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328834 Seeley puts the halo he adorned Bush with a few times already, around that poor Timothy character this time and goes: " .. . . it can be safely said that the United States government is one big, Judaic, Freemasonic "666." -- "They're orange!" "--- I go: hey mark, I'm part jewish, got any special operational procedures for disputed territory in mind????? meanwhile, I'm going you a few sixes better --------------  as you might have noticed news7/geometry.htm (page from a book by Jonathan Quintin and if you need more distraction/redirection from your thought channel central station pile up erosion problem but prefer not to stray to far just yet, go here no sixual temptation of any kind --------- (pics of all UK ancient monuments)

328812 instant run-off voting 

328910 Dick Morris (Clinton-, now Bushman) halucinates and someone 'The Exterminator' rakes up some URLs to prove it

328849+8  Israel: Germs, gas and A-bombs Fingers on all the buttons  Rowan Berkeley - Thu Jun 26 - This article first appeared in issue 1/03 of Index on Censorship: Inside the Axis of Evil.  I found it in someone's archive of someone else's archive and thought it was a useful succinct and crisp summation of what we must presumably expect if we buck the Bosses. 

329060 The Best Show In Town by Uri Avnery (Israel) 12:57am Fri Jun 27 '03 The Israeli army has already demolished thousands of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories. This is how it goes: early in the morning, hundreds of soldiers surround the land. Behind them come the tanks and bulldozers, and the  action starts. When despair drives the inhabitants to resist, the soldiers hit them with sticks, throw tear gas grenades, shoot rubber-coated metal bullets and, if the resistance is stronger, live ammunition, too. Old people are thrown on the ground,  women dragged along, young people handcuffed and pushed against the wall. After a few minutes, it's all over  -------------- our book says, this is the way by zappiet -- don't know body be suprised (to see asimilar response to those posted last year and the year before that) unless you knowknot the likes of me another hard to miss nobody ---- semitism at its purest; all around the world now semites in order to in fact and whilst they do perpetrate certain things, claim to suffer these very evils -- it seems ancient polish proverbs have this mechanism down pat ('in the holes' as the dutch say, literally 'in the eyes' meaning spotted) --- america rule(r)s holding its finest flowers 'their' army, the innocent and hansome criminally ransom to subtly selfish verbiage and the sort of thing that's gets 'm and it every time: techniques unfriendly to life, but o so gogogo to the bloatburden of diabolic bego --- good for nothing more than to stratify the associoshow ---- should have fresh blog in a few minutes ------------- bout that fresh blog - on tap at me old adress since tripod at (moved to sweden) is getting upgrades with Sqol and php but the old webftp (clutsy as it is) don't work right now,  so there, so here:  --------- amendment  piet 10:22am Fri Jun 27 '03  I said 'semitism at its purest' but must make it understood that this applies to the sick section of it; perhaps i should have said at its most invincible and wether the material sice of it consists of explosives or that cancerous stuff called money don't matter except I'd put mine on trying to cure the latter: intro_to_currency_issues.htm  ------------------ also added to 329547 BBC gets cut out of/off from Israel for their Vanunu program (great, I've seen it) -------- Angel adds one of his pointers too: news/2003/06/1618616.php  --- 329545 is on the same topic by RB ----------- 329544 Avnery on joint (Pal and Jew) peace force ------------ 329351 Video on zionism (don't know if it's any good ---- 329356+14 Little green football flack ---------- 

329268+5 RB A Fairly recent List Of Jews In US Government ------ I go: if this was a fresh development .. .   piet 2:32am Sun Jun 29 '03 something could easily be done about it, you would already have started to but the biblical founding fathers of private property and commerce were wishing incontinent demographics; offspring countless as grains of sand and they make sure more and more of both show up all over . . and over; for a little ground and grind work one might look at the history of albany ny. At the time it counted no more than a handful of streets one was already called jew's alley cause beads and marbles were swapped for beaverpelt there; go figure. Sooner or later people turn into maggots; all off them. 

329555 and 8th and 9th comment at 74874 dc Slinking Towards Sodom (On the newly won gay rights) -- I go:  I don't know why you put such effort into this issue but if you mean to go to the bottom of it lemme weigh you down a little (unless your conscience has sprung too many leaks): homosexuality can get to be the worst pest when on top of the logocentric snobbery of slave societies 'it' can spawn comes an overlay/refinement that piles on the bullshit in the (jumpst)art form of rocketry, the thrillprice business (Pynchon). To stick with the German situation for a moment. The populist pageant and nature loving manouvrers (man-can-openers?) gathered in the sheep with their seemingly spontaneous cuteness and sensuality which deceived the newcomer about the fakedness of manipulative emotion and once they were locked into the pens of comeradery the hard guys (butches who don't shoot their cool cause they like it hotter .. . .  out of the barrel of a guns and jet engines) take over to herd 'm into the (preferably suffocatively subterranean) arms industry. These tough guys (too good for even the best lover) who sublimate their sexual orientation into a heart hardening attitude towards those they (should) have their power to thank for are like the second stage of a rocket discarding the first 'spent' 'stage props' that 'proppeled' thus far .. . and so it is never smart to stimulate this route to on a parness with fellow man and the rest of creation.  --- ps: these guys have a good fast and sober forum (though older versions of netscape don't let you past the first page: and the whole thing sorta died 1999 in terms of popularity; still functional though), are good and funny (I posted Bull pal pit ((from their site)) to this item) ---------------- correction   the item in question is not 'this' item but the one at main carrying the same article (sunday I believe .. .working on the fly at 'clean machines', no refs handy). ----- fragment from Bull pal pit "The beyond annoying, trying-to-sound-tough MSNBC voice-over promoting radio host Don Imus, a frightful combination of Kathy Lee Gifford and Jerry Springer. MSNBC's definition of new levels of free speech are listening to this crusty old coke whore bitch hysterically about how hideous life is on his Architectural Digest-featured, tax-exempt Imus ranch. "

329515 Blind, Deaf, Dumb and Deluded: White America unfit for global role by Black Commentator 

329218 Jose Bove (New Left Review) -- 329217 80 policemen went to lift him off his bed and chopper him to prison

329143 +26 Victor David Hanson's bigotry allows him to project global problems onto carriers who seem like schooling age persons having a squabble, it allows him to use 'defense' when the opposite should be and it implies that americans always fight fair

329551+7 (seeley and joke posters) on Gibson's new movie (with jesus' last hours)

329561Green fishes -- I go: hmmm Some of those fighting this development try make use of the very most twisted arguments possible (such as claiming those suffering from its results far into the future journeying back and unravelling the knit to the point where things went wrong)  Failure to EMBED DNA IS... AN ELECTRICAL GROUNDING ISSUE. Access to ground - electrical AND psychological, is access to fractality, is access to the geometry of braid embedding. This is similar to the biomagnetic shock schizophrenic alienation universal among  urban dwellers ripped from exposure to the fragile long wave Earth's long wave 'schumann' magnetic blood stream. How different are those kids, after 20 minutes barefoot in mud around a spring in an old forest...  I have an idea, let's measure the change in attention span! MANY ET races look on our planet with the trepidation we look at a dangerous petri dish with a potent virus that MIGHT escape. --- ------- story/0,3604,319704,00.html GM genes can jump species, says expert GM food: special report GM food: special report James Meikle Monday May 29, 2000

329472 Help Free the Rainbow Warrior  "WI-FI" KILLERS? - Letter to the WHO - FCC Opens Rule Making on RF Exposure - Re: Spanish story - Take action to defend the Yellowstone BioGem! - Help Free the Rainbow Warrior - Be a voice for a toxic free future - Broad-spectrm/ herbicides highly toxic to humans and other species.

