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300540+5  Free America after Iraq (english) sparky 11:30am Fri Mar 21 '03 Jews distroyed Euorpe, the Middle East & now America ----a handful of nonsense comments (and mine) to a pretty comprehensive collation from Corrie's case: I go:  hey hold up hotheads!!!!! piet 2:19pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#300700 don't burn yar fuses; those without sin cast a stone first and all that good counsel. go see items 300115 and 300563; killers should be brought to justice as well as those who don't raise their kids right (wide open field there). calling zionist jews the worst is like saying all bureacratically inclined and/or employed americans are little eichmans and sure, some truth to it but who is too draw the line? Lines that are all too often too sharp and too contested. The goal and aim should be to create free spaces, no-man's but all beings land, allow the border to get fuzzy diffuse, too hard to make out, gradual; shift the polarizing and confrontational stuff to the sub- and presentient plane; bash rock against rock and allow fresh muds and all that springs from them to overrun deserts; takes a little thinking and a lot of retooling; let's hear about that!! We can all share it. Do you think jews would sabotage this cause they prefer deserts????? The part of the bible that charms and for which the warstories and bloodshed is taken into the bargain is the gardens and greeneries. Their out of reachness and commemoration is what the book would tie one over with a shot of hope( )less/minus melancholy. But culture, no matter how wondrous the architectures and sacred the geometries of all that's left standing in the desert (lots less and less of that by the 2 minutes now) can't substitute for real trees any better than other sorry surrogates. Time for all this will come as surely as it came for Corrie and will come for you and me. -

301818 Rachel Corrie - The Peace Activist Run Over By An Israeli Army Bullodozer The Observer (England) 1:30am Sun Mar 23 '03   -------------53255 dc israel ----------  301324 link to israel indy item (+9) on Corrie -

300563 nationalvanguard (nonsense) article Rachel Corrie "flag burner" photo a fake --I go:not widely enough known it seems (english) piet 1:53pm Fri Mar 21 dc 57617Her parents: Rachel would not want her death to overshadow that of others. In barely glancing at headlines since word came of Rachel's death, I note that many have died this week in the Occupied Territories,  one a four-year-old child. I would like to be able to hold the mother of that child and to have her hold me. some one else added an article by Jeff Halper, who is the Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). alternativenews.org :: where I find this disturbing article:Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan and Israeli war crimes Monday, March 17th, 2003 Steve Niva The Israeli bulldozer that ran over and killed American peace activist Rachel Corrie, 23, in the Gaza Strip today had killed before. A few weeks ago, on March 3, an Israeli bulldozer killed a nine-month pregnant Palestinian woman, Nuha Sweidan, while destroying the house next door in a dilapidated Gaza refugee camp. Palestinian witnesses said that Mrs. Sweidan, 33, bled to death under the rubble as she cradled her 18-month-old daughter. Her unborn baby also died. Rachel Corrie and Nuha Sweidan probably never met, but they will forever be linked as victims of Israel's 35-year occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. www2.alternativenews.org/display.php?id=2825  Another few excerpts from it:This past month, Israel nearly set a record for killing Palestinians, mostly civilians, in a single month. Menachem Klein, an Israeli political scientist at Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, outlined the logic of Sharon's actions in a recent Christian Science Monitor article (13 Mar 2003). "These raids can be a kind of rehearsal, with the idea to arrest someone, but also to see how to get in and out, what tactics to use. A rehearsal on live people. And the thinking is that if the world gets used to these short-term reoccupations, it will digest the long-term one." Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan, over a hundred Palestinians and scores of Israeli civilians are the victims of this live rehearsal. It is true that Palestinian suicide bombers have helped contribute to this cycle of violence through their own vicious acts. Indeed they have murdered women, children and innocent civilians as well. However, this is not a symmetrical conflict. Israel dominates the lives and land of over 3 million Palestinians through massive military assaults, imprisonment of thousands, torture and systematic starvation policies that have lead to a major humanitarian crisis in many areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In fact, Rachel had been working with other members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) to defend a newly dug water well from Israeli attempts to destroy it before she was killed. Moreover, since his return to power two years ago, Ariel Sharon has systematically escalated Israeli military assaults and assassinations in search of a military solution, despite the waves of suicide bombings, in order to achieve a very clear set of political objectives. At the top of the list has been the destruction of any base of Palestinian political and military resistance to Israeli settlements and permanent control of the land Israel occupied in 1967. Gaza is his last objective. There is no "balance" in this conflict. It is time to call Israel into account for its war crimes and time to stop Ariel Sharon from imposing his violent dream of Greater Israel on Palestinians. It is time to stop the needless deaths of Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan and others, whether Palestinian or Israeli, or now, American. *Steve Niva is a Member of the Faculty, The Evergreen State College. He teaches international politics and Middle East studies. He met with Rachel Corrie before she left for Gaza in January and is deeply saddened by her tragic and unnecessary death. ---------- if you don't wanna go see the compilation (english) piet 2:00pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#300687 I will tell you one related (and) salient aspect pointed to there here (too), namely that indy portland seems to have destroyed 7 posts of this picture, probably due to judged too inflammatory comments; and the sf editors seem to cut stuff up a little too liberally too judging by/from another of today's items I have yet to read. I don't go to sf much since I hate white backgrounds. Kudo's to the speed improvements here by the way, it was badly needed; I wasn't able to reach here except early mornings from europe for what seems like weeks.  - ----------------- 

301814 Rachel Corrie ---- Making of a martyr Sandra Jordan reports from Rafah on the death of American activist Rachel Corrie, crushed by an Israeli bulldozer as she battled to prevent destruction at a refugee camp -- Sunday March 23, 2003 The Observer ------- same here: http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2003/03/1588804.php where some comments are expected (ps: none yet on the 27th) seeing that another sf item on Rachel led the highest amount of becommented item score on last friday (surpassed by about four others since); this gets you to all the comments so far (over 400): 1583823_comment.php#1589243 (387K so far) ---

59426 dcAngel's eulogy 

a blogger Nathan Newman and his commenters --- posted at 59432 dc plenny of comments there and I trust they'll be less nauseatingly bent on trying to conjure a nazilike attitude to victimize next than here so far. 303234 main is only slightly more civilized than this item -- ps: the bull driver dozed over a pregnant woman not long ago. ---------- 

