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indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=243721 US debt to UN declining??? ---------- undeforpeace.org ------ 243753 War creates Baby Bin Ladens ---------- 243684 companyhalt.com(funny flash)  ---------- 243697 slew of links in german(y) -------- 243679 feature on women's day ------------ 243656 JPost on honour killings --------------- 243609 american conservative on Israel's nudges and prods  ----------243601 music links by guess who -------------- dc 55229 suicide study posted by Gringo claiming they are sane (and so not suicides but freedom fighters) ------- amirim.com ---------- 243927 zeeza.com ---------- 243844 +7 Captain America at it again  ---------- 243836 +6 ---------- 243897 greenspiration.org ---------- 243961 guerrillatv.com ---------- 243959 blond youth with airfilter over mouth and nose in front of a likely radio-active tank left over from the first cowardly slaughter ----------

55637 WashPost on Buchanan and jewish groups ----------  55628 Before the hard copy of Seymour Hersh's ``New Yorker'' magazine has even hit the streets, Perle sues journalist ------------ 55600 on a supposedly censored article: by anticensor 9:27pm Fri Mar 14 '03 Can't you take the hate mail from the ADL for exposing Israel's dirty deeds?

55368 Troll Free Call post with satisfactory amount of response (dunno about quality though, I am waaaaaaaay behind on my reading), it's on what Americans believe; this one by him: 55545 on the oscars, doesn't get any responses though

-------- 55344 Renegade Rightwing Regime Reeks of Recklessness by Daniel Shays a turtle islander ---------- organizedresistance.org ---------- 55338 Gringo Starr posts a lodda links like this one: nerdcities.com/guardian/OtherThreads/holocaust.htm---------- 55396 zoe_mitchell.pitas.com -----------

?????? newworldpeace.com, the best part of it is the link to calltoconscience.net/ ------ this place reminded me of mega.nu at first (if I remember that url correctly) bycause of it's heavy duty conspiracy ('Al Qaida is zionism with mask donned!!! etc: coverup10.html); here is a less extreme sample, on astrology and politics: whoops, can't find it again in this chaotic scolding (re- and deferring to two year old indy posts about fleets of flying saucers who are on our side) but it seems to have something to do with and/or be a fan of Jon Chance --- ah, wait,  /justice4.htm leads to it: picture1.html (second half)- it's a copy of spiritweb.org/Spirit/call-lightworkers-200109-tremaine.html -- via menu3ph1.html entitled Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, This Cooked-Up War Has Got to Go

know-our-enemy.net/make-your-choice/ ------------ 244330 Midas ears - Israel Shamir discusses the adl ------------ 244293 Pilger says: disobey!!!! ----- 244372 Gore Vidal on the erosion of the american dream

Subject: your link to dolf boek is faulty + requestdo you have a valid e-mail adress for him? Dolf_Boek at hotmail bounces (with or without capped name). ps: care to forward this? ps: What do you think of my evaluation? ps: I appreciate you'all's efforts but you don't even seem to get something simple like the rainbow colour sequence right. What's the rational. --------- Subject: your site and a few more (mine, Dan winter's and Stan Tenen's)Date: Tue, 18 Feb To: dolf_boek@hotmail.com hi I just mentioned your site in my logbriefer.htm Please don't take this as an opportunity to indulge what I perceive as your weakness; threatening legislation; don't be so defensive, your site isn't but as an apology for sodomy it is the most circumconvolute argument I have ever seen for it. Ps: In the book 'abuses' by Alphonso Lingis sodomy is mentioned in connection to inca sacrifices. Care to shine a light on that? I love the presentation (teint tones) of your site and sacred geometry tricks, dohickies as Dan Winter calls them who is himself not stranger to the field and constellations; he tends to fit them into one big socalled mother something or other.http://www.soulinvitation.com is how you reach him. Any thoughts on Meru??? ---------------"Chris Cowan" wrote: Hi, Piet, I've forwarded your message to Dolf Boek with the suggestion that he contact you directly. ------------ I have meanwhile corresponded with him a little bit. quite mystifying that site of his. ------------- He is one of many people who have taken up our theoretical framework and adapted it to their own interest with their own interepretations. --------------- I'd say, not saying too much there buddy. ---------------- I try to provide links to all sorts of viewpoints. Can you let me know which one is broken? -------------- the one to his site on yours I guess .. unless I am confused with 'the loon' one where we all 3 have found pride of place (well, not dolf, he got mad about it). ------------- As to your evaluation, I have no position on that. Honestly, I'm not in tune enough with the content to have a viable opinion. As to the "rainbow colour sequence," the rational was not to create a sequence, only a color code that moves away from either numerical or alphabetic labels. It's explained on our website on the FAQ page  spiraldynamics.org/learning/faq.htm and at spiraldynamics.org/Graves/colors.htm --------------- I've looked at it a little and sympathize with the attempt and associations but still think nothing beats 'my' (mixture of) ways. I saw yours, a comparison of Graves' with 25 other 'systems'. A bit vapid at first site; all this scaffolding reminds me of unhealthy way too high off the ground 'intellectangle' .. . hey, another new word. You are welcome to it. Another systemic philosopher to fit into and round out your overview would be bird's eye man Arnold Keyserling - http://www.chanceandchoice.com ----------- As to the ordering of the levels of psychological existence, it is predicated on Dr. Graves's research. Others - Loevinger, Kohlberg, Kegan, Harvey, etc. - offer slightly different stages of human emergence with an overall pattern that is remarkably consistent. Best, Chris C. ------------------------------