329440 (focussed on south asia, claim to want 'composite culture' ((2810 google hits)) but I couldn't find any on this site; here though: - does seem like a ragephrase in south asia .. . .. derisive but not altogether counterfactual writs)  looks like another effort by that Austin man (the libertythinker) he is plain lying of course 20.000 visitors since the end of april??? this looks good: ----------- 329588reports libertythink down - I go: gave up its ghost to feed the babies???? (indiabased and oriented so that's a stretch from Austin) but his one is closer to home:  this is the eco linklist there (omitted here)

329047+8 Specialization Is Slavery 

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Found some really fresh Arguelles (at least I thought so at first but it looks like it just sorta adds the date when a new you happen to google a new addition to whatnot they index) on this (just mentioned) site too (find more on him in the final block before last of this file): /hier.htm (short file) and /1.htm(a liddul longer ((not date stamped (((sorta curious in itself for folk with such obsession about modernizing the hermeticism of time))) but I've seen it 2 weeks ago)), lists 40 twisted roads purportedly leading to the timewarp) ------------ look at this predictably inevitable squabble - I could have told them that nobody keeps nor needs to keep, account (a, and one same count) the same way:

A search for sacred geometry images got me to renew earlier acquaintances and make new ones best mainstream and accesible page I found this time around A site linking the platonic solids and more complicated less known spikier, socalled stellated versions with many more much narrower (tangleprone )angles (should be a feast for the holistic/abstract numerate numbskull) to kaballah is one of the most popular (second place in fact - this material is already familiar but they have renamed it meanwhile): -- care to compare???? geometry_main.htm ---

next is the physiology of bubbly froth animated and all -- stunning vistas cobbled together by a prof in Richmond Va (am I repeating myself yet when I say he links to Tenen but not to Dan??? If that's the case so be it but he is not the only one and again, this not the first time I notice) Henry lives here too: a GIGANTIC load of art(ists) /sacred_anman1.htm animated mandalas --- created from organic sources /organic.htm -- the colour artistry is grand on these things but I'm missing the cutting edge contrasts as in Arguellesian appsalutisms -- this place is a real gusher though and all for free too!!!!!! -- this man's scope is not only kaleidic but highly integruadual and wiiiiide in the dreamspellian sense - matter of fact I don't see why this guy should not have quite such a large following or why I hadn't ever seen his work before now -- well, that goes to prove that niches are niches cause most folk don't know about 'm. he says: "I entered into the New Age movement at the age of 39 and discovered the best source of information was the "real reality" teachings by Jane Robertson's Seth Material." - this man picks up stones and divines their past; he has a preference for ancient monuments - /picture2.htm in the Hurtakian 'Dove' line - VAST SITE!!! See the second encore further down for a sample by this shamelessly planetarian prole - I wonder why Dan never mentioned this Billy Dayholos before .. . .---- this is basically a David Yarrow like dowser who hasn't involved into spilling a gab on my pet topic just yet . .. .this man is a Druvalo friend and quite as boring with his prose as cute with his pics -- I am starting to feel the 'flower of life is my sorta flour of life's abductor and no help toward the necessary findfoundfoundforall of a proper exstractor (dust from stone is what I mean newbies, you may found refs sprinkled throughout this site as its main theme  ------- they won a 'visionary art' award from funny enough one can see a short doc on the legal hassles put upon Dan Winter (who's site is not listed here (( but sports a 14Mb pfd just so you don't miss any of his most important work) by the maker of this site rank 10th on a search for sacred geometry a list of fringe folks at a popular site (where Dan is conspicuously lacking since some close associates ARE listed)

this site is always good for a perkup and laugh or two: like: merciless pages, I hope they stay up and hard -- so, ellie is clearly not afraid to links that go against her usual 'grain's train' (probably why she makes it to a half a miljon 'succesful' hits a day, those have to be file hits right??? She's got plenny -- I don't like her gold infatuation) ----- 329096 Henk posts a cropcircle and I go: hahaha piet 2:02pm Fri Jun 27 '03  explosion of folk who feel they are really handling time .. .. without even bothering nor understanding this takes the savvy to pick up a rock and treat it right. If something simple like that fails how can we hope to get anywhere with the more complicated matters?????????? --a real hanky shoestring pan key site some sort of vast data base with a predilection for yet another uniquely conjectured figuration of the same old tired 'discipline'/'category' faultline terms; I get to see a picture of emmet fox here (suprise!!!) geometry1.htm mostly candy coloured art for sale not ready yet; a site focusing on some indian gurus like a sai baba who is not the fat afroheaded one tweakable mandalas for sale ('10 days of playing time') revisited thanks to one of the Phil Callahan promotress down under Martin Gray - PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER - The Sacred Site Pilgrimage (aesthetics oriented) Collection of articles about fakes and frauds, intended to help feng shui shed the snake-oil-and-incense image. This place with a humourous edge found via jmichell.htm a classic spearhead in the art of remembering

that's enough art for now .. wait, I'll throw 'snake woman' into the bargain as en encore:

second encore:sample text snippet from where the maker purports to know a thing or two about vortexes and I must say he has the most remarkable picture to date I have ever seen showing a whole swath of territory in a lake region to have seemingly been caught up  in some a really hot sorta swirling device and subsequently cooled and congealed with its print on it (forgotten which file exactly): Long ago the ancient ones knew what we have forgotten. Their trips through out-of-body (OBE) experiences led them to the truth. The figure to the right is a North American native shaman leaving his body via the silver cord that extends from his head. This figure is a pictograph from Annie Island on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Robert Bruce's book is a good source for more understanding on the silver cord. When a person has an OBE some see themselves attached consciously to the physical body via an invisible energetic linkage called the silver cord. The physical location is usually consistent with where they perceive themselves to be in the real world. I believe that a lot of the pictographs are road maps into the dimensions.
A revisit: pageone.htm although john boy never answered my query (over a year ago) directly he put up the following indirect answer/addition since then (he added a picture too and bears an uncanny resemblence to a dutch celebrity of the hour, the historian/novelist Geert Mak) - " .. ..  .. and represents a phenomenon that occurs once in over 40,000,000 years*." ----  * mathematical probability analysis of 9 planets - rotating within 360 degrees - allowing an orb of 6 degrees The chart is one of 1.478314266 to the 10th power and occurs once in 40,501,760 years. --------------- The Pi Factor The "Pi Factor" states that the precise difference between the solar day/year and the sidereal day/year is a factor of " Pi " (actually Pi + or - a "factor of pi"). In other words no astronomical measurement is a constant, there will ALWAYS be a variation that is related to Pi and any variation within the variation will also be related to PI. It is Pi which provides the perfect ultimate reconciliation between the solar and sidereal systems. Additionally, Pi, is an infinite progression and any calculation that includes pi will be either excessive (3.1416) or insufficient (3.14159). The "excess" or "insufficiency" is a part of "The Pi Factor" and it invariably creates an inaccuracy. --------------- 

