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muck a bout of amateur pacifascism about:  make muck, don't mock what all earthly creation is screaming for (especially the truly voiceless and minute yet vast majority muck about
 bring and muck a bout of amateur pacifascism about: make muck, don't mock what all earthly creation is screaming for (especially the truly voiceless and minute yet vast majority) --

this may be a repeatpiet: Karl Kraus sees the subconscious as a prison and reservoir and see Psycho-analysis as a form of 'Symptomenstolz'. Freud sees the subconscious as a parasitic handicap, as lumpy - clumpy - dumpy - mumpie - stumpy Block box.The fortunate few stack, strat and minituarize and toweringly massify (overpopulate and give oneself airs) at the costs and over the backs of democratic decay, dismay and decline. Force kins befitting foreskins; osama hitting tower and going for the sacred scar the sacerdotal sack her dote all upper tenth tithe taken; the ensuing orgasmic discharge covered all the remaining few greenish spots of Afghanistan and proved perfectly nonviable. Shift theory deserves another plug: ------ Testosterone mismatches makes for all the frictious misunderstandings in partnership and family. ----

 180099 Chomsky ----- check out this defense of Chomsky (english) 11:53am Tue May 14 ´02 (Modified on 4:35pm Tue May 14 ´02) article#180099 smart defense of Chomsky. Last week USA Today ran a column by Walter Shapiro berating Noam Chomsky and his book 9-11, which concludes with "The best response to the frenzied e-mailed dispatches from this left-wing crank remains public disclosure and ridicule." But ridicule is all Shapiro offers since he never actually refutes any of Chomsky´s claims. Rather he just labels them as "shrill assertions." This paragraph is particularly telling: At the beginning of 9-11, Chomsky briefly puts aside his virulent anti-Americanism to label the Sept. 11 attacks as "horrifying atrocities." But pretty soon, he declares that bin Laden´s "call for the overthrow of corrupt and brutal regimes of gangsters and torturers resonates quite widely." And rather than pursuing bin Laden, Chomsky suggests that it would "make a lot more sense" to "consider realistically the background concerns and grievances, and to try to remedy them." There is nothing the least bit inconsistent about deploring the September 11 attacks but then recognizing there is a reason why people felt justified in committing them and why others some the attacks as justified. It is a fact that some people hate the United States enough to want to attack it so it would seem someone like Shapiro would want to understand why they feel this way. Keep in mind that understanding does not necessarily mean agreement. Shapiro ends the piece by asserting that Bush´s policies have plenty of faults but that "Chomsky´s momentary popularity overshadows infinitely more reasoned critiques of Bush administration policies." He doesn´t name any of these critiques. Apparently attacking "anti-Americanism" is more important to Shapiro than America attacking other countries how daring (english) Franklin 12:56pm Tue May 14 ´02 comment#180109 It is really daring to go to indymedia to defend Chomsky. Don´t believe it will matter much thought. Most Americans know that even if Walter Shapiro is a horrible liberal who writes for USA Today, that he is better than an America Hater like Chomsky. ======== ATTACKS ON CHOMSKY ARE RIDICULOUS (english) RAGINHART 1:11pm Tue May 14 ´02 comment#180113 It always amazes me to see the rightwingers characterize Chomsky as some kind of wild-eyed, ranting maniac from the fringe of civilization. This about a guy who takes his information almost exclusivity from the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal! Admittedly the stories he cites may be buried in a tiny blurb on page 39, but the so-called "critics" imply that he just pulls stuff from some leftwing fantasy source, or makes it up. He literally just lays out the history, and the patterns it forms, as documented in the most stodgy of papers! His recent characterization of the US as a terrorist state actually uses the definition of terrorism from a US Army training manual, and compares it to the picture that emerges from a careful reading of mainstream "news". It is very telling, that only the grossest misrepresentations of his work seem to satisfy the right wing´s attack dogs. ----------- Most Americans know Chomsky as America Hater? (english) Ravi 1:28pm Tue May 14 ´02 comment#180119 They haven´t even HEARD of Noam Chomsky. He won´t be allowed on TV. Why? Is it because he´s a weirdo? They have weirdos on TV alllllllllllll the time. (Remember "Who wants to marry a millionaire"?) No, it´s because he´s dangerous. He is the most logical thinker around, and he has facts, facts, facts, to back up his arguments. Bush, who claims fatuously that "the world hates America because of its freedoms", wouldn´t stand a chance in front of Chomsky. Neither would the usual suspects like William Safire or Thomas Friedman on NYT. Thomas Friedman who prescribes that the US "blow up a different power station in Iraq every week, so no one knows when the lights will go off or who´s in charge." Does he sound like a terrorist to you? He sure does to me. Is it any wonder that those in the middle east are incensed at Americans? (If you still don´t get it, look at yourself. You sure are foaming at the mouth at OBL for calling for similar attacks against the US.) Ask yourself this. Do you feel safer today than on Sep 10, 2001? Do you think the world hates the US less now than it did then? Or more? ------------------ Franklin, dear Franklin (english) Spruce 3:47pm Tue May 14 ´02 comment#180147 "It is really daring to go to indymedia to defend Chomsky." And how daring it was for Shapiro to go to the pages of USA Today to attack Chomsky. What Chutzpah the man has! "Most Americans know that even if Walter Shapiro is a horrible liberal who writes for USA Today, that he is better than an America Hater like Chomsky.´ Most (or perhaps many) Americans do not even know who Chomsky is since he has been marginalized by the mainstream. He is nonetheless one of the world´s leading linguists and an outspoken opponent of certain U.S. foreign policy. Does this make him "anti-American" or "an American Hater." Of course not and only the extremely narrow-minded that think that being pro-American means blind exceptance of everything our government does would think otherwise. ---------------------- Chomsky is the shizit.... (english) outside the whale 4:35pm Tue May 14 ´02 comment#180155 Americans love Rush Limbaugh because all American idiots understand is BASHING. If they had to listen to Chomsky like they listen to Rush, their pea brained mind would explode. And, I would love to see Bush go head to head with Chomsky....But we all know Bush couldn´t even hold his own if his opponent was Nim Chimsky. ========= It´s a gash, bash flash (but where is the ash that ´keeps´ the ´house´??) And why do you think they chose bright orange for the brick wall going up around the beacon of beauty. the liddul siren slut beckoning to be ravaged in torchlight? Did the makers take inspiration from Pim´s plans? He was surely gonna stake the new limits a little wider and less dumb; load´m with filters membranes, feelers, guagers, intake and output zones, etc. It´s the dishonesty of the left in ´accion flagrante´ amigos if you like this sorta thing try

