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187031 Letter to Noam Chomsky re 9-11 (funny; by a hippy)------------- Alterman on Chomsky (long thread at lbo; all the rest of this file via lbo-talk) ---------------- 186967 Israel's Other Dirty Secret: The White Slave ---------------- power and sexuality in the middle east ( article by bruce dunne) ----- ------------- US war crimes -------------- ACTIVIST LAWYER MICHAEL TIGAR ( including a monthly review review of Law and the Rise of Capitalism) --------- rangercat67 (new to me) ----- 

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a colourspecial without format comprimation (2x): on pacifism (+5) --------- a modest proposal: It's time to move beyond anarchism's cultural / social ghetto with 32 responses ----------  An Input from Emotion to Biological Energetics? -------- "The teaching of the whispered lineage is the Dakini's breath" --------- 187104   Let us make war on the phrase "violence doesn't solve anything."

watch this space for Karl Kraus on phalestina
watch this space for Karl Kraus on phalestina
watch this space for Karl Kraus on phalestina
actually, there is some in german already, check it out
watch this space for Karl Kraus on phalestina
(part of a peculiarly slanted slocharly curiosity in prowgrease)
Lemme assure you upfront that I don't fully support his pipedream of transferring curbing zeal from matters of ostentatious and hypocritical professions and enforcements of decency standards and laws to reining in the all too free (past the point of truthfullness freedom of the press, in Kraus' opinions the truely harmful and dangerous whoredom in the babbley babe filled whirled).

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content:  'Concepts, Notations, Software, Art' -------------- <nettime> the download times they are a changin' digest [plasmastudii, Geer, Beaubien]  Subject: Bandwidth redux, was EboneKPNQwest going down ------------- The holy name of liberty  Arundhati Roy  New Statesman  Monday 10th June 2002 -------- on material and 'immaterial' labour (wark and henwood) ------------ A Rift Among Bloggers  By DAVID F. GALLAGHER (nytimes) --------- the last 2 thirds of a file called James Joyce and masturbation by Jorn Barger at  the IQ Infinity website, the most extensive body of original Joyce-research in any medium:

- JUNE June 14 London Rising Tide (without Generator), London Action Resource Centre -----June 22-23 Dulwich Green Fair, London 29-30 Woodcraft Folk Annual Gathering, Sheffield -----JULY July 10-14 Earth First! Summer Gathering, Devon -------July 16-18 Groundswell Gathering, Sheffield 20 Community Renewables Intiative Launch, Norwich ---------July 24-28 Big Green Gathering AUGUST -------------August 10-20 Ecotopia, Dingle, Eire 23-27 Northern Green Gathering, Pontefract 29-31 Eastern Green Gathering

Img00000.JPG and -3; 2 59K claysoup in shitmugs (closeup mugshots) Made thanks to an algerian neighbour at 300 seating down town A'dam easy everything whom I had had a dispute with some months ago (due to his exuberant bacilla bombing; he sneezed profusely and I remarked on such decorum which he interpreted as an attempt to impose arbitrarily alien will on him ((and redoubled his efforts to spite me the next few (((sunday morn))) encounters)) but I emphasized the social values that result from growing out of the kindergarten saliva splattering tricks ((which have the pleasurable side effect of testing if your neighbour aint by any change allergic to the point of death; voila the first reaction to crowding/intimacy double or nothing, tis a gamble)); I was this man's neighbour cause there are only 3 or 4 chairs in that place which offer light-intensities somewhat compliant with my reqs)  but had a pleasant and civil exchange today (the 23rd of june) some months later.

 the wake list revived: 178.06. "flash substittles of noirse-made-earsy" Have your 269. 3 little sintalks in the dunk of subjunctions, dual 269. 4 in duel and prude with pruriel, but even the 269. 5 aoriest chaparound whatever plaudered perfect 269. 6 anent prettydotes and haec genua omnia may 269. 7 perhaps chance to be about to be in the case to 269. 8 be becoming a pale peterwright in spite of all 269. 9 your tense accusatives whilstly you're wall- 269.10 floored What we have throughout is a master grammarian and linguist who has a historical sense of how language is fluid and bendable writing in a way where indeed it will come back to "English" but by a path awesome to contemplate. To Max Eastman - In the morning I'll give the back their English language. He has stolen it - reshaped and remade it - and his remark here has double meaning at least - He is throwing it in their face. 253.01 "for in the ersebest idiom I have done it equals I so shall do. . . . coughed Russky with suchky husky accent since in the mouthart of the slove look at me now means I once was otherwise. Nor that the mappamund has been changing pattern as youth plays move from street to street since time and races were. Hall muddles her own argument for a sort of Chomskyan underling order ending up with infinite grammars. Another misguided attempt at a A Wake grammar: Purdy, Strother B., "Mind Your Genderous: Toward a Wake Grammar" in Senn, Fritz, ed., New Light on Joyce from the Dublin Symposium. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 1972. also see Sean Golden "Parsing Rhetorics" in Benstock: Seventh of Joyce. Carens, James F, "Following a Suffix into the Maze" in Benstock, ed., Karl Reisman   wakeywakey.htm 76K erased