How does the Pi Factor affect our present calendar? Once every four years we add one day (leap year) to our calendar. Four times .2422 days is 0.9688 days which means that we are adding an extra 0.0312 days (notice the Pi approximation) every four years. Now that we are past February 2000 (leap year) and all of the intermediate Gregorian adjustments have been made, the calendar will now continue to creep (by a Pi Factor) 0.0312 days every four years and amount to a calendar creep of 18 hours 43 minutes 12 seconds per century. We compensate, somewhat, for this situation by not (usually) including the turn of the century as a leap year (2000 was an exception to this rule). And, according to Pope Gregory's calendar reform we will skip over three leap days every four hundred years. So, presently we will accumulate a "negative or backwards" calendar creep (relative to precession) of 2.88 hours every 400 years. This results in only an extremely slight inaccuracy of our tropical calendar being just 3 days in a 10,000 year period (pretty darn close! and the actual variation approximates Pi or 3.14 days in 10,000 years). There is presently no convenient way to compensate for this microscopic difference. Nevertheless, the present calendar affords no clues as to where it is that we are within the present age of Pisces and the irreconcilable 3 day per 10,000 year difference amounts to an average of 25.92 seconds of time each year, which is 6 minutes 28.48 arc seconds of the Earth's rotation. Every 10 years the 6 minutes and 28.48 seconds of arc accumulates to 1 degree 4 minutes 44.8 seconds of arc. This difference, if left unaccounted for in our precessional computations, extends the perceived length of the Age of Pisces by 77.696 years every 10 years!!! -----In other words, we will never enter the Aquarian Age according to the present scheme of The Gregorian Calendar.The Pi Factor is inconsequential in our day to day calculations, however, in calculations of enormous proportions (outer space - astronomical ages) the Pi Factor becomes significant. Significant enough to produce Ice Ages! see, Orbital Variance Theory The present length of the mean solar day is 24 hours. The apparent solar day varies from the mean solar day by as much as "almost" 32 minutes (pi approximation) which is averaged out to a difference of + or - "almost" 16 minutes on either side of the mean (more Pi factor stuff). The time difference between the mean solar day and "precession"(sidereal time) is 3.141592654 (Pi) seconds (of time) per day. Pi seconds per day accumulates to 22.94884425 hours in 72 years or approximately 1 degree (day) of arc. (Precession is approximately 1 degree in 72 years.) Click here for " Orbital Variance " as one of the contributing causes of precession. ======== In "otherworldly" transcendental terms, the "Pi factor" is the key to the most precise reconciliation between Man and the Cosmos, it is the key to the portal between two "realities". ======== ( For more on Pi click here ). -- The "Star" which is introduced in this presentation appeared between two "Great Months" (The Ages of Aries and Pisces) and between two "Great Years" (25920 years) all within a "Pi Factor". The timing of the star's appearance gives us more precise information which we can utilize to adjust our "macro-cosmic" time keeping system. The "Star" is an astronomical "landmark" and is the only one that history shall ever reveal. You can set your clocks and the astrological wheel by the timing of its appearance. It allows us to know, for the first time in history, precisely where it is that we are within the present "Age". 

Well, after ploughing through all this stuff I find out the lass who meanwhile occupies the seat next to me studies the sorta material orderly heaped into the biblitheca philosophistin hermeticum or whatever, that library -- dedicated to hermeticism (the ancient type, not the modern update I have just summated my most recent review of, earlier on/up in this file)  and started by Joost Ritman (who made his fortune with disposable cutlery used on flights (verwerpelijk produkten die tijdens de hoge vuilnis vluchtvoort in mum van manouvre tijd tot afval gewegwerkt worden)  in Amsterdam's Rozenstraat -- is called again, she pores over a book by Jocelyn Godwin about Athanasius Kircher who col(lect)ated some wild idiot savants from the Middle Ages ----- My attention is drawn by/to a less heady more organic forerunner of the 260 Tzolkin (dutch version):Ars Magna Lucis (7 jan 1647) for example (showing the entire known world in an olive tree (a man with open book at at base of it ((the region called Rome)) and a 2 headed eagle ((in one called called austria)) topping it) with indications for what sort of time they might be having there by number seguence from 1 through 12 starting at the appropriate number on the left side of a band across the top half of a circle and ending with that same number but on the right side, suggesting (besides a simplistic and crude sundial) a longing for the long since destroyed extatic (pagan) process characteristic of simultaneity, union, rite and coherence; this emotion drives the uniforming 'technosphere' (to speak Teilhardian/Arguellian tongue) infect, project and pervert of the once whole yet separate world), and a Jesuit Universal Horoscope .. . . . It sits in here but I can't get 'm open (x.djvu extensions????) ----- here's a very similar version: --- The Angel and the Compass: Athanasius Kircherís Geographical Project ----------- a giant version (everything legible 2Mb) explicatio horoscopij catholici horoscopium catholicum societ iesu  which is almost the same as in the book except that in this case the word 'prouin' plus a locality name (not exclusively roman empire) are situated in the top half of a circle instead of some sort of lateral elipse inside of which we see a kind of double vortex traced by 2 horizontal wires in the oval progressively constrained toward the middle by vertical ones with, at the end of which we see the same number arrangements put into that band I mentioned (going across the top of the half circles in the online version) in an oval which is lying down

First of the five google hits for Arguelles and hermeticism (fifth be me suprisingly): 15K This site is called Ethnogenesis ------------- Utopian American Communities: in the U.S. from the 1700s to the Space Age

will be continued with a quest to search out the best hits from among the results for 'geodesia' or 'tensgrity' (perhaps in combination with geodesic architecture or some such terms) - here's Bucky himself: ---- Tensegrity_Puzzle.html  ------- constructions.html good ol' george

  some more


329683, -4 or -5? alternet story on Dean's middle east hawkishness by

329682+7on cowardice, fear and commerce

329726+6  Revisionist historian ruled a racist in court  Deutsche Presse-Agentur -- a commenter posts: "Preferring Our Violence Wholesale - Race and Destruction in Black and White" By Tim Wise, Counter Punch, June 30, 2003

329672+8 (a laugh) 

74384 Gringo Starr on the prison population BALTIMORE SUN ----- I go: You aint mentioned the 'best' part yet  don't worry I'm not the fat lady but for now the amount of prisoners exceeds that of people living on farms (since last year I believe) far cries ache! ! ! ! ! ! ! !   In curious contrast stands a documentary (forget specs) showing heavy criminals allowed to work on a ranch and quite happy to deal with horses and all. A big enough fence and some healthy rules will the modern enclosure green rite quick me fancies . . .(as being within the realm of possomeansends and all) 

74182 Thomas Nagy on aid to Israel

329??? A 'Heinz has finally managed to make a few sites that work and -- trilingual even (perhaps not the same fella as that 'heinzreporter') ---- the mysterious jean shows up again too:

329569+16 Seeley ---  I go: The jubilee number  you seem to have confidence in that number judging by your URL mister ( see ley (you wanna get into dowsing, a circuit of very friendly folk you will find in less need of chastisement).  --- then I post a fragment on jumping genes (Dan Winter's way of embedding a Guardian article to be precise) which by golly finds a little resonance from 'noprognosis' to which Seeley replies:The commenter never explained what he meant by synchronicity. It sounds like simply another way to say "coincidence"--that is, intended to mean "not consciously intentional." I think that is nonsense. 