to my penpal: meandering mentalations - birdsong in the morning, used to wake up to and for it, but now that they rased my shack (didn't I tell you?) and I stay with the old 80 year old in a concrete wasteland of downtown uppity welltodo intellectual bars and restaurants, that ain't so no more; I now marvel at the against alloddness of their generations; the park is more and more beat up, half of it under repairwraps and fenced off, most everywhere else compaction trampled.   I think I need to cheer myself up hugely just thinking 2 weeks ahead when I am finally scheduled to leave town, after 7 years of wanting to.  Still no wheels. Could you sorta grasp what I was on about (amplified by the ofek link material?).  Saw a cute vw van this morning, sober and a good compromise between comfort and driving bulk kept down.  I think I should like to hear your voice, may I place a call to a phone near your ear???   In case you wondered about the links at the top, they are just some indy items I should pile into my log tomorrow if I find myself stubbornly persisting in a fruitless routine I don't know to be helpful to anybody really; all nearly 9000 monthly visitors may come by pure accident. ------------------------ subject: gathering country picked for this year -- france, but the french family may move into the spanish site of the pyrenees according to word on the street today but I doubt it; france is big enough for sites of its own. Looks like well worth a visit. Are you still psyched? Or was you period speaking for you, egg scanning for a nest, nasdaq nest egg you, my precious. Shocked about sparrow's and rachel's deaths I expect, more than others since his initials are CC too??  wish you strength and devotions to and from those around you.

birdsong in the morning, used to wake up to and for it, but now that they rased my shack (didn't I tell you?) and I stay with the old 80 year old in a concrete wasteland of downtown uppity welltodo intellectual bars and restaurants, that ain't so no more; I now marvel at the against alloddness of their generations; the park is more and more beat up, half of it under repairwraps and fenced off, most everywhere else compaction trampled. I think I need to cheer myself up hugely just thinking 2 weeks ahead when I am finally scheduled to leave town, after 7 years of wanting to. Still no wheels. Could you sorta grasp what I was on about (amplified by the ofek link material?). Saw a cute vw van this morning, sober and a good compromise between comfort and driving bulk kept down. I think I should like to hear your voice, may I place a call to a phone near your ear??? In case you wondered about the links at the top, they are just some indy items I should pile into my log tomorrow if I find myself stubbornly persisting in a fruitless routine I don't know to be helpful to anybody really; all nearly 9000 monthly visitors may come by pure accident. ------------------------ various rambles, pointers and confidences conveyed (for your convenience) so, when are your last exams for this semester? zeeza.com (linked from main indy 243927 on 'woman good men bad' rightfully put down as essentialisms by a sharp commenter); all polarizations seem to fluctuate between fructifying supplementarity and sterility; they meet in the middle, the fulcrum vortex; both going at top speed for a hardheadoncollision, a meetmate wellmet. Their eddies are pliant and from them spring descendant to plough the main searching for the one is one on one focus yet again. And yet, there is some truth to the dualism, the struggle and enmity between dark and light, dry and hard man and woman but since such attractive pairs are seldomly unmixed and so many altogether, their weegzee never budges much due to activity of a small amount of them. It takes sensible coalitions and so, let the searching/founding begin. Those Edenites (edenvillage.something or other) are like rainbows, proud of the distance the bridge to attend. In ancient days once roots and allegiances reached all the way to stars and they performed the contact maintenance mentally, not with throttles that are like creepingly cumulative acts of acceptible violence till they have piled up such momentae that it is easy to drag more and more parts of the human family into all out war, a grand competetion to see who will win the next round to be called best narcissist of small differences for a season ratcheting the state of the violent arts up towards an always receding pinnacle. the pretense (that) division of labour is just as respectable as wealth. In their wake meanwhile and about as rampant: schizophrenia, rapidly overtaking them. If you go to zeeza.com (singer songwriter, etc) you see her site is made by zachs, press the link under/with/in his name and find his digidomicile (with everything2.com) where a whole lot of work went into the questionaire you sent me recently. Got any spare surf time to day? ofek.com/ points to economads.com, etc and has a picture up with this caption: van sold in 1998, car-free ever since .. ... .piet: shit, I am really struggling with this mobile in order to find/found sustainable locatedness found via the intentionalcommunities yahoo group; he posted this some weeks ago:Message: 1 Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 19:25:37 -0600 From: "economads" Subject: a quote about the kibbutz movement "The Kibbutznik / MAPAInik colonialism is about as 'socialist' or 'labourist' as gang rape is sexual equality, since the rapists share their loot with each other and work together in cooperation and solidarity." -- Yoram Bar-Haim, Palestine hello -i stumbled upon this quote in hebrew and decided to translate it for you. in very few words it puts the socialist aspect of the zionist kibbutz movement into a perspective which is usually overlooked. -------- not sure I should distract you from making your grade and dad proud, all that but if I can bounce some stuff through your head read on. press the link in the forwarded mail that says colours.htm at the end and see if I should drop my scheme for theirs. this idiot savant dolf seems to be heavily infected with the stackedboxes mentality that this mister Graves is proffering; his system compared to 25 others seems rather vapid and not just bycause he shorthanded he ideas into a letter pair code. The letter I sent earlier today has ended up as a comment to 243968 about the dixychicks giving the president (who shares/ruled their native state) hell, I don't know if i like their music yet though and I probably doubled the convoluted trains of thought so if you like to see more fix yourself that link. ------------ I just crossed the center and the river 'behind it('under' which it 'hangs' like a spiderweb on a horizontal branch), followed a park and freeway lined canal through the suburbs and inspected a motorcycle for sale at the very edge of modern Holland; cross a footbridge and the wide open greets you, wind picks up, temperature drops and light multiplies across the grasslands. A van would be better I decided. It will help you look forward to some comfort no? Would you care for an unconventional marriage with my brother apacho and me? He is 32 (even that's too old for you to have the best sorts of fun perhaps but I thought I'd ask since he can't find ((black market)) work anymore and is really too good for townlife though he don't mind). He ties young women around his fingers. Don't smoke, don't drink and speaks english as bad as you do sometimes (he likes repetition and emotion, quite tiring for a man like me, do love him though; he is probably the only apache in western europe). Just kidding I guess. I am gonna give him the wwoof adress next. Do send me a digital present, whatever at hand, your term paper drafts, n'emport qua, je't aime and get out before freedom's fried altogether. Kidding again, america has vast and tranquil spaces still, just bad leadership. Don't we lead our own selves into trouble most of the time.