Wow! The very next day!!! (????? oops, since moving stuff around and bunching by theme I no longer know what that might refer to) --- Have you ever tried googling 'Populism Promoter'?
Guess who sits on place 1, 2 and 3 since yesterdee? What's more, I am the only one to use these 2 words as a phrase; don't that make it a googlewhackor simtang? What did I win?  . .. Aaaaah, wait, I guess one isn't allowed to write it as one word and so my nome de plume don't count either = == = ==, your free, preposterously easy instant discussion spacehas a fresh post (yesterday's, the 24th) mentioning a wack 'which will get broken once spidered'; wacky those tech heads. Anyway I think it does count but this particular hit is on googlies 2 and none seem to be very up to date or active. --- hang on, as usual such anomalies are indications of faulty spelling; here is the beef --- via jim's thought pile on place 28 in the crosslink-rankbank:  wicked Google whack stack,  worth a visit .. Total whacks stacked to date: over 75,000. The most recent 2,000 are available to view, from the menu below ---- they are all way funnyer than mine but as far as making potential if not actual sense I wouldn't know why I won't top this hack rack ---- I've decided I definitely have the drop on them using such ordinary words (and current too!!!!!) and still be the only one using them .. .the very soon surfacing second thought of course is: How Bloody shamefoolishly and maddeningly SAD!!!!!!!!!! ! !! !  ! !  !   ! !  ! ! ! !!!!!!!  ! ! !! Anyway to conclude on a brighter note: I was a valid google whacker for about a month around februari when I started using this phrase at the top of all my indy files and the list (of those using both words merely) I head is nothing to be ashamed of. to start a local treasury (based on manhours or an energy unit at hand): It is most important to maintain the simple definitions that each TEA dollar represents one living hour ($1 = one hour) or one renewable kilowatt-hour ($1 = one kWh), and that nuclear power and other environmentally destructive energy sources are absolutely NOT included.   Brad got hisself a headscratcher about how he could possible be put on a par with a dutch indymedia page; it must have been a shock to be told in an extremely roundabout way that there was indeed a connection albeit remote but extremes don't merely change to meet, and must have caused a swallow or two before restoring faith in google (mine subdued somewhat since last issue's episode involving that enigmatic and now irretrievable blog((most consistently illustrated one I ever saw but that didn't seem help find a trace of it)) ---- plus there is the fact google is still toying with pre easter URL's for my euro pages at; I used the add url form today though so we'll see how quick they fix it now) and adding a smiley after my encouragement to take a closer look and find out as to exactly why he got mixed into an item by only 3 different people discussing a nascent type dutch media collective that happens to be approved by somebody who also visits the bradman occasionally and enjoins the rejoinders he evokes by his presence at lbo-talk  This one is on George Gilder

Doug Henwood's article (globalization - in the prfr somewheres too) draws 4 respo's at indymedia: He's right about Korten's book but... nobody 7:39pm Wed Jun 26 '02 comment#188512  I think he's being a bit rough on Vandanna Shiva. Having seen the woman at lectures a couple of times and having talked to her personally I did not get the impression that she was anti-industry. My interpretation of her argument was that given the choice between being paid starvation wages, enriching a Nike, or being well fed tending to ones crops and building a humanistic community, the last option is much preferable.  -------------  right&wrong (english)   junglejaws 8:11pm Wed Jun 26 '02 comment#188517 globalization Would be good if the environment, poor people, rampant corp's greed, and nonconformity were included in these drafts they come up with.  Private ownership and coops can be better for all, compared to the current corpslime, or haven't you read any news lately? ----------------  This needs clarification   J. 8:41pm Wed Jun 26 '02 comment#188525  Its about democracy. Anti-globalization is short for anti-corporate globalization.   The task of the movement is quite simple, inspite of the obfuscation of opponents.  Large multinational corporations should not control the political systems. The people should rule.    Corporations should be turned into cooperatives. They should be democratically run by the members, the workers, and the communities in which they produce.  Politicians should be dependent, not on financiers, but  upon the people. Publicly owned and publicly controlled media should air the views of politicians who earn the right to be on the ballot, solely by signatures collected by NON PAID volunteers.  Money should not play any part in the selection process.  The whole goal of the anti-globalization movement is to oppose corporate control. The slogan GLOBALIZE RESISTANCE signifies that the movement is not against global solidarity, global commerce, or global communication. The movement opposes the corporate domination of the process of globalization. Corporate globalization seeks to break unions, increase income inequality, slash government spending world wide on education and health (through the IMF and World Bank). The movement favors more democracy, more transparency, more accountability. The movement opposes plutocracy, secrecy, and the concentration of political power in the hands of the few.      What could be clearer?  ----------------   Clarity (english)      abolish corporations 9:28pm Wed Jun 26 '02 comment#188532 Why not make it clear and call it an abolition movement?  ABOLISH CORPORATIONS  I think that's pretty clear. Honestly, wouldn't it make since  to do that? -----------------  who is anti globalization   slime 10:34pm Wed Jun 26 '02  comment#188543  "Globalization is shorthand for our evolution into a single borderless economy, with free flows of money and goods, under the dominance of several hundred giant corporations."     How about the free flow of labor and unions, along with right to locally regulate environmental standards. Why are those corporations and governments so antiglobalization and antichoice on these issues?  Yes, I support globalization. That is why I want the right to choose which government to support with my taxes. And, do we need to take the fundamental choice of citizenship away from children before they can even say citizen. I say no forced national citizenship before the age of 18.