329845 and 329653+2 (pic) abort-boat boarded up in poland - piet -  first they were kept out, now let in but .. . .  link to bbc article and boycott info (by wojtek crossposted from lbo-talk) --- -------- progress and perils poll shows abortion dropping down the priority list of US citizens but that still leaves it the most often perpetrated 'action' on the female body and largely illegal to boot -

329824+10 (5 are mine - crossposts from lbo) A policeman's day on the protest line - by meltedpriest---- I go: I sympathize with opponents equally and if 'anarchists' would sorta follow on what a fresh feature here (Not. I confused main with dc.indy 74889 which nobody noted or thought worth remarking on)says: "anarchists have built a community that has rejected consumerism in favor of a lifestyle that is less  parasitic and predatory on the rest of humanity. More than any  other political tendency, Anarchism which sees the personal as the political, parallels contemporary spiritual movements in its search for personal transformation as an essential component  for social change. Yet, Anarchists are often associated with confrontational street demonstrations."  we would have all those hardasses (except for those needed to restrain 'sportsfans') out of a job in no time and yet perhaps looking to join us still to co-create some all-round more favorable conditions ----------  illustrations of 'culcha' gap from lbo-talk ------------- Police Ethics - Matt 10:00am Tue Jul 1 '03 comment#329867 What I find interesting is the line of ethical thought that the Police as well as the rest of the right wing has adopted... "If I can name someone who at sometime did something worse than what I am doing, what I am doing is justified..." ---  This line of thought is used by police who beat and produce trumped up charges against protesters in this country... It also is used to justify what the U.S. violations of human rights in Iraq. It is a false logic that right wing leaders are using to convince soldiers and police to betray any democratic ideals they may have. ----------------- Class warfare - Journo <<snip>> Can you imagine? "Excuse me, sir; could you comment on the effect of IMF structural adjustment programs on Jamaican farmers?" Cop: "Move, hippy!" "Sorry, I can't hear you, sir. Could you remove that gas mask? How about the legitimacy of the WTO. Should its secret tribunals be allowed to strike down environmental laws designed to protect your children?" "Fire!" -------------- Lame - Big Mac 1:33pm Tue Jul 1 '03 comment#329890 If, in that entire article, the only thing you can find to pounce on is an improper use of a pronoun, you obviously have nothing to say and aren't contributing anything to the discussion. Quit wasting our precious lifetime. --------------- my two cents meltedpriest 11:12pm Tue Jul 1 '03 comment#329969 Thank you all, for responding. Some of your comments were interesting, but the one's that simply dismiss the writer as a "stooge" or "oink'er" are missing the point. The way to win any battle (and yes, we ARE in a battle, even if our intentions are peaceful) is to understand the opponent. Does this man see himself as a "cog" in the "machine?" It may surprise you to know that yes: he has posed that question, to himself. It might also surprise you to know that he's a big fan of George Orwell, and he is well-read (IMO: he reads all the WRONG literature, but he's well-read, nonetheless). Finally: it may help to look at this article as a "process." Consider: he mentions that a lot of mail was sent before the marches expressing alarm at potential protests. One strategy might be to deluge the mayor, the police, and the local news with requests to tone DOWN the massive police presence. Do we really need a 1:1, police: protestor ratio? I think the money would be better spent on police sensitivity training, rather than cool new hi-tech toys.

329854  New-Age Answers for Age-Old Questions  --  Nevereverdrop A raindrop's search for the meaning of life. Written at the request of my son Jason, who wanted a story about a raindrop, it took on a life of its own and quickly evolved into much more. (1988) 

329913+8 Michael McGehee wins excellent indyan award with exemplary parental care over 'his' item

329960 profvr spiel -- excerpt:  Granpappy Jim Bell on Amerikkka's Robben Island.   Minarchists aprove.  8/15/2002 - The Jim Bell System Revisited  Robert Vroman addresses his opponents, clarifies his positions, and invites the next round of debate. ----  7/11/2002 - The Jim Bell System Robert Vroman describes "Assassination Politics" and offers reasons why it is moral and inevitable...  Anarcho crapitalists.Well you do have to ante up but it doesn't have to cash. See... You must remember theory no one has to die. Assassination Politics Convicted tax evader Jim Bell proposes a system of anonymous ecash awards for the murder of "aggressors", such as IRS agents. See also Crypto-Convict Won't Recant. What he misses is that his system, if tolerated, would merely force government to operate secretly rather than openly. - found there also: open_source/newman-n-3.html Should Public Policy Support Open-Source Software?  -- Raymond, Lessig, Taylor, Newman and Band (each 3 rounds)  ---- new adresses (first appearance at this site) via Never calm, your unrest home  - - - -  - -  (complete sort of linklist) - - excerpted one liners from a Sadie Plant book I liked a lot ---- technically speaking (1999, 20K interview) --- jean smart is another woman (actress) I like -   community gardens (almost the only non-reactionary (uncombattive) link on the page

h(des it ge!F -

 330139 Flirting with Fascism by John Laughland 11:28pm Wed Jul 2 '03 The American Conservative ---- I add a discussion of this article at lbo-talk

????? portland I am not about to point out the misfocus with regard to the voting issue yet again; search me on it (vote poetpiet)

330129 (undergroundnews) on slavery (again, I add a snippet from lbo . .. .this place turns out to be rastafari from florida  - Post script: they figure the DC sniper 'the great warrior' has a metaphys. conn. with the mothership niburu --- a fine example of muddle heads egging each other on with sura verse number additions and such bible code spawned bunkum borrowed in this case from Arguelles) (via nettime)

330083 activist has Howard Zinn commended  ebook for ya at 5 paypal$ a pop -- --- (I followed a thread on various viewpoints regarding semite, including indifferent - a frequent poster (gabor with clown pic) goes: Now, let's say that people who live in Appalachia, are proud to live in Appalachia (they are, I know, I live there [here]), and they call themselves primarly appalachian. That is perfectly okay, but that still doesn't give them some kind of inherent right to turn the region into an independent country. ???? - obviously not a friend of secession --- ??? ---- 330075+3 exegesis of IMC posters?? Turns out to be on the dangers of cannabis --------- 330035+2 on Coulter (mainstream pulp) ---- 330014+3 Bagdhad malnutrition ??? -----  330003+4 Deadly nuclear waste returned to US forces in Iraqby Greenpeace --------- 329999+3 Condoleeza Rice: No To Multipolar World by via  Rowan Berkeley  ---------- 329988+5 satirical tips making fun of Chomsky, Pilger,  etc --- the last commenter posts lots of conspiracy links and goes: "America doesn't even belong to Americans. " -- You got that right buddy, never did either -----