180791The biggest ecological disaster in the history of Europe has been given green light by Rosia Montana 2002-05-17 11:59:15.910823-07 The Romanian government and the Canadian company ´Gold Corporation´ are willing to extract 300 tons of gold by turning into dust five mountains and leaving in place a lake of 700 ha. full with cyanide water. 150 tons of dynamite will be detonated daily, 250 000 millions tons of mineral will be displaced. Collateral human damages already happening.

180789 One item (// in this case) in the rash n flood of them lateley (almost all of the may 17th ones), trying to prove the ´US´ secretives staged the goddamn spire spoliation --- a commenter (on the Reichstag fire) goes:The only people who believe the Nazis started it themselves are diehard Stalinists. But if you try and take that position among historians, you´ll be laughed out of the room. I know it´s good for conspiracy theorists but it is not the truth. Once again, this does not discount the fact the Nazis used it to their advantage. They may have even "looked the other way." But they did not start the fire. ------------------

 180944 Cockburn on anti-semitism and Zionism overlaps ---- I go: I happen to have just made a discussion of th (english) is available 4:26am Sat May 18 '02 comment#180962 it is the left business observers list foke discussing this in a print resource friendily formated file with some other items thrown in as well (like a probably equally familiar review of Lawrence Lessig's exegesis of some of the meanings of open, not that he uses ((dunno wether he would understand using)) it as a verb in my sense of the term). -- ad --- I go (here and for the publications category in their exchange section):-- convolute and simple soulace rocachet 40Mb with a few years worth of indymedia (main) hilites; slightly more mainstream blogging and densely woven prose/poetry from the 80s onward, on the net since the late 90s. Rockdusts as fertilizers and their parallels to community currencies. A thought on your latest cover bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and on top of that: empowered by contentbuilder (using a rainbow as trademark); I say: the most fundamental and paradoxically enough neglected forms/containters of content simply are and don't need building so much as freeing unpacking and exposing. To make glaringly plain that they are trying to poison the rainbow they paint it over a mushroom cloud on a very darkground for their cover YUK! I know the articles try to be satirical about nuclear power but all the same; reserve whatever little there is left of any sacredness for visions and dressings of alternatives please. I guess my files are full of bad news too so I shouldn't knock 'm. I mean their archives are well stocked with all worthy subjects (those in urgent need). ------   --  l Archive | Biotechnology | Brands | Campaign | Cancer | Climate | Community | Corporations | | Culture | Dams | Debt | Democracy | Development | Diversity | Economy | | Energy | Environment | Ethical | EU | Extinction | Farming | Fisheries | | Food | Forests | GATS | Global warming | Globalisation | GM | Green | | Greenwash | Health | IMF | Indigenous | Legislation | Localisation | Media | | Multinational | NAFTA | Nature | NGO | Nuclear | Oil | Organic | | Patents | Philosophy | Political | Pollution | Population | Poverty | Radiation | | Recycle | Social | Supermarket | Sustainability | Technology | Toxic | Trade | | Transport | Waste | Water | World bank | WTO | You can search the archive in two ways: 1."Quick" Search. Using the keywords listed, click on the keyword to view all articles relating to that subject. To view the article in full, select and click on the the article title. 2."Comprehensive" Search. If you want to perform a detailed search of the archive, use the search engine facility. Simply enter the subject/author/topic that you are searching for information on, and click on "search." This will call up all articles which include the word you have entered. If you cannot find the article you are looking for, please email for assistance/further information.  ------ a few days ago this site was plugged: I wonder if this is a safe place for mothers to fess up they used the argument of ´aving kids to ´get closer to the fathers´ as a cover up for the fact they couldn´t be near or close to them very well in the first place .. and thus, shouldn´t have allowed themselves to unless they were on their way back to an extended family situation they couldn´t manage to bring the father along to .. .and even then I´d have serious objections to mother instincts overriding the need for amputated parenting. ============