(via Charlie Walters)
form ------------------------- vs ----------------------------- thing
sub- ---------------------------- vs --------------------------- object
change vs paradox ------------------------- massive strife --- vs -- poised competition process vs mood -------- joyful wil vs gloomy desire <> viceversa
desire ------------- gloom vs will ------------- vs joy
already muddled to begin with and my skewing the correspondences and branchings don't help either Mass Media are irresponsible. Like so many institutions, they have no real feedback. Although it is claimed that they are paid for what they do, thus derive a right to live by the money they get, this representation is false. Yes, they do get money for what they do. But it is not for the information they provide, but for the emotionalism they vent, and vend. The justification must not confuse the form and its content; nor content with contentment. The situation in the realm of Mass Media is comparable to that of the Medieval streets: where everyone could flock they geese or toss their pee, alike. What is needed in Mass Media is a Cleanup Operation, comparable to the separation of sewage and drinking water. Separating real information, from emotional slosh. If we compare the collective undigested emotions to undigested food, flushed away, the image is perhaps more clear. As long as we make no discernment between what is manure and what’s pure, Mass Media will remain a mess.

to add to a prfr:  by D. Orton, March 2002, 12 pages. This paper discusses  the relationship between religious and economic fundamentalism and Earth spirituality. (Bulletins #63, #64, #70, #71, #72 and #73 complement each other.) ---------------- on the postal service monopolies

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bot lingo: you feelin a bit botty lately? write to me again and show me how interested you are by commenting on some section in my pages (I'll leave the(wide enoug) choice (as to which on in particular) entirely up to you) before I believe you are any better than a pornbot; sorry no offense. ------

1897 LBO-talk list  ---- the post I just sent was chewed up in the aether are the URL's again ;-(  /sixties/HTML_docs/Texts/ANR/  VG_ANR_4&1_2_B.html >From the sixties list, Vietnam Generation. Mostly on the KR and cambodian studies, valuable material to supplement the Sophal Ear sr. thesis on the KR and Chomsky, Shawcross, Ben Kiernan, Jean Lacouture, Vickery and the late Malcolm Caldwell, who advocated a more extreme version of de-linking than Samir Amin and was assasinated under suspicious circumastances in Bangkok. (See his Zed Press book about 200 pgs on dependency and de-linking.) The above URL also has some comments on the Father of Alex Cockburn, Claude, btw. (Didn't he co-write the screenplay to the Bogart movie, "Beat The Devil."?)  /www2_holocaust_revisionism.htm A review of revisionist and anti-revisionist scholarship (for which see the website for the full texts of, Assasins of Memory, " and, "On Chomsky and Faurisson, " by Pierre Vidal-Naquet, texts by Italian Trotskyist, Enzo Traverso who has a book from Humanities Press on marxism and the holocaust, and many other texts like from Alain Finkielkraut, author of, Anatomy of a Negation, " from U. of Nebraska Press.) which goes into the faurisson affair and also reviews the websites radio islam, CODOH, vho, and AARGH. ------ James B. Whisker: Militia Treatises Militia Treatises. by. James B. Whisker. Professor of Political Science
West Virginia University. Legend: If more than one file format .. - 13k -

Subject: Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 5:48 EST From: pensievepiet To: « Previous | Next » the 7th link I picked to peak at out of the bunch offered was censored by the 300 seater easy everything My site however, is still available (t)here (only fair for someone who prefers to and sees room for plenty improvement working within the limits of the law): ps: that vho harbors some legalistic stuff by Schuesslburner which is exquisitely worded and would probably put Nolte Schmitt et al to shame in my eyes if/once I get around to reading those more known ones. I will never get over my notoriety phobia I fear: rule of thumb seems to be that one has fall deep- and steeply to qualify for a rise; so far most everyone wastes their time while down there, conform the jesus myth (who is supposed) to make up for that I ought to leave you with a few fun little widely (de)ranging tips too: -- trilingual piet presents: ---------------  that laffoley guy is a blast; read the very square texts on his flowcharts and diagrams Ps: you are one of the foke I'd be intrigued to meet and chat with; if you're ever in Holland lemme know. 

- hi, do you have room for prospective members? Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 8:30 EST From: pensievepiet To: Cc: « Previous | Next » I have just ended a 10 year stint in A'dam and look to radically change for the better by joining/starting something communal; yours looks nice, I wish you well; do you know other comm. in Ireland who would/could be open to new members now/in the near future? ----------- : moving (to gn) server Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 3:29 EST From: pensievepiet To: « Previous | Next » I am starting to be a bit sick of the tripod ad racket and policy (casino's galore, etc) plus I am bumping my head on their ceiling and they shut me of due to excessive bw consumption; I haven't a creditcard to prevent this. I can pay however and would rather pay folks like you guys. Question: does my material suit your purposes or would you rather not (shame yourselves) having me? wishyawell Piet ------

