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july.htm (100K)

Content in this here file: Karl Kraus in process progress report :::x::: Great British green festivals  :::x::: yep, that's me :::x::: wake snippet :::x::: googlies on you - :::x::: treasurynet.org :::x::: Brad deLong (lbo-er and another sliver of shrapnel but not the worst sort, out of the right wingish blogger shell explosion lately) :::x::: pqwall.com :::x::: nowhere :::x::: Doug Henwood :::x::: snippets of correspndence  :::x::: a linklist for the best sites found/come across during 2001 :::x::: a (januari) correspondent (raw vegan) wants me to remove her id info and is willing to sue my server to get my lazy butt movin' :::x::: The Emotional Lives of Animals. :::x::: another one man think tank: Paul Laffoley and his foliage (a Russell and Keyserling sibling)  :::x::: Dan Winter update  :::x::: LBO samples

2001links 33K
:::::::: this file will evolve during the rest of july ::::::::

::::: Middle East :::::
::::: green tinted ones are
wes' coas' hippy type site ::::
:::::One man efforts::::
::: via the logs :::
::: relatively more serious 
and relatively lighter sites :::
the first half of these sites were found in the course of covering news via indymedia.org (main), the others via 'regular' surfin -----------------

Last issue: june.htm (93K)

Content here: potlatch.net does 2 blogs a love (white) and a fear (black) one --xxx-- I end up at metafilter due to an item on currencies --xxx-- solzhenitsyn's book on jews --xxx-- on castell --xxx-- bout my inhabitable balls builder --xxx-- blabbers with babes --xxx-- part of a thread on blogging at lbo-talk  --xxx-- fruitlessly searching for a very especially odd blog -------- Finn's wake list is back on again  --xxx-- about dan winter

Issue before that: april.htm(93K)

 Content here .. .to much to sum up, huge amount of brief bits, all sorts of every usual thing, you should know by now and if you don't you may want to check older toc's first: To my pen pal: Libertythink.com is another hyper intellectualobotarian who wants to fly off the earthly handle ------- to the squeeze list at pulpculture.org on posies and loads of other varied stuff ----- Music sites (folk radio on the internet other than hober.com since UvA software folk don't install all sorts of distractions anymore like real and netscape .. . alas .. . should help me escape urban life though)

march.htm (69K)

Content here: On my brandnew queen(who's marriage fun cost the Dutch taxpayer 15 miljun neuro's)--xxx-- the gospel of Mark a mirror inversion of Homer?  --xxx--LBO stuff moved here: feb-lbo-thread.htm (84K) --xxx-- Axsys (on the swarmachine known as the internet) --xxx-- Google w --xxx--  --xxx-- fantAsemitism thread at LBO --xxx-- so far only textfile @ Kelley Walker's site --xxx-- KW specials --xxx-- ethnic joke --xxx-- winter's latest--xxx--   Ogham (Graves' battle of the trees) --xxx-- perversity is comin to thiscity --xxx-- I am starting a third type of loggage luggin with 2 more permanent URL revolving content --xxx-- (R)rage yourself raw!!!! --xxx-- THE LAST 3 ITEMS WERE LOST AND THE WHOLE FILE WOULD BE TOO IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE CACHE BY Google  --xxx-- feminism --xxx--  the wake  --xxx-- 

jan.htm (101K)

Content in last issue jan.htm: mostly economics  Doug Henwood --xxx-- the fraserinstitute on the euro  --xxx-- mentalarchitact  --xxx-- gift, altruism, reputation and open source vs scarcity --- euro optimism at the fraser institute which sites a very cautious Vaubel (who's new book on the EU is out now) also though --xxx-- Sarkar blurb --xxx-- open money author Keith Hart --xxx-- orrery --xxx--grist on A Roy  --xxx--  the rest of this file is a bunch of correspondence with 6 different females although I have my doubts about the first one; sex kills when sold - sex dies when bought . .. wait, the very term sex is evil vivi- and disection and genesis is a tale most subversive of responsible population policy (which takes a (B)ordered bioregion); anyway the first one is a try to reach some schemers behind a --xxx-- correspondence about my personal at living-foods.com --xxx-- Rosy bug (I hope to be pally with all my life but haven't managed such a thing with anybody so far (is there sumthing wrung wimme?) --xxx-- a real vacancy filler/gap bridger/ new acquaintance this one --xxx-- smartest and headyest of the bunch interspersed with articles on euro and cooperation through sanctions and exploiting / liberalizing info on reputations --xxx-- crude (Confucius) jokes --xxx-- my former employer --xxx--  some bodies not only heard and shared my prayer but did simthoing bout it: IMC-alternatives !!!!!

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 prfr.htm (print resource friendly reads)is the first file with content tables out of the 'current' logbriefer and indymediasamples files once I herd 'm into a heap (no sense in doubling and tripling stuff); see the bottom for more special readE details /print-resource-friendly-reads.htm
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