?????? dc Rachel Corrie was an agent of Yasser Arafat  by Dennis Prager (also posted at 304431 Rachel +4) --- I go (as 4th commnenter):  purim (vengeance) for Corrie by piet 10:30am Wed Mar 26 '03 THE HOFFMAN WIRE Monday, March 17, 2003 Eve of Purim - Eve of War The Purim Regime Was the President's announcement of the end of diplomacy and the imminent commencement of the bombing of Iraqi cities timed to coincide with the Babylonian-Judaic Festival of Purim? Copyright (c) 2003 by Michael A. Hoffman II The Pentagon's share in "Israel's war against Babylon" (as the Wall Street Journal is terming it; cf. "Babylon Revisited," March 14, p. W13), is about to commence, and on March 17, President Bush made a declaration of imminent war. His announcement occurred on the Eve of Purim, the Judaic festival of revenge. Purim finds its masonic equivalent in the Ninth Degree of the Scottish Rite, dedicated to revenge for the "murder of Hiram" -- meaning anyone who thwarts Masonry's purposes. Tuesday and Wednesday, are Purim and Shushan Purim respectively, Adar II 14 and Adar II 15. The Book of Esther, which contains the basic story (though not the lengthy Talmudic and Kabbalistic embellishments), was labeled canonical and placed in the Old Testament as a result of rabbinic manipulation of the Church. In fact, the story's two main characters, Esther and Mordechai, are thinly veiled personifications of the Babylonian deities Ishtar and Marduk. When Julius Streicher ascended the Nuremberg gallows after his show trial for the "war crime" of writing disgusting things about Jewish people, he announced that his execution constituted "Purim 1946." Streicher's sympathizers regarded this statement as an eloquent riposte, but Kabbalists were pleased when they learned of it, and it is quoted with satisfaction in rabbinic literature to this day. The reason for this is that the Kabbalistic secret of Purim rests in the rabbinic command incumbent on Judaic males worldwide: that they are to get so drunk on Purim that they cannot distinguish the difference between Haman (the Jew-hating exterminator) and Mordechai (the Henry Kissinger of the story), because there is no difference, in rabbinic eyes! Both serve the purposes of the rabbis. The Kabbalistic secret of Purim is that the Hitlers of the world make the advancement of the Zionist "equilibrium" possible; without violent, implacable opposition to and hatred of all Jewish persons, including peaceable ones of good will, the rabbinic work cannot advance. The more overt understanding of Purim is bound up with two major themes: paganism and the idea of vengeance. As befits a Babylonian Holy Day, Orthodox Judaic believers (especially the Hasidic segment), will be dressed on Purim in grotesque, Halloween-like costumes, and those who desire real insight into the pagan nature of Judaism should travel to the Crown Heights and Williamsburg sections of Brooklyn, New York Tuesday and Wednesday, and observe and if possible videotape this Babylonian Bacchanal while it is in full flower. In terms of revenge, we are reminded of Purim, 1994, when Baruch Goldstein entered the mosque at Hebron and slaughtered 40 Palestinians as they prayed. As a result of this mass murder of the Palestinian "Amalek," there was great celebration in settler enclaves in occupied Palestine and in places like Brooklyn (this writer has video footage of these celebrations). President Bush chose March 17, 2003 --Purim Eve, 5763-- to declare his intent to bomb the Iraqi "Amalek," so perhaps we can be forgiven for seeing in the timing of this ominous decree something more than mere coincidence. And it would not be too far-fetched to surmise that upon achieving a quick, Blitzkrieg victory, the followers of the Babylonian Talmud at the Pentagon are likely to perform covert rabbinic ceremonies at the site of the Tower of Babel, reputed to be some 60 miles south of Baghdad. This writer would like to thank the Department of Defense official who last year briefed readers of this column on ritual aspects of the D.C. Sniper terror, for intelligence on the ritual aspects of the Purim regime, otherwise known as the Bush administration. Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. He is co-author, with Moshe Lieberman, of The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians --------- For further research: Revisionist History Newsletter #27 "They Need Terror" Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare Magic & Paganism in the Reign of Elizabeth I Judaism's Strange Gods ------- The HOFFMAN WIRE IS available by e-mail free of charge as a public service. Subscribe to the Hoffman Wire (unsubscribe at any time) ----------- Independent History & Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA ---------------- Those damn Zionists are driving me crazy! by Nassar El Habib 10:31am Wed Mar 26 '03 Why can't someone do something about those damn Zionist trolls! ----------------easy nassar, they have writerite like we all by piet 10:56am Wed Mar 26 '03 but not one to kill nor do we Vengeance should consist of forced and very menial labour, not . . . quoting Hoffman: ... As befits a Babylonian Holy Day, Orthodox Judaic believers (especially the Hasidic segment), will be dressed on Purim in grotesque, Halloween-like costumes.. .. using grotesque halloween customs like bullydowsers to enact their bloodlust and pyrotechnick ---------------- Well... by Honestly 11:02am Wed Mar 26 '03 .... this is independant media, right? regardless of your own feelings, censoring other's is still wrong. Independant means that the opinions should be 'independant' of censoring, say what you feel, and don't just jump on the bandwagon. i support both the 'zionist troll's' right to say what they want and the supporter's of 'school bus bombers' to say what they want. is indy media affraid that their idiocy may have some light shed on it? happy writing to all who contribute!! ---------------- Anyone against Rachel is a traitor. by Stop Fascism! 11:27am Wed Mar 26 '03 Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, was robbed of her life by a foreign state when she gave all she could to defend the powerless victims of the Israeli fascist state. Any American who denounces Rachel Corrie is an enemy of the American people. www.stop-fascism.org ---------------- First the U.S.S. Liberty, now Rachel! by Nasser El-Habib 11:29am Wed Mar 26 '03 When will America wake up to the Zionist threat? ---------------- God bless Hitler by AnArChIsT 12:38pm Wed Mar 26 '03 Hitler knew how to deal with these terrible jews. We should only vote for politicians who support the final solution. Thank God Indymedia is here to satisfy my hatred and blood lust for all that is jewish - why i hate the jews so bad i won't even take a polio shot. Thanks agains Indymedia and don't forget - it's always the JEWS fault. ---------------- I LOVE Indymedia by . 1:51pm Wed Mar 26 '03 It is so great that on this board i can spew my rabid hate filled rants against jews and find so much support - thank you Indymedia and the webmasters that make this possible!! ---------------- zionist in command by Bill Gatchuk 2:28pm Wed Mar 26 '03 The respect of a human life has never existed on the agenda of the Israeli government,army,or the zionist racist movement .Those who brain-wash a vast majority of their own people with the idea that the existance of any other population than a jewish population is an imminent threat not only to their own people but to the existance of the state of Israel. Therefore the zionist media machine which has a vital influence over the American and some European public try to blind-fold the public from the criminal and terrosrist actions that the Israeli government and its soldiers attempt on daily bases not only against the palestinian civilians but it extend to any European or American sympathizers and peace activists who are revealing the hiden facts and standing up for the injustice actions of those immoral policy makers of the state of Israel as well as their soldiers . We dont expect from this very same media to admit the fact that the daily actions of the Israeli army to be described with atrocity but cheaply diverted to accuse all human peace activist to be agent working for Yasser Arafat . Peace activist ---------------- You're dead-on, Bill, Zionists everywhere! by Nassar El-Habib 2:42pm Wed Mar 26 '03 It's the Zionist media that's the cause of all of our unhappiness: CNN -- Zionist controlled FOX -- Run by Zionists MSNBC -- Zionist project Washington Times -- You think run by Moonies? Actually run by Zionists! Washington Jewish Week -- Pure Zionist! We must strike back at the Zionist media and those annoying Zionist trolls with every ounce of strength we possess. Together we will drive them into the sea! Allah akbar, Nassar El-Habib ---------------- no no no nassar, wrong again by piet 2:55pm Wed Mar 26 '03 jews deserve, need and crave for a normal and sustainable life like anyone, perhaps more than others since they have been/gotten 'mselves sot estranged from it. I suggest turning the US army in Iraq into helping hands for archaeologists and we'll have a fieldday/year/decade to determine where the hell mamre was and abraham came from and all that; then we'll turn the waterspouts on the vicinity and make the place enticing enough to get all jews out of Palestinian's hair; sound ok to ya?????? poetpiet.tripod.com -------------  Indymedia run by Zionists! by Nassar El-Habib 3:02pm Wed Mar 26 '03 The filty Zionists took down the little picture of Rachel Corrie from the front page! Allah akbar! ---------------- zion-nazis by the stern gang 5:52pm Wed Mar 26 '03 [Stern Gang] Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany (1941) ------------- From Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall, London 1984, pp.195-197. Reposted here by permission For the German original click here. Transcribed and marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten. ---------- It is often stated in the speeches and utterances of the leading statesmen of National Socialist Germany that a prerequisite of the New Order in Europe requires the radical solution of the Jewish question through evacuation (“Jew-free Europe”). The evacuation of the Jewish masses from Europe is a precondition for solving the Jewish question; but this can only be made possible and complete through the settlement of these masses in the home of the Jewish people, Palestine, and through the establishment of a Jewish state in its historic boundaries. The solving in this manner of the Jewish problem, thus bringing with it once and for all the liberation of the Jewish people, is the objective of the political activity and the years-long struggle of the Israeli freedom movement, the National Military Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Palestine. The NMO, which is well-acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich government and its authorities towards Zionist activity inside Germany and towards Zionist emigration plans, is of the opinion that: Common interests could exist between the establishment of a new order in Europe in conformity with the German concept, and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as they are embodied by the NMO. Cooperation between the new Germany and a renewed folkish-national Hebraium would be possible and, The establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East. Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO in Palestine, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively lake part in the war on Germany’s side. This offer by the NMO, covering activity in the military, political and information fields, in Palestine and, according to our determined preparations, outside Palestine, would be connected to the military training and organizing of Jewish manpower in Europe, under the leadership and command of the NMO. These military units would take part in the fight to conquer Palestine, should such a front be decided upon. The indirect participation of the Israeli freedom movement in the New Order in Europe, already in the preparatory stage, would be linked with a positive-radical solution of the European Jewish problem in conformity with the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Jewish people. This would extraordinarily strengthen the moral basis of the New Order in the eyes of all humanity. The cooperation of the Israeli freedom movement would also be along the lines of one of the last speeches of the German Reich Chancellor, in which Herr Hitler emphasized that he would utilize every combination and coalition in order to isolate and defeat England. A brief general view of the formation, essence, and activity of the NMO in Palestine: The NMO developed partly out of the Jewish self-defense in Palestine and the Revisionist movement (New Zionist Organization), with which the NMO was loosely connected through the person of Mr. V. Jabotinsky until his death. The pro-English attitude of the Revisionist Organization in Palestine, which prevented the renewal of the personal union, led in the autumn of this year to a complete break between it and the NMO as well as to a thereupon following split in the Revisionist movement. The goal of the NMO is the establishment of the Jewish state within its historic borders. The NMO, in contrast to all Zionist trends, rejects colonizatory infiltration as the only means of making accessible and gradually taking possession of the fatherland and practices its slogan, the struggle and the sacrifice, as the only true means for the conquest and liberation of Palestine. On account of its militant character and its anti-English disposition the NMO is forced, under constant persecutions by the English administration, to exercise its political activity and the military training of its members in Palestine in secret. The NMO, whose terrorist activities began as early as the autumn of the year 1936, became, after the publication of the British White Papers, especially prominent in the summer of 1939 through successful intensification of its terroristic activity and sabotage of English properly. At that lime these activities, as well as daily secret radio broadcasts, were noticed and discussed by virtually the entire world press. The NMO maintained independent political offices in Warsaw, Paris. London and New York until the beginning of the war. The office in Warsaw was mainly concerned with the military organization and training of the national Zionist youth and was closely connected with the Jewish masseswho, especially in Poland, sustained and enthusiastically supported, in every manner, the fight of the NMO in Palestine. Two newspapers were published in Warsaw (The Deed and Liberated Jerusalem): these were organs of the NMO. The office in Warsaw maintained close relations with the former Polish government and those military circles, who brought greatest sympathy and understanding towards the aims of the NMO. Thus, in the year 1939 selected groups of NMO members were sent from Palestine to Poland, where their military training was completed in barracks by Polish officers. The negotiations, for the purpose of activating and concertizing their aid, took place between the NMO and the Polish government in Warsaw – the evidence of which can easily be found in the archives of the former Polish government – were terminated because of the beginning of the war. The NMO is closely related to the totalitarian movements of Europe in its ideology and structure. The fighting capacity of the NMO could never be paralyzed or seriously weakened, neither through strong defensive measures by the English administration and the Arabs, nor by those of the Jewish socialists. ------ depressing how many jerks there are by fuc u 6:25pm Wed Mar 26 '03 how do people disrespect some one who is not here to defend them selves. it just shows how weak there morals are. Rachel corrie is one of the most inspiring people i have come across in a while. may all who have known her be proud of her actions. ------------------ 

