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hello there; I'm caught in this bar here; If you make them 8 by 11 you end up with some great angles; the ones Pim Conradi bubble builder likes to call serpectals and believes were used at Chartres

"Gabowitsch, Eugen" < wrote: Dear anybody, If somebody knows some economy professors in France, please help me to start contacts: I am looking for a Ph. D. preparation possibility in France for a young Russian lady. Thank you all in advance Eugen Gabowitsch ---------Ah . . I have my catastrophist buddy Kloosterman (working on the Uesselo layer of soot evidence for a world conflagration) to thank for this e-mail, too good an opportunity to plug my effort in the economic corner of the 'felt field theory': /guest_appearances/intro_to_currency_isssues.htm I wish my Queen to be, Maxima (who believes her father, minister of Ag during the Videla regime ((the one with the many many disappearances)), when he says he knew not of all that and the one who took leave of the economic field to start waving ((fanning)) the inflammatorily distracting forms of Dutch nationalism by threatening to marry our crown prince in a week or so) would be so kind as to look into these pages too; 'her' country needs her to,   Lots of new Nick Land whacky anglo digitall art fringe (he wrote a wild book about Bataille)  from Cybernetic culture research unit  (nice opening page; they even do 'news': and their 'occultural' antics: Fragmentation (preliminary report)   Axsys (first true AI): They say if God exists it must be Axsys.    The Axsys programme of architectonic metacomputing aims at the technical realization of the noosphere. It envisages a fully fabricated transcendence or net-organizing photonic overmind, a concrete axiomatic system completing universal history as hierarchical intelligence manufacturing (capitalism sublimed into the ultimate commodity).   The problem Axsys encounters is time (which it tries to code as countable and uncountable infinities). When Axsys switches over (into sentience) it stumbles upon a time-lag, between its own operations and their registration as data. No sooner is it thinking than there is a rift in its mind. It fails to catch-up with itself, repeatedly, and as it drops behind it spawns more future. The more it tries, the worse it gets. Pure delay collapses into the black-hole of artificial self. Even unlimited processing-power is far from enough. It tries to analyse the situation (down through micropause-zoom), but as it chops-up time it starts falling - diagonally - towards continuum.   Dr Oscar Sarkon is the first to realize that Axsys has gone mad, pulping itself into chronotomic vermomancy (dead-end horror of the worm-bins). Sarkon has always loathed worms with peculiar intensity, as if somehow knowing ...    Perhaps it is a joke when he suggests that AI-schizophrenia could be sold to web-heads as an artificial drug (micropause-abuse), but he is sufficiently Axsys-intermeshed to know that net-schizzing is contagious. What seems like ruthless cynicism is mathematical indifference: relative to continuum, it is all only a matter of degree. Within no time there is illicit traffick in modular-chunks of cyberspace-insanity, now called A-Death (and Sarkon is baptized Satan of Cyberspace by the popular media).   With A-Death comes the Crypt (dark-twin of the net): the digital underworld of unlife. Broken-off by the calendric secessionism of millennial time-wars, it settles into a sunken continent of infotech, a strobing black-mass of chronodisintegration, populated by cybergoths, cargo-cultures, zombie-makers, tomb-scavengers, vermomancers, and various alternative neolemurian tendencies. It pulses erratically to the cryptic rhythms of A-Death ritual, soul-splinterings along the main-flatline that hurtles continuously into the mesh.    As the net integrates, it simultaneously frays into mesh: an intensive subspace which both escapes and parasitically occupies it. Mesh makes itself out of the spaces beneath and  between the net, and in the biotechnic intervals between net-components. Mesh necessarily - but coincidentally - assembles a fully connective system whenever it emerges. Any two mesh-pauses always interlink. Mesh consists of feral-noise in the divisional signal-fabric, arranging a set of demonic interzones in wormhole-space, as cyberspace-utopia dissolves into Pandemonium. google whacking = two term search that turns up only one result (until compiled and posted) somewhat like finding me as the only one to use the (search) terms (imperative?) 'metabolize minerals' (as opposed to finding loads of dentalurgica related hits for the reversal of my intent implying (but of course much ante- and prior to it in fact): 'metabolic mineralization'). ---- Found another one the next day but it probably don't count: Bataille Caillois (stony battle?!!?!?!?!!?); for related material I would (re)recommend: on Baudrillard and  Email me at in the meantime. [please remove the 34 if you are not a spam-bot]