329991+5 The Supreme Court is Repealing Democracy by James Leroy Wilson 3:45am Wed Jul 2 -- The anti-anti-sodomy decision was just another sanctimonious display of destroying state sovereignty even further under the illusion of advancing individual rights. Nothing good will come of the decision.. ( a article; its author writes for also). ------------- sanctimonious, but not in the sense you think --by piet-- 5:09am -- and certainly not merely amusing anymore once you realize homosexuality is the femme version that 'mothers' butch fascism to which they themselves fall victim (Germany case in point) has great new Zizek!!!!! Total genius!!! Excellent .. .. but it is in german and only an excerpt --- the real thing is long and as a complete an account of the state of our collective 'soul' (if you will) as you could wish on Strauss and Larouche

dneiwert.blogspot.commore on fascims (via lbo)

lionel sims (or stims) thinks that the stoneagehenge meant to reconcile the yearnings for a freeer, easier, hunter/gatherer moon oriented women ruled past with the exigencies, hardships and regimentation of the sun/male ruled future after all big game had been used up. has devoted a program to evolutionary psychology. In it we see Robert Wrangham (author of 'demonic males') do his spiel on the violent chimp vs peaceful bonobo surrounded by exquisite footage filled with peacocks and geoffrey Miller's views. Quite good. In fact excellent; these programs seem to get better and better as they go along. I must however admit I stand corrected. My account of said book was flawed. Turns out it was not the fact the males and females were seperated for long bouts of foodsearch associated reasons but that the female chimps needed to spread out and the bonobo ones didn't thus forging bonds which were stronger than those of the opposite sex!!! In other words, they did this irrespective/despite the male bondstrenght forged on long forage/hunting excursions. ... . .. Can someone mail me on wether chimps eat more meat than Bonobos???? ---- Somewhat related: Peter Gabriel jams with the already keyboard savvy Bonobo Celeb Kanzi (long article, via

330239 Fear factory -- links to a prospect org article; a good rag from the UK

330349 poster

330268 Latuff+28 -- blacks and minorities form the butt and brunt of affrontery reaction bearing burdened beasts. Includes a counter argument: As Peter Feaver, a Duke University expert on race relations in the military, says, "You can't kick all the racists out of America, but you can kick them out of the military."

330206+8 Bush "Dares" Iraqis to "Bring it ON!" because "Hey I'm Safe in USA!!!" ---- this sort of speculation and bicker reminds me of Norman Mailer who is so in love with his audience that he can't help but measely mumble soothing syllables (this weeks nyrb) whos logical values has slid well into the demented range --- he compares Iraq to a dialysis patient and militarism to a skill like any other (considering that word is only that twisted letter away from what it IS about one need not wonder it takes a well sharpened conscience to catch this sSSsleigh of 'consapped') instead of calling foul over fighting and fouee over doing so unfairly, throwing such a blemish over the almighty uniform that it wouldn't ever again wear well, he whines about Bush's 'appearance' in undeserved garb

330263  Google related prank at The Register

330226330139 continued (on fascism) -- by lbo'ers via piet 1:00pm Thu Jul 3   thought this was worth a follow up -- Subject: RE: [lbo-talk] Neocons Inspired By Italian Fascists? ------- Doug sez: The article said that Ledeen admires the model of Italian  fascism, a rather interesting point. The guy has some influence in the admin and on the right. Why isn't this relevant and worrisome? --------------- Hi,  Not relevant because you are being taken for a ride that started with Telos and their flirtation with deBenoist years ago.  First, the basic argument in the article is fallacious, as I said  before, and anyone who cares to diagram it on paper will see that it  fails the logic sniff test.  The clue is in the subtitle:  "Neocon theorist Michael Ledeen draws more from Italian fascism than from the American Right" ------------  -------------  Obviously both should be opposed, but the clear preference shown here for Ledeen & Co. over against the Buchananite conservatives probably has to do with the former's support for Israel as a militarized client of the US, as opposed to the latter's critique of that. G Easterbrook  -----------  If you want to take the ideology seriously, there's also this contrast: Buchanan is really a reactionary - he wants to go back to the America of the 1950s, or 1840s. He's not fond of the social  turbulence that capitalism creates - in that sense, he's a bit of a Euro-style anti-market rightist. Ledeen loves all that creative destruction, and admires the revolutionary energy of Italian fascism (which was in love with Futurism, right?). Buchanan doesn't care much about the world outside our borders - Ledeen drips with lust to throw a crappy little country against the wall now and then.  Doug -- as -- I hope everyone realizes -- you pointed out in a devastating lead to the recent LBO.   -------------- Just checking to see who got the allusion (though I must thank Jeet Heer for having turned up the quote and posted it here).  Doug   --------------  Hi,  I guess I need to make it clear that I at least DO NOT have a preference for Ledeen over Buchanan. They are both political zealots with antidemocratic tendencies. I have followed Ledeen with distaste for many years, ever since I was researching John Singlaub and the World Anti-Communist League and I kept running into Holly Sklar in the same archives and libraries in D.C. researching the U.S. support for the Contras in Nicaragua. It finally dawned on us that we were researching  different sectors of the same loose network. We, and a few other researchers, were busy trying to unscramble the puzzle when the Iran-Contra Scandal broke.   Chip Berlet Senior Analyst  Political Research Associates ----------   .Me: still waiting on some jokes and views regarding Berlusconi's distraction manouvre, leading attention away from the GMO agenda .. ..anybody know his views on that .. I can guess since he sees fit to throw a row and is habitually turning faked beauty into a label to sell plain poison, compliance and complacency. The rightwingers I futilely try engage in debate over at the dutch leg of the matriots called polinco (5 times the traffic of the american leg) love berlusconi, hate leftist maffia and like the fact he wants to buy the Pim Fortuyn house called pallazo di pietro by the late man himself who by the way was called an 'extreme-right' politician by euronews but well. .. . . that is a real erratic station with excellent 'no comment' shots and the dumbest weather forecasts imaginable.
330537+13Seeley(I add a 666 related post from the timewavezero2012 group) ----------- 330664 here's A Bunch Of Maniacs On The Loose! Pink Freud 9:54pm Sat Jul 5 '03 address: Brainwashington ------ 330576 Dangerous lunatic loose in European Parliament - ------- 330648 ------ (haven't read it yet; probably one of his more assinine pieces) ------- 330625 Winston-Salem ------- 330621 Fisk at -------- 330616 (a feature with plenty of links) These co-ops allow for direct worker ownership which leads to an often radical definition of what working in them means to the individual involved.

----------- ------------- Karl Kraus -------- ------------ ------------ ------------ looks like pornication ------------- fwd from the Dreamtime Village list --- pharmacide -------------- 

