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102K Some LETS fiends/rookies take on Doug Henwood (rather ineffectually), nor does the latter have any idea what  currency optimization entails (see the next table/box/)-- includes two items on barter in argentinia; januari list conversation about the magic of choice from amongst many monies (not to speculate but to realize and support) featuring a Wired article called 'In gold we trust' (about the wacky US gun nutters and a Muslim cult which expects to oust ((zionist)) bombs and bulldozers through the use of gold coinage) written by Julian Dibble. Participants in the vollies are: Brian Holme, Ernie Yacub, Keith Hart Michael Linton and even Comm. Curr. skeptic Doug Henwood gives away his lack of historical precedents (Beckerath-like penetration and lucidity; see this file) when it comes to interregional money transfers. Dibbel's fascinating article don't mention the one aspect of gold money that was responsible for stability more than any other (though this benefit got snowed under by the vast amounts of sorrow and suffering searching and handling the stuff causes. I am talking about it's average increment and accumulation, just about the best foreshadowing of the value standards destined to outdo gold's supposed uses: photosynthesis rates (see my intro; main reason for this damn site).

 jan-reads1.htm (250K)
 A first issue after last year's  Israel Shamir compilation)

contains:LBO threads (78K) on  tribes, trains and trivialities by Ted (flowery linguist) vs Ian (both pepper their repartees with quotes by the magnificently hard headed)  ----------  a load of wild cyberbabble by Nick Land and someone else (explaining Sun Tzu's 'Art of war') at to 76K altogether; via ccru = Cybernetic culture research unit e-mail abstract culture syzygy archive timeline links news 3 Nick Land items: ORGANIZATION IS SUPPRESSION -------- No Future -------- Hypervirus  ---------- Fei Ch'ien Rinse Out sino-futurist under-currency Steve Goodman (takes up 2 thirds of the file). ----------Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:39:33 -0500  From: "Philip E. Mirowski" <>  Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science Philip Mirowski  Cambridge University Press 0-521-77283-4 (hardcover) 0-521-77526-4 (paperback) -- Table of Contents --1 Cyborg Agonistes -- 2 Some Cyborg Genealogies; or, How the Demon Got its Bots -- 3 John von Neumann and the Cyborg Incursion into Economics -- 4 The Military, the Scientists and the Revised Rules of the Game -- 5 Do Cyborgs Dream of Efficient Markets? -- 6 The Empire Strikes Back -- Core Wars -- 8 Machines Who Think vs. Machines that Sell 2001/RRE.Machine.Dreams.html  <<67K>> ------ also at rre:  /group/rre/message/1137 Nathan Newman '99 book: NET LOSS: GOVERNMENT, TECHNOLOGY AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF COMMUNITY IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET <<44K>>

feb-reads4.htm (134K so far)

-- WHAT ECONOMISTS CAN LEARN FROM EVOLUTIONARY THEORISTS (A talk given to the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy)Paul Krugman Nov. 1996 ----Why I am not a Primitivist by Jason McQuinn from -------  134966 +19 "hippies" need to raid their trust funds and buy a clue!!! by Jonah Goldburg -------- 134923 Guardian article by Milne: CAN AMERICA BE DEFEATED? -------- spooky symbolisms by Bauval (what a great name for the world's authority on Pyramids) see also:136173 Bauval about the insane egyptian terrorist radicalism -   -------

feb-reads5.htm (124K)

Indy Israel Items; 14982 +23: Terrorism Vs. Occupation ---------------- 136726 Israel's Growing Peace Lobby Widens Rifts in Sharon's Ranks (observer) ---------- Main:136454daily mirror article by John Pilger called the colder war (this is a MUST read ------------  magazine/JF02/blaming.html The Left could try a little harder, argues Todd Gitlin, to grasp the brutal, tolerant, myopic, generous, selfish, glorious powerhouse that is America... ------------- 

feb-reads7.htm (116K)

 RISING TIDE UK CLIMATE ACTION NEWS ---- 138249 Robert Fisk: Europe must stop parroting the American script in the Middle East ==<<>>== Narrative, Knowledge and Art: On Lyotard's Jewishness  by Ian Davies  ==<<>>== 140347 The truth about dirty oil and clean renewables ==<<>>== 140474 Monsanto --- I go: Last weekend a dutch daily carried an article about bt cotton in China; all upbeat about the enormous gains achieved for and by farmers (20 and 80%) while Monsanto is held on a leish. Of course Holland is the last country you should trust when it comes to agriculture the entire prestigious town of Wageningen has but one person of note: jan douwe van der ploeg   mailto: Jan.douwevanderploeg @  ==<<>>==  Constructing coherence: analysis and design for endogenous rural development  ==<<>>== 140286 Someone beat the Europeans to America ---------- 141041'Israelis' Contemplate the Unthinkable — Moving Out -- the vilage voice  ==<<>>== 141033 Letter to a Fallen Friend (more vivid and livid palestine predicament illustration  ==<<>>== 142290 Henk adresses his Dutch queen ==<<>>== LBO (chuckO) on Porto Allegre reporter Marc Cooper  ==<<>>== marxmailers on tribes and nations