244299 Dixy Chicks cave in to the storm of indignation and betrayal accusations caused by their expressions of shame over sharing home state 'stemmage with 'their' president, and withdraw criticism ---------- 244310 244301 and 244378 Alex Cockburn and 48714 portland  on Dicksee Chooks also (hell, they ought to be ashamed of their shamelessly staring texan reality in the face like that; not that that way of life is embarrasable though) ---------- 55701+5 ------------- Subject: dixy chicks have their tongues cut out and are left to bleed dead oops, no sorry that happened to saddam dissenters, but .. .. remember the pious pietisms conveyed yes-tour-day? here is an followup to the item I tacked 'm onto: Dixie Chickens Runnin' Scared (english) Cheryl Seal 1:16pm Sat Mar 15 '03 article#244301 Dixie Chicks prove what sort of stuff they are made of (mashmallow fluff) by standing up to Bush, then issuing a groveling apology to his Heinous. I had a slight flicker of encouragement and hope when the Dixie Chicks announced to a London audience "We're ashamed the President of the U.S. is from Texas." Later, lead \singer Maines said that in traveling around Europe (where the press is still somewhat free), the D.C.s were shocked to learn the truth about the U.S. position, the real facts behind the situation, and how angry the rest of the world was. Now, back in the good ole USA, they have completely turned coat on their consciences and "apologized" for their statements....groveled, in fact, like good little redneck cuties. I suspect the Bush people threatened them and demanded the apology...that is the Bush modus operandi lately - bully and threaten, and demand a public apology, or else. But when someone has enough guts to stand up to them, like all posturing authoratarians, they back down. Case in point..the spoof page, Whitehouse.org was running a parody of the American seal that had a vulture in the center instead of an eagle...Dick Cheney himself wrote and demanded a retraction and apology and threatened all sorts of dire legal action. But the page creator held his ground, the ACLU stepped in and lo and behold, big tough bully Cheney backed right down. These guys love to push when no one pushes back. In any case, the Dixie chicks sure proved what they were made of - fluff.

244147 Censorship At DC IMC  anti-censor 6:24pm Fri Mar 14 '03 Censorship at DC IMC. Note that the article on the newswire was NOT a duplicate. Have Israeli agents infiltrated DC IMC? The (twice) Censored Article On DC Indy: 55604 The admission of censorship: 55600 - - --------------------- WHY?Snort 7:22pm Fri Mar 14 '03 comment#244162 Why would Israeli agents want to censor that article - SINCE IT EXPLICITLY STATES THAT ISRAEL WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the forgeries. Or were you hoping most people wouldn't read the article and just passively accept your lies? ------------------- Read More Carefully  Snort Snort 7:27pm Fri Mar 14 '03 comment#244164 Although CNN attempts to whitewash Israel's involvement, as does the [White-]Washington Post, CNN >>>implicitly<<< admits the Israeli practice (as well as that of the U.S. and the U.K.) in forging documents to frame countries it wants to exploit (or bomb into oblivion). Secondly, it did not state categorically that Israel did not commit the forgeries--rather, it attempted to clear the most obvious suspect in the forgeries. The most shameful aspect of all, though, is that Presidunce Moron doesn't even bother to check his facts first. CNN Report Excerpt Below ==-==== "Most rule out the United States, Great Britain or Israel because they said those countries' intelligence services would have been able to make much more convincing forgeries if they had chosen to do so. President Bush even highlighted the documents in his State of the Union address on January 28. "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa," Bush said.'

55771 Aspen peace ralley video (10 minutes worth of song and bannertainment) ----------- 244217 Oregon: Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow by  Cascadia Forest Defenders ----------- 244180 dark secret of jewish power is out by israel shamir ---------- 244175 Buzzflash on journalistic integrity ------------ 244223 venturecollective.org ????? ------------ 244065 mind numbing power of aipac in this country ----------- 244054 looks like a failed upload of adbuster take on adl ---------- 244029 Fisk thinks we can stop the war still --------------- 244026japandada.bandwidthcoop.org = indy japan ---------
forbes.com/forbes/2003/0331/037.html Karlgaard ---------- 244539 fuckitall.com/bsh/# --------- 244521 black commenter damningly indicts the US ------- ?????? pinr.com The Power and Interest News Report is currently down until further notice. ------- 244515 seeley clamps onto another predictably raunchy and taste deprived soapsouped up reality bite ------- 244641 daily mirror claims 30.000 deserters already --------- 244654geocities.com/rengarus giant billboard with tally