dc75724 Poor choices, missed chances, a life in trouble  by Jodie Tillman 7:47pm Mon Jul 7   Eric Daley, who was fleeing a traffic stop with more than two pounds, struck and killed trooper Johnson. Ironically it was not the state but Daley, described as a libertarian, who repeatedly failed to accept responsibility for his actions. ----------- I add this:> Subject: Re: Waking People up... If there is one thing I would recommend it's reading a book titled, "The Culture of Make Believe." ------------ Bush, the man who brought us the trillion dollar deficit, the loss of civil rights in the name of freedom, the preemptive strike in the name of democracy, and the 2 billion dollar a day military budget in the name of peace. If you work for him and are proud, then good for you. That's all I'm saying. But at least be honest about what you do and who you work for. Stop rationalizing it as some kind of peaceful, environmentally friendly coop for the well-being of the planet. The US military is the largest most destructive military ever assembled and if it's peace you see out there in the world, then please explain to me why so many innocent people are getting killed by American troops? Please explain to me their record on the environment. As for news, well if you look online you can find news sources from around the world, and the only ones waving the American flag are the same ones who put your boss into office. I'm sorry if this sounds angry, but please, stop rationalizing the US military as some sort of extensive humanitarian organization. It's offensive to me. It's offensive to those still imprisoned without trial in this country and around the world due to US forces. It's offensive to those who have lost family due to the military push for oil and other resources. It's offensive to those who suffer poverty because our tax money goes to war and not education and human welfare. The only people who receive humanatarian aid from the US military are those who work for it. I mean it's just pathetic and frustrating to hear this. Ask the people who lost children in Iraq how they feel about your humanitarian work. Jim ---------- Message: 10 Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 08:58:00 -0700 From: "wilddesert" Subject: Re: Waking People up... --------- Is there a government currently practicing on this earth who you feel has - the right answers? -------- There a many government on this earth who have a better plan for life than the US. (Please don't be say, well why don't you move there. I choose to stay here and change this one.) I suppose it comes down to what a person's needs will be. If you want health care, low crime, great schools, civil rights and environmental awareness, well, the US rates pretty low on all of these. I hesistate to name other countries because it sets me up to defend all the policies of that country. So I'll let you do the homework. If you want to live in a forest surrounded by nature, then there are many other countries where it's easier to do this. ---------- What are they doing differently? ---------- I think if you pay attention to the Kyoto Protocol, the UN agreements, the Forum on Racism held in Johannesburg, and many other place you will see that America runs around the world excluding itself from any meaningful dialogue for civil rights, health care, environmental protection and other human needs. The US pretty much says, do what we tell you or else. (This has been true for a very long time extending back before Reagan, but certainly made worse starting with Reagan.) What they do differently is make an attempt to work together to solve global issues. What the US does is ignore it in favor of corporate profit. -------- How can America change to be more like them? ---------- We need to end the connection between lobbyist and elections. Campaign finance reform must be enacted in a meaningful way. I say this with reservations because it's clear now that Gore won the last election by 500,000 votes. (No I didn't vote for either of them so don't call me a whining Democrat.) So it's unclear whether another coup will take place at the next election. But barring that our government has been completely taken over by a fascist regime, and there is another election, we need to end the connection between corporate profit and those who get elected. -------- What are some of the practical, grass root actions > you feel American citizens should be taking to affect the changes we all > agree need to take place? --------- Talk to your neighbors about war, corporate profit, the loss of innocent life caused by war, the loss of freedom caused by the US military in this country and around the world and the need to speak up immediately. Not another innocent person should die for our oil or other resources. And we must speak up for those who have already died. Next, go to your city council meetings and bring up the connection between corporate interest, the military, environmental damage and the loss of health care, education and civil rights. Make it clear that they will not be re-elected if they do not address these issues. The economy is in shambles because of these problems and it's high time to say something about it on a city level. Next, do the same to the upper levels of government. But don't stop there! Go to churches and say this. In fact, make it a point to bring it up at least once a week to someone. It's amazing. You'll find that many many people are already talking about it. ---------- You have made it clear what you don't like and > what you are sure is not the answer, but can you show me what you think is > good and right? --------- It's good and right to have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and a healthy environment free from human-made toxins. CIA death squads, smart bombs that kill innocent people, environmental holocaust, military tribunals, prisons instead of health, education and welfare - These are the enemies of freedom. If you work for this cause, if your husband works for this cause, then you need to find help, much like an abused person needs to find help. Sometimes the excuses seem okay, but enabling the system of your abuse doesn't solve the problem. There are places out there who will help you end your contract with the military, and help you find other work. This is a good place to start. As chaogrrl said, "Not in our name." That is the rallying cry of those who want to end the slavery of war. Jim -------------- piet: now get this, Jim is in conversation with a service man who strives to be polite and apologetic about his situation (the one he got himself into through bad choices early on out of too few options to choose from in the first place) as well as the human race in general (too wrapt up in the killthrill successes to stop and wonder how fair the fighting is/was/remains); now observe how warpy/loopy and double faced his reasoning and agent allocation (big gun = discipline = benevolence = unassailability = authority): the service man: it is interesting how people will give you a bunch of negativity and not have a second thought about it for the rest of the day. But, the person you accost, degrade, deomoralize, attack, whatever carries that with them for the rest of the day. It is a negative experience for them. So, I would ask you to consider the possibility that the way you present yourself may have an impact on others and thier state of well being. I.E. you could potentially lead someone to feel a certain way or have
an impact on thier mood. Would you agree with that? 

dc75335+21 (brian initiates and dominates this post of under the title): is israel really the innocent victim of arab aggression? ------- excerpts: Prospects for peace seem slim and growing slimmer. One indicator of the difficulties that lie ahead is National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice's comment in Tel Aviv in mid-May 2003. Ms. Rice said that the 'security of Israel is the key to the security of the world.' As one close observer of right wing influence on U.S. policy put it, this goes far beyond even the "neocon claim that the security interests of the U.S. and Israel are identical." ---------- Part of Ronald's documentation for this article is based on Livia Rokach's book "Israel's Sacred Terrorism." AMEU carried this book for several years in the mid-1980s. It was then, and remains, one of the most convincing proofs of Israel's decision to expand its territory by 'provocation -and- revenge.' Israel would 'provoke' an aggressive act, Arabs would respond militarily; Israel would claim unprovoked hostility against Jews; the Israeli public would call for 'revenge' and 'retaliation,' and this would lead to occupying more Arab land. -------- this item also contains a Montclair University link to an essay by/about Sharett -- Uri Avneri on Livia Rokach's translation and abbreviation of Moshe Sharett's Diary.  Livia Rokach did clean work. 

dc75324 Pat Robertson Engages in Illegal Mining Operation in Liberia (weapons documenting project)

portland.indy .. . /en/2003/07/267518+20 on alcoholism

331343 Censor this by Richard Kobzey  It seems virtually impossible for peaceful protestors to triumph over the brutality of fierce suppression ------- I go: intriguing so far but what do you suggest?  If you despair of ever becoming a quicker clicker put you pop up suppresants in place and find out what I do in that 'field' --- Arena delivers proof positive he has been paying close attention to me --- he is really a nice man full of profuse praise and wellknown primer/item title bar colour fun

331008 Rudolph Mueller (some realvideo and reviews on pharma-crime)

331161+27 WTC Hysteria Debunked --------------- 330962+39  faul play at WTC Hex anon w encryption pulls on the stops on defending this line of argument (Arguelles calculations showing its date in line with Hiroshima and its inauguration would suggest so too); he links to (a Barnes Review calibur conspiracy site by Carol Valentine) ---- 331409+12 = follow up Here's the promised URL's and dirt on the N.I.S.T ----  I go: hmmmmmm --  hex: " .. .*never seen this kind of reaction before*. "   I sure have but I been payin 'tension to other indies too. Main is .. .. well ... average on that score.  woWOwow (if I may anagrammatize thee) you brought up 'subjective' and me being a law enforcer of sorts in my own rite, have story: the (amster)dam(n) palace sports an atlas burdened and bent by huge globe along with lovely lifesize bedraped statues all in the original white stone stuff the original band of looters 'roun' here could vy for status with.  A house (owned by a hotelchain) I see oudatha windee has a small size ball placed between a reclining man and woman either side which is bleu with lots of gold stars (if each star ought to be a eu kintry we have a ways to go and it wouldn't be lifelike since they are spread out evenly); me landlord is playing the  'traditionalist' abiding by the rules for 'monuments' (as i said, this was about relativity).   I told him like you that it was a nice contrast to the atlas practically down the street and an addition in every sense of the word.  Now, I probably ought to tell the story of ball lightning and geodesia with paralellograms bent down at the corners but have stood behind this post/stand thingy long enough; my joints are starting to complain from the inert pose, I think I'll collapse onto my cicle for a spell. .. . Oh before I go, a word about dirt; if yar all limbered up about trying to tackle that most benefically mistifiable SUBJECT par excelence I suggest you swing your browsoar thissaway: my URL ---------------- Clairification Hex anon w/ encryption   By never seen this before I meant on here - directed at me.  All within the last day and all right after I recommended people check out that web site only after I checked it out myself in response to the extreme discrediting things said about it in the first place. In other words thier reaction made me suspect they were trying to keep people from viewing the web site for reasons other than what they presented, you know - like "utter garbage".   The first thing that caught my eye was israel's crimes as told by mainstream  newspapers and other news reports, etc   Then I saw the photographs.   "utter garbage" indeed ! 

