for some
Pundittree(sPun) Pundoteryzz
(the question is not which pundusterase our ease
but how we earn a future helpin terra rise and grow some trees (giant greasy/creasy fruitbag pic))
Unreadable? Try the Big Letter/fontsize file
outPut Piet (symbolust),
Pietje Precise (symbiosussed),
Piet indyPut (substard)
(formerly ppp the pp) who to gather be one
unholy triplunoprepliability.
Only a handful (including this one) out of hundreds of files here have multiple tables which don't flex along with and adjust to small screen sizes (all others do unless you use the wrong browsers).

This first rough and quick (as yet unhypered) hints of subjects expounded upon
in different(ly cloven and ((cleave))aged)numbers of aphoricized and integraduated categories comes in two more sizes down at the bottom of this file:

global issues like photosyn- thesis and its per- version: 
sex as a tug of war between  'deter-
my- nation' tides of wonder  and will.
econo- mics; particularly the history of emission rights as a crucial lever.
deterrito- rializable extended family alleg- iance formulas 
weather dynamics and gender dualities
musically making and admini- string fresh mud: volc- anicom- petence
pluralities cleav- ages and periodic- ities
things natural and simply fascin- ating
role models, monkey sniff, minekey scent
rules of conduct and condition- ality
sources links etc
 Utopian protest ilk in dumb come?                 No!          Pro utopian tests till kindom come!!!

Next: three overviews
covering the same set of (internalinkrich) files:

Ready to give your self a headjob? 
Welcome to Pietje puk's
off the cuff stuff piles, this one will be called april or may.htm when fullgrown and archived here: /2002/logsbriefers.htm| - /2001/| ||| |/miscs-n-logs/ = 1999 + 2000/| ||| | 98 -99

Gleanings from a (more or ((should I say)) less) exclusive source indymedia  -open publishing news and opinion-  begin accumulating here: Indymediasamples.htm  and end up archived here: 2002/Indymedia.htm (32K, 4 issues) | ||| |2001/ (55K for 21 of them)
and their spin-offs ('prfr' and specials): prfr =

print-resource-friendly-reads.htm (59K)(from initial 1999 issues up to sept. 2001)| ||| |Next batch:(57K)   (oct. 20th to nov. 13th; a total of 28 issues)| ||| |Third (58K)  (the remainder of 2001; 21 issues)| ||| |Fourth such agrowinowhere:(75K)(first few ((26)) issues for 2002 so far) | ||| |specials: person-or-theme-topics.htm (17 files)| ||| | I take all prfr (print resource friendly reads) content tables out of the 'current' logbriefer and indymediasamples files once they are fullgrown and herded into their respective heaps too (no sense in doubling and tripling stuff; I leave empty husk in these files but for the toc you will have to consult these 4 files);  see the bottom for more special readE details
more systemic work 
to poke a peek at

Tables of contents redone 
(summer 2001) -- Took me a week to afford yall closer click-incl-in-g-timations to ((background)) coller ((mis))match; here they are in order of appearance:   ===> the most corelore of the whole store: 7yearsinthemaking.htm(77K)(200 bookpages in 20 years ((80's and 90's)) time);   ===> this is pricelessly precious(48K)(intro for the guest appearances on currencies)   ===> clean breaks and fresh starts without leavings(73K)(toc for the symbolic ones; what we call monies);===> seedmoneysizereduction(45K)(toc for the substantial curr. variety; on rock properties and man's proper ties to their leavings); ===>

First liprattle and surflog collection(61K)(for the start of my off the cuff ((net))presence in the late nineties);  ===>5 post memberships (47K) (my list post (re)activity) ===>more liprattle (80K)(more quick '(s)parselage');  ===>  still more (103K)(large ((60 files a 3rd of which are specials)) collection of them);   ===>  2001 surflogs and indymedia(the latest and still growing collections) =======>  Did my   ===>  first Dutch Content table(50 K) and   ===> second(50 K) and   ===> German(27K) content tables too.

Redo's of earliest intro's: 

Recent(summer 2000) variations (no new words though) of some few lines per subject type introductory ease ins and overviews (such as the table-bar-set below this one):  {}|{}   ===> First siteguide  -------- {}|{}Sitegoad:   ===> Old core got new coat   ------ {}|{} Colourcode mirrorages I named   ===> rainbow_touchdown.htmThis file and these redo's have multiple tables; the rest don't and adapts to any screensize more perfectly (only squarish types available just yet).

My most internal-linkrich files:
Blabsabs  Bottom line aphoristically ballistic solutions affording (and aiding) beleaf systemics.
Illustrated soundbite n size info on major changes between '98-'00.