5 more
list extract files comin up
as a non-poet, the only time i've been motivated to "sing" poetry have been when i'm in love--and once when i was quite angry with someone. 'sides, if you take any of the pomos seriously, it ought to be wrt one issue: the self ...a couple ... an affinity group ... a community ... all founded on lack. -------

feb-lbo-threads.htm (84K)

 I also did one with posts by Kelley Walker (90K) Kelley Walker mostly; her rant on abortion was posted at;

LBO-a-s-99.htm (114K) consisting of her posts and the ones by the people engaging her (various subjects: school vouchers, pc, role of gravity in biology, philosophy and sociology) 

conscious self-reflection -- awareness of the self and of others --is made possible in the same way a mirror can reflect: there is a silvering, a foil, that we can never get behind. as such, there is a lack, something we cannot capture for it forever slips out of our grasp--slip sliding along the signifying chain.

<136K prfr> Her website is sorta dead in the water; only one bookreview and a list of archives ordered by location

Another related file:
Kagarlitsky.htm (63K) (works in Moscow and gets posted by the

Eastman.htm (78K)
/soul_of_the_indian.htmA 1911 book by Eastman, Charles Alexander 
 (found while looking around a site that carries the matrix tomes zipped and the intro's by Michael Topper (on whose crazy verbiage I have commented elsewhere).

marreads1.htm (134K)

143775 40,000 children starve to death each day ==<<>>== 143578 We, the Urbana-Champaign IMC, support IMC Switzerland ==<<>>== 143649 'Wild Party Girls' video maker must pay SWT student ==<<>>==  143164 zeropaid.comnews/articles/auto/03012002b.php (+ over a hundred on filesharing <'piracy' in a topsy turvy oneupmanshaper sworld>) ==<<>>== 143070 (good subjectmatter but I trimmed the single file at that site down to about a 6th) ==<<>>== 143863 +20 the old hullabaloo around ChuckO's cheering again (only a couple of commenters here) ==<<>>== 143836 +3 about the middle east ==<<>>== 142683 +1 Bad habits in the middle east  ==<<>>== 

marreads2.htm (145K)

march 7th version:  'read me free' Nigel Best (no way to free the man from his relentless ramble I'm afraid) on the main schizm in/of and transcending Finn's Wake <><<>><> Anti-Davos Gets Up Steam Boris Kagarlitsky (his TNI Talk (64K) where he is a Fellow) -  The Moscow Times, 5 February 2002 <><<>><> 144998 +14 criticism of the left (only one here) <><<>><> 144783 NPR's coverage of Mideast deaths doesn't match reality By Seth Ackerman <><<>><> 144705 LION PRESS thingy; here is about a tenth of it: THE MONEY MONOPOLY <><<>><> zizek interview snippet <><<>><> peer to peer news <><<>><> Information Wants to Be Worthless BY BRUCE STERLING <><<>><> Fun with Fluids <><<>><> 145342 wtf are our brown aryan bro's thinkin to get away with now? about Arundhati Roy's prison sentence (5th of march; a newer item ((not here)): 145881 NEW DELHI, India --about Arundhati Roy's prison sentence, a prize-winning Indian novelist, was jailed Wednesday after the Supreme Court convicted her of criminal contempt for suggesting it was trying to "silence criticism" of its approval of a hydroelectric project.  -- And another item on her: headlines02/0306-05.htm ) ==<<>>== 

NigelBest-Wakes.htm (52K)