181693 News_and_Views/Beyond_the_City/a-151646.asp  The Word in Washington: Cover Your Behind (english) New York Daily News 7:55pm Tue May 21 '02 article#181693 "...or maybe just some crazed cabbies of Middle Eastern origin who, upon having received a common, secret signal plow their filthy yellow jihad-mobiles into unsuspecting pedestrians." (Some light entertainment) The Word in Washington: Cover Your Behind New York Daily News, 21 May 2002 Let's see if I've got this right: They really don't know anything about what might happen next, but something might happen next,  although they can't say when or where or how, so they want us to know it might or might not happen so that just in case it does they can say, "Hey, at least we told you so." Another terrorist action is "inevitable," says FBI Director Robert Mueller. That's right, says Vice President Cheney. It's "almost certain." When? It "could happen tomorrow, it could happen next week, it could happen next year," Cheney said on Sunday's "Meet the Press." But maybe not until three to five years from now, said the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman on another of the weekend talk shows. And the next horror may come at the hands of Islamic groups like Hezbollah or Egypt's Islamic Jihad rather than Osama Bin Laden, he added. Uh oh! you say, this is terror-warning overload. We'd better be on ALERT Ē or is it HIGH ALERT or the HIGHEST ALERT. And we'd better watch out for ... well, I guess we'd better watch out for everyone who looks suspicious, which means everyone who doesn't look like us, although we've been told that those crafty terrorists are pretty good at looking exactly like us, right? Maybe we should shift to a more imminent color, color-coded alerts having been just about the only thing Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has brought to the party. But which color? What's the scariest one, the one representing the greatest likelihood of attack? Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, mauve, chartreuse, or some chic shade of white you can't even perceive, let alone spell? (Go on, try it: Rank the colors in Ridge's code. I guarantee more of you can recite Zachary Taylor's inaugural address.) Titles and Bodyguards For all their sober-sounding warnings and seemingly serious planning, people like Cheney and Mueller and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and CIA Director George Tenet get fancy titles, bodyguards with those things in their ears, private planes, armored limos and immediate access to the nation's airwaves. That way, they can clue us in to how we're vulnerable at some time in some place and by some instrument of terror that might or might not resemble the suicide bombings plaguing innocent Israelis, that might or might not involve poisoning our water supplies or bombing our nuclear or chemical facilities or maybe just some crazed cabbies of Middle Eastern origin who, upon having received a common, secret signal plow their filthy yellow jihad-mobiles into unsuspecting pedestrians. Put in terms a family newspaper can publish, all this unspecific sputtering amounts to little more than some classic and familiar butt-covering. But this time it's butt-covering with a purpose, and that purpose is misdirection. The more we learn about what various government agencies knew before Sept. 11, the more certain we are that we aren't prepared for what may come next, and the government definitely doesn't want us to know that. There are scores of agencies in the law enforcement biz, FBI, CIA, DEA, INS, IRS, ATF and such. The only thing we know about them is that they have some very dedicated professionals in their ranks whom many of their superiors view as cranks. That means their warnings, when passed up the chain of command, are often ignored. If by chance they are taken seriously, they often aren't shared with the other alphabet agencies. So pieces of the puzzle aren't usefully combined to provide the kind of specific intelligence that can make unspecific warnings useful. What to do? Well, the best advice comes from the least articulate of those charged with protecting us: the President himself. He routinely urges us to go about our business, lest the terrorists win if we're paralyzed into not going about our business. Okay, I think I've got it now: There's really nothing we can do beyond keeping our eyes and ears open as we pray that those who supposedly keep their eyes and ears open for a living are doing just that, safe only in the fact, as the great economist John Maynard Keynes memorably observed: "In the long run, we're all dead." -------------------