Rachel Corrie (may she rest in peace) in Palestine; e-mail to her mother February 28 2003 Thanks, Mom, for your response to my email. It really helps me to get word from you, and from other people who care about me. After I wrote to you I went incommunicado from the affinity group for about 10 hours which I spent with a family on the front line in Hi Salam - who fixed me dinner - and have cable TV. The two front rooms of their house are unusable because gunshots have been fired through the walls, so the whole family - three kids and two parents - sleep in the parent's bedroom. I sleep on the floor next to the youngest daughter, Iman, and we all shared blankets. I helped the son with his English homework a little, and we all watched Pet Semetery, which is a horrifying movie. I think they all thought it was pretty funny how much trouble I had watching it. Friday is the holiday, and when I woke up they were watching Gummy Bears dubbed into Arabic. So I ate breakfast with them and sat there for a while and just enjoyed being in this big puddle of blankets with this family watching what for me seemed like Saturday morning cartoons. Then I walked some way to B'razil, which is where Nidal and Mansur and Grandmother and Rafat and all the rest of the big family that has really wholeheartedly adopted me live. (The other day, by the way, Grandmother gave me a pantomimed lecture in Arabic that involved a lot of blowing and pointing to her black shawl. I got Nidal to tell her that my mother would appreciate knowing that someone here was giving me a lecture about smoking turning my lungs black.) I met their sister-in-law, who is visiting from Nusserat camp, and played with her small baby. Nidal's English gets better every day. He's the one who calls me, "My sister". He started teaching Grandmother how to say, "Hello. How are you?" In English. You can always hear the tanks and bulldozers passing by, but all of these people are genuinely cheerful with each other, and with me. When I am with Palestinian friends I tend to be somewhat less horrified than when I am trying to act in a role of human rights observer, documenter, or direct-action resister. They are a good example of how to be in it for the long haul. I know that the situation gets to them - and may ultimately get them - on all kinds of levels, but I am nevertheless amazed at their strength in being able to defend such a large degree of their humanity - laughter, generosity, family-time - against the incredible horror occurring in their lives and against the constant presence of death. I felt much better after this morning. I spent a lot of time writing about the disappointment of discovering, somewhat first-hand, the degree of evil of which we are still capable. I should at least mention that I am also discovering a degree of strength and of basic ability for humans to remain human in the direst of circumstances - which I also haven't seen before. I think the word is dignity. I wish you could meet these people. Maybe, hopefully, someday you will. Rachel
244597  US activist (female) bulldozed in Palestine ---------- 244586 Guardian on this story ----------- 244454 --------- 244449 haaretz and one of her own last reports ----------- 244644 palsolidarity.org calls this calamity deliberate ------------ 56233 dc Rachel Corrie in her own words ---------- 56078 +16 and 56000 +9 same subject ------- 55962 clfweb.org  ---------- 55937 + 19 ------------- 244853 freerepublicreeps on the death of RCorry ----- 244757 +9 Activist Was Photographed Burning "American Flag" (english) Arutz - Sheva - IsraelNationalNews.com + some discussion on Corrie --------- 244671 some more discussion on Rachel Corrie ------------- 244663 AP on her ----------- 244651 long article on humanshieldism by seruv.org.il and palsolidarity.org ------------
rachel corrie related items at indymedia.org/il: 52796 eyewitness account :::::: 52505 :::: -394 :::: -602 (februari 7 email by Rachel ::::: -596 :::: -577;

More Rachel Corrie at main: 245627 :::::: 245518 ::::: -31 :::::: -493 (IDF fires teargas and granades at Rachel's funeral) ::::: -282 ::::: -227 ::::: -199 ::::: -137 (Guardian publishes a slew of her e-mails +6 comments)

49507 +10  Rachel Corrie Burns The U.S. Flag (7th Repost) -- [a first hidden and later destroyed item ((caught it just in time, thanks to incessantly trying)) with Rachel burning the flag effigy (on paper); I would have been eleventh commenter here (unless I ended [sticking wednesday's around 2.30 PM portland time comment] up on another of these alleged 7 ((all indeed erased in that case)); destroyed posts) I am still struggling with the hidden posts] --- In other words:Portland archives are down, spammed and/or overburdened now (march 20th :::: an article remarking on the inaccessibility of the hidden article url (written in frustration) was quickly removed. A much more polite one put up later was left and even lauded! the indy volunteer doing so explained there have been site upseizing file demands) but I posted a comment, probably on this Rachel Corrie related item yesterday the 19th. Wanna see what else is hidden? (seems like only a page worth of hidden items are kept in stock which reaches back in time no further than some hours when the upload failures and spammings are intense)  ------------ The(se) article(s) in question debate the picture of Rachel burning a paper flag and the right wingers argue that she got what she deserves of course.    I wrote (more or less that): I don't approve of most kinds of burning but . . . what Rachel is doing (destruction of symbol to signify disagreement with what it stands for, a basic right/rite and THE most ancient form of theater if you ask me, and not just me, I just finished 'defacements' by Taussig (and salient detail, this comment war started last night on Purim unbeknownst to me), the feast of disguises and masquerades ((detail I thank Ephimenco and by one remove his source for it Haselhoef, Dutch amateur Imam, in today's Volkskrant)) , so don't worry, only play-acting the bad guys there) can't hold a candle to what happens to a people who's own flag has never had a change to stand for anything much, good or bad, at all yet!!! And far from inciting hatred, a glance at her youthful audience show a- and at most bemusement, something that must be harder still to come by for them compared to the average Iraqi. ----- I remember adding lines about how this tragedy whipped up and slapped around my feelings to the point of wanting to join a gentle guerrilla and this morning I thought we could perhaps propose a collective suicide after 7 days unless half of the foreign funds are withdrawn by then --- --- quote from the hidden 49305  "On the Feast of Purim (February 1994), Dr. Baruch Goldstein, dressed as an army officer, entered the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and shot to death 29 Arabs and wounded approximately a hundred more. It is our great misfortune that Dr. Baruch Goldstein may G-D avenge his blood, who was brutally murdered by the Arabs is no longer with us." ----  imc-portland-editorial@indymedia.org should get a copy of all this ------ another hidden item:49523 +5 May Rachel's spirit be a blessing to us all 

discussion about Rachel via Marco 245199: webactive.com/pacifica/demnow/dn20030317.html