There are plenty of contents tables (not very informative but at least bewilderingly colourful)(|*|signifies keyword characterizations of segments):  {}|{}  The first one even has a line or two-three for a whole file and leads to (and select item listings for) {}|{} all 13 early ones  (a redo)|*| ----- First gateway (the original one; ((Smallest and only file with a white background except for the small fontpoint papersparingly dense format printversions I am planning some more of)) next ((rainbow)) table has the same links by the way).

6 more elaborate intro's to the founding (systemic) stuff:  (linking to 80ties efforts) : {}||{} Abstracts  offers proper names, keywords and brief descriptions for each chapter with links to all of 'm. ------------ The next 3 are linkless except for pointing to some sets similar to (and earlier versions of) this one:------- {}|||{}Foreword -------- {}||||{} Acknowledge- ments and intro.  Personal, political and psychological motives, predilections and prospects; sources and shapers of technique as well as dedications. --------- {}|||||{} Random, yet reach-, rang-, and scalably embedded  spectrum spanning spectator pleasers in motto-like one-liner sets of samples.  --------- {}||||||{} Next I made the prefacelike portaloid welcomepage which points out all (six or so) categorized, yardlong rainbow section files 

 Subdirectories (3):  {}||{}  My first and main subdirectory  (/guest_appearances) carries proof of the social(ist?) origins and use of monies as mere memory aids as recent as a few hundred years ago (tax-based and various other rivalling and under free migration law equally voluntary subscription cluster (representative) monies holding each other in check);  0.5 Mb written by a handful of mostly already dead yet 'revalidatable' people.  Some sections from work showing the more substantial (and current in more sense than one) sides of currencies
These efforts are all 'off the cuff interactive' (in the minimal sense of me reacting to net phenomena):-----------{}|||{} Table of contents for 11 (98) list post files,|*|a first batch of off the cuff stuff on indiginous and community issues, James Joyce, Jews and I forget what else. -------- {}|||{}  And finally my so far 19  crazy correspondence,  quote and comment quiltages, the socalled miscellany files|*|  (97 - early 2000), thereafter renamed to 'loggages' ;  ------ {}|||||{} This series was continued under the new name 'loggages'   I Lugged a bunch (18 + piccies + about 28 spun off special issues) of those briefed logs in /miscs-n-logs/|*| along linklines of long term longing (up to februari 2001).  ---- Hereafter come files already mentioned at the (scratch- tip)top:  2001/logsbriefers.htm ------- 2002/logsbriefers.htm -------- plenny files filled with items placed and/or found at and/or via Indymedia (main): 2001/Indymedia.htm ---- continued here: 2002/Indymedia.htm