181950 (supporting males in the struggle over who gets to influence children; yesterday dutch newspapers brought an account of a report saying children are only a third as likely to turn to fathers as confidence persons). Men's Rights resourcesSome dude 10:02pm Wed May 22 '02 Here are some useful links for information about gender issues which are usually neglected. ---- RefDesk.htm ---- peterzohrab/altmrfaq.html --- groups?selm=stever.FADC.0079@ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER --------------  "Misogynist is a label that we all live in fear of ... Except the chaps from, of course, who contribute to a website dedicated to exposing the misandry they see all around them." Deborah Orr, The Independent --------------  "The men's movement, which is a loose coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to removing bias against men from the system ... ... is about to explode in North America." Wendy McElroy The latest postings are put in the TICKERTAPE section.  -------------- Bits from some recent emails from men ... "At first I thought the Tickertape postings were just a collection of news items of interest to men. ... Three months later I can tell you that reading them has changed my life forever. ... I really can't thank you enough. ... Who are you?" USA "... I don't believe in a god but I pray almost every day that Angry Harry becomes famous throughout the world. ... " UK "You say that knowledge is power. ... Thanks to you I am waking up and becoming human again. ... Absolutely incredible. ... " UK "... Your site is the only thing that keeps me sane. Please never, never, never stop what you are doing." UK " ... You alone have saved my sanity and thereby my freedom." Canada " ... and if your site ever becomes very popular, Feminism will be gone, dead and buried. ... " Australia Bits from some recent emails from women ... "... Your site is full of some very powerful arguments. I'm almost scared to read them. ... You are a feminist's worst nightmare. ... " USA " ... Angry Harry's 'insight' is miles ahead of the testosterone crowd that typically rages around in circles on the internet. ... ... I'd watch out if I were you! ... " UK " ...You are dangerous. ... " USA  -------------- On this website - hither and thither - and with STRONG evidence FEMINISM is shown to be a CAUSAL factor when it comes to violence, assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, child abuse, drugs, teenage pregnancies, poverty, poor educational standards, prostitution, paedophilia, harassment, bad manners, traffic congestion, pollution, terrorism, vandalism, burglary, murder, teenage delinquency, road rage, alcoholism, other addictions, hooliganism, depression, gender conflict, hysteria, the judicial punishment of innocent individuals, the growing prison population, family breakdown, the corruption of the justice system and the democratic process, the corrosion of academic integrity, the degradation of the social sciences and the law, poor public services, the impoverishment of pensioners, hostile rap music, and the terrible shock now being experienced by thousands of women who are discovering that they are too old to have children. -----------------------

181930 I go: like to see rovers used to help constitute a different flavor of advertizement (which should be abolished altogether in favor of monies that come with complete spec infopackages anyhoo). ------- I hate (oops, slipped myself! .. . while I just berated a swaddled up girl who's favorite word it is). . I mean, I regret the fact that activists (who spring from an insight which follows a frustration not acted upon wildily nor reactionarily in anty way) so easily slide from brilliant to brawn, brash and then beratable (turning cars over). I mean look what the animal liberaters have done: making the earth pay (replacement costs), people (insurance rates and even lives lately). ---------------------