 here is a funny (compared to the frequently more zealous and violent defenses) and often occuring type comment pertaining to sf editing from 300981:delete this garbage (english) NotAdolf 8:37pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#301011 Adolf Hitler would be proud of this list. What do you propose the alleged Jewish people you single out do? Do you want to tatoo some numbers on their arms so you can keep track of them easier? Maybe put a yellow star on them? Do you also make lists of Christians and their job positions? Or Catholics? Or athiests? This is so ridiculous that I don't even know what to say next. I'll just pray that the world somehow magically changes tomorrow morning. P.S. If you want your name up there, instead of all those alleged Jewish names, why don't you spend less time obsessively making lists of Jews and more time getting graduate degrees, reading, and becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, programmers, entertainers and business owners like the average Jew does. Ever think of that? Work hard and you can succeed too you loser. Ugh. ----------- Oh yeah (english) NotAdolf 8:43pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#301016 By the way, this is the type of thread that the sf.indymedia.org editors love. They approve of all singling out and demonizing of Israel, zionists and/or Jews. As long as you don't blatantly endorse violence or the holocaust or something. the sf.indymedia.org editors love it when The Juden get singled out. Unless they're Juden that yell that Israel must be shut down. Those are the "good Juden" in their eyes. Sick. I love Jews. Considering their population in the world (under 1% for centuries) and the discrimination they've faced in countries around the world, the incredible amount of science, math, medicine, literature, entertainment, etc. that Jews have contributed to this earth is absolutely incredible. 

300611 +11 commentsJoyful Iraqis Welcome US Liberators --- 8th commenter = me: hey, no matter what you think of saddam piet 1:37pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#300674 nor how condemnable his sponsoring the 'wrong' kinds of palestinians (assuming some of you, dear readers, will admit there might be a right kind and they might even be helped by the wrong kind with the spare chance left over after buying explosives), he was one of the few arab leaders helping the palestinians at all (hypocrite rich arabs have not secured even the basics, as much as they purport to be taken with their charge's fate) and destroying his various (all too many, granted,) effigies isn't gonna help ANY palestinians, wether it 'feels good' or not. Stick all this art-on-command up on E-bay and allow the proceeds to pay for legal help for palestinians and for mercenaries needed to defend their orchards, if there are even any left, you know, that kind of thing. America is desperately seeking if not faking this sort of reporting but Iragis will soon see fears confirmed that the destruction and all out directives (read dominance) by america starts off with actions that rack up about as much to make up for (apart from the squeasy stranglehold and criminal constriction already decades old) as took Saddam the better (or worse) part of his life!!!!!!!!! 

139500 sf: this one is in second place of just mentioned category  news/?sort=rank  -- SF Indymedia Editorial Policy SF-IMC Editorial Collective 2002-08-04 2:22 AM After months of discussion and debate, the SF Indymedia Editorial Collective has consented upon the following editorial policy. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are as always welcome. (text/html + 478 comments) ----------- 

50451 Portland.indymedia.org etc - Don't look stupid on tv -- 22nd and -third comments: Are you high, Trip? GRINGO STARS 1:13pm Fri Mar 21 '03 gringo_stars@attbi.com comment#50559 Trip, you must be smoking the kind bud to actually believe that the network television news was "fair and unbiased." They were actually on the phone with the police trying to get the crown arrested! Is that FAIR and UNBIASED, genius? I realise it might harsh your buzz to dig that a protest is confronting people for the real reason the Iraq War is happening (oil for your car to zoom down the highways and roads). But we can't go through life in a stoned haze, can we, Trip? It doesn't MATTER what the people of America think because WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY. Sorry to harsh your mellow again, stoner brah. We live in a Plutocracy, rule by the few ultra-wealthy. Against overwhelming popular sentiment against this war, they went and invaded anyways. It wouldn't matter if 99 out of 100 people were against the war, it would still go on as scheduled. The best way to act against this war is to make the costs of waging it too high. Get people to drive less, drive down the demand for oil. Civic unrest is another high cost of the war. If they want to fight this stupid war (a genocide really) then make them pay through the nose. If we can make it NOT worth their while to do it, they will stop. all they want is to make a buck. Don't give them your bucks. Don't let anyone give them their bucks. OK, you are probably pretty bummed out, Trip duuuude, so get back to your bong. ----------- HEY BLACK FLAG? RANCE 2:23pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#50631 Since you have your opinions spoonfed to you by the corporate media, you are not in a position to say how the rest of the world sees us. I was out there talking to the people who were in their cars, being blocked and 85% of them were making peace signs. "Majority" is for the war my ass. Do you even stand for anything? -------------- I got neeeews for youuuuu piet 2:45pm Fri Mar 21 '03 comment#50649 america's gastronomic industrial military intestine internecine splinterknot battles come by the grace of those renting space under that umbrella although we (europeans) do as much hem haw ahumming as we can over the muscleboundness inspired hormoneshit (belgium has a veritable maffia in the stuff so we ain't all THAT different ova heres) but we pay for the protection like any old maffiose gangster racket, all proper and tidy. We need to focus on campaigns that seekandfind security in a more multilateral (social) sense while at the same time strengthening the 'other' gendered axis, the vertical (the word green hiding in there, dare I say it frenchwise; curiously the greenest movie I ever saw (the sorceress) plays in france, but I saw it in the states if that's any comfort) one. We need ground our men to grow them up, like trees. Shit, I'm on a roll but this place is closing down so I'll leave yall with some main indy id numbers to whcih I have contributed: 300115, -329, -352, -611, -563 and -540