"" wrote: >> From Tue Jul 9 08:25:55 2002Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 08:25:55 -0700To: Subject: Re: Tripod: Copyright Infringement (KMM14450549V28136L0KM)From: ""  Hello, 7/9/02 I am writing in response to your e-mail regarding content hostedthrough Lycos on one of our free homepage services. You shouldunderstand that the content to which you have referred have has beenstored on the Lycos system solely at the direction of a Lycos user andhas not been initially reviewed, monitored, or edited by Lycos employees. Lycos users bear sole responsibility for such material, and Lycos Inc. has no knowledge of the specific contents of memberdirectories. Lycos Inc. fully complies with all intellectual property laws. In particular, when the owner of an exclusive right is concerned that this right is infringed by material placed on a provider's system or network by a subscriber of that provider the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") provides certain procedures to ensure that infringing materials are removed without wrongfully injuring the subscriber or unduly burdening the provider. In such instances, the owner of an exclusive right should send to the provider a notification containing thefollowing information: 1. A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act onbehalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. 2. Precise identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have beeninfringed, or, if multiple copyrighted works at a single online site arecovered by a single notification, a representative list of such works atthat site. 3. Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing orto be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed oraccess to which is to be disabled, and information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to locate the material including exact URL's and references to specific files. 4. Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider tocontact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, and electronic mail address at which the complainingparty may be contacted. 5. A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief thatuse the of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized bythe copyright owner, its agent, or the law. 6. A statement that the information in the notification is accurate,and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorizedto act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right is allegedlyinfringed. You have not provided all of the information required above. Ifyou are able to provide the missing information, please submit anappropriate notification meeting all of the above requirements to LycosInc.'s registered agent for receiving such notifications: --------------------- T wrote: Hi Piet, After submitting a request for you to remove the private information you have posted regarding my person on your website, to date, you have still not removed this information. I have now been forced to file a legal abuse complaint with your website provider, so as to take all necessary actions to shut down your operation if this should continue. In the event that you are not receiving your emails and are unaware of my communications so far, I am allowing a few more days to remove all references to my name and contact information on your website, after which, I will continue with the infringement proceedings. T ----------- look, you piece of poisonous insectoid proprietess of your NOT! (and not ever to begin with; I even wonder if this is a setup) so good name; do you realize you are threatening the existence of years and years of work many folk are inspired by? Not in the least the type you profess to have a heart for???? And for the sake of what? And why??? I'll have you know that none of my, no advance nor any permission sought published correspondees have ever done what you are doing???? I shall have to revise my opinion of rawfood revolutionaries (just today noted the existence of by the way) in the wrong direction even further after your 'action'; thanks for the short notice warning, isn't stealth all the way more your modus operandi????? don't ever talk to me again unless you want to become even more unique in this very ugly way, iow, if I need more warnings against more threats (if that's what it takes to wean to away from your I still think very stange name and the reason you want to sort of live up to it must be even stranger); fessing up a little would do you more good than pulling this load of law you strange strange lass) OK? And oh, by the way I have no scruples to make raw foodists appear for the wacky crowd they are by publishing this at my earliest opportunity, you bet, and am sure you won't be suprised. If you care to send a defense it will be added. ----------------- I lied to you, someone (a dutchman I have met face to face before) has in fact asked me to remove his name but he was (and if I didn't get around to it yet, I'm honestly not very sure, is still) very patient about it. here's something (an lbo thread called 'grape ape' wherein I am reminded of you: On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Michael Pugliese wrote: This at the end was an amazingly insensitive statement...A quote from PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk (Washington Post, November 13, 1983), shows how far a biocentric view can lead to moral relativism and disregard for human suffering: "Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses." ------------- To be fair, this same parallel has been drawn by people who are unimpeachable when it comes to holocaust sensitivity, namely Isaac Bashevis Singer and Theodor Adorno. The former wrote a short story called "Eternal Treblinka" (for domestic animals, in his view, life is an eternal Treblinka) and I'm pretty sure I heard him making this chicken comparison at least once in an interview. And I've seen Adorno quoted to the effect that "Auschwitz begins when people look at a slaughterhouse and say: they're just animals." ---------- So while I admit there's something about your quote bugs me -- I think it's the fact that the chicken numbers are bigger as if that made it more important -- I guess this is one of those places where context determines meaning. In other words, it's creepy when creepy people say it, and not creepy when not creepy people say it. So that the presence of the analogy alone doesn't necessarily prove people are creepy. Just that they really, really empathize with battery chickens. Michael --------- And I've seen Adorno quoted to the effect that "Auschwitz begins when people look at a slaughterhouse and say: they're just animals." -------- Speaking of which, where is it Adorno writes about zoos? It could be Minima Moralia--what I'm thinking of has a compressed aphoristic quality. This post made me think of it, and it's bugging me that I can't remember. Alec ----------  I'm away from my Adorno texts, so I'm not sure about this, but I think he says something in Min Mor about the sadness in the faces of apes, as if in sorrow that they're not human. -- Dennis -------------- God, what bullshit! Joanna --------------Sure, but Adorno's early work has plenty of such anthropomorphisms. They disappear in the 1950s texts, interestingly. Remember, the 1940s = no theory of neuroscience, no DNA, the raw beginnings of nuclear physics, and cars with no air conditioning. Barbarism, utter barbarism! -- Dennis ------- Hey! Who are you calling a barbarian? My car still has no AC. Bill Bartlett Bracknell Tas ---------- Hmm, the passage I'm thinking of is, as I recall, a reading of zoos as such, without considering specific animals. I'll try to find it or something about it online. Alec --------- Everyday SOS:"Each thought is a force-field, and just as the truth-content of a judgement cannot be divorced from its execution, the only true ideas are those which transcend their own thesis. Since they have to dissolve petrified views of objects, the mental precipitate of social ossification, the form of reification which lies in a thought's being held as a firm possession opposes its own meaning." (T.A. from Messages in a Bottle VIII) ---------- T wrote: >Dear Piet, Once again, I ask you kindly to remove the information from your site. ----------- I have, go check and see if you care to pester me some more ------------- There is no need for back and forth vengeful conflicts and insults. ------------- strong arguments don't necessarily make for taking offence and I am trying hard to justify you behaviour but am not succeeding. I am asking myself: does she hope to stop the invasion of junkmail with these draconious measures (the friend I mentioned had future ((pro-zionist)) employers in mind) in the (if you aske me) mistaken belief that she can stop her email adress from being sold down the river (I suggest you drag yahoo to court in that case). Are you afraid of being dragged into a police station for interrogation cause you corresponded with a dangerous rabble rouser???? ---------- I have not criticized or insulted any of your values and expect the same in return. --------------- Indeed you do no such thing explicitly but most of life happens under that sorta radar as well you know. -------------- I ask that you also respect my right to privacy and remove the >information you have posted unbeknownst to me. I did, go check. Again, I will clarify that I have not objected to >the correspondence being posted, only to the inclusion of the references to personal information, >such as the email address and name (pseudonym) etc. Thanks in advance. Te. ---------- Choose a nicer pseudo next time and try to live up to it. -------------