181939I go: hungry for respect? wear a turban since it is well and widely understood that those who do have short if not foul tempers; crowds would speed desertification so thin 'm out is the age old adage. And we (dutch foke) just lost a person who was gonna try to teach 'm a little coordinated sandbagging. I'm not so sure we will see anything very much better soon. - (wee urd softie software man) --------- ('osama's bin bloggin' but had to steal a friendly colour scheme first didunhe? ::::: about Chomsky: Now, thanks to this article in the Harvard Crimson:, I know he's a true Friend of Osama, as are most of the other people mentioned in it. Must reserve judgement till I read that one and this one (about religious war): ---------------- (War Now! ARE YOU AN EX-LEFTIE, PUSHED OVER THE EDGE INTO SAVAGE RIGHT-WING THINKING BY THE CURRENT UNPLEASANTNESS? YEAH, ME TOO...); pretty disgusting character really, linking to disgustingly schizo rants but hey, let's face it; they guys have the drop on sweeter people and I don't know that they will ever not any longer .. . ------- spot the really wrytsjus blaggeur

182074 Full Noam Chomsky Article That The Guardian Excerpted And What  They Left Out ------ Good one  ad 3:27pm Thu May 23 '02  comment#182093  Yeah, I read the article in the Guardian and thought it was very tame for Chomsky. Thanks for the clarification.  While many believe the Guardian to be a beacon for dissent, especially compared to most US papers, it really is just a part of the British establishment. It's editorials are atrocious and most of its reporting is of the hack kind. It's main strength is its 'comment and analysis' section which allows some decent freelancers to express their views, though as you have just exposed this is also closely controlled. Thanks again for your valuable work.

"I've thoece]

181691 Did I Miss Something?  by Kim ( - Ladies on the right)-  181691 Did I Miss Something? (english) by Kim ( 2002-05-21 19:45:11.510809-07 So, to say that the administration failed in doing everything they could with the information they had is a falsehood. With what they had they did everything any ration being would find necessary. They notified every industry that had something to do with the threats they heard. They cannot form a police state and shut down the government and get on prime time news shouting that we will be invaded every other day they receive a random threat. They did what they should have. By the way, why are we knocking the administration? Many groups in congress have the same access to this information, such as the intel committees. How come they did not notify us and cause massive panic? They didn't notify us because they never do, or did, or will do with such a vague regular threat. Did I Miss Something?

81132 Baudrillard in LeMonde (on terrorism) The spirit of terrorism (english) Jean Baudrillard 10:53pm Sat May 18 '02 (Modified on 3:38am Sun May 19 '02) article#181132 We have had many global events from Diana's death to the World Cup, or even violent and real events from wars to genocides. But not one global symbolic event, that is an event not only with global repercussions, but one that questions the very process of globalization. All through the stagnant 90s, there has been "la greve des evenements" (literally "an events strike", translated from a phrase of the Argentino writer Macedonio Fernandez). Well, the strike is off. We are even facing, with the World Trade Center & New York hits, the absolute event, the "mother" of events, the pure event which is the essence of all the events that never happened. The spirit of terrorism Jean Baudrillard Le Monde 2/11/01 --- excerpt: When the two towers collapsed, one could feel that they answered the suicide of the kamikazes by their own suicide. It has been said: "God cannot declare war on Itself". Well, It can. The West, in its God-like position (of divine power, and absolute moral legitimacy) becomes suicidal, and declares war on itself. Numerous disaster movies are witness to this phantasm, which they obviously exorcise through images and submerge under special effects. But the universal attraction these movies exert, as pornography does, shows how (this phantasm's) realization is always close at hand - the impulse to deny any system being all the stronger if such system is close to perfection or absolute supremacy. It is even probable that the terrorists (like the experts!) did not anticipate the collapse of the Twin Towers, which was, far more than (the attack of) the Pentagon, the deepest symbolic shock. The symbolic collapse of a whole system is due to an unforeseen complicity, as if, by collapsing (themselves), by suiciding, the towers had entered the game to complete the event. In a way, it is the entire system that, by its internal fragility, helps the initial action. The more the system is globally concentrated to constitute ultimately only one network, the more it becomes vulnerable at a single point (already one little Filipino hacker has succeeded, with his laptop, to launch the I love you virus that wrecked entire networks). Here, eighteen (dix-huit in the text) kamikazes, through the absolute arm that is death multiplied by technological efficiency, start a global catastrophic process. When the situation is thus monopolized by global power, when one deals with this formidable condensation of all functions through technocratic machinery and absolute ideological hegemony (pensee unique), what other way is there, than a terrorist reversal of the situation (literally 'transfer of situation': am I too influenced by early translation as 'reversal'?)? Translated: Dr Rachel Bloul, School of Social sciences, Australian National University. ------------ on this page you will find the item where I posted this in german (from - 28k -