301310collateralterror.com ---------------- 301672 pretty early fragging case ------------- 301633+2 Haaretz ------------- 301605+36 on fragging (killing superior ranks in one's own army; a practice that has unknown but definite tradition) ---------------- 300778 they know what fragging means in northern ireland (grafitti pic) ----------- 302754  Jim Moran and the Dixie Chicks  Counter Punch Org 2:35am Mon Mar 24 '03 ---------- 302707 calendarlive.com/movies/ oscars/la-oscars-michaelmoore-rm.realvideo ------------- 302581 A flash cartoon about George Junior's rise to power. 3:00 duration, 900 K. George 2 (english) (full story) bencourtney.com/george

302570 A Few Thoughts About The War Israeli Uri Avnery 8:59pm Sun Mar 23 '03 Germany. Germany is against the war. Against any war. In no other country was the anti-war outburst so authentic, emanating from the innermost feelings of the masses. And who is furious about this? Israel, the country of the Holocaust survivors. How do they dare, these damn Germans, to object to the war? A sad irony of history: all German TV stations show citizens, intellectuals and ordinary folk, who pray for peace, all Israeli TV screens show retired generals, obviously enjoying themselves, discussing with great relish how to employ giant bombs and other instruments of death. ---

-194 sniffylinings.com/sniffy/new.html ------------ -267 Mark Seely with a record amount of response; one witty to boot. --------------- -431 Move United Nations Headquarters to Geneva! moveunhq.eccmei.net ------------- 301926 http://scart69.net/synapticgraffiti/ ------------ 301594 Fisk plus graphic graphics and silly threats ---------- 301572 well and respectably referenced article on hating america ---------------- 301547 COALITION OF THE BRIBED, BULLIED & BLINDED ------------------ 301545 http://lovethepeople.org ---  humanrightstech.org ---- universityofthepoor.org 

301845 Flee the dollar. Boycott US products. pipedreampiet 1:57am Sun Mar 23 '03  Sober the Amis up. The umbrella of armed protection europe has lived under since wwII is becoming bellicose and conscious of achieving and being a purpose in its own right, spelling sustainability that rushes on as selfdefeatingly as oil supplies are finite, not to mention ecologically unwise to pump and squander which is what nevertheless happens when present momentae aren't braked, broken and broken down. By the way, this intolerably parasitic and shamelessly schizo-capitalistically split personalities are the seedcrops from and sown by division of labour as much as profits find their root in it. Chiggen and egg quests aside and over, the time is ripe to call monies home from being abused abroad by the most powerful, IF MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, country, not to mention what unmentionables ut is used for as it continues its mission of misery amplification via ($ in) the middle east only to boomerang back and hit us from a corner out of which we thought we had nothing to fear, only gratefulness to expect. From day one our triple miscalculation was predicated with fear and containment propaganda by those who were really not out to protect us in the first place. Not if willingness to and scruplelessness about sending people and even whole regions past death's locked doors of poisons and hazards is not valid proof of noble lip serve prattle such as they hide behind, it certainly no longer deserves the name nor can it claim exigencies of politics anymore either bycause it is mixed with as much fundamental types fanaticisms as those they say to have need for preemptive protection against posses and are similarly possessed by. Every generation mankind turns manhostile to refresh its memories of war the hard way real time(killingly). We need not do without hard and hardware ways but war is the worst form and at the wrong pole along any of their axis always and every time. Let those who won't do without fighting fight fair and not with selfdefeatingly high stakes and risks. Take on rivals all you want but hands off everybody who doesn't consider 'mselves to be in your league. DOWN FROM THE BONETONETHRONE YOUALL WHO ARE STUCK THINKING COLDLY AND ADOLESCENTLY MECHANICAL. See that you do your deadly serious play-acting on a stage that doesn't use force and fungibility subterfuges like taxbases in order to force feed it to slave subordiate audiences. WE ACQUIT YOU CAUSE WE QUIT. All need a real job. Recall foreign funds from the US - Such advice can in no way be construed as cruel to americans. On the contrary, the last in line runs the risk of getting zippo back for a by then worthless dollar. Care must be taken to make the boycott as strong as the funds freeing action lest the elite profit from easier export (due to more attractive exchange rates). The bossturd autointoxicated testosterone terrorist not(- and un) accountables with their local balance disrupting foodstuffs and worse, arms are found out and will soon stand trial. Let the brotherhood which began with Beethoven be brought back on track. If successful it will help Americans sober up and start implementing remedies afresh on small and proper scale. 'Revolunorms' as old as symbolization itself, and though oftentimes no more than distributed in mere homeopathic proportion, they remain in nevertheless potent dilution (easy to sniff out if you develop a( indy)sense for it). ------------------------ posted 4 times, at Melbourne 51855, Portland 51980 and dc 58642 (the only place it got honoured with a comment, well disgraced rather,  the man who calls hissself 'dumbass Moran's fat you knowwhat' makes fun of hippies as usual . .. . but at least he read it) ------- Postscript: The solution is simple yet multiple for every sensible body: emancipate yourselves frrom the symbol for onemanupmanship, the dollar, in all directions, manners, means and forms.

44303+9 Melbourne = long but not real useful -------------- 43932 +11 Indymedia under attack (from inside) by what ever happened to TRANSPARANCY 11:49am Tue Mar 18 '03 ---------------- peaceeconomy.org ???? ------------- 44638 John Sigler Move United Nations Headquarters to Genevahttp://moveunhq.eccmei.net ---------------- 44616+11 Mistreatment of Prisoners of War by spinifex 10:07am Mon Mar 24 '03 -------------- 44582 profrv post --------- 301445 Mexico announces plan to sell dollars John Authers -- example of what I'm driving at ------------------- -40 Interested in Irish politics and history ? From today and yesterday - all 32 Counties ! ...including comments on American involvement in Iraq and other countries ..... 1169andcounting.blogspot.com ------------- -32 aratio.nl/amsterdampeacedemonstration/ -

301414+6 Captain america our toughest troll finds another few baitbiters --- there is even a sequel: 301431 --------------------- http://globalsense.info/globalsense.html online book in pdf by very straight lookingTom Paine admirer ----------------- 302760 another common sense strategist: http://a16alliance.cjb.net/ ------------- 301187How Many 1,000 year old Redwoods have to Die?  Attila Gyenis 2:16am Sat Mar 22 '03 A call for support for the tree sit in Freshwater, CA, the Forest Defenders who are protecting the old growth, and are currently being yanked out by Pacific Lumber/Maxxam, and the execution of an ancient Redwood. -------------- 301169 Fisk for the Independent Terrorism And Weapons Of Mass Destruction, American Style - 'Shock And Awe' -------------301379+4 Daily Mirror --------------- 302614dsltv.nl/ Iraqi TV -- BBC World -- EuroNews -- Deustche Welle (German News network) ----- aeronautics.ru/news/news002/news073.htm --------------- 300594A continent betrayed  Polly Toynbee 12:30pm Fri Mar 21 '03  By backing Bush and blaming France, Tony Blair has missed his - and Britain's - European destiny --------------

52031 dc.indymedia. etc -  Noam Chomsky -------------- 52109 dc motherpeace deck towercard exegesis ---------------- 58527 dc I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam by Daniel Pepper (longish and ditto comments) -------------- 58446 dc on antiwar's Justin Raimondo (looong comments) -------------- 58624 dc+7 on al jazeera by Brent Herbert who likes Melbourne too but it ain't bycause of the eyefriendly backgrounds judging by his own pages --------------- 58379 dc some islamic raving brag scornblower gets a few challenges but posts another huge chapter in 'response' and just listening to iraqi tv, I must say they are batty as any israeli bin's contents squared (I bet) -------------- 58352 dc+9 Human shield report ----------- 302707 Video Of Michael Moore Backstage At Oscars After Winning Award (Real Player) 

