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The only link in the black field (rightmost in table) below is also the only one that leads to those (collections of my own) words in this vast (70Mb) colourcrazy textquilt that justify this page's name (in that they most resemble poetry; see a short description of their coming to be at the bottom); 99.99999 of the other links go to (pretty much mostly) political (which everything personal and permacultural must at least halfway be) prose.
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The last 3 lists are filled with the best sites culled from my indymedia site surfferage and in the pre blatant war years (just barely) ongoing weblog which lost 'hostage' at lycos in june 2005, but restarted in september - so I started a new place: rotsstof.blogspot with just the bare essentials linkwise
the links I've gotten the most mileage out of over the years (and still do) are Jorn Barger's, the indymain open newswire (not as hot as it used to be; see green band) and the left business observers (list conversation)


My work noted

This would be the shortest list in/of this file (if I had to extract such hits in order to place them in a seperate segment such as this), since nobody notices me much but all that is neverthe- less inversely pro- portionate to the effect I sort (trans- literation of a Dutch expression).

Plep (full time surfer; sorry for adding this link so late) (inactive due to baby care)

Roy Davies (history of money)

rainbow family (hippy life which I am failing to convert to grippydom)

loon collection stopped growing t2 years ago (artists, idiot savants, would be worldrulers)


the aim: kindle and establish goodwill towards a radical change of value standard; to praise, prize and adapt the best aspects from gold standard days (slow increments putting a break on man's tendency to explosively speculate: EssentialReading.htm A more conventional rendering of scans I made and posted here ('98 as 4th such); meanwhile this material has found a new home at reinventingmoney (this link goes to my favorite part of it, by Beckerath) to present exigencies: desertification with the concommitant surge of merciless patriarchal violence:the various rates and diversities of photosynthesis
Candidate links in this segment other than the one you are looking at are the major inpirations for it:  championtrees/topsoil,,

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The other permanent url with revolving content I kept going for a while, the indymedia (open wire) sample series - 40 issues alltgether,  collected for 2001 here: (8), and for 2002 here: (11) before melting into the log).


My work posted 
2, first list posts (all) and picks (selections).

Of course I try to make a name for myself and a poetpiet search gets you 829 (up from 671 a year ago) hits but very very few if you discount all of me mentioning myself (see the grey at the other side of the green for that).


14 tables of content (be warned, very, no, extremely colourful files) summed up chronologically (in numbers): 
1) the only one 1 linking to the 13 first files with strictly and  nothing but my own writs, the second one already bleeds into the ((grey)) next segment over ((to the left)) in this table) .











In as far as this opening/root file has a history and sequence,
the next (previous) two files (along the same((aim following)) lines:
 index2.htm ((2001-6)) and index3.htm ((2002-10 -- includes pics and links to my two pic pages))) constitute the previous attempts to help give you some idea of the not obviously but nevertheless naturally (slowly but surely) overlapping subject matters; 
some quick pointers for now:
there is about 15 Mb worth of text here, (got up to around 55 when Lycos pulled the plug in july 2005) most of it by others with mild to furious (avant la lettre) fiskage (= frequently mockingly, always effective and most of the time entertainingly interspersed and spliced in rebuttal) by me, some of it scanned (and applied 'make up' to) by myself such as  here (4)
  Black on white bits: print-resource-friendly-reads.htm  simple fair use reformats (13) of offsite content (sport minimum formatting margin to margin newspapers style). The fifth of them brings the total number of intensely colourful and exclusively internal links offering table of content files up to around 14, the ones made after that are different* and though I still do 'm for private prints I stopped sticking them onto my site somewhere in 2002 I guess *docs with Word instead of Netscape Composer, as are the last issues in/of the sample series.

Most files here are stylishly pixelent.
(probably the one thing I have my visitor numbers to thank for most)

How remark(et)able am I? According to the tripod Page Detail info I have averaged well over 300 page views per day on this whole site for quite some years now; according to the referrals (as below) at my former blog adress (vadercats/logbriefer.htm ((whence about 70 archived files were spawned, all but the last half a year or so are retrievable via log)) at lycos europe ((which started out with an old tripod version before striking out on their own))) I was doing about as many per day for that file alone (november addition: consistently climbing since then whenever the refferal script servers are fired up and/or aimed my nook of the net) are working)  though their own stats showed 3 or 4 hits a day only, and quite consistent at that, for the 3 years I was their guest)! This makes me wonder wether they perhaps count only what really counts to them, namely the (ad)clickthrough rates. That would at least be a plausible reason to pull the plug on me (and one they'd understandably not be too up front about). Damn those God-, money- and terroristlike 'anonymousnessess' around the world, never telling either way, fuck that fucked 'upprerogative'). .. .. .. more thoughts on the Lycos europe vs Lycos US after the next section .. . 