180795 break the window of opportunity; poster-art by; the glitch manifesto (uses hifalutin lingo) they do stuff like research on plausibilityA Little Plausability Can Go A Long Way (HTML, not PDF) "We have shown that information about an event from a presumably credible source can alter perceived plausibility of the event. Our results also indicated that this information can produce changes in the perceived likelihood of the event having occurred to the individual." (is this pure spoof or real?) -------- Make My Memory: How Advertising Can Change Our Memories of the Past Katheryn A. Braun Harvard University Rhiannon Ellis University of Pittsburgh Elizabeth F. Loftus University of Washington Download their research (976K PDF) ===== Other research of interest: Reexamination and Extension of Kleine, Kleine, and Kernanís Social Identity Model of Mundane Consumption: The Mediating Role of the Appraisal Process Debra A Laverne Robert E. Kleine III Susan Schultz Kleine "The results support Solomonís proposition that... possessions influence self-definition because they influence how people evaluate themselves in their own eyes and how others evaluate them.... The results also confirm the commonsense idea that self-esteem flows from oneís ability and opportunity to enact identity behaviors; that possessions and the social ties and media one engages to consume lead to esteem enhancement and subsequent self-definitions." Download file (140k)

On top of (real) housing woes and instability I am told to halve my tripod acount; here is what I asked them just now: Hi, I just read you cut free space in half and started to conform to my new limits (by removing a locked directory and the one with most of the earlier pictures, all living in but 2 files where I will put up a note about possible return of them via Dutch tripod). This is not cause I don't want to pay the fee (I'd be very glad to get rid of the pop ups, I understand people like the maker are even starting actions on behalf of their removal) but I simple don't own a credit card; so make another form of payment available OK?(their limits are reduced to 20Megs). ------- turns out they only accept credit cards so I moved half of my digital home to news on a Muselmen and Muslimas todo in Utah  ------ I gave my copy of the all too starry eyed take on drift by PLW to Afshin Ellian (watch that name)

183735 Secret documents reveal EU's tough stance on global trade (english) John Vidal, Charlotte Denny and Larry Elliott 8:38pm Fri May 31 '02 article#183735 check this out: The European Union is demanding full-scale privatisation of public monopolies across the world as its price for dismantling the common agricultural policy in the new round of global trade talks, secret documents leaked to the Guardian revealed April 16th.,7369,685670,00.html