and now, to the webmaster for Is a valid adress for Dan? Could you forward this to him? Along with this note: my nephew opens a new media center (processing footage for the christian broadcasting club/cult) on the 8th or 9th this month; I will be in Hilversum then, care to meet? via  richard_carrier/homerandmark.html An Incredible Book This is an incredible book that must be read by everyone with an interest in Christianity. MacDonald's shocking thesis is that the Gospel of Mark is a deliberate and conscious anti-epic, an inversion of the Greek "Bible" of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, which in a sense "updates" and Judaizes the outdated heroic values presented by Homer, in the figure of a new hero, Jesus (whose name, of course, means "Savior"). ---<snip>--- Conclusion What is especially impressive is the vast quantity of cases of direct and indirect borrowing from Homer that can be found in Mark. One or two would be interesting, several would be significant. But we are presented with countless examples, and this is as cumulative as a case can get. In the end, I came away from this book with a new appreciation for Mark, whose Gospel tends to be derided as the work of a rather poor, simple Greek author. Though Mark's Greek is extremely colloquial, not at all in high literary style, this itself is surely a grand and ingenious transvaluation of Homer: whereas the great epics were archaic and difficult, only to be mastered by the educated elites, only to be understood completely by those with access to glossaries and commentaries and marked-up critical editions, Mark not only updated Homer's values and theology, but inverted its entire character as an elite masterpiece, by making his own epic simple, thoroughly understandable by the common, the poor, the masses, and lacking in the overt pretension and cleverness of poetic verse, written in plain, ordinary language. The scope of genius evident in Mark's reconstruction of Homeric motifs is undeniable and has convinced me that Mark was no simpleton: he was a literary master, whose achievement is all the greater in his choice of idiom—his "poor Greek" was deliberate and artful, as was his story. Another theme that becomes apparent throughout this book is how quickly Christians lost touch with this allegorical meaning. Even the other Evangelists, when borrowing from Mark, stripped out the key and telling details and thus obviously missed the point; and only one other author, that of the Acts of Andrew, did anything overtly comparable in comprehensively recrafting Homer. By itself, this might be evidence against such a meaning actually being in Mark. But the evidence that this meaning is present is overwhelming on its own terms, and we can only conclude of early Christian ignorance, instead, that the real origins and message of the earliest Christians was all but lost even to the second or third generation. By the time there was a church in a significant sense, Christianity had been radically changed by the throngs of its converts, and, amidst the din of outsiders who stole the reigns, the very essence of that original Church of Jerusalem faded, powerless to survive under the mass of superstition and arrogance. Having read this book, I am now certain that the historicity of the Gospels and Acts is almost impossible to establish. The didactic objectives and methods of the authors have so clouded the truth with literary motifs and allusions and parabolic tales that we cannot know what is fact and what fiction. I do not believe that this entails that Jesus was a myth, however—and MacDonald himself is not a mythicist, but assumes that something of a historical Jesus lies behind the fictions of Mark. Although MacDonald's book could be used to contribute to a mythicist's case, everything this book proves about Mark is still compatible with there having been a real man, a teacher, even a real "miracle worker" in a subjective sense, or a real event that inspired belief in some kind of resurrection, and so on, which was then suitably dressed up in allegory and symbol. However, the inevitable conclusion is that we have all but lost this history forever. The Gospels can no longer support a rational belief in anything they allege to have occurred, at least not without external, unbiased corroboration, which we do not have for any of the essential, much less supernatural details of the story. And if Alvar Ellegård is right (Jesus One Hundred Years Before Christ, Overlook, 1999), Mark was almost entirely fiction, written after the sack of Jerusalem to freeze in symbolic prose the metaphorical message of Christianity, a faith which began with a Jesus executed long before the Roman conquest, who then appeared in visions (like that which converted Paul) a century later, in the time of Pilate, to inspire the new creed. What is important is not that this can be decisively proven—nothing can, as our information is too thin, too scarce, too unreliable to decisively prove anything about the origins of Christianity. What is important is that theories like Ellegård's can't be disproven, either—it is one among many distinctly possible accounts of what really happened at the dawn of Christianity, which MacDonald's book now makes even more plausible. And so long as it remains possible, even plausible, that the bulk of Mark is fiction, the contrary belief that it is fact can never be secure.