The first 13 links forged for this site still point to the long deliberated upon and constitute
the core of all Pietje Precies files
(only place you're likely to find any poetry at all)
this sort of tabling thing also in: /oldcore.htm, and in /rainbowtouchdown.htm as well.
Treesphotosynthesis got this planet planted and some credit granted, while flow of gunk and ice pre- and recorded the shifty sifting of the dice;harsh words raise barriers inside and out, snow drifts drive mother gaia into her hardyest hood-mood and glaciers incarnate cause we don't weather as well as we will when these frozen feelings fueling of white powders, houses and washes are done dissolving in seasonable reason (see chapter 5);   language
||||||||What refer-revery between what balls and knockers claims and whereat loves should take aims . . between bullet and sperm, stop and go, boom and bust, sheer lust and shearing crust, we better conjure close contact with cohesive coherence to anchor our valves, cause every moon brings egg alerts and most sunshine a chance to raise haven, feed and fibre shedding shade;
¤¤¤¤Fiction faction vs friction fraction;
¤¤¤¤   p_restoring_animation_to_momentum.htm   ||||   value_standards_and_weather_stability.htm ¤¤¤
autobiography; feeling fronts between the privately   personal and openly public
jesus and the sun, one godsend after another gods end, to cherish till redeemable; no reduction without seduction, rock wants (s)kin and not nearest thereof to pay respect most, close the circle, spin the spiral and find out how fondly formulated farflung feelings fare;
Still more genders all the way down to wet  vs dry.              Soul laden clouds of morrowsearching sorrow salvage softened crust if rigid death is not 'receptackled' to meet with and rise on the uprighteous vert-ical traffic of life (space speeding radiance goes down to redeem the time tying gene-rated), these left out broods build glaciers that are up to such inertia bust; 
|||||  Trying to push a pull it all together speech act. Help trees live to an extremely happy old age with preper- and diversions of polluting (used to mean unleashing dirt's strenght according to Dudley Young) defense industries funds; earth may first, earth upfront, earth out the back, earth will last longer if our grateful gratitude helps her stay on track;
 |||| Man I fold mamafest; fresh dust from rock deserves our thrust and to standard status up rais(e)al(l) 
||||   Look at the  long term (be)longlingly, wistfully deep waters line up to bait and wait for their rides through blue hue heaven to see if they can be animatched by and with as much inner patience as outer perspective.
||||Who did you ever have the luxury of looking up to, (were they royal to their descendants and loyal to ancestry)reliantly exemplary; typical arches, lovely people???
||||| Magic of intimate simplicity, modesty and undead spaces; top rung touch down topple tip, the stuff that gives roughing it the slip to set sail and sink roots into the future filled past; 
Pulped, flattened dried and printed on tree Sources brings us full circle but what a disastrous end to a nice beginning    !!!!      corner and crush stone density to feed the foolish flocks shift and lift those hidden layers, y'all benevolently ballsy players to start, stir and wind up every limber life it's clocks from the bottom end beginning and strengthen fruitfully structured waters.
Linkfiles:   Seventh,(jan 2000) and only partly hypered Allinone file (no graphics; 136K edge to edge txt)includes every earlier one (6) and tries to alienate none. All later to me noteworthy URL's end up slightly more scattered throughout the ongoing logs for now, these get scanned periodically for the best of them. Here is the first of such collections:/2000links.htmThe first of the most colourful and bewildering linkfiles in the world, 98 (p)referer  was: commendablinklist.htm,||   then came: new_links,     |||  recent, followed soon after that.      ||||    Balkan sites, lists and (re)commentations  (almost fully hypered) as asecond priority file; |||||  the fifth|||||| and sixth complete my set up to the already pointed out, at 'n' to... ... .... 
....... seventh yet allinone linklist contains roundabout 2500 URL's (my favorites ((about 191 of them (and that includes only 1 of the nearly 100 files I penned myself))) are hypered, the rest are DIY's) in the following number, colour and lesser known code (BLFN (=a tree-alphabet's ABC) sequenced, gradual, incremental, mutually dependent (inseperable) and staggered categories: B: trees  theory:  Tree-calenders   Tree-alphabets    L: Trees  practice:   Old growth defense,     pleaching (branchfusing) permaculture; treehousing     ----  F: Webrelated:  (re)search    hack    (self)educate  logisticize   speak freely    page home      count(e(r)r) n(p)renew     specast forth      politique     global fab -funct -fict -fact -vex-fects  pro + con; rite + wrung;  (online) journalism, etc:    IMF related     ----   S: Activisms; meaningful mass orchestration    ----  N: Weblogs  ----  1  Sex; artsy and nogonotionsations     ----    2  How much money may matter most to idealists   ----   3 miscellaneous money materializations   ----   LETS --xxx-- land ownership  --xxx-- community currencies--xxx--social tec (economic modeling)    ----     Whistle blowing on secretive (and/or coercing other than the coercive) monopolies     conspiracy classics  power mongers,   ----   progressive press --xxx--   music     ----    4  social reform balancing accountability and secession is anarchy     ----   5 working and would be communards --xxx--Native nations, tribes and tribulations    ----   6 Global ethnicity 'modestifying' problems and potentials    ----   7 gender and climate issues     ----    8  Going native sites  ethnobotany  ----   9  Progressive garden green   ---- Deeply green activisms   ---- 10 Rockdust genealogy and employment   ---- Alternative health   ---- 11 Innovative (clean) technology   Gaian cosmologists   ----  12 Intellectual topple heady waits   ----   psycho/spiritual orientations  ----brilliantly brainy writs     ----   13 Word-uses, -forgings, -coinings and -origins   ----    Sacred geometry    ----   14 Graphics (documentary; astrology, diagram, etc)   ----   15 Fabulously speculative mysteries on lost and losing ground   ----   16 Intuition, inpiration, harmony, etc; iow: leftbrains  rainbow related spectrum stretching   ----  17 Majestically naked pow(d)er in public    ----    18  Other links got ....
.....spread throughout miscellany issues  (now called lugalllogalongs; see last link at the bottom) from the 9nth upward and once again collected in my 8th linkfile: /2000links.htm  this time fractured fifteen ways thusly:   Local finance  xxx loglocalbalfinancexxx global protest  xxx web  xxx human beings  xxx A day at the all mixed up races xxx disentanglementation  xxx growsome green bits  xxx trees, trees, trees, try trees (in a)thrice  xxx Audio  xxx heady stuff  xxx Omnivorous type commentary, logs, e-texts, etc  xxx artistic n weird sprinkled w wondrous rigour here n there  xxx my fabulativ'aves  xxx Rainbow (family, science and art) related