marreads3.htm(163K) <axcess earlier ones: Indyms)  The Fabrication of 'Celtic' Astrology by Peter Berresford Ellis (copyrightwinger) -- (found via the forum at which doesn't display in netscape but has wonderful tree images to go along with it inspiration offering celtic revival) --Ed. N.: This article, previously published in The Astrological Journal (vol 39. n. 4, 1997), completes the first one, published in Réalta and then by C.U.R.A. My thanks to Maurice McCann for his kind help.The Celtic 'tree zodiac' fabrications, the direct result of Robert Graves' invention of a tree calendar', have become an almost insurmountable barrier to any serious study of the forms of astrology that were practised by pre-Christian Celtic society. For fifty years, from the time Graves' published his book The White Goddess (1946), a veritable industry has been built up among his acolytes, which preach artificial astrological ideas based on Graves' spurious arguments. Some have even published books on what they fondly term 'Celtic Astrology', manufacturing a completely artificial 'astrological system'. ----- this article is a vituperative tirade against Graves personally on top of probably accurate criticism of his scholarship; RG falsified and bent facts with his steelaglow setting preleptic leapage? Yeah, you bet, and I say: all the more glory to Graves for inventing a tree calender! And as far as accuracy goes, I tend to hold the endnote (Ogham is only found in the isles) against the light of Cyclone Covey and the like which compelingly impresses the notion that one of the two must be wrong upon me and I know which I'm gonna trust. I mean, it aint gonna be someone who is irredeemably blind to merits or 'originonation' bringing time down to earthly practise, the activity around trees is what counts most magnificently in Graves' work! -------------- p2p and filesharing revolution ----------- stark_frances/2001_afterall _issue 4_pp102_120.html --- Laurence A. Rickels, theorist/therapist You own W is for Werther. Why did you buy it? --------- 145553 +5 New Research Indicates Native Americans Are Part Of Larger Indo-European Family ---------------- The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand Corporate Capitalism as a State-Guaranteed System of Privilege by Kevin A. Carson 

(177K; note: a new format, Arial Narrow 8 point bold)

contains: 148909ANTI-RACIST ACTION AND THE FREE SPEECH DILEMNA featuring yours truly -------------149013 AGR talks with Noam Chomsky ------------ LBO threads from april and may 99 with: child support and other threads ----------- material (reminiscent of autonarchy)

march15prfr.htm (162K)

from the journal of salt history ( ===<><<>><>=== 149700 Pejorative Journalism - A Verbal Terror Riot by E. Hosenslorcher Piet: very very intriguing and original ===<><<>><>=== austria.indy8209 Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History by Allan C. Brownfeld ===<><<>><>===  373 Osho on meaning (just the comments ) ===<><<>><>=== 147788 and 147790 Israel Shamir ===<><<>><>=== 147820 +25   IS CHOMSKY WORKING FOR THE MAN ??? 

march18prfr.htm (106K)

conclusion of an earthday89 talk by Daniel Quinn ( ======= google cache (64K) of Sapoty Brook material extracted from his book Eco-Eating; a very original and most scientific look at food value (emphasizing and explaining why fruit is the most perfect food).======= some comments on the boycott posts ====== 150313 Fisk in the Independent: 14 March 2002  Middle East crisis ======= 150041 Greg Palast interview with Alex Jones 149983 State of mind by Israel Shamir =======  Kelley on democracy at street level

3rdweekomarch.htm (74K) --
sorry this file's gone missing; beggars can't be choosers;
my hitchhiking on the digital highway to hell; I'm in a place often chaotic, overexposed with harsh lighting and stuffy most of the time; on top of that the some of the clerks dump my stuff off the machine; I should be very grateful for being tolerated here at all though; and then again, I may have erased this file myself and google don't see it yet.

152523 + 13 A well know revolucionary says "Fuck off eugene anarchists!!" (english) by Geov Parrish ------- 152172 15 girls die as zealots 'drive them into blaze' by london Telegraph 6:55am Fri Mar 15 '02 Saudi religious police send grils back into burning school for improper attire. ------- 151175 + 8 Israeli Humanity vs Arab Barbarism by John a very seriously pro-Israeli guy 7:00am Fri Mar 15 '02 --- (Shahak cited again; only excerpts here): -----   152863 Gitlin (from and one comment

LBOonCockburn.htm (87K)

(some hands full of people cobbling the thread called 'Ace on Jews' together)
A sample: coming soon Duh. Why do people in Ohio elect Republican senators? because most American Jews support a Jewish state and accept the need for some measure of realpolitik as the price for that, including alliances with obnoxious people; and because those who don't accept such realpolitik have no power to dislodge the bourgeois zionist leadership. you don't use the terminology "the Jews," but you seem to be referring to some unitary, conscious agency, where there is none. -mbs --------- The question that Cockburn doesn't but should have asked is why American Jews continue to let Zionists monopolize the leadership of Jewish communities, allowing them to claim to be "the official voice of American Jewry," when the very Zionist leaders in America and Israel have clearly made alliances with Jew-haters (be they Christian fundamentalists or power-hungry politicians) for the sake of US (military, financial, diplomatic, & moral) support for Israel.