Who is Jeffrey Moussaief Masson? -- He wrote: When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals. Masson, Jeffrey Moussaief and Susan McCarthy. Zoology

Google: ... Final Analysis: The Making and Unmaking of a Psychoanalyst by Jeffrey Mous ... My Father's Guru: A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion by J. Moussaief - 60k

The Assault on Truth: Freud's Abandonment of the Seduction Theory 25. Freud's abandonment of the seduction theory is itself the subject of considerable recent controversy. The most publicized attack on Freud's theoretical turn, itself loaded with Oedipal implications, is Jeffrey Moussaief Masson's The Assault on Truth: Freud's Abandonment of the Seduction Theory (New York, 1984). For the argument that Freud actually oscillated between a belief in the actual abuse of children and a notion that narratives of abuse were the products of childhood fantasy, see Nicholas Rand and Maria Torok, "Questions to Freudian Psychoanalysis: Dream Interpretation, Reality, and Fantasy," trans. Nicholas Rand, Critical Inquiry 19 (1993), 567-94. Recent popular responses to the growth industry of "repressed memory syndrome" include Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria (New York, 1994) and Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham, The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse (New York, 1994).

DISTURBING PSYCHOANALYTIC ORIGINS: A DERRIDEAN READING OF FREUDIAN THEORY  1. The (Dis)Position of a Pet Monster ------ Double Games ------ Responding to Freud and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis ------ Supposing Psychoanalysis ------ Disturbing Psychoanalytic Origins ------ Filling Gaps ------ "To Post or Not to Post?" ------ 2. Problematizing "Hysteria" and the Origin of Psychoanalysis ------ Historia ------ Hysteria and Hysterization ------ Feminism and the Hysteric ------ Hom(m)osexual Pornographics and the Performing Hysteric ------ Psychoanalysis/Hysteria ------ The Lacanian Hysteric's Essential Question of Lack ------- 3. (Un)Easily Contained Elements ------ Suffering Reminiscences: Reading Derrida’s Reading of the Project ------ The Basics of the Project and Derrida’s Reading of It ------ Limiting the Effects of Memory and Chance in Freud’s Work with "Hysterics" ------ My Reading of Derrida’s "Freud and the Scene of Writing" ------ From Memory to Fantasy ------ Disturbing Origins: The Interpretation of Dreams ------ Overdetermination and Chance ------ The Interpretation of Dreams: Rand and Torok ------ The Interpretation of Dreams: Weber ------ From Primary Process to Primal Phantasies ------ 4. Freud’s Masterplotting ------ The Beyonds of Freud’s Case Work: From Ontogenetic to Phylogenetic ------ The Wolf Man Case History ------ Primal Phantasies: Freud as the Archeologist of the Mind ------ Freud’s Masterplot Revisited ------ Narratology and the Wolf Man ------ Freud’s Oedipal Masterplot ------ "To Speculate on ‘Freud’" and Beyond … ------ Extending Freud’s Masterplot: A Reading of Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety ------ 5. Uncanny (Wo)Man: The Home/Secrets of Psychoanalysis ------ The Lack of "The ‘Uncanny’" I: Primary Femininity ------ The Lack of "The ‘Uncanny’" II: Freud and Lac(k)an ------ "The ‘Uncanny’" and Superstition ------ Home Secrets 6. What Remains: Psychoanalyses, Deconstructions, and Feminisms ------ The Analysis of a Repression ------ Post(al)-Psychoanalysis ------ Phallocentrism and Logocentrism: Relating to Feminisms ------ Works Cited ------ Biographical Sketch

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 the friday letter; a free George Gilder service; guess where he lives? Gt Barrington; same town as that excellent place trying to keep the schumacher legacy alive! -- He is in this months Wired too by the way. ---------------- 

khean (bamboo mouth(churchtype)organ from the near east THAILAND-INFORMATION-CENTER. Geography.The 76 provinces.Roi Et. ... late to Ayutthaya-Period, ie, a King of Laos ... A large multi purpose pavillion (sala kan prian) on the ... khean (local musical instrument featuring a set of bamboo ... - 26k ---------I looked at some hands full of googlies using the wrong words: kan and can, "the can", etc; before stumbling across the link mentioned above; then however I didn't manage to locate any sound samples; hardly even anything past that one mention repeated at a thai site. Here is the second exception: De ijsbreker played a song by a band one member of which plays it: 3.François Houle Trio: François Houle (klarinet/sopraan saxofoon), Tony Wilson (elektrische gitaar/aktire/khean), Dylan van der Schyff (percussie). a.Fractus, François Houle. b.Frustration, Duke Ellington. (Red Toucan Records RT 9307-2 & RT 9303-2) ---------- carries one of their albums but I hate that sorta music -----------------