A note about the poetry here:
During the eighties I caught some of the most enthousiastically expressed* insights to ever issue from my longues and larynx (those that distilled experience and hi-hopes for a better future plus faith I could plausibly hint at it if not lead people there, enough for me to able to get them down on scraps of paper, the tide has meanwhile turned and the latter is tempered by instead of inflaming the former). Even if these often only half-heard much less understood and but poorly recorded syllable splashes did so for nobody much else (as present peace- vs warware ratios ((that forsake direction offered on these pages)) prove), they at least inspired confidence in myself and firmed up the convictions that following up on my extrapolates would bring back the good(peaceware)s from these particular best of actualizable versions from amongst vast ranges of merely possible futures. 

*Of great assistence therein where the sweat-equity poured into basic need like food and shelter, good company, and relatively speaking (discounting a clearcut or two since more truely ((in the sense of living sustainably)) natives ruled these parts, see for instance: We dined in a hollow cottonwood tree - True but forgotten story of the first europeans on turtle island ) clean and pristine environments American Rainbow Gatherings tend to take place in.

During the nineties I deliberated over the said fresh (and sometimes good cannabis scented) air and invigorated prime of life 'provision-visions' and derivals more and more full time (in stuffy University of Amsterdam computer rooms)


Coming up,
short intro, diarhibitshinist archive and sites guide sections:

Your host here: peace-postulator-piet (dutch for peter) 
the whirl-chomp cooler pecker clocker . .. err .. . colour picker - clicker 
   busily promoting the metabolization of minerals in/through/as the 'art of compostage' since the early 80s --

  this weighty subject of subjects .. . if your object/aim is equitable distribution of common sense's raw material . . . . deserves better than my so far deficient wit but somebody has to pioneer byting that sort of grit a bit---

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most recent issues .. .have become unavailable once again (as of winter 05) .. .  which means that it wasn't the oversizeness of my site (the 100Mb ((double the advertized)) space alloted me consistently from the start, but rather the fact that my they don't manage to place adds consistent with my content or that my visitors are too destitute and ignorant of the need for (ad)clicks (never mind affordability) to extend a site's welcome at 'free' hostage. Then, if none of the above, another manipulative reason is possible, those who hate my site may click on it a lot but never on the ads thus skewing the perhaps not random either but certainly less obsessive click ratios. .. .the following files will be missing until I am offerend a comfortable enough terminal and have time to convert formats, upload, etcetera. ----- 

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the growing tip of the old adress (60Mb lighter) is back (I never did ask my readers to click on the ads but clicking around on my pages without that probably eliminated me automatically. . .well that's one of many possilbe reasons anyway): -- sept - december 2005 - 

4 sites at blogger: Swill to pow(d)erpiet  - since summer 2004 - but left inactive for a long time due to (trying to) post at peak hours (very frustrating, comes with the territory of being a medium for the masses, like main traffic arteries, slowly clogging and in principle 99% diabolic, like all supposedly 'free' space. These delays, jams and cues probably occur quite regularly and may have much to do with [a]: frontpage size / archiving choice:7 days or 7 posts and even more with [b]: rush hours - evenings and weekends in europe as far as I can tell; of course I am used to dealing with that for a while now, had 
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tailored to cloudy day and halflight reading, I prefer pages no brighter than this and find blogger only tolerable bycause of the splendid results (I feel the same way about lbo-talk for instance). At peakhours (seems to be the weekend ones, most bloggers have day jobs I guess) it becomes sheer hell at creation and edit pages. - since summer 2005 I hope to reserve this place for news about Beckerath, Knapp and all them sort of dead heros as well as live wires like Todd Boyle, Nick Szabo, Richard Kay et al (see 3rd of my blgspts too)*/ 

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