x x x   x x x

 Consensual and customary community co-opetitions
 take time span, talent, and task based emissions
to mime dat meme and master dis skill:
 reap good air so homely hearth gods reappear and havens thrill
   |||   |||||| Lets let inquisitivity loose to chase the f(r)act ||||||  |||
 that founds diver(t)satile wealth of'n'at in-mos-timate range
 the provisionarily pollightest of policy: perpendicular impact
 for now, healing is but a pollution solution which
 we teach and are taught (reversing) technical tricks for
till "lay waste all but rich pickin's beyond thy borders and blinders"is no longer 
.........................such a sorry code of conduct.............................
give women, idealism and intuition status to once again
feed and blend into transgenerational metaphysics
Main Inspirations for this sort of thing: Arnold Keyserling ( and, rainbowgatherings (; W Russell, and a host of other 'passively relevatory' oracles. The latest addition on the neat colourscheme front comes from Dusty Parks (see the bottom; he seems to invert Keyserling's ones)

Notice the next tabled rows are blue at either (beginandth)end.      Ladies (with strong ties to tones that denote ripeness and experience of no longer explosively bright tints but colourful enough to be called unfadedly fragrant still)permitted a peak next; as the reps of water as well as dry oxides, deepest, highest and most (sup)pliant (as well as, unfortunately, all too utterly and uncritically yielding and introvert) substance, here's a toast to you: may your (spacily 'spoilsome') males learn to hold their hoarses untamed (more comments at the bottom)

 personability and politics
 art and riches
 science and investigation
 merciful yet strict justice
 dark brought to light
 rites of religion
 institutional embeddiment
 friendly technology
 healing and wholing
The concept and colour categorization and sequence follows 'diagrammarian' Arnold Keyserling's (who's father, an exiled and making a virtue of a curse, travelling philosopher, had a strong hand in starting the Biodynamic flavor of organic growing) (roughly), for the originals you may consult and /rainbow_touchdown.htm (here) besides a few more variations later on (down this file). Dusty Parks has created the software I was waiting for;  it is bound to teach folks a little something about the tensility and morphology of our collective web-net-ouiGe(?)board.  I saw a demo on thursday the thirtieth (of januari?); right elegant and useful (vast zooming powers and huge timetravel snapshot, spin speeds and ranges not to mention the totally accurate chart interprets there; try a free sample) but the arrival at the site seems to be delayed still.

 If one damn table after another is too linear for ya lasses (even though we are tolkin lifecycles here to be sure), I have some wholesome orthostitial swirly wise sways called jiggerboog,   it is the closest thing I have come to (manual) animating so far (something along the lines of Lawrence Edwards). I think it will accomodate the best musical chair fur-nature fun in toon next and second best only to brainwasher nigh boer hoods like the lacks of hooli wad.

