesomely growsomizing autonomobiles" site are at: (1) Blabsabs_Index.htmSwitch to any of all other files within this site via
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