52070 dc+10 Mike Moore raises ire at the Oscars - Michael Moore's Acceptance Speech oscar.com/oscarnight/winners/win_32297.html -- Michael Moore: Whoa. On behalf of our producers Kathleen Glynn and Michael Donovan from Canada, I'd like to thank the Academy for this. I have invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us, and we would like to — they're here in solidarity with me because we like nonfiction. We like nonfiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it's the fictition of duct tape or fictition of orange alerts we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you. And any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up. Thank you very much. ------ --------------- 52109 dc comments to the Mike Moore hullabaloo:Cheers and boos 42 10:17pm Sun Mar 23 '03 comment#52160 What I heard was a cacophony of cheers and boos. I think the cheers were much louder. I'm a little surprised that they let him speak his entire 45 seconds.-----------  Moron Sue 11:40pm Sun Mar 23 '03 comment#52218 What a jerk. The President earned his position fair and square. He has harder desicions to make these days than whose going to sit under his desk. Why don't Mike Moore take his family to live in Iraq. Better yet, tell him to go make his oscar movies over there. Get a grip people, this should have been done years ago, maybe if it had been, New York would still have twin towers. And alot of familys would be alot happier these days!!!!!!!!!!!!! --------------- a big thank you to 'Sue' + all wingnut Trolls blah 12:20am Mon Mar 24 '03 address: Michael Moore WINS! comment#52245 nice one, posting the World Net Daily [BWAH HA AHA HA HA what a pathetic joke] version of what supposedly happened at the Oscars, and giving yourselves a little thread of your own to 'vent' your diseased frustrations and Disinformation. You must agree with 'Hollywood's elite' then, huh? heraldtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article? Date=20030323&Category=APN& ArtNo=303230903&Ref=AR "A standing ovation and a handful of jeers from Hollywood's elite . . ." why DO you bother wasting time here at Portland Indymedia, anyway?

51980 dc A san fran newspaper article on counting crowds (dutch newsmedia practically decimated true numbers for the march 22nd ralley and march, da dirty double crossers!!!!!!! I'll give 'm points for consistency. Not!!!) -- the comments: by karlof1 12:34pm Fri Feb 21 '03 Not only was I there, I've been to many events--sporting and outdoor concerts--where attendences of over 100,000 was tabulated through tickets sold, and the F16 march and ralley was far larger than any of them. --------------- Uh huh by . 12:56pm Fri Feb 21 '03 For all their purported "science", these guys seem to be talking out of both sides of there mouths. While at the end of the article, the traditional methods of crowd estimation are criticized (counting the number in a small area and extrapolating based on an assumed crowd density), they admit to using exactly the same techniques: "Overlaying the photographs with a grid, surveyors from Air Flight Service estimated crowd density in the plaza and along the route. Each grid was evaluated and assigned a density of people, from 10 percent to 100 percent full. Most were judged at 25 percent or 50 percent full." The subjective elements in this "evaluation" - which are virtually identical to the sample estimation techniques cited as "unreliable" - reveal this study for what it is: a pseudo-scientific attempt to rewrite history. There are other reasons to doubt the study's credibility, not the least of which are, 1) the statement that the Civic Center Plaza "appears full" in the photo but later "became more densely packed", 2) the fact that the company admits it has ZERO experience in estimating crowd size, and 3) their results are so WILDLY divergent with even the conservative police estimates. I wonder if some of these same "experts" did the "scientific" studies "proving" there's no global warming and that depleted uranium isn't harmful. ------------- Doesn't sound like done QUITE correctly by Mike 2:23pm Fri Feb 21 '03 stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com .... but on the right track. Of course we have here only a rough description of the process used and this "estimating percentage full" isn't the right way to do it. Correct and valid ---- divide into grid squares and assign IDs to all the squares (coordinates will do). RANDOMLY select squares to be counted. Count these exactly (tedious), add the counts, and then multiply by the inverse of the fraction the counted squares represent to all the squares. This procedure "looks" wrong to the uninitiated because sometimes the squares being counted will be obviously not "typical"(much more densely or much more sparcely populated in comparison to the average square). --------------- Nevertheless it is the correct technique. Scientific method by Oswald Teppiccs 10:40pm Fri Feb 21 '03 Had some experience using aerial photo in research at a large college. freom that limited experience I do not believe there is enough info presented or testing done to judge if the technique and conclusions are valid. The proper way to go about this stuff is to open it up to peer review, (other remote sensing analysis experts not newspaper people) the old scientific method and all. Some observations: The employee/employer relationship between the air survey company and the newspaper makes the conclusions suspect until the technique is properly examined the conclusions can not be deemed valid. Suggesting that newspaper reporters used the technique and validated the results is pretty hokey, next week the reporters will be building a time machine during their lunch hour at the chronicle. Or cloning delivery people to keep cost down (oops that slipped out). In my experience, the air photo guys are not the ones who do the analysis. While they provide valuable input and technical specs their job is to provide the data/picture and those that know what they are doing analyze the data. And finally peer review and some type of controlled testing is required before it can be presented as science. Seems like they are trying to "blind them with science" as an old song says. OT ---------------- The Chronicle's 65,000 is "pseudo-science"!! by Arthur Anderson 2:23pm Sat Feb 22 '03 The methodology that the Chronicle used is grossly inaccurate! The demonstration is OVERWHELMINGLY a fluid event, with people arriving and leaving at all sorts of different times -- with some participating in the march AND the rally, while others participate in only one or the other. To calculate an estimate of a fundamentally fluid event from a STATIC photograph is either the height of ignorance, or an intentional ploy to reverse the rapidly buiding momentum against the war! Yes, it's true that in the third paragraph of the article there is a brief acknowledgement of their methodological flaw, but the rest of the article is so overwhelmingly focused on explaining and defending their "innovative technique" that they have no problem completely missing the forest for the trees -- they totally fail to account for the dynamic nature of the event, and therefore the article must be classified much more as propaganda than as a "scientific study", which it obviously attempts to convey. It is not at all unreasonable to calculate that many tens of thousands of people who were on the march (or who went directly to the rally) then went (off-site) to grab something to eat, or to do other things, with many of course still intending to return to the rally. If there actually were 65,000 people in the general rally area at 1:45 p.m., as the article claims, then it is certainly not beyond belief to estimate that 35,000 who had already partcipated in some way had already "left", as described above. That brings the tally to 100,000 -- and if we allow for a 20% undercount in their basic technique, that brings the tally to 120,000. Then there are all of the many thousands who just happened to have arrived after 1:45 p.m., including perhaps a third of the march which had yet to arrive in the rally area. A third of 120,000 is 40,000, and if we add another 30,000 who skipped the march and went directly to the rally after 1:45 p.m., than we are now at 190,000! Another way to look at this is to use concept of "turn-over". For example, a restaurant may have room for just 100 diners, but they are able to serve 300 people every evening. How do they do it? Because each table "turns over" an average of three times an evening! (Some dine at 5:15 p.m., others at 6:30 p.m., and still others at 7:45 p.m., etc.). So if the main rally area also was able to "turn over" three times during the day (with some people there at 12:45 p.m., others there at 1:45 p.m., and still others at 2:45 p.m.), then you can multiply the Chronicle's estimate of 65,000 times 3 and arrive at 195,000 as a more accurate figure! (And that doesn't even take into account those who participated in the march, but "dropped out" without ever reaching the rally!). Don't believe the Chronicle's "pseudo-science" propaganda piece -- at least 150,000 people participated in the demonstration, and probably closer to the organizer's final estimate of 200,000! ----------
302752 To us, the promises of establishing peace, justice and democracy in the Middle East is like a student who just failed his elementary school exams promising top scores in the GRE. In the less challenging test of Afghanistan, Bush and company failed miserably. After over a year of hard labor, the "nation-building" project produced a wild-west, drug exporting tribal land with a government ruling no more than Kabul city center. What chance of success is there, then, in the more challenging test of Iraq? Bombing Iraq Into A Democracy -- arabnews.com/Article.asp?ID=24103-- me: didn't exactly 'produce' that did they??? More like consumed it really - but certainly did not in any way leave it to its relative peace, let alone bring very much to make up for all the damage and grief.