oekonuxdotorg.htm (141K)

recent openmoney threads at this magic word dressup list posts (2 batches, meaning a break in the chronology somewheres; keith hart did 4 posts sofar; a special on his work lives ???? ah yes, via the bottom of prfr3  also related is the first file in the next batch, one covering the same material and partly the same material over at <> 02/020315_science.en.html via Indy 153482 the global commons for the benefit of scientific progress, education and the public good (about info-flowfreedom)

Sideshow (apperitif to next item) along lines of waiv(ief)erment from pen-l
Progressive Economist list thread snippets (60K)

LegalTenderAlternatives.htm (208K)

New (3rd) book on money by Thomas Greco Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender   I've used only 19 pages to compact the original 93 page pdf format, grrrrrrr; the trick to get it conformated' is due to a lawlibrarian who showed me to click the pfd hand (allows the right mouseclick choice 'continuous', then click the tool select icon and right click on a select all
((unless the thing is locked)), now you may copy paste)
(starts an instant pfd download) typically something to go for via google (html) cache; see the weirdo adequacy article on the latter below). Also see the next prfr

3-26-prfr.htm (218K)

154614 Worthy causes CAN unite worst enemies! (post a mine bout the Permacultuvating/LETS fook in Haifa amongst others) ----------- 156548 Please Israel, Let My America Go Free! ------------ 156730 Majdur criticizes E Said Edward Said as a Defeatist Mouthpiece ----------- LBO threads on Jews ------------ on google --------155265 scientologists own google ----------- 155060 (same topic via --------- 155144 + 4 HOW TO BE WELCOME BY IMC GERMANY AND  AUSTRIA by Latuff ----------- 155103 + 8 (short c's)  Bono, the New Poster Boy for Globalization ---------- 155013 AUSTRALIAN TREESITTERS and RAINFORESTS UNDER ATTACK! ---------- 154863 Prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers Responds to congressional 'Green Scare' ----------- 154846 ANOTHER REFORM IS POSSIBLE: Anti-Globalization Movement Sells Out---- only the comments on this one; an earlier similar item: --- 132398 Anti-Globalists Make a Play for Legitimacy (Stratfor analysis) -----------  the novel, politics and Islam (from via pen-l Yoshie): The astonishing story of the uproar in Egypt over the publication of a Syrian novel set in Algeria—a work of literature as trigger for political crisis and polemical turmoil, two decades after it was written, in a landscape completely transformed. Haydar Haydar’s fiction as tuning-fork of stark dissonances of time and outlook in the Arab world. --

first-april-read.htm (146K)

157034 + 15 (half here) a very long item on free trade (my short one in 8th place)  <><<>><> Google Needs a Winston Smith 82 comments <><<>><> Sigmund Freud, Linux and The Narcissism of Minor Difference  <><<>><> 157709 Do Jews run Hollywood? You bet they do - and what of it? by Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein <><<>><>  157574 + 7 Israeli writer (Avneri) says human-bombers are natural reaction to Zionist repression  <><<>><> ANARCHY AFTER SEPTEMBER 11 (by John Zerzan from <><<>><> Kermit Snelson at nettime  <><<>><>158465 If only Germany had won World War I... <><<>><> 113518 The Condition of Jewish Women in Israel  <><<>><> 158346 Fisk ( on Arab Summit <><<>><> Technically Speaking: An interview with Sadie Plant by Zoey Kroll -<><<>><> last eight of another interview <><<>><> Hey, israeli refusniks still growing (1000)<><<>><>  EWaste --- related context releases/ctblaunch.htm  2001 Computer Report Card and the Computer TakeBack Campaign. november 2001 Lists-Archives/ nettime-l-0110 / msg00125.html War on high-tech waste. october 2001. ----- Lowtech Manifesto. trash technology art. july 1999. 

4-4-reads.htm (173K)

162841 Special Dispatch: Al-Jazeera interviews Arafat ------------ 162906Tikkun catches flack from constituency (?) on refusniks ------------- 163215 + 31 marco on redesigning imc ------ 163365 + 2Fisk on the ME farce (also at 162822) --------- 163558Chomsky on Palestine --------- 160000 + 7 on Middle Eastern genes article from the observer (link to similar stuff: ------- 
Looking for 'hirsuite'I find: fffooiy, aaarrrr, pretty poetic that. I qoute here: A joycean and a play of sorts (the first three google pages were taken up by sexsites for other dirt on google see my /Content-refreshment.htm (my 3rd revolving content, perm. URL) --  by the same author: 

4-firstweek.htm (88K)