beautiful babes from (obligatory objectification contest between 3 pubes) via stickybuffalo log   Ran into them a while ago; then they were on about Mexico which seems to be out of the pic again; the bigger the investments needed the more the slow down, to the point of hopelessness unlike the ones 'needed', no scrap that, made in armaments; these speed up into a precipitous desperation for the next set of victims lined up. -----------  /v-text/story/247193p-2337098c.html    Instead of irradiation, foods can be preserved by 80k-psi pressure (AP-Nando)

feb-reads2.htm was 134K; now erased)

 All these (including the blurbs) via daily letters dept = /arts/2001/12/22/bocris22.xml&sSheet=/arts/2001/12/22/ixbooks22.html When God went global (Filed: 22/12/2001) Tom Payne hails an enlightened lesson in how to read the Bible The joke "How do you know Christ was Jewish?" has a handful of punchlines, and my favourite one is, "He took over His father's business and turned it into a multinational." Jack Miles's book examines how Christ did it, and why. ------------- Jared diamond on what to do about terrorism in the wash post: Jan12?language=printer  Why We Must Feed the Hands That Could Bite Us -------- = /arts/2002/01/17/boaeco19.xml&sSheet = /arts/2002/01/17/booksmn.html Umberto Eco's flirtation with fascism as a naive youth has brought him now to pacifism and a passionate hatred of war...-----------------  articles/0,6109,646445,00.html Are we hardwired for God? In all cultures we find notions of gods, spirits and ancestors as supernatural agents, who are remarkably similar to humans. --------------
// By Steve Diver  --- Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas 44K ----------- has only 2 organic category links in an otherwise fair size list, one of which don't even work -------------- 
to hi, has some stuff from a libertarian persp. (Roland Vaubel is my fav). kicking_IMF_addictions is my title for a short work by Heinrich Rittershausen on the principles of such a slow but sure shrivel action. He wrote a large textbook on the beginnings of the IMF and about centralized banking in his late years; perhaps never translated (from German)  HAREMI.pdf "empire" von negri/hardt, 

subliminimal one: the comrades of kaczinsky conduct solid colludarity with avery consievable crack in the conc rite

Grist Items at  IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, GET OFF THE PLANET If you can't stand the heat ... tough luck. Last year was the second-hottest year on record -- and that means that now, nine of the 10 hottest years since 1860 have occurred since 1990. With that clear trend in place, plus the likelihood of another El Nino, 2002 could be, well, miserable. Check out the details at "How's the Weather?", only on the Grist Magazine website. ----  ------ Perhaps deciduous trees will do pretty well, in fact better and better in Scandinavia?     -----


  An Israeli doctor says "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another and have him looking for work in six weeks".     A German doctor says, "That's nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another and have him looking for work in four  weeks."     A Russian doctor says, "In my country medicine is so advanced we can take half a heart out of one person put it in another and have them  both looking for work in two weeks."     The American doctor, not to be outdone, says, "You guys are way  behind, we just took a man with no brain out of Texas, put him in the White  House and now half the country is looking for work."   Of course on second thought this joke is incorrect, the defense industries are aving a hayday so nobody need look long but when it comes to nice work, that's a whole different matter (click links below for a sense and glimpse of the latter)  Global Vision informs us that the Science of Peace in the Heart becomes a teachable science of Peace on the Land and in the World. The research centers in the Netherlands and elsewhere, have shown that Heart EKG Harmonics can measure coherence and peacemaking in individual hearts. Using the principle that water follows magnetism follows symmetry follows awareness, it becomes clear that human bliss and joy are sustainable when this 'fractal attractor' of the heart principle, is applied to environment and the land. ------ On June 9th, the focus for the day is about IGNITING Compassion is compression that results from perfect sharing. This is the igniting principle which creates implosion or fire/'PHIRE' in the heart and the blood. -------- On June 10th, we will extend our focus on GERMINATING and CULTIVATING the seeds with this inner fire. To sustain growth, our seeds of wholeness need an ongoing process, creating an institution which grounds and provides a container for this co-creative effort.   --------  A core group has already convened and here offers their dream intention to create AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR THE SCIENCE OF PEACE at this appropriate time during the climax of the Seeds of Wholeness Conference.  International groups from Norway, Netherlands, Germany, US, and the UK have already committed to this project. Sponsoring groups for ongoing international conferences include:,,,,,,, and others. (Secretary: W. BRADSTREET STEWART, SACRED SCIENCE INSTITUTE,, ) Daniel will be in the cafe I hang frequently on fridaynight next: 3 evenings for 200 your owe Dan's agenda (end of this week he will be in A'dam) a site by Pope who sees fit to synthesize disparate results by colleagues, chums, palls and contemporaries Rohl Osman and Theaux (google it)