331154+12 on the weather, as always very responsive to our punily human yet hugely movin' 'n' shakin' 'leaders'

331009+39 Do Not Build A Nationalist US Indymedia Web Site Daniesha Laquandria 7:08pm Mon Jul 7 '03 (Modified on 10:39pm Tue Jul 8 '03) Arguments against such a proposal, put forward by members of Urbana, Illinois IMC. 

330129 (undergroundnews) on slavery (again, I add a snippet from lbo, putting white and black on a par when it comes to slavery) . . - Post script:. .this place turns out to be rastafari from florida, they say the DC sniper 'the great warrior' as they call him"had a home in Arizona, this gives us the Hopi connection" and has a 'metaphys. conn. with the mothership niburu' --- a fine example of muddle heads egging each other on with bible code spawned bunkum borrowed in this case from Arguelles with his sura verse number additions and such; here's them on PAN: hexagram.html(49 = revolution - with Tynetta Muhammed showin' again referenced to where she does columns --- Failed prophecies. Afrocentric ET-ogler Tynetta Muhammed has been putting up with the let-down of her spaceborn pals' no-show. Oracle/9941/more.html--- this fella don't think much of either -- ) ----- anyway, I shall have to read Ital Iman a little closer but I don't expect my firm intuition that no militants on earth nor beyond have their hearts in the right place anymore, no matter how real their grievances (or bycause of them rather!) and however little the chances to get legal redress, to be shaken. In order not to have things happen again scrapping is necessary, one must consider the damage permanent and a lost cause; better off dead than a siamese twin and that's the truth or else you see them advertised right???? . ... . ------ I have devoted a message (in the general discussion 19=260) at the message boards to this site and made a few more comments there concerning my worries over indiginous approval of Arguelles documented in june2.htm ( --- which funny enough I couldn't retrieve at first since I remembered it as sacredpath.--- or (the latter gets you to a 'bush knew' sort of site; lots of conspiracy which defiles the gracenotes by the likes of Roy and green activism a bit much to my taste. This site links to hiddenmeanings.comoff the wall opening page WAAAAAY TOOOO BIIIIIG!!!!! -- Lots of laughs there though; "King James was gay" see the books to prove it by William McElwee and Antonia Frazier --- beats me how these guys get a quarter of a million visitors)

331369 Henkie posts another croppie -- I go: make reference to (or org) --- or the little bundle half a handle's worth of hardwood I'd pulled out of a bin and fashioned into a 5 shape next to a 4 shape (pyramid) in front of my little abode (since tore down by 'town' to end 4 years of peaceful but illegal living) - now the site of stray refuge and it will be for long time to come I bet.
Did I mention I'd been found, weighed and downed some more??? Well, I don't think very highly of these youngsters (obsessed with 'shitty' links in a way that reminds me of some predecessors of or earlier efforts by them; don't ask me which exactly till I've accepted somebody's better infrastructure use offer) who compare me to total waste weirdos like this paranoid delusional tripod neighbour of mine: Roland Vasco  - - but I'm grateful anyway -- And if it is sad enough to see them rise in the google hits (on me) charts (thanks to me being on their front page since april I guess), a less but still derogatory one is here someplace (weird name for an all dutch site don't you think) - his tip for clickers to my page (from/at his) is: 'don't try read it, just click around' ---- speaking of weird dutchmen, would you like to find out what solomon, magic squares Tolkiens rings and the bogatyri (knights) or skazitjeh (minstrels) in Russian Grail Legends (that last tidbit via a paracelsian monastery in Ca with ceremonial rooms for 50$ a day and coupled camping for half that) have to do with each other? See if you find ref to Munin Nederlander (heet eigenlijk Hugo Wormgoor grappig genoeg) who wrote a fat book on Rosicrucians with a pic on the cover that resembles a recent Arguellean effort  --- Dutch:

Also noted directory personal writing section --- and: in the heap of links attached to a very nasty site:

 331359 Haaretz on the palestian plight 

331596 and 331540+8 Undeniable Proof USS Liberty Attack Was An Accident  Peter Enav -- in the comments we find ref to 327645 and 214875 refutation by bbc as well as this: Israel's Sacred Terrorism" (1980) by Livia Rokach, a 63-page on line monograph suggests that this bizarre scenario may not be so preposterous. /zionism/rokach.html(just mentioned her in this file didn't I? . .. .a bare few page ups ago even) ---- 125609 Zionist involvement in Kennedy murder Salvador Astucia, November 2000  --------- 331618 and -7 on USS Liberty too (with articles) --- 331586 Nathan Guttman (Haaretz)

331553 ----------- I go: shouldn't the word be hostage???  as in .. . to be held hostage (for ransom) is an act of hostility . .. . no capito 

331470+6 (low grade comments thanks to mr wowowow) Mossad "Evidence" Used Against Professor Florida Prof. Al-Arian Indicted for Sending Money to Families of Palestinian Martyrs

331448 Tarzan's Back, Ugh!!!  ----------- I go: bull, tarzan was a lifesaver to me!!!!!!!!!!! -- Was he a missionary ruining demographies (selection criteria) throughout africa claiming they would and getting 'respect' (not) for 'saving' another barely viable infant or forbidding warring of all but the highly unfair kind???? ALL WHITE ASSES OUT OF AFRICA EXCEPT TARZAN!!! fresh blog by the way --- check out the bit on bonobo vs chimp (I've had to revise a little due to misunderstanding/ misremembering Wrangham's findings or maybe he revised his since then; saw him on teleac an educational tv company in Holland/Dutch) ---National Geographic features zulu warrior potions by Ian Knight and Tony Pollard (well interesting; reminds me of my pingpong fervor under cannabinoid influence - they have a nice term for it: muscimal for max muscle coordination and frenzy which seems to lame mental accuity but as Robin Williams said: God gave man blood enough to run penis and brain but not both at once 

331411+11  student asks your view  Kristof 9:07am Wed Jul 9 '03  Looking for views, thougths and analysis about "Indymedia as a alternative newsagencie"  Hello  As a Belgian last year-university-student . .. ..   ---------- I go: loadarature bout indyans ova here -- 3 years worth of trying to tweak the indyan mindset unsuccesfully or succesive but unfully, take your peek

331363+5 Is American imperialism international terrorism? M.A.Hussain - is the last comment of this looooong item (and Arena's uncharacteristically lucid and level headed contribution ( . .. .oh, no, wait, he is citing 62974 and 66789 on terrorism) is one before last (he praised me profusely for a recent comment): metal is pretty tight substance yes???  then why not use/employ and ply it in service of intimacy and the old fashioned good sense of leaving no/all man's land corridors between peoples??? No, we had to go and 'invent' and worse use guns; from the handheld one and up translates to basic and worse forms of imperialisms. Stop these in(ter)continental forms of 'success' please wouldacouldashould we??? LETS 