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Nietzsche's Critique of Mass Culture ( --------------- A chapter from a fat book on Lawrence of Arabia The Gamer-Refugee - searching 'Autonomy' in Gamespace; an interesting article referring to Huizinga and the status of refugee; the opposition between rights and bodies, posted by hydrarchist to which I responded; the record sits in the indysample file I trust you know how to find (will later be in 2002/indy31.htm) -- Paul Laffoley, one man thinktank along the likes of Walter Russell and Arnold Keyserling  ---  good link source   --- - - - from there you may view some detail of one of his diagram filled schemes/paintings; suffused with words and colour; a book called 'the end is near' has some nice specimen along with other . . ., actually, much weirder art. Order it here:  Artisthtdocs/jpeg%20paintings/ LAFFOLEY_ORGONE_DETAIL_DETA.jpg ----- LAFFOLEY_ORGONE_DETAIL.jpg (not quite big enough to read the smallest print frustratingly enough ------ all the pics I can find aren't which takes away more than half the fun for me; these are the best enlargements I could find: unfortunately the unsharpness takes away lots of the strange surity emanating from this art.  ------ It would be nice to find out if this Paul was inspired by Walter Russell at all ---- get a hold of juxtapoz(.com) issue 24 and send me a copy of the article in question; there is one in rawvision 14 as well  ------------- Text off of one of the posters (it has a biblical title and lots of christian verses):6600 year period starts 3000BC - Contact unconscious Cairo - 3119BC the mayan great cycle begins -- --- zeitgeist history begins as the awakening of human morality, male proportion - moderation ----- 2571 year period starts 429BC --- continuity anthens - ancient wisdom becomes platonic reason ------ separation 27AD the hellenic model of ancient wisdom modified by oriental influences and moves beyond ancient greece >>300AD >>729 year period -----  the segment magnitude is the most unfamiliar aspect of this time table: 1000 --- 180 --- 100 --- 30 ---- 120 --- 20 --- 40 whereafter the same numbers reappear in reverse order 1970 - 2000 the end of style as ironic reaction -- the rise of media; group lucid dreaming begins august 11 99; the self dissolves itself --- another funny thing in the big word filled scheme calld 'the writings of jesus christ; reveleatiions of the cosmic task is the date of the dawn of the age of acquarius; the chart shows a distinct david star (which I thought ((last time I consulted a site around this issue)) does not occur but once every 40 miljon years) the next 100 years: focus on Kuala lumpur, tokyo, hong kong; end of mayan great cycle in 2013; botanical noosphere begins utopia (he admires Teilhard de Chardin and others ((more later)) .. .. ); Eden by means of time travel and mega-nanotech --- the next 180 years thule greenland becomes a hotspot for anti-gravity time blankout; the end of international money earthwars and secular morality; artificial life is complete. the next thousand years (jerusalem) we have help to turn the earth into one great big single flower incorporating and featuring aspects of all others with . .the help of extraterr... race, sex and species interchangeable (brasil - 729 year p) botanical maternal instinct deified (kathmandu 2571 y p) --- khartoum 6600 years contact transconscious ----- the last link at for Paul Laffoley  Foliage The Blossoming Wonders of Nature Foliage is abundant any time of the year no matter where you are. In the city you can see natural elements in many locations; plants peeking through the pavement, flowers sold by the dozen in floral shops, bouquets adorning dinner tables and in many fashions generally adding beauty to the world around us. Artists have incorporated wildlife and plants into works of art since the beginning of recorded history. Cave walls, mosaics and churches often contain designs of foliage. But with the coming of the "Plastic Age," artists now have a whole spectrum of tools ranging from dirt to plastic to create foliage in their work. This group show, Foliage, contains a mix of traditional and modern art techniques. Within these various techniques there are many ways to approach and manipulate foliage. These creations show the diversity of technique and tactile approach to rendering foliage into art. Without foliage we would surely be doomed and the more time we spend cultivating our natural environment, the healthier our planet and our species will become. Our ongoing desire to represent foliage through artistic means clearly represents our affinity towards the blossoming wonders of nature. Let us then honor Mother Earth in our many ways and not forget the importance she has in the modern world as we step forwards into the future. ----aint that a bummer; finally, once in a bleu moon something sounds good, then it don't go nowhere. stupid artists/ I guess the guy is doing pretty well for a solo man though; they tend to cast their nets wide

Can you see a dodecahedron in this (12 trumpets sticking every which way; mouth pieces centered)??? ------ According to the maker feelings function, phrequency phi and form flow and/or freeze together; an illustration using Dutch: the same word means tolerant as well as carrying far, modest words to denote high immunity and serious potency I guess. -----------  Some of my more faithful readers will remember this pic and recognize it as the work of Dan Winter whose site is back up and stable but a little stagnant at the moment (while he is on tour still I guess); I found it at some ladies place who uses a brighish dark bleu background and displays the works of (yet another) thoth (pompous bilk) ---- see DanWinter.htm (153K)

interesting graph (click it to see where it came from); esthetically bonafide I 'd say; I wish more of this sorta science would seep through the variously tinted and tainted blocks at indy fist making 'manifestations'  --------- This graph goes with the text 'pluposted' (in addition to source) in DanWinter.htm (perhaps in /2002/ by the time you catch up to this)    ----- Here is another file along those lines: biogeometry /resonantie/resonantie_uk.html fix yoself a Winteritis infection by attending a conf similar to this past one in Holland (to which I wasn't invited); stars attended: Explore systems theory with Prof. Dr. Ralf Abraham, Prof. Dr. Beverly Rubik (no onlinework) and Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris (one of my first big net discoveries). Dan did a seminar in Oslo too. ----------------------------------- Dutch Winterite Saskia Bosman does dan winter related stuff in dutch: --------- hsl/bosman/saskia%20bosman.htm -------------- Saskia Bosman heeft kennelijk het een en ander van Winter en kornuiten in het Hollands vertaald (..../pineal) , Projecten, Bewustzijnsonderzoek, download gratis boek ³Zo Binnen Zo Buiten². (and .com)

- Ivan Fraser opposes Icke and the like, wether along the lines of Nick Cooks(who made the NRC in a big sat. day spread the first week of july?) earthsprouted UFO's I know not (yet). He seems to believe in some sort of value in posting the Protocols of Zion. His only value might actually rest in the criticism on the medical establishment and promotion of alternatives. ----