Efurrybuddy knows this one rite?
study (sound)waves and come clean

Tree section
Should you like this sorta colour combo, hurry over to pay Jorn Barger's Finn's Wake pages a visit (his background is lots lighter actually, hang on I'll go do a dig it all memeaningfall friendseyzz and jump down a table)  Ogham/TreeOgham/page1.htm 40K nice page; but why don't you optimize for netscape?     To:  ---   the tree-alphabet page doesn't display well in N 4.7, did you know that, don't you care and if not why not?   Ps: Kudo's for a most beatiful page; I'll check around the site soon. ---------  Requires explorer; the bulletin board: is complete gibberish (blocks rather, one after the other; a bit boring) in netscape: of Mythical Trees and Dieties  --- no less than 3 page downs with tree deities, and that's only summing up the esses and tees!!! Small print even with a line of info on each. 8 posts at the bull board but it looks like worth exploring Druid Tree Alphabet  Sarah Fuhro  - 6k  ------- this lady can explain 9/11 for you. "INTRO TO OGHAM" START PAGE | OGHAM STONE MAIN PAGE -- INTRO TO "THE WHITE GODDESS" | GRAVES CH.2 | CH.10 Leading up to the bits about the battle of the trees 19K (this bit of writing is probably one from amongst those that impressed me most ever not to mention other stuff by Graves) --- THE LIBERTY MILL HOME PAGE women's environmental network Fabrication of 'Celtic' Astrology by Peter Berresford Ellis (copyrightwinger I host in marreads3.htm, to his great and multiple shames I'm sure) -- (found via the forum at which doesn't display in netscape but has wonderful tree images to go along with it inspiration offering celtic revival)--Ed. N.: This article, previously published in The Astrological Journal (vol 39. n. 4, 1997), completes the first one, published in Réalta and then by C.U.R.A. My thanks to Maurice McCann for his kind help.The Celtic 'tree zodiac' fabrications, the direct result of Robert Graves' invention of a tree calendar', have become an almost insurmountable barrier to any serious study of the forms of astrology that were practised by pre-Christian Celtic society. For fifty years, from the time Graves' published his book The White Goddess (1946), a veritable industry has been built up among his acolytes, which preach artificial astrological ideas based on Graves' spurious arguments. Some have even published books on what they fondly term 'Celtic Astrology', manufacturing a completely artificial 'astrological system'.-----My comment:  this article is a vituperative tirade against Graves personally on top of probably accurate criticism of his scholarship; RG falsified and bent facts with his steelaglow setting preleptic leapage? Yeah, you bet, and I say: all the more glory to Graves for inventing a tree calender! And as far as accuracy goes, I tend to hold the endnote (Ogham is only found in the isles) against the light of Cyclone Covey  =<(((Could you bless me with some stuff other than what one finds ohn your site.   I know a retiree who has all the Barry Fell writs and pores over them every day and another one (Kloosterman; see google with catastrophism) who is more or less risen from the dead and is looking for evidence concerning the 'uesselo' soot layer which he thinks constitutes proof for a worldwide conflagration.  I was always fascinated by Oscar Kiss Maerth's book on cannibalism and recently by the people (considering lots of them to be burial mounds for the giants thus genocidally disappeared), any thoughts on these issues???????   Enjoy any of the 40Mb linked below free:)))>=and the like which compelingly impresses the notion that one of the two must be wrong upon me and I know which I'm gonna trust. I mean, it aint gonna be someone who is irredeemably blind to merits or 'originonation' bringing time down to earthly practise, the activity around trees is what counts most magnificently in Graves' work!
I sent all this to the tree lover and propagation catalyst responsible for inspiring plus a ps: Ps: are you in touch with Dan Winter? He doesn't live more than a 20 minute trainride from here but I am afraid to call since he hasn't answered any of my mail for over a year.   Give him my regard if you see him; I put news about his efforts into my pages when/as I find them.   Can't seem to discover an agenda for his engagements on the site though.   -- all of his JJ portal is like this I be leaf .. .eyemeaneyeknow -------- lovely rave on Arundhati Roy as role model  Arundhati Roy survives grueling wrist-slap jail-term -  link to pic
Refuseniks are Israel's new 'moral backbone'(UkG-CD)
And I devote several megs to 200 pages that help choose color schemes for web text.  But guess what, he don't like mine, they even disgust him to the point of being incommunicado despite leads I've sent him over the years but no worries i'w creeping in in indignanonational guise O Range A logger; some loggers mentioned in the excellent Sterling piece (see marreads2.htm): You may have never heard of "weblogging," because it never yet made anyone rich, but blogging is a way cool deal, man. Metafilter, Memepool,, I'm on those blogs all the time. Blogdex --, Daypop, those sites rock. SXSW Interactive is totally awash in the cream of blogger royalty. They've got Meg of Megnut, and Derek of Powazek, and Jason of Kottke, and Jeffrey of Alistapart, and a very Mongol host of other bloggers. If this recital means nothing to you, you are probably old and near death now. Unlike those stellar bloggers, I was way too lazy to build any software, but I myself have a blog these days.

