Early navigation blurbs for THE site with hard solutions and other dour apoxes
Hi, you have reached POET*PIET   offering you one of his first though fabledabbled fractalization attempts which kept him so preoccupied with colours that there are hardly any words in this file for a change.

 What else is here???           Quick index sending y'on to  wi(l)dly diverging subcentrals                   Or cliconjure up the "stack", a chrono-index of most of the important changes over the last few years  <<ver(il)y (lemmetellee, one may punch the pagedown button to a) craz(il)y coloured yet sober site guide at the bottom>>   Welcome to Tripod on  Turtle island (occupied by amerikkkan forces I dare repeat after a formerly associate netwarrior).Talk about na(t)ivities, you may also partake of treat(i(s)e)s in Dutch, my mother tongue.       See how I manage German too.

The oldest intro (now with white background) to the first files at this site has now spun off a  table filed format version (/oldcore.htm) also.     I took some sloganlike 'crazy quilt of quotes' (thanks shamus  my collection of his accesible work was recently added on to)from extatically righteous moments out of the sample file (100K) and tried my first few table filled formats on them; second; and the so far final one with four versions of one such 'prosem' (all these are smallish files).  The pick of this crop is surely the review of my acquaintance with various rainbow colourschemes, notably the family's, A Keyserling's, John Ray's and mine, all here: /rainbow_touchdown.htm

table_of_contents.htm                  inthrow_and_acknowledgements.htm          random_yet_spectral_samples.htm          priority_issues.htm
trees and photosynthesis, antennae and fruit lovingly braid top and bottom to encompass light and darkness


red orange yellow




grey  blue purlple violet




from hip and flowery power to grippy grey powdery flour hidden in and tickled from the
knots and moments that trigger time like spinning geometries of the life between leaf and letter that spell out laws of nature's language       stop_sending_arborae_down_harm_and_harbourway.htm
correlations between gender and generations: restraint, (p)resolution, libido, magnetism, libido_magnetism_charisma_identity.htm
One finds all types
of testy and teazy orbs between tasty and tasking ones: Bouncy and playful
ones to keep slaves happy and unite 'm behind false, fake but massive
fronts. I would prefer inven- ting the venting sports invol- ving pleach- ing
perma- culture, clash mash crash- crush and flash of rocks fine para- magnetic
quality stash not to mention fruit as the orb to fuel what needs must transpire, be it fake fight or primate right.


red orange yellow Soul: caught between com- or impact of irre- ducibly
massive and deadly when unstop- pable weight



and the comple- tely blasted ones which tend even if not expli- citly tend- ered to exe- cute
protec- tive buffer- ing.

blueish purple  violet Body: Horny ones;
physi- cally feisty ones can rip a concept like gene- ration out of context
shame- lessly. Orgasm endows sight secon- ding and effem- inate feel for detail
besides mole- cular bliss. Right? But. Do Dutch dicks deprive dikes of their
desire to end endemic domesti- cation? Here as averywar budlike body balls and
bulges burst into bloom at the sly test balmy- ness.


reduction rendered ripeness of vitally nourishing victuals, devil, death and dust
pro-reduction (the physical type) strategy, 



re orange oooooo grey  green  grey value_standards_and_


le  violet  black
(mineral) money and mind p_restoring_animation_to_momentum.htm
agression orientations, minerals_momentae_taskforces_and_futures.htm
blood and birth bonds 


red orange yellow grey  green  grey  blue feeling_fronts_personal.htm


vs spirit and principle ties
multiplicities and manifolds 


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black
green minerals, mud, music and ministry


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black
dualities are gendered like dust and dew
 gaia; bony border bottomline for beleaf gaialogistics.htm


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black
archetypes, heros, idols and gods typical_arches_lovely_people.htm


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black
 violet rainbow freedom fenders rainbow_fabul_n_ation.htm
(meaning: rainbow fab bull, fun and fascination)


re orange oo grey green  grey  blu le  violet  black
 black index and bibliography


re orange oooooo grey  green  grey  blu le  violet  black

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