Little green footballs weblogger item + 89 comments  It's a Love Thang I've gotten more hate mail in the last week than in the previous year, all related to the Rachel Corrie case. The so-called "peace activists" (who are really irrational, ignorant Jew-hating   weenies in flimsy disguise) get extremely pissed off when someone finds out the truth about one of their prized propaganda icons. To all those high-minded haters who felt moved to contact me and tell me that Rachel Corrie was an angel driven by the purest of motives, murdered in cold blood by the evil scheming J-E-W-S while defending innocent helpless    victims of their depradations, whereas I am a bloodthirsty baby-killer, racist lout, and all-around horrible human being, I say with all due respect (i.e., zero): Bite me.  --- The man's bottom line is the forevermore immoral might makes right. --------- Ranbutan, 18th (18th out of 126) commenter on an earlier RC related item here:I orginally felt a little sympathy for her as a victim of an accident, tempered a bit by her flag-burning. Then read a little about her ISM (International Solidarity Movement) and some of her pieces. The one Charles found is a new one.  I liked, in addition to her full support of terror ops, this gem: the US gunship helicopters - so inappropriately named "Apache' - and heard the rapid clatter of the guns of the ships of death riding the starry sky like alien invaders from another world. Oh, yes.....as indigent oppressed non-whites the peace-loving Apache with their heritage of non-violence would consider the use of their name "innappropriate". (Actually, when the Army named the beast, they invited Apaches to the opening ceremony.....who were honored, given their reputation as the most deadly, tough, kick-ass Indians the US ever fought...that the US Army gave them this tribute. Ships of death....the real Apaches would get woodies riding in such weapons.)  Anyways, back to Rachel Corrie. I have to say that I have lost all my sympathy. Sort of like being a black guy in the South 100 years ago and hearing that the lit cross fell over at a KKK rally and crushed a guy to death...then reading the local paper obitituaries the next day and finding out that sub-Keagle Harvey Bob Williams was killed in a "terrible accident and is mourned by the whole town". And I would say "Not mourned by me, baby...not mourned by me....no sireee!" ------- 

It Approaches Air raid sirens and anti-aircraft fire in Baghdad.  by Charles at 06:48 PM PST | 310 comments | link --------------  Morons Annoy Los Angeles An aerial shot of the morons (and I make no apologies for using the word) who managed to shut down one of the busiest traffic intersections in Los Angeles today, by lying in the filthy street and annoying an awful lot of people: And the LAPD is already launching an investigation against the officer seen on local news using his baton on a moron who tried to grab it.  | 64 comments | link -------------- The Seminole War Dance Earlier today I linked to a story about a company commander leading his troops in a "Seminole war dance." Here's a photo of this quaint native American ritual (hat tip: Brenda). |104 comments | link -------------------- http://www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=
5881_Indymedia_Hater_Gets_His_Smear_On#comments - 127 commenters on an item about email battles between his kind and  indymedians
forestdefenders.org one of them (Sparrow) is supposed to have killed himself - I can't believe that's true from the way he looks ---------- 56224 on women's woes ---------- 56203 gulf war female veteran on the Iraqi side says "bring it (war) on" --------- 55956 polinco.net type post ------------ 244648 Daniesha links to dc 56214 ------ slumdance.com/blogs/brian_flemming/ on an LA debate with Hitch amongst others kcrw.com/grid streams this pabulum over the web

244657 (and -6) I go: president's poker (f)ace: precisionbomb the palaces - Hate to admit that though he feels life is a poker game and he need not stoop any lower he can't really loose. --- But still, we better make sure and keep him on his best behaviour. No messy 'cheap' variety bombing allowed. The UN should stipulate as much  ... or else .. .. pledge to withdraw all funds from the then soon not just sorry but sore 'states' --- The true test: willing to be equalled with those you are going to pour blessings upon? Are you doing for them what you would do for yourselves, do you realize that claiming the good and expelling/projecting the shadow side of things may work mid(any)day real time but not when applied to and between relatively space and placeless humans(and who more so than the US citizen????) ----triggered by 244499 on Iraqi demographics (made up of mostly underage people) ------------- here's a better idea/read 244026 Fisk thinks we can stop the war still

55884 Israel directs it's sewage down the mainstreet of their downstream neigbour --------- I go: where did abraham get the mustard? by piet 4:55am Sun Mar 16 '03 About a savvy somebody it is sometimes said that he knows where Abraham gets the mustard, in Holland at least. It is fair to say that all monotheisms (claim to) stem from this famed familiar who instigated a whole lot of modernisms like migration, buying and selling of land and substitution of animal for human sacrifice, a narcissist of small difference in other words, an innovator, a role model and revered avatar. I suggest we employ all US troops in the land of 2 mesopotamian rivers as archeologist's hands; convert their hardware into scoopers, sifters and shifters, find where Abraham in fact stems from (as hard as that will be) and designate the area (most likely to be no ((longer)) man's land, utterly destroyed by some) the new homeland of jews; they can start from scratch, keep their american subsidy for a while but will have to use it to figure out ways to regreen the place.