302763 Fisk in Baghdad: Iraq will become a quagmire for the Americans Robert Fisk 3:24am Mon Mar 24 '03 Iraq stunned the Americans and British last night by broadcasting video tape of captured and dead American troops, the nightmare of both George Bush and Tony Blair. The body of one American soldier was seen with a great red gash on his neck, while five US prisoners appeared on screen. One, a black female soldier, had been wounded, while a male serviceman said he had been "only following orders". The film will increase internal support for Saddam Hussein, because it will be regarded as proof that the American-British force will be beaten. All day, Baghdad felt like Kuwait in 1991 after the Iraqis had set fire to the oil wells. The oil-filled trenches torched by the Iraqi army around Baghdad on Saturday are ablaze. And regardless of whether they really hinder the incoming American cruise missiles, they have placed this city under a sinister, dark canopy. The skyline is black, the sky grey. Only by looking directly upwards can you catch sight of the sun. The Tigris moves sluggishly under a dun-coloured mist. If the people of Baghdad could pretend, a few days ago, that the war did not exist, yesterday they were living in its shadow. All day, you could hear the explosions. An echoing blast from the suburbs, the sound of jets and then another explosion and then, because war is like this â?? the gentle roar of traffic and the sight of a red double-decker bus making its routine journey across the river bridge to Qadamiya. To grasp the realities, at least the strategic realities according to the Iraqis, you had to venture down to the villa where General Hazim al-Rawi of the Iraqi army was giving his morning press briefing, Ã la General Tommy Franks. In fact, General Rawi is promising us more press briefings than the US commander, a practice that will presumably continue until General Franks takes the surrender of General Rawi or, less likely perhaps, until General Rawi takes the surrender of General Franks. "Iraq will become a quagmire for the Americans ... It is not true what your agencies have been saying that thousands of troops had surrendered." Thus did the Iraqi general try to rubbish the BBC's reports on Saturday of the taking of up to 6,000 prisoners from the Iraqi 51st Division. Then there came a familiar part of every Arab war: the claims of planes shot down. "Our brave and heroic forces have shot down up to five fighters and two helicopters. One fighter was shot down near Baghdad, another near Mosul, a third at Akhtar Rashid, a fourth in the Taji district, another in Basra. A helicopter was shot down at Mosul, another in the Samara area." As reporters like to say, there was no "independent confirmation" of these claims. The Iraqi Information Minister was full of scorn for the war. "They call it shock and awe," Mohamed Said al-Sahaff declared. "It seems it is they who are suffering from shock and awe." There followed a long statement from the Vice-President, Taha Yassin Ramadan, much of which included a demand for the support of the "Arab masses". There was cocky stuff, too, for the claims of Anglo-American advances on the ground from Mr Ramadan. "They say they ... have covered 160 or 180km. I would like to tell them to go 300km. But if they have any contact with any town or village, they will face the same fate as they are now facing at Umm Qasr. You will see on the television the destruction of their tanks." Mr Ramadan said the Americans would be welcome to try to come to Baghdad, because they would meet a similar fate. Last night's film will be taken by Iraqis to support his contention. news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east...----------- Yeah? (english) xc 9:51am Mon Mar 24 '03 comment#302884 More likely, the Anglo-American defeat of Saddam et al will be an ideological "quagmire" for the commie Stalinists like Fisk and Brian Becker. ---
kb12.ca/wartools --------302780 causabelli.net--- 

?????? CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: Propaganda Busting Notes from the "Media Front"  home.earthlink.net/~cherylseal/index.html Dateline uses hatemongering tactics while Michael Moore speaks out - and the response "edited out." Why are alleged U.S. soldier bodies on Iraq video dressed in green fatigues - not desert issue? What Tommy Franks REALLY is saying.... 

http://members.tripod.com/~zappa_web2/200motels.htm  ---- Trying to find the guy with the heavy voice one hears and sees singing at the end of baby snakes --------- http://home.online.no/~corneliu/zappa.htm

303004 one of my last best ofs; get yar freshcreamofindycrop now (english) piet 1:14pm Mon Mar 24 '03 gotta make a move, might take a year or so; i'm picky, see me (about) scouting for big trees and partectin 'm with an orchard or something. 'tsbeen real but not what I expected, wether more or less I remains undecidable with which I make my peace. Thanks for havin me. ------------------------- 

added substance of 301845 (flee the $ both out- and inside the US) to 304048http://people-press.org/reports/display.php3?ReportID=175 America's Image Further Erodes, Europeans Want Weaker Ties US popularity in England and Poland down a third, Spain's down 4/5s even ------------

304029 desert storms article from the guardian -------- repeated here: 304033 Guardian on the storms -- my comment:  meandermentamusings): 304050 best newscasts; http://www.aeronautics.ru/news/news002/news078.htm War in Iraq - fighting the people "The sand storms turned out to be the main enemy of the American military equipment." ---  shit I'll say, and have been all along of course; they should realize it is and should focus on it as their only enemy, not that semites can be cured when parked in lush surroundings again; it'll never be as good again as the quiet not quite yet violated hinterlands of Babylon once was and . ..well, the intervening years you know, nobody pulls any race through all those dust storms unscathed, unabraded, unwheezing and unfortunately unwisened. --- Havin any luck washing the sands of time out of your genes babe????? speaking of which washings let me switch to it's ueberwitch, the whore@heart herself who expresses herself yet again, with doubt and confirmation within one song this time, at least she knows she shortsighted by now but as yet unable to penetrate the stuff she can't give up; modern mothering by present day Babylon's biggest whore who chalked up a fitting score of fossil fuel overuse in the way of products and havin folks truck around to see and possess such reliquelike pieces of her; she goes: "I 'd like to express my extreme point of view I am not a christian and I'm not a jew I just live out the american dreams and i just realized that nothing is what it seems" --- Wonderful, well, seems to me she is referring to what Menno Ter Braak meant when he couldn't locate America (in his anti-anti-americanism article ((written in the 50s?)) 'america doesn't exist') seeing bits of it in everyone, which in turns echos Marx's we are all jews, the zapatista's we are all Marcos, The Iraqi's we are all Saddam and Benjamin's we are all cannibals. But the price of innocent play with absurdly constellated but satisfyingly niche filling as well as decent living making puzzle pieces lies in the innocent and social seeming tax system, the erosion of public life, the laying up of guarded treasure, ain't it tempting us all????

303878Media doesn't do justice to Muslims article implies they don't allow full view of the extent of their culpability and suspectness, referring to facts known about the muslim trooper who fragged superiors and thus started this noble practice unusually early in this war --- I go: media demonizes muslim demonizers???? - oh, you mean like in Holland where up and coming prominents succumb to such sting --- you will never see a muslim digging up the plot of soul he is alloted with (question hisself or slum neighbour) to get it ready for seeds and Dutch blessings like moisture, all of which he has gotten long out of the habit of since greeneries left and sands remained. I have argued for landreform to accomodate needs and talents of those out of a real job. Arabolution? they lightened up weightwise (good), she contracted and concentrated all her beauty into the early stages of life, he shortened his temper's fuses (very bad) and circumstances put some of 'm in places good enough to take and be taken advantage of. And the more they do so, the more fencing with slogans like the ones in your title one hears from them carrrying opposite intent meanings and implications of course, and quite succesfully thank you very much. God knows they deserve the world's attention and full effort to contain their infectiously dirty laundry and ways of life. But I would look at this way: rather than to non-violent but very destructive action like Lawrence of Arabia for a solution.

303582 Indymedia burying stories --- pretty funny set of comments on the inner softwear and workings of indy ranging from extremely naive to specific and back again I am afraid.