163935 Fisk on/in Bethlehem ======= 163731 an item on the weather, notably the coolness around the southern hemisphere (from, excerpts: Dr Solomon said the ozone hole over Antarctica, and lesser ozone depletions over the Arctic, have now established a pattern in which vortices of extremely cold air are becoming trapped over the polar regions instead of performing their natural function of spreading to lower latitudes and cooling global weather systems. the second half of this item is a comment in the shape of an article by Chossudovsky on Haarp;  ======= 164572 + 1 Earth remineralization could be the key to healthy ecosystems. from Resurgence issue 211 by David marsch ====== LBO thread snippet on the Middle East ====== nypress: 'what if' (germany had won ww1) ======= Equadorian govt raids eco camp ====== 162713 + 11 (only 1 here) no need to discredit the indy community ====== 165328 Robert Fisk: A speech laced with obsessions and little else; Kelly's eye for irony is relevant here  ====== 164794 + 20 please indymedia (confusion over the selection issue some more)

4-2ndweek.htm  168K

166524 + 14 Israel (and Jews) Against the World ------------- 166977 Fisk --------- another Fisk: 166574 on the Arab summit ----------- 166956 + 4 I'm Tired Of Financing Racist State Of Israel ----------- 165888 America's War Inc: Weapons and Wars 'R' US ------------- 165882 Israeli troops attack foreign journalists ------------- 165825 Not in our name -- ----------- 165812 UNTIL WHEN WILL THE PALESTINIANS PAY FOR ARAFAT'S STRATEGIC MISTAKE? by By Muna Hamzeh---------- 165536 The Road to War in the Mideast 

4-11prfr.htm (80K)

163215 (already have the first half of this item in an earlier prfr; it is a front page feature about the front page and wire which has generated a record amount of interest) ---------- 168995 4th commenter claims Jews don't control american policy; just the part pertaining to palestine ------- 168922 To end the so called Terrorist Attacks by sparky 3:44pm Wed Apr 10 '02 give palestinians the weapons that israel gets from america and the west, it is that simple ---------- 168240 Israelis and Indians -------- 168044Slate Mag - misreads anti-corporate globalization movement, again  ------xxxxxxx------- Clay Shirky: Communities, audiences and scale.  -----------  Linux and ethnodiversity by Martin Vermeer ------- open source as THE natural monopoly??? 

pynchon-special.htm (80K)  Humanities/pschmid1/  essays/pynchon/mason.html     Line, Vortex, and Mound: On First Reading Thomas Pynchon's Mason and Dixon ----- the very last part of the notes: How to investigate 18th-century descriptions of Native American cultures, including Indian Mounds? One source: Thomas Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia, which includes meditations on "Old World" vs. "New World" cultures, etc. ---Are Pynchon's portraits of Indian Mounds also parodies of the "orgone boxes" of Wilhelm Reich that were once popular, especially among the Beats and their followers, including William S. Burroughs? Reich believed his boxes created "negative entropy," a concept that no doubt caught Pynchon's amused imagination when he first encountered it. These boxes are similarly layered and were also usually described as "accumulators" of mysterious energies, as are both Mound and Book in Mason and Dixon. This may be yet another example of how Pynchon finds antecedents in the eighteenth century for the obsessions of post-war American pop culture. Note: what is the relationship between Wilhelm Reich and Norman O. Brown? Brown's theories of eros vs. thanatos (published in the late '50s and early '60s) are an important influence on Gravity's Rainbow, especially its representation of "The Counterforce"---and are themselves indebted to Freud, especially Freud's Civilization and its Discontents. Good comic reading on Reich's orgone boxes is provided by the following: AUTHOR Reich, Wilhelm, 1897-1957. TITLE The discovery of the orgone. PUBLISHER New York : Orgone instute press, [1948- ] DESCRIPT v. : plates (1 col.) diagrs. ; 24 cm. CONTENTS v. 1--The function of the orgasm; sex-economic problems of biological energy; 2d. ed.--v. 2. The cancer biopathy. SUBJECT Sex. NOTE Each volume has special t.-p. Translated by Theodore P. Wolfe. ALT. ENTRY Wolfe, Theodore P. (Theodore Peter), 1902-1954 tr. ALT. TITLE The functions of the orgasm. AUTHOR Bean, Orson. TITLE Me and the orgone. Introd. by A. S. Neill. PUBLISHER New York, St. Martin's Press [c1971] DESCRIPT viii, 119 p. 22 cm. SUBJECT Orgonomy.---------- 164651 naming, unmasking and engaging the powers; a trilogy by Walter Wink (via the pynchon mailing list:  =pynchon-l&month=0203&sort=date) ----

Manuel Delanda-special.htm (211K)
includes related material (ccru stuff mostly)