55871 Intelligence veterans blast Bush - ESSENTIAL READING! by Troll-Free Call 1:48am Sun Mar 16 '03 The following is an article by former members of the CIA, speaking out against Bush's war plans and urging current CIA members to take a stand against Bush. It's followed by a transcript of a German TV interview of two former agents, who explain how Bush and Rumsfeld ignored or misrepresented the facts about Iraq. Most interesting to me is Rumsfeld's creation of his "own" intelligence service and snubbing of the CIA...a very dangerous move on his part, I suspect

55836 +4 BUSH IS WARNED ABOUT ILLEGALITY OF UNILATERAL WAR.  by Rosalinda 12:08am Sun Mar 16 '03 Articles have appeared during the past week -- including one on German television -- warning that an attack on Iraq carried out without UN Security Council authorization would be in violation of the UN Charter and international law, and that President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld could eventually find themselves charged with war crimes before the newly-inaugurated International Criminal Court (ICC).

55742 + 16 DC m15 photos ----------- 55711 + 42 break away from march storms world bank ---------- 55703 farcep.org/mujer/ --------- 55682 Vandenberg Air Force Base authorizes 'deadly force' against trespassing protesters  ----------- 55677+6 Palestinians Kill Two 'Collaborators' in West Bank ------------ 55621 +14 White America doesn't give a damn for Iraqi lives

56643 dc by piet - the nazi's pioneered and the allies caught (up and ran with) it -- I decided saddam Hussein's name is what acts like the proverbial red rag, it sounds enough like sado maso when spoken with sufficiently blurred diceluckpsycao + Featherstone and Rickels (see next section)

 http://notime.arts.ucla.edu/mining/essay.html Mine too sequel to Mine by Laurence Rickels ::--:: monochrom.at/bagasch/archiv/6064.html a 39K review of Rickels' book Nazi psychoanalysis called Apocalyptic Totalitarianism: The Totalitarian Psyche and Nazi Psychoanalysis by Mark Featherstone -- original location: ctheory.net/text_file.asp?pick=364 ------- I come in 46th on a search for that title plus author name --------- this article is also noted and excerpted by ::: wood s lot (blog) ::: where 101illustratedK is good for half a month's worth ::: a profuse blog - he links to something on Richard Powers: conjunctions.com/archives/c34-rp.htm ----- and Winona LaDuke's tribute to a deceased elder: honorearth.org/grantees/nilakbutler.html ::-:: johntrudell.com/nilak/index.html ---- and this could be fun too: journalofaestheticsandprotest.org/1/BenShepard/index.html

?????? http://devinasch.com/peace.html70 thumbnails of dc and nyc protests on march 15 ---------- 244766 http://ccmep.org/ colorado campaign for middle east peace -- posted as comment there ----------- 244729 actionsforpeace.be another belgian effort -------- 244735 somebody who apparently doesn't realize what heavy traffic can do to a site's responsiveness wonders what's up and murkymark comes by to point the finger at himself, dropping a few reposts into the bargain as well --------------- ?????? greenjon.com/shield/IraqPixFrameSet.htm beautiful pictures!!!!! ---------  56424 dc +6 about feminism ------------ ?????? the most consistently sensitive, productive and helpful indyan Marco sums up some of the banner texts seen in chicago - includes some fun local links

nlg.org/mltf/MLTF.htmlmilitary law task force (via LBO yoshie) Wonder if they read Rickels' trilogy there?

Brian Atinsky from israel indymedia on edit group quandaries at lbo-talk: We (edit group) are debating whether to remove them or not...always a debate between free speech uber alles and the question of whether we should be very strict about our four red lines: 1. No Direct calls for violence. 2. No provable lies. 3. Blatently racist statments. 4. No overt racism. We have decided to hide (they are not removed) some of these comments... The problem is we are constantly 'attacked' by a group of about 15 right wing idiots. They don't even attempt logical argumentation, they just spew out a couple lines of hate...but there is always a couple of them on at any one time and they comment sometimes over 100 times in a day. To run around after them and their inanites is a waste of our energies. We don't have a very large editing group... It is actually quite a quandry to us, because we have seen that the flooding of the site with a large amount of their hateful comments and articles has been dissuading people from coming back to the site to read and also to publish. Bryan -------------- The problems are one of system-inertia and one of practicality. We would have to end the idea of Open Publishing in order to have an editorial process which would filter out in a fair way, these types of hateful speech. The whole system works with immediate publishing....when you click the publish button on the publish page, the articles are immediately put into the newswire. We would have to have some form of delay mechanism which would then only show the articles in the newswire once they have been 'approved'...this may solve some of the negative aspects of the system as it stands, but it would also destroy the benefits of immediate publication, lend towards editorial abuse and go ideologically against the ideas of many in the 'Free speech uber alles' camp (mostly from America) of the Indymedia activists. About 1 1/2 years ago, when we really were inundated by right wings attacks that were almost taking over 60 or more percent of the article/comments, we actually began to really try to 'hide' many of these comments...and we were attacked by many of these 'Free speech uber alles' Indymedia people, some of who were trying to get a boycott of the Indymedia Israel site. They calmed down after several months, but we still get complaints ('we need to know our enemy' and 'you are fascists just like they are when you censor' type comments) whenever we 'hide' some of the more extreme statements. Secondly, we are only so many people working on the editorial side of the Indymedia Israel website, and we really don't have the time to run after every comment published (which is partially what they publish this garbage for...so we expend tons of time on this useless dribble..) Actaully if any of you out there have comments or suggestions about what to do, it could be helpful. Bryan