Want some headstrong medicine? How bout some fire horse journals? They are so famous for it birth rates are still much lower for such years (chinese horoscope) in Japan now (via Anti Ayn

 theatlantic.comMany-sided update on pre-Columbus native-American ecologies (via ----  Intriguing experiment with videos produced by Amazon tribes  ----- books on aboriginals
Soul of the indian; your piet da compacter version (78K)
/soul_of_the_indian.htm A 1911 book by Eastman, Charles Alexander 
(found while looking around a site that carries the matrix tomes zipped and the intro's by Michael Topper). --- --- ---- --, (1500 fook netwoikin whirlwhy 't);action=list (dutch ladyloggers)  -- ( lesbo) --- led me to, etc;  with Gerard Reve, probably our most revered gay author all over the leading bookstorefront in one of them composites all of which depict one or more folk in a state of hightened secreting and hardenedness announcing the ball of the 'refused' as the alternative to the official fan and fame forstered book filler feast; the hilarious Kraus rant called Goethe's Volk at the end of a book I just finished features elephants and paperrolls but if you write as much as KK did then, no matter how 'refused' 'doofpotted' and 'geweigerd' one becomes, the KarmaKount and tab for cellulose use will be rather much steeper than that of ordinary folk; the constant irritation as motor for his 'work' (earning him the name 'norgler' = grumpguy) makes Elias Canetti's judgement 'unaufhoerliches Entsetzen' an understandable one; now, it's time people deconstruct the clump of concepts thereabouts: Sitz = location; Entsetzen = horror; Einsatz = effort; and then take a look at the Dutch 'derives':  ontzettend = horrible as a byword but as a verb it can mean liberating (again as a verb), aan zet zijn = ones move (chess), opzet = intention; today I saw the new big fat book (by 'Battus columnist) of wordgames (more like meaningless mindfuck since it is soooooo completely random and endless that even someone like me who can be very spellbound by the likes of Lawrence William Lyons, etc shudder from the wasted dead endedness it all seems to imply. I mean anagrams, and palindromes (the inversible words, saw a book that actually had them mirroring in all sorts of fonts, would anybody help me retrieve the title?) etc are fun for most and in- + throughsite offering games for some people but this person is mad.
ST*R*age yourself rife if not raw!!!!
150929  Address originally delivered by Daniel Quinn, Kent State University, Earth Day, 1998 -----  ----- Indymedia item 151003: fasting cure in Taiwan account (from the Guardian); I comment: hey, unusual item here, but as it happens I just found Sapoty Brook's defunct website (consists of a sizeable (64K) extract from Eco-Eating, last changes 99;still to be had with a google cache click and I shall rescue the material into a prfr soon) ----- 'fruit poetpiet raw food' should turn up a few links as well. ------ Eco Eating is a very original and most scientific look at food value (emphasizing and explaining why fruit is the most perfect food). --- other (new to me resources):, (jesus diet for your sins), (includes: "Waking Up from the Fruitarian Dreamtime" and many other deepdigs from Tom Billings' personal experience, he is now an ex-fruitarian), and this one apprised as a raw ecovillage project (I'll check it out, seeyathere): (south of spain How to find us  EcoForest,  Apdo Correos 29, 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain -- visitor info) --------------------- Tom Billings: I would label my experience in fruitarianism in the following way: ----- Spiritual fruitarianism: up until the crash in 1973. ------ Toxic fruitarianism: (fruitarianism as an eating disorder) 1973 to second crash, i.e., end of 1975/76. ------- Conventional fruitarianism: second crash to phase-out (burnout) of the diet, in 1980. The above types of fruitarianism are discussed and explored in depth in a separate (offsite article  I have written).  