303940 War Porn The Guardian 9:28pm Tue Mar 25 '03 Wednesday March 26, 2003 With their jazzy graphics, fact boxes and breathless statistics, the military pundits are everywhere. But aren't they enjoying themselves a little too much? And who wants to know all this stuff anyway? Could sex have something to do with it, wonders Emma Brockes

303874Civilian Deaths Fuel Rising Anger  John Daniszewski,Sergei L. Loiko 7:28pm Tue Mar 25 '03 address: L.A. Times, from Baghdad  "But the deaths and injuries from misdirected or errant bombs, or from shrapnel and fragments that spray into nearby homes even when the munitions find their intended target, are making more and more people believe that the United States is heedless of the Iraqi public." wait till the expensive bombs run out iraqi's seem up to disrailing the targetable ones anyways.

303633 +8To much ARAB PROPAGANDA on this site! (pbs.org inspired)  ---------------- 303601 refreshments regarding comments and debate vs 'news' (dutch indyans pay attention please, .. .aSSholes) ------------------- 303804+8 Wow, these guys don't mince words, not of 'm even like words very much; this item is all the more graphic for it I assure you --- get your uncontain- and uncontendability examples while they're fresh ----------------------- 304068Divine Wind Whips Up Mother Of All Sandstorms In Iraq (WhiteHouseWashPost) stuck my babblebonehoning sandwitch story in there too. -------------------- ??????? greateasternsun.org some sort of money theorie included

304056 subs to Al jazeera in europe double since war began ("Al-Jazeera had around 35 million Arabic-speaking viewers before the start of the war in Iraq but most were in the Arabic world, where it is shown free. Outside the Middle East 10 million people had access to the network. " ---- "The broadcaster said it has signed up 4 million subscribers in Europe since last Wednesday.") -- -- I go: pretty little logo that but all islamic art is poor surrogate and substitute for living geometrees long gone due to very ovar(l)y successfoolness soulinvitation.com/rain/index.html has a few interesting subjects for al jazeera if you ask me and if you go to dan winter's eternite something or other url you will see calligraphy that will not blow but spin you mind all the rite ways around

gallagherphotography.com/culture.html ----------- bozo.tk/ ------------------ aljazeerah.us/ and aljazeerah.info/ are amateur mirrors while they try fix the official: english.aljazeera.net/ -------------- ?????? dc +10 HITCHENS: WE MUST KEEP OUR NERVE by Christopher Hitchens 9:09pm Wed Mar 26 '03 ------------------ How Google Grows...and Grows... at fastcompany.com

304568 Fisk In Baghdad: 'It was an outrage, an obscenity'  Robert Fisk 8:43pm Wed Mar 26 '03  It was an outrage, an obscenity. The severed hand on the metal door, the swamp of blood and mud across the road, the human brains inside a garage, the incinerated, skeletal remains of an Iraqi mother and her three small children in their still-smouldering car. Two missiles from an American jet killed them all, by my estimate, more than 20 Iraqi civilians, torn to pieces before they could be 'liberated' by the nation that destroyed their lives. Who dares, I ask myself, to call this 'collateral damage'? Abu Taleb Street was packed with pedestrians and motorists when the American pilot approached through the dense sandstorm that covered northern Baghdad in a cloak of red and yellow dust and rain yesterday morning. It's a dirt-poor neighbourhood, of mostly Shia Muslims, the same people whom Messrs Bush and Blair still fondly hope will rise up against President Saddam Hussein, a place of oil-sodden car-repair shops, overcrowded apartments and cheap cafes. Everyone I spoke to heard the plane. One man, so shocked by the headless corpses he had just seen, could say only two words. "Roar, flash," he kept saying and then closed his eyes so tight that the muscles rippled between them. How should one record so terrible an event? Perhaps a medical report would be more appropriate. But the final death toll is expected to be near to 30 and Iraqis are now witnessing these awful things each day; so there is no reason why the truth, all the truth, of what they see should not be told. For another question occurred to me as I walked through this place of massacre yesterday. If this is what we are seeing in Baghdad, what is happening in Basra and Nasiriyah and Kerbala? How many civilians are dying there too, anonymously, indeed unrecorded, because there are no reporters to be witness to their suffering? Abu Hassan and Malek Hammoud were preparing lunch for customers at the Nasser restaurant on the north side of Abu Taleb Street. The missile that killed them landed next to the westbound carriageway, its blast tearing away the front of the cafe and cutting the two men, the first 48, the second only 18, to pieces. A fellow worker led me through the rubble. "This is all that is left of them now," he said, holding out before me an oven pan dripping with blood. At least 15 cars burst into flames, burning many of their occupants to death. Several men tore desperately at the doors of another flame-shrouded car in the centre of the street that had been flipped upside down by the same missile. They were forced to watch helplessly as the woman and her three children inside were cremated alive in front of them. The second missile hit neatly on the eastbound carriageway, sending shards of metal into three men standing outside a concrete apartment block with the words, "This is God's possession" written in marble on the outside wall. The building's manager, Hishem Danoon, ran to the doorway as soon as he heard the massive explosion. "I found Ta'ar in pieces over there," he told me. His head was blown off. "That's his hand." A group of young men and a woman took me into the street and there, a scene from any horror film, was Ta'ar's hand, cut off at the wrist, his four fingers and thumb grasping a piece of iron roofing. His young colleague, Sermed, died the same instant. His brains lay piled a few feet away, a pale red and grey mess behind a burnt car. Both men worked for Danoon. So did a doorman who was also killed. As each survivor talked, the dead regained their identities. There was the electrical shop-owner killed behind his counter by the same missile that cut down Ta'ar and Sermed and the doorman, and the young girl standing on the central reservation, trying to cross the road, and the truck driver who was only feet from the point of impact and the beggar who regularly called to see Mr Danoon for bread and who was just leaving when the missiles came screaming through the sandstorm to destroy him. In Qatar, the Anglo-American forces, let's forget this nonsense about "coalition", announced an inquiry. The Iraqi government, who are the only ones to benefit from the propaganda value of such a bloodbath, naturally denounced the slaughter, which they initially put at 14 dead. So what was the real target? Some Iraqis said there was a military encampment less than a mile from the street, though I couldn't find it. Others talked about a local fire brigade headquarters, but the fire brigade can hardly be described as a military target. Certainly, there had been an attack less than an hour earlier on a military camp further north. I was driving past the base when two rockets exploded and I saw Iraqi soldiers running for their lives out of the gates and along the side of the highway. Then I heard two more explosions; these were the missiles that hit Abu Taleb Street. Of course, the pilot who killed the innocent yesterday could not see his victims. Pilots fire through computer-aligned co-ordinates, and the sandstorm would have hidden the street from his vision. But when one of Malek Hammoud's friends asked me how the Americans could so blithely kill those they claimed to want to liberate, he didn't want to learn about the science of avionics or weapons delivery systems. And why should he? For this is happening almost every day in Baghdad. Three days ago, an entire family of nine was wiped out in their home near the centre of the city. A busload of civilian passengers were reportedly killed on a road south of Baghdad two days ago. Only yesterday were Iraqis learning the identity of five civilian passengers slaughtered on a Syrian bus that was attacked by American aircraft close to the Iraqi border at the weekend. The truth is that nowhere is safe in Baghdad, and as the Americans and British close their siege in the next few days or hours, that simple message will become ever more real and ever more bloody. We may put on the hairshirt of morality in explaining why these people should die. They died because of 11 September, we may say, because of President Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction", because of human rights abuses, because of our desperate desire to "liberate" them all. Let us not confuse the issue with oil. Either way, I'll bet we are told President Saddam is ultimately responsible for their deaths. We shan't mention the pilot, of course. argument.independent.co.uk/commentators/... 

capedmaskedandarmed.com/home.html# -------- technorati.com/cosmos/interestingnewcomers.html ----- bookfilter.com/ ----- capedmaskedandarmed.com/home.html# ---------------- http://switzerland.indymedia.org/de/2003/03/6698.shtml Rachel Corrie's mails in German ---------------------- http://principia_ny.blogspot.com/ pleasant eyeing blog

http://maine.indy 4429 -- mine is the 16th comment there -- my impression by piet 3:42am Fri Mar 28 '03 Much prefer the way it is (though lightenening ((and perhaps changing)) the link colour would help) since I am allergic to long bouts of white backgrounded reads and writes - One can see me avoiding them consistently (except for the printfriendly format files) here: http://poetpiet.tripod.com -- carry on, and get ready to move underground - you 'll have a taste of restistance the ww11 way but this time against the 'liberators'