Manuel Delanda ( special; MESHWORKS, HIERARCHIES AND INTERFACES this is one of 7 Delanda items at: ------- Economics, computers and the war machine ---------- MARKETS AND ANTIMARKETS IN THE WORLD ECONOMY --------------- THE GEOLOGY OF MORALS ---------------- (the fourth dates from feb 99) Deleuze and the genesis of form -------- Cybernetic culture research unit e-mail abstract culture syzygy archive id(entity) links occultures The Decimal Labyrinth (everything up to zone 4) -------- -------------   ---------- some filler snippets from ccru swarm: 5. Ron Eglash - Africa in the Origins of Binary Code " ------ small section from a large (medically t(a)inted article from the same menu as that last one entitled Foucault's dead body (or something like that; it's about his autopsist) 

k-gothicdotnet.htm (152K) documents: Nick land: CYBERGOTHIC ----------- Lovecraft/ Lemuria/ Hyperstition: Correspondence between Echidna Stillwell and Peter Vysparov  -----------  hEiDI k Letter from Carl Gustav Jung to Echidna Stillwell. Dated 27th February 1929. Extract.  -----------  black ice iain hamilton grant [1994 cybergothic classic: freud/ marx/ lyotard] ----------- white magic mark de'rozario [magic vs sorcery/ baudrillard, burroughs, ballard]  -----------  mark de'rozario amerikkkan gothik 

4-2ndweek.htm (168K)

166524 + 14 Israel (and Jews) Against the World ------------- 166977 Fisk --------- another Fisk: 166574 on the Arab summit ----------- 166956 + 4 I'm Tired Of Financing Racist State Of Israel ----------- 165888 America's War Inc: Weapons and Wars 'R' US ------------- 165882 Israeli troops attack foreign journalists ------------- 165825 Not in our name -- ----------- 165812 UNTIL WHEN WILL THE PALESTINIANS PAY FOR ARAFAT'S STRATEGIC MISTAKE? by By Muna Hamzeh---------- 165536 The Road to War in the Mideast 

Moonday.htm (149K)

171886the invasion by israel shamir April 3, --------- 170144  The Cost of Israel to the American People --------- ?????? on Venezuela ----- 170620 Afghanistan martyrdom bombing kills nine US soldiers ------- 170628 Yellow Journalism and the assault on peace activists Mark Bialkowski ------ 171070 + 14 Sam Bahour on wether Palestinians are human   ---------------- Amazonia: Shamanism vs. Capitalism: The Politics of Ayahuasca  --------- on religions (suns and sons confusion) ----------  Bestiality: Animal Liberation or Human License? 

Currencease.htm (57K)

172800Dutch Government Falls Over Srebrenica Massacre I posted all these at 173182 again (one of many repeats in the meantime) adding:   they were unarmed; what do you want a peace.. . force to accomplish without some superior but restrained clout??????? --- as for my earlier comment, I looked around the places I pointed to in a file called: 74K (I just flipped a link to it into an italian indy item called e-demonstrators vs e-democracy) and found none of the sites talk about wedding politics with economics in the sense Ulrich von Beckerath does (nor are many of them in the same place still), .------ Keith Hart seems to be one of the few folk (along with Kermit Snelson et al) who might join forces with LETS foke and Jon Chance (where is Craig Hubley??)to work out a digital Beckerathianism (watch, and -------- Here is Keith Hart in februari (an exceptionally busy month at a young list called generation_online)  on Empire (see an earlier prfr3 collection from his site)  ------------- metafilterians on Pim Fortuyn  ------------- metafilterians on 'in gold we trust by Dibbel   ------------- 172982 UN backs Palestinian resistance UN Backs Palestinian Violence Arab, European nations pass resolution supporting use of 'armed struggle' 


169672 second of 2 pieces posted (with only links, no comments, the second is at ) ------ 169250  Monbiot at commondreams on us (indyans) --------- 169412 Hate speech has consequences(with an unattributed but well referenced and loooooooong piece on Ben Gurion's 'transformation', it even includes a paragraph on Magnes) ------- 169278 doc.mhtml?i=special&s= breytenbach20020410An Open Letter To General Ariel Sharon (english) by Breyten Breytenbach ---------- 169197 "Commanding Heights" on PBS is Privatization drivel 

 ESRaymond.htm (143K)