Another sorta Dan convivial is Robert Neil Boyd at; drop drops on a reflected rainbow here: and find links on Subtle Energies, Radionics, and  Hyperdimensional Energetics -------- Graviton power   ----- I-Ching-tree.jpg (200K) Aaaaaaahhhh,, YES!!!!!!! nourishment ----------- links to such little official american decency as we have left: Edward S. Curtis' North American Indian Photographic Collection --- This link is to a  Library of Congress project that allowed the scanning of 2000 photographs of North American Indians taken during the first quarter of the 20th century. It gives a unique view into the diversity of cultures that once covered this continent. --------  A slide show about the tides and marches of civilizations ------ should be contrasted with the popular book by wolkstein on Inanna the queen of heaven ------- journeys of the goddess by WIT: the most ancient form of the great goddess goes back to the ice age adn is an icon or matrix that imbodies the musical scale, a system of proportion, a lunar calender, and a concrete answer to the questions: how does the one generatie the many? ------ how does the female generate difference in the form and story of the male body?  ------ first gate of the underworld ---------- when she entered the first gate, the shugurra, the crown of the plain, was removed. (loss of agriculture, return to barbarism ------- rod and line lost = standardization and social order ------ healing protection and beauty get lost too ------ the fifth gate is garbled worse than the others  ---------- lover, patron, garment  ------- 8th gate
DISTURBING PSYCHOANALYTIC ORIGINS:  A DERRIDEAN READING OF FREUDIAN THEORY   the part of this looongwinded and oooonline work that refers to Jeffrey Moussaief Masson who wrote on the emotions of animals - 23k I present:  CHAPTER 3 (Un)Easily Contained Elements Section  -- 1 Suffering Reminiscences: Reading Derrida’s Reading of the Project   --  2. Limiting the Effects of Memory and Chance in Freud’s Work with "Hysterics" LARGE!!!!!1 ---------- lotalinks -
2 google pages worth of hits on the 2 words spinoza and state as searchterms ---- Most critical note out of the bunch: Part II: On Despotism and Authority Addiction -   part of a big site by Ken Freed (man with a rodent face) who purports to be very carried away by and to try carry forward the work of Thomas Paine -- but what his views on money are I know not (nor those of Paine come to think of it but seem to recall Beckerath regarding him not unfavorably). .  . a quick perusal tells me he seems to have caught a tiny but viable seed: "That's why the way we spend our money acts as a political vote."(found in a passage about interactive tv called A Proposal to Produce Public Understanding of Our Interactivity . Deep Media Literacy) ---- he is on radio along with ---- He is the author of two research reports from Financial Times Media, "Global Markets for Interactive Television" (2000), which says the smart money is on both personalization and privacy, and "Opportunities in Educational Television" (1998,) which calls for developing markets by developing minds.
LBO-talk list item 0796 for july: Re: why the left is so    From: michael pugliese ( Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 19:16:22 EDT -------- Next message: John Mage: "Re: Cop Watching is Illegal" Previous message: michael pugliese: "Re: Cuba/Re: why the left is so hopeless in AmeriKKKa" ------ (damn, webbox byte limits...) Why are some leftists so predictable? Frank Scott, like co-thinker, William Meachem, cannot admit that Joe Gowolka, anarchist, or folks like me, influenced by a wide variety of left theories from Trotskyism, libertarian communism, left social democracy, and yes those ex-leftists that wrote for Partisan Review, jerks his knee and sqwaks, Miami, to Joe? Yup, critics of Stalinism, are all Gusanos, life time members of the Cuban American National Foundation, that receive white envelopes from Langley, VA. This reactionary, Old Left reflex is the real reason why the US left is so isolated. Myself, I don't agree with state capitalist analyses of Soviet type societies, whether from Kautsky, Hilferding or Tony Cliff, the Trot. Doesn't make sense to me based on my understanding of marxist econ. Be that as it may, I don't see anyone here, except Doug, offering any coherent case against the critcisms. Michael Pugliese ------------------ Why This Leftist Ought To Type Slower ;-) Meant to say...Why Frank Scott'ism cannot see that criticism, in the family, as it were, does not have an origin or motive or consequence that has as it's intellectual author any apparatus named, IMF, CIA, Cuban Am. National Fndtn., NSA, World Bank. Reminded of a Soviet cartoon from Ogonyok from 1937 with trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev as Pigs Feeding at a troph full of Mud being filled by a Nazi. Michael Pugliese ------------------------ Re: Cuba/Re: why the left is so hopeless in AmeriKKKa From: Michael Pugliese ( Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 06:12:44 EDT > I doubt one would see this development > reported in Z Magazine who likely see the International Criminal > Court as a means of taking down Castro, despite America's > utter hostility to it. Huh? Explicate please. Carrol Man, Carrol, you don't read Edward Herman! (Klein in In These Times leters to the editor latest issue destroyed his reply o anti- semitism.)A freeper saw it on Z... Your fellow fan of Milosevic , even met the freak and shpok his hand, Nestor Gorojovsky, the Peronist Trotskyist, on the ICDSM, sez the ICC and ICTY s/b opposed since Castro might be arrested. Was the reason idel didn't go to seattle in '99.  ----- Media and new humanitarian normalization of victor s justice Zmag | Edward S. Herman Posted on 07/11/2002 4:10 PM Pacific by konijn Media and new humanitarian normalization of victor?s justice By Edward S. Herman Michael Pugliese --------