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m): yay): B8 At(ch: "HThrIH= seal."= Gwe= F3-01Lin institute for health research -------- 179612 Israel Destroys Entire Apartment Building ---------  Tree-Sit.Org Now Open Publishing! Got it up and running!! Come by and Post Away. -------- 180151 bees are in serious trouble (tribute to Pim): Albert Einstein is reputed to have said we would have no more than 4 years to live without bees  By Adrian Higgins, THE WASHINGTON POST--  (from what causes most parasitical attacks: mineral imbalance and lack !!!!! And what is Wageningen known for these days??? Not the fact that someone put in a request for a subscription to Acres, USA succesfully over a decade ago is it???) ------------- 180085 VICTIM SHOOTS FAGGOT PRIEST WHO MOLESTED HIM ------------------ all domination: "many people refer to "non-lethal" weapons as mind control weapons. We believe the term is misleading. We believe society, based and created by  social constructs are in itself a form of social conditioning and therefor refere to such weapons as 'extreme control weapons" ---------- related to the sort of things foke like  Dan Winter and Z Sitchin make mythology of perpetuation and consistency out of, arguing we are still doing the most ancient battles.  ----------------- 180671 china is to reforest 5% of its landmass (via ------------------ 180669 China´s ban on websites lifted -------------- - Beyond Borders ----------- - Womb of Creation (all profits to unicef) ------ Nixon's the One (very long thread) -------------- and seem to have caught Jon Chance's fancy, add /x/nh-jta to the latter and enter a different world -------- --- (Canadian activism) --------------- 181892 OPPOSE THE BAN ON KURDISH ORGANISATIONS (london action) --------- 181783 dustbowl (by guess who) ----- 182150 A better world is possible -- includes comment about CONSTITUTION OF SUSTAINABILITY -- -------- (Bin-Bush bits; took ages to load on my oldfay thfool) --------------- 181984 The Divine Proportion in Creation (careful; they are creationists co-opting this possible route of return to more natural order, hyrarchy and authority, the more inyhuman in this sense the better) --------------- 181514 Demand Congressional Inquiry of 9/11 by Carol Brouillet ( chockfull of links; I'm afraid she will have little time for cc at the moment) ------------- (slightly raunchy of course) ------------- 181514 Demand Congressional Inquiry of 9/11 by Carol Brouillet ( chockfull of links; I'm afraid she will have little time for cc at the moment) ------ 181561 Indymedia Israel is under Right-Wing Attack (english)  -------------- 182773 The protocols get posted entirely (first time I see them; late, considering..) ------------ 182643 conspiracy buff dutch 'intern. journalist' on Fortuyn's possible assasins (he intimates arms industry involvement) (the now new and even much more dangerous religion) ------- 182789 nice art, here are some very nice words (posted a part of my currency issue intro and got two depreciate comments for my trouble. -------- this is in his alternative economy section: Ethical Business -- The Body Shop & Anita Roddick (UK) -- Ethical Banking --  Ethical Investment (without guarantee) --  Critical Shareholders --  TOBIN Tax -- Reform of the Hermes Endorsements -- LETS : Free Money / Exchange Circles -- Free Economy / Freiwirtschaft contains lots of Silvio Gesell links; this one is new on me: local money movements in Japan ---- some information (over half a year old) on Argentina's RGT, world's biggest non-money barter network  world's biggest non-money barter network. Mikrocredits / Grameen Bank -- Community Projects -- Ethical Consumer --- Consumer Rights -- Anti Consumerism & Simple Living ! -- Anti Advertisements --  Buddhist View on Consumerism -- Women & Economy -- ------ (small page for the shoshone) ------- Sometimes I feel I surf aced from the depths of dutch dopey dupability
183323 Henk Ruyssenaars links to an adelaide article (2700), no doubt a duplicate without comments ---------- 183339 An item of farming via -------------- 183225 + 13 Looooong (and a bit boring) item about censorship and open wire policy; ------ 183083 indy (main); a look at jews, not clouds not dunes, not women, JEWS; one of the last thorough ones before they outlaw such a thing altogether perhaps. from (see the specials . .I mean prfr)

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174538Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez - introduced thus: You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE. ---------- Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict -----------175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? --------------- 
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profiling =={}={}== Jenin=={}={}== skinheads=={}={}== Chris Doss The Russia Journal on Solzhenitsyn=={}={}== 174538  on one of the in my opinion best items of the year by Santiago Alba Rico, translated from =={}={}== 175267 Palastians need to learn from Native American history  =={}={}== 175673 Israel Shamir on French political upset; =={}={}== 175676 Lenni brenner on revisionist zionism (84) reviewed 175768 Hurray for Growing Anti-Semitism????=={}={}== about the wire =={}={}== eric s raymond (hacker and gift culture revivalist=={}={}== about the economy (taken from fox and probably therefor hidden along with my brilliant comment -- 177680 Karl Kraus, cataclysm catalyst or coherence kindler?=={}={}== 176978 news/2002/04/23734.php argentina enlaces=={}={}== once again I try show there have to be some sufficiently different daddy (risk bearing and mommy (security bully) moneys=={}{}== on the dutch troubles, trials and tribulations=={}{}== copy-paste-post-prosecute?=={}{}== israel holds all people living near those they infected with virulent nihilism (otherwise known as a freedom fighter) responsible
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Was kommt nicht zur (Kopfbe)Deckung? Hauptsaechlich der Bewusstsein dass: die Wueste waechst, obwohl darin weniger u weniger waechst, spaerlicher, verhaltener, tischlein deck dich fischlein versteck dich sonst werdet Ihr alle unbeschreiblich weiblich. Und dass ungeachtet sorgfaeltigster Bedeckung die Schamlosigkeit auch nicht vom wachstum auf- u abzuhalten scheint. 
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