--WHO IS AMONG OTHER THINGS THE ULTIMATE SLOW CONNECTION FRIENDLY TEXT POSTER------  FIND HERE: Fragments from his famous Cathedral and Bazaar, and the entire Homesteading the Noosphere (minus endnotes and acknowledgements): ---1. An Introductory Contradiction ---2. The Varieties of Hacker Ideology ---3. Promiscuous Theory, Puritan Practice  ---3. Ownership and Open Source ---5. Locke and Land Title ---6. The Hacker Milieu as Gift Culture ---7. The Joy of Hacking ---8. The Many Faces of Reputation ---9. Ownership Rights and Reputation Incentives ---10. The Problem of Ego (rilly rilly excellent!!!!) ---11. The Value of Humility ---12. Global Implications of the Reputation-Game Model ---13. How Fine a Gift? ---14. Noospheric Property and the Ethology of Territory ---15. Causes of Conflict ---16. Project Structures and Ownership ---17. Conflict and Conflict Resolution ---18. Acculturation Mechanisms and the Link to Academia ---19. Gift Outcompetes Exchange ---20. Conclusion: From Custom to Customary Law 21. Questions for Further Research 22. Bibliography    ---------- on 9/11: Decentralism Against Terrorism ----- The Biology of Promiscuity -----------A parody: The Circus Midget and the Fossilized Dinosaur Turd -or- "What up with that software industry?" A Treatise on Free Software Development. With apologies to Eric S. Raymond. ---- Fame? Ego?  ----- Raymond on 9/11: Decentralism Against Terrorism --------  The Biology of Promiscuity ----xxxx-----xxxx----

4-29.htm (111K)

176978 Argentina Taste of Our Power --------176728 + 8 (also see 176541)  primitivism discussed ------------176693 Palestine and the crisis of Western democracies  Abdelwahab El-Affendi ------176686 Guardian editorial on Creveld the craven military historian and threatening nihilist in israel (includes some keyclack by yowzthorougly)------- 176894 In Defense of Demagogues (english) Murray Rothbard ----------------- 

ESRaymond2.htm (104K)

//  magic-cauldron/magic-cauldron.html
This paper analyzes the evolving economic substrate of the open-source phenomenon. We first explode some prevalent myths about the funding of program development and the price structure of software. We present a game-theory analysis of the stability of open-source cooperation. We present nine models for sustainable funding of open-source development; two non-profit, seven for-profit. We continue to develop a qualitative theory of when it is economically rational to be closed. We then examine some novel additional mechanisms the market is now inventing to fund for-profit open-source development, including the reinvention of the patronage system and task markets. We conclude with some tentative predictions of the future. ------ 
1. Indistinguishable From Magic-- 2. Beyond Geeks Bearing Gifts --3. The Manufacturing Delusion --4. The ``information wants to be free'' Myth --5. The Inverse Commons --6. Reasons for Closing Source --7. Use-Value Funding Models  --7.1 The Apache case: cost-sharing  --7.2 The Cisco case: risk-spreading  --8. Why Sale Value is Problematic --9. Indirect Sale-Value Models   --9.1 Loss-Leader/Market Positioner   --9.2 Widget Frosting   --9.3 Give Away the Recipe, Open A Restaurant   9.4 Accessorizing  9.5 Free the Future, Sell the Present  --9.6 Free the Software, Sell the Brand -- 9.7 Free the Software, Sell the Content  --10. When To Be Open, When To Be Closed  --10.1 What Are the Payoffs?   --10.2 How Do They Interact? --10.3 Doom: A Case Study --10.4 Knowing When To Let Go  --11. The Business Ecology of Open Source --12. Coping With Success --13. Open R&D and the Reinvention of Patronage --14. Getting There From Here  --15. Conclusion: Life After The Revolution --16. Bibliography and Acknowledgements --17. Appendix: Why Closing Drivers Loses A Vendor Money --18. History ------------- He has an interest in riddle poems

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177358 Ghostlands (about ireland) Robert Allen 3:35pm Tue Apr 30 '02 ---------177219 THE FACTS ABOUT ISRAEL BILL 12:53am Tue Apr 30 '02 ---------177627  "Le Pen's triumph based on electoral flaws:Abstainers, system, not Le Pen blame"  David R. Sands 9:34pm Wed May 1 '02 -----------177460 GEORGE MONBIOT: HOW TO FIX GLOBALIZATION 

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Recognition Values: Seeing The Sixth Sense Again for the First Time Laurence A. Rickels Other Voices, v.2, n.2 (March 2002) Copyright © 2001 ---------- Review of Lawrence Rickels, The Vampire Lectures (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1999) ISBN: 0816633924. 376 pp. $17.95 pb. -- Catherine Liu -- Other Voices, v.2, n.2 (March 2002) ------------  from ---- Most people will acknowledge that masculinity has become somewhat of a favoured topic in the last ten years or so, but what about masculinity without men?