 0843: Re: Cop Watching is Illegal From: John Mage ( Date: Sat Jul 13 2002 - 11:52:33 EDT Next message: pms: "Insurance industry out of control" Previous message: "Re: Cuba/Re: why the left is so hopeless in AmeriKKKa" Maybe in reply to: Kevin Robert Dean: "Cop Watching is Illegal" Next in thread: Chuck Grimes: "re: Cop Watching is Illegal" -- Justin Schwartz wrote: > Bail in general is not a right, although if it is available it can't be > unreasonably high. ------------ Jeez, Justin. Petty theft not bailable if there's a prior? That's shocking. And "three strikes' laws? And the range of maxi-maxi conditions now routinely applied in US and state prisons that amount to torture under international law? What will it take to shock you? How do you think the US has managed to build the gulag that makes it the Number One Prison State (by percentage of population imprisoned) in the world? Haven't you noticed that acquittals are more than rare, that prosecutors&police are the only ones with discretion in regard to sentencing, that parole is routinely being denied *on the basis of the "severity" of the original offense* (amounting to non-judicial resentencing), that Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches has totally disappeared from automobiles, public transport, school lockers, even school kids' bodies? Haven't you noticed the perfunctory and usually incompetent representation of the great mass of criminal defendants? And the astounding number of secret police (FBI, DEA and all the state equivalents)? And the 'I'll smash your head if you don't lick my feet' attitude the police take toward the citizenry (Kelly has been eloquent about this...)? And the percentage of black kids who can expect to serve time in prison? And - even apart from the Number One world position in regard to percentage of population imprisoned - the millions and millions more subject to non-incarcerational supervision on parole&probation? The US is a Prison/Police State, but of course with (eroding) due process protections for the rich who can afford competent counsel and for a random lucky tiny minority of non-rich. Yes, it is vitally important to defend even this last small civilized outpost. And true - especially for the bottom half of the population - this represents no qualitative change historically, but the quantity has been increasing rapidly now for a whole generation. A great deal of courage is going to be demanded of the handful of decent federal and state (concentrated in NYC & California) judges. But the fact remains that if - for example's sake while with a joint - you get on the wrong side of the police in the US you stand a *five to ten times* greater chance of losing your freedom (& in effect for good) than in civilized countries like Cuba or Germany. This is a Prison/Police State. john mage ----------- plenny more interesting legalistic countering between Bartlett and Justin Schwartz  takes place after that------------------ 

in a white supremacy thread: This reminds me of my favorite casual reader of Nietzsche joke, which seems germane to a chart about right wing crazies. It was in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. Jamie Lee Curtis calls Kevin Kline a mindless gorilla who always uses force when there are better ways. He says "I'm not a gorilla! Gorillas don't read Nietzsche!" And she answers "Yes they do! They just don't understand him!" 

via (in turn via So it seems corn has indeed become king. We have given it more of our land than any other plant, an area more than twice the size of New York State. To keep it well fed and safe from predators we douse it with chemicals that poison our water and deepen our dependence on foreign oil. And then in order to dispose of all the corn this cracked system has produced, we eat it as fast as we can in as many ways as we can — turning the fat of the land into, well, fat. One has to wonder whether corn hasn't at last succeeded in domesticating us.  Michael Pollan is the author, most recently, of "The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World." Copyright 2002 The New York Times Company commondreams featuring Kevin Phillips - (on july 17th in the NYT -- about the representing of which common dreams says the following: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.  We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

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A Pure, High Note of Anguish by Barbara Kingsolver
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No Glory in Unjust War on  the Weak by Barbara Kingsolver

Items in brief: Good place to start grappling with (criminal) philanthropy includes a list with 200 far left publications (a year old) -------- (on Zapatista's) ------- (must be the one Carol Brouillet mentioned in her scathing attack on the Bush cabal) --- -------- Noam Chomsky talk in the south west 2000 on sovereignty and other endangered stuff  --------- hippy sustainability such as this old timer offers: --------- ----- ------ (on democracy) ------ (I vaguely remember that as the name of some software used to make me mugshot which went altogether too quick to take notes; see top) ------------ (went from tripod to netfirms, it solicits funds to promote a lawchange; 1128 visits) ---------- (adjacent occidental and japanese) -------- Plugging voluntary work at a conference about the long since dead jewboy Rosenstock-Huessy --------- Blogleft Critical Intervention -- by Douglas Kellner -- yes the famous one: Many articles for free; for instance one called: Nietzsche's critique of mass culture:  Complete New E-Book Online (6/10/02): Sept. 11th, Terror War, and the New Barbarism -------- New! Preview to Media Spectacle (forthcoming from Routledge) ----------- all posts by konijn (Dutch for tame version of rabbit); he monitors the Hague Milo trial closely. --------- Upbeat rainbow post mortem (Gooja-agr)   ---------- first of a multi chapter book here: (interesting that Malraux and Lawrence once met and people were about to try let him meet Hitler) ---------- (a blog via Seth Ackerman - -------------- sample of stuff one finds 'freepers' offering: (very nicely made site) ---------- isidor at cea-usa (yahoo group) is quite busy playing AP = Associated () Press

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174538 Santiago Alba Rico April 19, 2002 MIDEAST WATCH Translated by Francisco Gonzalez You are sleeping, you do not want to believe.... (english) karl 1:50am Sun Apr 21 '02as read this, carefully, i experienced a moment of clarity. IRREFUTABLE.  ----------   Solzhenitsyn, Still: The writer and his latest challenge.(Two Hundred Years Together) National Review Sept 17, 2001 -- and response by LBO Chris at  --------- Lenni Brenner (Review of his:  The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir ---- article by him: The Two US-Afghan Wars) ----- 175450 +10 a brief history of the israeli-arab conflict ----------- 175673 The Beginning Of The End Of Jewish Post-War Ascendancy? 

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