331336+10  wants to unbrand america (nice dark bleu backgrounded blog with a focus on iraq semites and semi semites message boards (my sig there: did noah come from mars? Or is he just a metaphor for man and his forest denuding, boat building ways causing floods? ---):

ok, so than, what about, kucinich for prez and impeachment of the current one site) ------, another conspiracy style site with lots of such content too of course, cute the way they do the headers for the leads and summaries .. .. reminds me of someone) unavailable) ------- (domain for sale) I'll go dig in my files .. . ..alridy, it's in of my logfiles, near the end ---".. .misrepresentations of mayan knowledge as represented by Jose Arguelles, Dreamspell, 13 Moon and others." -- I admit this gives the impression that they don't know what, let alone who they are talking about but the site seems a valiant effort to support indiginous struggles. -------------

ixchel's sig says: carve your name on your heart and not on marble you may need to do some carving on the latter in order to via roundabout ways (soil organisms and thus in-formed produce) take influence on/to ({y}our) heart 

Topic: 19=260, The Holy Qur'an and the Law of Time ------- you may note that obliquely refers to the PAN network (and to just about everything else islamic and black in a similarly obscure way). I wonder if Arguelles and you lot (we?) can approve of this . . .. in the light of the fact they seem to for instance consider the sniper a 'great warrior' ?? This is just a first impression and I will look closer but thought Y'all should know. Is this muddle heads egging each other on with bible code spawned bunkum (or did Khalifa's work antecede it)? --  NO. We're taking a lot off of tortuga because it was very misunderstood. It will be made available in another form. If Germanic people could read old texts of the Vikings they would probably find many spiritual truths inside... yet we can't live like Vikings any more, can we? --- If I felt that way I'd put no site up at all would I?????

more idiot safantasts found with the search word combo arguelles and = christian weirdness - pretty damn all inclusive though - ecumenical almost, they make reference to UR.htm United religions for instance; a veritable prophecies avalanche their page counter shows 83.000 which seems few for such a large size site but their menu's framed version doesn't show the counter so perhaps they don't count hits to it ----- has a very weird rainbowed cross and wild word art -- they link to the /notes.htm at the watch unto prayer site yet have chalked up nearly 7 million  visitors ---- that's only the levelest of most levelheaded inconsistencies, all others are just plain crazy speculations about timelines etc. 

All of which confirms my vey dickshunkinviction that . . .as soon as abstractions hits and interferes with our love of rocks time is born deformed and misfigured and any real worthwile forms of it plain not at all; scarcity, bookkeeping and yes insurance appears (Dan and Jose hate the stuff but all that is only gonna be superfluous and phased out once we get to see the parallels, analogies and substances behind their metaphors)

331659 chomp(inadabit)sky -- 3 pages worth of understanding power via (or .com)  post at the int. comm. list

main indy is out today  - 'I Won't Take The Insults' by Norman Finkelstein, Irish Times Tuesday July 08, 2003 at 11:19 PM --- I been doin' most of the commenting so far (7 out of 8) ----   "You're supposed to lie down and take the insults, and I'm not going to do it," Finkelstein says. "The level of arrogance of these people just boggles the mind." ------------- martyr? not sure that routine went over good by piet Wednesday July 09, 2003 at 10:59 AM after reading some of this: feature_page.php/128/ -- It's a long ramble on the 'insane god myth' i didn't think was any good till I hit this passage (about jesus being like the delusional homeless types of today) ----------- here's an exc. "So, I hope I have shown in my above Forbidden Truth insights why all societally promoted myths are toxic and perverse, and also why the insane god myth must be considered the single most malevolently toxic of them all. Within any sane society, the eradication of the insane god myth would be a top, ... " ---------------   amendment --  I've since had a chance to read what I posted and care to place a few hems and haws if not some fat margin remarks along side:  Jesus for christians is a personification/ westernization and not typically jewish except for some guys on the books long dead and much ossified, iow undangerous. --- the author disregards children's talent and hunger for miracles of the sort that will either spin off the likes of munin hollander or cernunnos and guys like me (somewhere in between, recently trying to figure out what martyrdom means in the ever evolving terminologies of arguelles) --------------- sorry I oversimplified -- read 'king jesus' by robert graves about the real claims jesus had to hereditary leadership (gone totally useless through inbreeding by now but once upon an era keeping us half way sane); perhaps the messianic mix up was actually applied to distract from this line of reasoning, come to think of it. a martyr to the jews is ok if the long range goal can thereby reached -- christians turned this on its head saying that the biggest/best martyr was that goal, more closely paralelling the (maybe but slightly) more crosscultural scapegoat/ excentric/ shaman convolutions if these arguments tend to bleed together I can't blame you; the air is too stale here to think straight and this is a prestigious university I am stupid enough to hang in year after year. ------------  I love him by God bless him! -- Jesus ( Joshua Bin joseph) was not a martyr, because HE Didn't die for a cause!  HE was Resurrected and is Alive and Kicking where ever HE is Needed! ------------- celebrities have to take insults . . well! and some of them make good martyrs / shamen / scapegoats / lightningrods .. .. most of 'm have and make a desperate reach that has humility to teach but inversely like a giant signpost costing the world saying 'don't go this way' just found some fresh material that mentions martyrs at least once: THE RINRI PROJECT NEWSLETTER: PHASE II THE PHOENIX EDITION  ... thirteenth anniversary of the 49-day bardo period following the death of Joshua  Arguelles. ... of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies and the martyrdom of Rashad ... - 70k - 9 Jul 2003  (actually a 2 year old piece of writing at a site with japanese menu) ------- I'm not sure if he gets into it here (haven't read it yet) but he does spreads where everybody sorta sits in his own cross and depending on what direction your company comes from and which corner it occupies it will be somebody who is helpful or antagonistic, etc. A compatibility doctor like charles fourier and no less ambitious; he wants to make/have friends and accomodate all 20 earthly tribes in his scheme --- brilliant art too ---- for more idiot savantism go peruse my (poetpiet) collection Emile from a reactionary site glorifying stupid violence like so: SUMMER2003AchillesKritikos1.html Fight Club: A Movie Against Capitalism and the Ethics of the Bourgeois ----- points to from a very large and better than averagely eclectic (and cocky about it too) linklist

71282 Realistic Religious Zionism movement -- GS posts an snippet and Angel points to 64554 this time which in turn seems to take its inspiration from here: A Performance-Based Road Map to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and refers/retraces further down to 62597 a longer on pointin to 228375 in turn etcetra etcetera
76068+12At War With Faith by Amir Butler 11:27am Thu Jul 10 '03 (Modified on 1:36am Fri Jul 11 '03)  Pablo Picasso is reported to have described art as an "offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy". Who then was the enemy that Robert Mapplethorpe was fighting when he took an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and contorted it into a tie-rack; an image that featured a photo of Mapplethorpe with a bullwhip protruding from his anus? ---------------- 'desktop' item in freud's office - can't store anything on this station or I would post it  -- (I couldn't find the blogfile that a brighter version of this painting does graceful justice but after some fruitless searching I was glad to find at least the image; I just didn't remember it was a Rops painting  ---- I'm starting to slowly conclude dc has the more civil commenters on average

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