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 179717 Noam Chomsky: Constructive Action? (see analysis by Brad de Long as last item) ---------- 178912 more chomsky ------- 179019 The Devil Made Mailbox Bomber Lucas do it ------ a great many items on the death of dandy gay exmarxist anti-islam political landslide and earthquake causer Pim Fortuyn (google does about 37.000 hits for him at the moment. Want a comparison? I get booke 473 times there) - for instance: 179372 good long slab of various (4) items on the assasinated Pim (Holland), his idol Kennedy (US), Lumumba (Africa), Rabin (Israel), Palme (Sweden) . .. 4 articles with some comments-----  expatica - 19551 (also at dutch indy 3916): Is Dutch racism on the rise?  ---------- 178685 Ten questions to the Zionists -----------179590 'national-sovereignty' or global state of subsidiarity & free movement--BETTER ? ---------- a review of samantha powers new book about genocide and the UN at the nation ----------- lbo Re: Native Amerikkkan Genocide ----------- spiderman (the movie) review from the nation ------- anti-zionism thread at lbo-talk  -------- some straggler items from before my 'holiday' (ascension day and period machine bereftness): On Laurence Rickels' new trilogy: Psychoanalysis was a symptom of everything the Nazis reviled: an intellectual assault on Kultur largely perpetrated by Jews. It was also, as this remarkable revisionary work shows, an inescapable symptom of modernity, practiced, transformed, and perpetuated by and within the Nazi regime. --------- 177889 Israel Shamir Supports LePen, Attacks Jews in General ----------177681 Extreme Solution 2 (Sharon's Plan) (english) By Alexander Cockburn (via KD) 5:44am Thu May 2 '02  --------- 
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122010 How Arundhati Roy Took Back the Power in India ----------- 127091Paganism In Early German Socialism ----------- 124661 Is the Extreme Right Entirely Wrong? ------------ 125638 + 23 (those were the good old days I guess) Why does the media and public ignore what Israel does to the Palestinians? (english) by Palestine Chronicle -----------125379 Interesting piece about John Walker Lindh at ---------- Excerpt from the Return of Enki: Kids Become Stars GenePools and Gravity Making for Peace by Dan winter (a guy who is inspired by Dune and such; his weirdass site now at ------- generation_online/ 2002-February/author.html the next two months had only a tenth of the traffic, no doubt due to the absence of fat posts posters Keith Hart and Kermit Snelson; here are most of them ------------metafilterians on Dibbell's Wired article (in gold we trust) and on Pim Fortuyn (while his star was rising)  new item: 

5-17.htm (89K) Cockburn: Israel and "Anti-Semitism" ---------- 1480.html Why the US supports Israel ---------- The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of MAY DAY by Peter Linebaugh (from -------- SFBG: Why women are leading the battle against censorship. (from the --------- Felix Stalder on LLessig at ----------- According to the Wall Street Journal, the ELF has caused more than $43 million in damage in 600 acts of violence since 1996.4

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181141 Acres USA article (2000) by David Yarrow who keeps on expanding his beautiful site: 180791 Gold mining in Rumania planned ---------------a right winger of the worst sort --------- 181519 THE VALUE OF PARANOIA the guardian on 9/11 ------------ LBO bits (via Michael Pugliese) ------------   181611 Who are the Global Terrorists? by Noam Chomsky (hard hitting) ------------------- - Kermit Snelson on Intell. prop. ----------- Communication, privacy and spam (old bits of lbo but I guess worth it; I was asked to remove names from my site) ------------- 181994 The invisibility of struggle; from the same on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization by John Zerzan 

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  working for change on countering a right wing gathering(hope they ain't settin up for a pc cycle culminatin in pol assasination like we just had in Holland) ---------- 181535 on israel's (s)election methods by Tim Wise ------------- 181059Zionism, as its been practiced for the past 54 years, especially since 1967, reflects and re-enforces, in word and in deed, our arrogant, imperialist civilization. by Chief Bromden -- Favored as a rererepost ------------- 181141 Lemonde on the middle east   The Israeli Jewish Settlements  Making The Desert Bloom - With Destruction ----------- a formerly left wing jew who posts a disgustingly unrealistic (blind to it anyway) sermon and points to articles from the Age: (australian daily) on Fortuyn and antisemism ----------

hofmanndashinfodotcom.htm (110K) 183083 indy (main); a look at jews, not clouds not dunes, not women, JEWS; one of the last thorough ones before they outlaw such a thing altogether perhaps. from -- a first book chapter (10 closely printed pages; quite a civil argument with a jewish comment? Or more like a nazi right wing storm brewer spotted by an even truer christian israel sanctioner? You decide for yourself; I know I damn well did for myself;

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