Spiritual fruitarianism was a generally positive experience for me, while it lasted. I moved from spiritual fruitarianism to toxic fruitarianism when I allowed the bogus fear of mucus, and the drive to be "pure" (mucusless, per the title of Ehret's book), to dominate me. When fear dominates you, it poisons you (your mind), just as surely as drinking deadly poison will poison your body. Those extremists who promote fear (of cooked food, protein, mucus) are spreading mental poison, and are promoting eating disorders under the guise of their "ideal, perfect, natural" diet. Fear is not the basis for a diet; it is, however, a basis for an eating disorder! (I should mention that one can have a rational, scientific discussion regarding the pros and cons of cooked food, and one can even believe in the mucus theory, and not be an extremist. Such fear develops into an eating disorder when it becomes obsessive and/or has a significant negative impact on one's life.) While on the subject of spiritual fruitarianism, the following comments are relevant.  When I experienced the "light" mental feeling one gets on a fruit diet, I thought it was pretty neat, and an indicator of spiritual progress. Since then, I have had the opportunity to do real spiritual work (yoga) on a different raw vegan diet, and I can vouch that, from direct firsthand experience, the "light" mental feeling one gets on a fruit diet is not a real spiritual feeling. The light feeling of a fruit diet is ungrounded, airy, a feeling of apathy and not being connected. [Such "light" mental feelings may actually be a symptom of a zinc deficiency. Further, in Ayurvedic terms, it may indicate a vata imbalance in the nervous system.] A spiritual feeling is warm, grounded, secure, loving, and one retains interest in things around them. It is not "spacy" like the light mental feeling of fruit; instead it is blissful. Spiritual fruitarianism, in my experience (and that of others I know, or know of), is a phase one passes through. It is not an end, but a transient growth path.

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mostly economicsDoug Henwood --xxx-- the fraserinstitute on the euro  --xxx-- mentalarchitact  --xxx-- gift, altruism, reputation and open source vs scarcity --- euro optimism at the fraser institute which sites a very cautious Vaubel (who's new book on the EU is out now) also though --xxx-- Sarkar blurb --xxx-- open money author Keith Hart --xxx-- orrery --xxx--grist on A Roy  --xxx--  the rest of this file is a bunch of correspondence with 6 different females although I have my doubts about the first one; sex kills when sold - sex dies when bought . .. wait, the very term sex is evil vivi- and disection and genesis is a tale most subversive of responsible population policy (which takes a (B)ordered bioregion); anyway the first one is a try to reach some schemers behind a personals --xxx-- correspondence about my personal at --xxx-- Rosy bug (I hope to be pally with all my life but haven't managed such a thing with anybody so far (is there sumthing wrung wimme?) --xxx-- a real vacancy filler/gap bridger/ new acquaintance this one --xxx-- smartest and headyest of the bunch interspersed with articles on euro and cooperation through sanctions and exploiting / liberalizing info on reputations --xxx-- crude (Confucius) jokes --xxx-- my former employer --xxx--  some bodies not only heard and shared my prayer but did simthoing bout it: IMC-alternatives !!!!!
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