lbo has started to use google group style colouring to distinguish subsequent text contributors, by the way --- Dennis Perrin's priceless comment to the dixy chicken affair:" 'Just so you know,' Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines told the London audience, 'we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.' "On Friday she issued an apology. " 'As a concerned American citizen, I apologize to President Bush because my remark was disrespectful,' Maines said. 'I feel that whoever holds that office should be treated with the utmost respect. We are currently in Europe and witnessing a huge anti-American sentiment as a result of the perceived rush to war. While war may remain a viable option, as a mother, I just want to see every possible alternative exhausted before children and American soldiers' lives are lost. I love my country. I am a proud American.' " Ain't too proud to beg, sweet darlin' . . . Hopefully, when Tommy Franks is running the Ba'ath Party apparatus, this lesson in democracy will teach the Iraqis how to speak about their leaders. Freedom ain't free, y'know. DP --------thomas seay: This is democratic free-market mccarthyism, isnt it? The "Dixie Chicks" were not going to be thrown in jail...the press was going to work their fans into a frenzy against them, thereby "democratically" blacklisting them. Self-righteous long-time fans would refuse to buy their records, attend their concerts; somebody would come up with a "cute" name for them like "the Dixie Traitors" and it would be repeated on the air ad infinitum. It's market forces...and the State would not have to lift a finger. This is the nature of mccarthyism today, if that's what we want to call it. -Thomas -------------- Well, I think "McCarthyism" as pejorative is pretty played out. The old drunk's been dead a long time, and I'm sure we can find another term. In the radio interviews I've been doing lately, I've been using "antidemocratic bullying" -- not as pithy as McCarthyism, but accurate, and in the follow-up I break it down for the listeners who, in many cases, have no idea what freedom means. I'm sad to see the Chicks back down, but not surprised. Country music culture is quite jingoistic and, at times, simply insane. Last night, after a couple glasses of a fine Australian Cab, I flipped across MTV's country music channel and saw what seemed like a redneck Nuremberg rally. Don't know who the band was -- I didn't stick with it to the end -- but they were playing to a bunch of servicemen in an airplane hangar. The song was a typical "patriotic" ditty, and the band was surrounded by a shitload of flags, and video screens showing more flags with eagles, F-14s whizzing about, etc., and this sent the servicemen into a simian frenzy. I took a minute or two of it before I found solace at VH1 Classic, where a Clash video was playing. Ah, Joe Strummer, how you are missed. DP---------------- brian: Sounded like typical showbiz playing to the crowd. When in London, say something that resonates. When called on it by conservative policemen back home, do the same. It's unfortunate because I suspect Maines, who claims to have been a punker before getting into country, probably really dislikes Bush. To be fair, though, she just said she hated that he was from Texas. If he was from Utah, maybe it wouldn't have mattered so much? ------ Country music culture is quite jingoistic and, at times, simply insane. ------ I agree, but so's a lot of rock n roll. (Ask Wojtek!) That's why it's nice to run into left-leaning country groups like the Toadliquors ("Disney is the Enemy"), or come across the occasional Rev Horton Heat -- a better Dallas musical export than the Chicks, imo -- ditty a la "Interracial Cowboy Homo Kinda Love". -----  Last night, after a couple glasses of a fine Australian Cab.... ----- Why, that sounds enchanting, Dennis! Brian ---------- Gar Lipow:If McCarthyism as term is dead is dead - but the historical comparisons are closer than you think. Most U.S. citizens who suffered in the McCarthy era suffer through blacklists - many of them private, many others government lists shared with the private sector - much like our own "no fly" lists. In terms of non-citizens - I think our mass roundups are already exceeding what happened to non-citizens during the Truman-McCarthy era. My mother, who was blacklisted during that era, has noted the comparisons. She thinks the main difference between then and now is that people are not for the most part just backing off and giving in. (The Dixie Chicks , we can hope, are an exception.) ----------------CB: Since you perhaps rightly sense you are seeing something like a Nuremberg rally ( a very scary reality), why not call it potentially fascist or pre-fascist. John Pilger qutoes Norman Mailer as calling this a pre-fascist atmosphere. Pilger seems to favor "crypto-fascist". What now? Cover story New Statesman John Pilger Monday 17th March 2003... [johnpilger.com]...... ..."My guess," wrote Norman Mailer recently, "is that, like it or not, or want it or not, we are going to go to war because that is the only solution Bush and his people can see. The dire prospect that opens, therefore, is that America is going to become a mega-banana republic where the army will have more and more importance in our lives. And, before it is all over, democracy, noble and delicate as it is, may give way . . . Indeed, democracy is the special condition that we will be called upon to defend in the coming years. That will be enormously difficult because the combination of the corporation, the military and the complete investiture of the flag with mass spectator sports has set up a pre-fascist atmosphere in America already." In the military plutocracy that is the American state, with its unelected president, venal Supreme Court, silent Congress, gutted Bill of Rights and compliant media, Mailer's "pre-fascist atmosphere" makes common sense. The dissident American writer William Rivers Pitt pursues this further. "Critics of the Bush administration," he wrote, "like to bandy about the word 'fascist' when speaking of George. The image that word conjures is of Nazi storm troopers marching in unison towards Hitler's Final Solution. This does not at all fit. It is better, in this matter, to view the Bush administration through the eyes of Benito Mussolini. Dubbed 'the father of fascism', Mussolini defined the word in a far more pertinent fashion. 'Fascism,' he said, 'should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.' " Bush himself offered an understanding of this on 26 February when he addressed the annual dinner of the American Enterprise Institute. He paid tribute to "some of the finest minds of our nation [who] are at work on some of the greatest challenges to our nation. You do such good work that my administration has borrowed 20 such minds. I want to thank them for their service." The "20 such minds" are crypto-fascists who fit the definition of William Pitt Rivers.