Naeim Giladi is the correct name for the author of an inminds.co.uk article that made a big impression on me. Otherwheres to find him: bintjbeil.com/E/occupation/ameu_iraqjews.html 'frontiers of our soul' links to left hand mainstream articles by the likes of Fisk et al ameu.org John Mahoney is Executive Director of Americans for Middle East Understanding

Blogdex isn't the only blog-aggregating service out there: There are lots of different approaches, all imperfect. The main problem with Blogdex is that one story can show up in the same form at ten different sites, each being heavily linked to. When the bombing started, for example, the front page was flooded with different stories on it, though they were all pretty much saying the same thing. More sophisticated aggregation would be great, to help truly novel stories stand out, but it would take some seriously heavy lifting to pull that stuff off. And people are working the problem even now. One supposes, yes, Blogger/Google is working on such a system, but check these: http://blogdex.media.mit.edu/ ------ popdex.com/s/War_On_Iraq ------- popdex.com/s/Anti-War ---------- technorati.com/cosmos/interestingblogs.html-------- daypop.com/newsburst/ ---------- blogrolling.com/top.phtml ----- myelin.co.nz/ecosystem/ ----- truthlaidbear.com/ecosystem.php ----- via Nettime and by one more remove Joe "ArtLung" Crawford San Diego California USA: http://artlung.com/

305240 Another Example: Capitalism and Democracy are Mutually Exclusive (english) US Mini$try of Information 12:40am Fri Mar 28 '03 article#As if you needed a more stark example of why capitalism and democracy cannot coexist. For Broadcast Media, Patriotism Pays Consultants Tell Radio, TV Clients That Protest Coverage Drives Off Viewers By Paul Farhi Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, March 28, 2003; Page C01 -------- wrong title and title wrong (english) piet 12:54am Fri Mar 28 '03 comment#305243 Another Example: Capitalism and Democracy are Mutually Exclusive???? Unfortunate phrasing here. Capitalism as we now know it is/lives with/promotes/status quos a DIVORCE between POLITICS and ECONOMICS. The money can use tricks covers and all sorts of macho blusterings 24 HOURS A DAY while the voters get to complain and try change course ONCE IN FOUR YEARS. Ever try span marriages across this sort of divide???? http://www.chelseagreen.com/Money/EssentialReading.htm some of the material for grabs there (which would lead to eco- and cooperative capitalism; never tried any better than during gold standard days) was copied from my wilder looking pages; all of it from the thirties, when plans like these were looked at by folks about to be ousted by Hitler. They didn't even make it that far this time. ---- To Piet: Huh? (english) Huh? 1:04am Fri Mar 28 '03 comment#305251 Wha..? --------- to huh? Great question (english) piet 2:44am Fri Mar 28 '03 comment#305291 but seeing your name is itself questioningable I'll take and leave it at an oweyou (theanswer)

 ?????? dc Anti-Jewish attacks 'explode' in France by AFP 3:59pm Thu Mar 27 '03 (Modified on 4:48pm Thu Mar 27 '03) Politicans and community leaders have expressed growing fears that the war on Iraq will aggravate tensions between France's 500,000 Jews and five million Muslims - the two biggest groups in Europe. Anti-Jewish attacks 'explode' in France PARIS, March 27 (AFP) - Tensions in the Middle East led to an "explosion" in anti-Semitic incidents in France in 2002, the government's human rights watchdog said Thursday. In its annual report on racism in France, the National Consultative Committee on Human Rights (CNCDH) said there had been a six-fold increase over 2001 in acts of violence against Jewish property and persons. Of 313 acts of racist violence documented in 2002, 193 were anti-Semitic, it said. "If the increase in the number of attacks aimed at the immigrant community is significant, the quantity of attacks aimed at the Jewish commmunity has truly exploded," the CNCDH reported. In a second category of racist acts - threats, graffiti and insults - 731 out of 992 incidents were aimed at the Jewish community, according to the report. Most of the other incidents were directed at the North African immigrant community. The report confirmed a trend established over recent years, which is the steady decrease of racist acts linked to the traditional extreme right and the emergence of the Middle East as the main factor. French Jewish groups confirm that most attacks or insults aimed at Jews today come not from supporters of the far-right National Front party but from young Arabs angry at Israeli suppression of the Palestinian intifada. Politicans and community leaders have expressed growing fears that the war on Iraq will aggravate tensions between France's 500,000 Jews and five million Muslims - the two biggest groups in Europe. On Saturday four left-wing Jews who joined an anti-war demonstration in Paris were attacked with iron bars by a group of Arab men, and on Monday arsonists set fire to a Muslim prayer-room in the northeastern city of Nancy. Last month concern over the growing number of anti-Jewish incidents in schools led Education Minister Luc Ferry to launch a nationwide awareness campaign, including the creation of a monitoring committee in Paris and a team of mediators to step in where there is trouble. "There is a real danger - all the greater because today anti-Semitism is of a new type, coming from parts of society that are more acceptable than the extreme-right: from Arabs and Muslims," he said. School-teachers have reported difficulties teaching sensitive subjects - such as the Holocaust, the Algerian war or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - to classes with large Arab contingents, and some women are routinely ignored by male pupils, according to the education ministry. However the French government's uncompromising stance against the US-led war has helped to calm tensions, according to activists. "The Jewish community is worried about being made a scapegoat while Muslims fear being singled out as the enemy. But France's position on the international front has encouraged republican integration. A national community is forged through trials such as this," said Malek Boutih, president of SOS Racism. A poll conducted by the CNCDH found that 39 percent of French people thought the main victims of racism were Arabs and only five percent thought they were Jews. http://www.expatica.com/france.asp?pad=278,313,&item_id=30011 ----------- Anti-Muslims attacks explode in Iraq and USA by Joe 4:04pm Thu Mar 27 '03 The Zionist war on Muslims continues. Unlike in France, where knowledge of the Zionist cause of this war is understood, the real victims, Muslims, are being slaughtered in Iraq and Palestine while Muslim Americans are being harassed, detained, and/or imprisoned in the United States. Meanwhile, selfish Zionists that are unable to see beyond their own demographic alliance whine and scream about anger in France. ----------- Oh boo hoo hoo by Jim Moran's Fat Ass 4:07pm Thu Mar 27 '03 Poor, poor "anti-Zionist". I guess you don't enjoy watching the U.S. liberate Iraq every night on your T.V. Oh, but I forgot, according to your crack Russian intelligence, the Iraqis are actually winning, ha, ha. Go fuck yourself. Sincerely, Jim Moran's Fat Ass --------- If they don't want to be "free", kill them! by Harold 4:38pm Thu Mar 27 '03 I've never seen so many, fight so hard against "liberation". What's the excuse? Thought our soldiers were going to welcomed with rose petals not bullets. Thought they hated Saddam so much that they were going to welcome us. Huh, some welcome! Guess they don't want to be "liberated", so we'll just have to kill them, and then, of course, "liberate" their oil. --------- Get to know the fighters by use your head 4:45pm Thu Mar 27 '03 Members of the Sunni Muslim and Baath political party are fighting for their lives, much as the whites did in South Africa. They are conviced that once the Shiites, Kurds, Assyrians, et al. finally have a share of the power, they will be the targets of revenge. They way they have treated their fellow Iraqis, well they should be scared to death -- serves them right. ------- more explosive stats by piet 4:48pm Thu Mar 27 '03 from imc palestine pmwatch: During this intifada through 11/25/02, for every 1 Israeli civilian wounded by a Palestinian, FORTY Palestinian civilians are hospitalized in attacks by Israelis. OK the israelis kill fewer women and more combatants but they why can't these reckless demographilthy semites start agreeing on making boxoffice killings voluntary payed per view free (thus fair) fights between consenting adults to the death? Beyond me. I suggest a stop to 'dirtying' the word dirty and free up some funds for the soildoer of forcetune. poetpiet.tripod.com

Very large hiatus awaits my loyal readers (none that I know) since I shall be acquiring motorized wheels again (or peddle, still undecided)to scout out a (re)rootready (re)treat of sorts. So don't worry, I'll be back someday.

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