Zizek: One can surmise that the US are well aware that the era of Saddam and his non-fundamentalist regime is coming to an end in Iraq, and that the attack on Iraq is probably conceived as a much more radical preemptive strike - not against Saddam, but against the main contender for Saddam's political successor, a truly fundamentalist Islamic regime.  ---------------Yoshie: One can also surmise that the USG was well aware that the era of theocracy is coming to an end in Iran. Having captured Afghanistan, and now conquering Iraq, it will be soon in a position to invade Iran from both east and west, crushing any secular democratic state in Iran, if one arises and acquires a left-wing character. 

portland 48702 +27 on troop support

indymedia.org/il/imc/israel/webcast/52784.html zionist masculinity by ofek.com maker with a couple of depreciative comments -------- 46149 Brian Atinsky on the social framing of natural open space ----------  44197 is ChuckO's earlier noted and critiqued article about his perceived decline of indymedia, well, here he is proven right ... someone posted a load of frontpagemagazine articles that seem rather irrelevant ::::::::::

245510 astrology :::::::  -03 Guardian on Zionism :::::: -489 troll(caretaking)links :::::: -381 Gibson's controversial Christianity ::::: -24 CESR (a human rights advocate) ::::: -10 +4 touching account of aboriginal woes ::::: -07(nice tactical but/cause no budget manouver) :::: -289 Dixie Chick affair in a nutshell ::::: -074 Perle spying (atlantic article) ::::: -253 vvawai.org (veterans) :::: -49 a real video of Mike Moore with band ::::: -29 veteran troll Mike Hanson leaves the unassailable fortress of his blog (which he opens with 'hate'mail (accurate characterization if you ask me) :::::: -126 unamerican mobility recommendation :::: -106 Thomas Hartmann with Hitler/Bush art ::::: -089 great pjd comment

56753 dc Troll Free Call dukes it out with multiple assailants again :::::::: 56786 dc -- URGENT: UN Res 377 CAN STOP WAR!: Fax and Email Them Now by Cheryl Guttman 4:31pm Tue Mar 18 '03 :::::: ?????? nationalphilistine.com/baghdad/index.html arrested for postering baghdad mugshots around nyc

49785 Portland The Iraqi Perspective - News From The Front - link to a native Iraqi's weblog GRINGO STARS 2:37pm Wed Mar 19 '03 gringo_stars@attbi.com A guy named Raed is an Iraqi who keeps a weblog online. It's interesting to read the perspective of an Iraqi;  "No one inside Iraq is for war (note I said war not a change of regime), no human being in his right mind will ask you to give him the beating of his life..." --  Sunday March 16, 2003  The whole country is preparing to get bombed and invaded. Stores are all out of earplugs and gasmasks. The Syrian border is closed to Iraqis, and Baghdad is closed by checkpoints.  A quote that Raed is fond of:  "The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."  -- Samuel P. Huntingtonhttp://dear_raed.blogspot.com/  -- this is no catpiss here; beautiful colours and loads of comments - over a hundred as often as not!!!

245925 Fisk on civil war ----- 49606 Portland Fisk too, on fading hope ---- 245683 John Kaminski ---------- http://zeecity.blogspot.com/ (in German and English; allergy warning: ugly white background) ---------- 245650 cloud-buster.com Rickels has fantastic things to say about what side of the sf/technology fixation/fetish and the group (adolescently replicative) vs couple (reproductive) divide Reich ended up on. ----------- 344402 ???? looks like one of 'm glitched cases; please inform my undying curiosity at some point of your own choosing in the not too distant future --------------- 245890 eco pledge ---------- Live.Nu/war/ --------- oneworldbeat.org

A bit of something on 1933 by Tom Hartmann: commondreams.org/views03/0316-08.htm

Alridy, time to chalk up three reciprocals: geocities.com/burrapaca and iespana.es/sololinkssss (both spanish blogs, the latter a team of 12 -gers even) and flowerlinks.net

300255 is on the 1000+ arrests in the bay area; and their indy site, which seems down according to a commenter who blames the too pro-zionist editors and demands replacements  -----  -46 is Pilger's march 13 Mirror artilce reposted ----- 300191 datanation.com/fallacies (logical) -------- 300061 Wiki praising item, wish they would au moin slightly stain their backgrounds at least ------- 300055 dr-yo.com  (pretty complete palette there boyo! Art (including sacred geodesia/Bucky inspired stuff and exegetic writing on Dali and other devils) ------------ 300019 that's what I call an eight pronged classical vintage mindboggling indy constellation

300115 fighttheoctopus.com -- I go: say, your site is ok but . I love the octopus by speciespiet 12:09am Fri Mar 21 '03  comment#300288 - don't offend such intelligent animalcannibals with .. . oh I get it, you are fightin the octopussie's cannibalism???? rite on!!!!! -------- 245764 Montreal Purim type/time protest by bread and puppets (indyphoto.com and dawnone.com)

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