More work by these same hands tied to this very peculiarly heady hunchbunching noggin in other languages:
D    Dutch (1Mb)   G    German (600kb)
All offerers and scofferers point'n'give thyself (this)away:
no I never read any Harry Potter yet; made it up meself. .. .And no, nothing to do with shallow sex but now that you mention it. . cute (thanks lizz, and oh, about that cannabis to possibly cure your alcoholism (you were having me on with your alledgedly immemorable 'idee fix' restaurant visit's ending account weren't you? Got a loud and cheered chuckle out of it though it be rather sad if true. Yesterday was magic in Amsterdam also. The light fantastic and it takes just the right building and tree hights and distances to get it good.   Held a guitar again for the first time in aaaages. All I play with is over- and under tones; don't do any grips. Just another one of those eyebrow raisers if you come to think of this in the face of the fact that I call my self world's first grippy), getting 'drug due muddlehead' type dismissals ('afdoeners' but afdoende = enough) thrown at me repeatedly I will now direct you all to the poem I once balled out at the top of my lungs, one of the last times early in the past ten years I was 'under influence'. It happened on the little patch of ground in the Vondelpark that gets hottest and endures the most dense population of 'worshippers' (more like trash behind leavers, unfeeling to worms, eaves, etc, who like to bake, slake and be attended to it seems). One of the most permanent residents at the time, an Italian named Pino came up to me and blew a referee's whistle at me real loud from up very close. It broke my performing spirit and desire to smoke; perhaps I should thank him despite my continuing aversion to whistling of that sort (love birdsong though; wake up early for it). The poem in question got written in 86, was and is the only one to ever appear in print (an obscure type of Rolling Stone ((called 'Soil Remineralization' at the time (((400 subbers))), now continuing as <<>>) with my picture on the cover too, swinging a shovel full of dust into a garden (looking like a rockstar/highpriest in the midst of a blessing gesture).    Though it may have started it, the latest version (around 95) instead seems to have ended my (public) poetry ambitions, here they are one after the other: Riddledy rock  The fresh mud fling and flying dust sprinkle, spray and anchoring man picks up the reverbrating part of the rock search, shatter, scatter, sow and grow show, where the mobilizing percrushionist, the abominable deglaciator, the dark 'n dense tickle trickler:Bam Bam (yes, the guy with the dreads in the rolling stone article showing him holding up a banner that says love is respect for life) pitched a potent pile of tensile torque sprung such songseed from playing his windchime steeldrummilling thing which turned hard rock into dust and inverted aggressively idling guitars into friendly shovels, eminently suited to the practise of heavily meddlesome metal manipulating some dense present tense. We can do worse than give some music back to nature, broadcasting the foundations of sustainable orgasniczations -neath lovely rainbows. ). There is a later version in that same (green) file (Total number of pageviews: 785. Top day so far: 24 october 2000 with 8 pageviews):
Guitarzand gaia,
symbolz and substance
 A guitar can be understood and provisionarily seen as an arche-prototype of a more and most thoroughly touching rock wrench-tumble-wring-flex, quench geo matrix-trick-triggering, bearing-spun, valve-pressured, wind, water, sun and muscle driven box body with (and why not more than one) a taper-torsion-spin-twist-axle-necks, in other words a music founding hi-horse power mental strew-minting strum-drum.     A conventional guitar merely symbolizes, mimes and mimicks true ministry (the breach of and breaks beyond merely personal body consciousness and charisma; true execution of such wind-waving rockmills with stainless steel, tapered from light and tight to hollow and heavy webbing, wound vortexically around the tensile spin sporting and rotegritously reciprocating wring neck, the torquey trunk of the metal treelike whirligig!).     Once it grows out of that and up it will be a birthright suction device that changes conventional rockmusic and the mute substance that goes by that name loosely into foodfinds for sizewise minority species but the our (un)kind far outnumbering and -weighing majorities up and down the spiralling foodchain hierarchy.     Pete the pipe dreamer: Roaming with these humble growth's locked building block  crumbling biomass betricklers (literal translation for the Dutch word: bedruipen meaning faring well, caring for) is to start trouble with a clean green finish cause this boombox content welcomes our beamball's challenges right quick. The millwilling march of militant guitars on the move going twang, clang, squeeze and crunch,  makes it easy to sculpt, mine gravity ore with high polish groove leaving leaf likings for life livers to munch, it helps grow some up right off the ground floor store with a punch,  cause it soaks this fresh flour down and the sun raises the troubled muddle resulting up  through representatives from the population of every particular evolutionary stage up and down its timescale.

So this flex-twist-tensilarating-squeeze and pump-kin kind of thing ---- lends sighnz of life's cycling and breath wrested from death's cling ---- as minute traces ---- to thus mobilized marble's smile cracking and mud washed off its shine tracking faces,  ----  it grits, frits and spins life from rocks, wittingly recycling and breaking up the relatively collective same ---- into the more individual and minute momentae of a multigeared game ---- which speeds naked inertia's pent up clocks on a return to spirited nonracist, asexist and intimate contact without shame. (note: I believe voluntary racisms and dominisms are nothing but natural and unavoidable hyrarchies as in same but different stages between terrestr- and celestial rock specks dustballs and everyting in between. Down here the biggest crumblers, classifyers and size reducers are the least scrupleless of unfair dealing though; good thing we remain so close to the dumbnumbness of inertia or else we would suffer . . . .or no, we would not suffer the children....   . . .. . )

If you expected to find the formerly accesible (a few years worth before I made this file) server index (alphabetically arranged, size specified) here, tough, I now have to log in to get to see it myself (and sorta miss direct access), so I have made some albeit unhypered filemanager repro's: alphabetical index and chronological index-(dated-up til feb 2001) ------

 ¤ after a stint (in black on white except for the indexpage) at . (now gone corporate without too many signs of reciprocality; they are taking the easy way in there once again, KPN lying about ISDN speeds to gullible country bumpkins, yes, densely populated Holland has its soft underbelly well milked and dumbed down).

Last update
for this file (and probably for a while): 5th of march 2002
Sitesize: over 40Mb
(about a fifth of which are pics <some in /Blabsabs_Index.htm, some in a subdir. called: ../immidged_files/ and the rest scattered in the log files, a percent or two of the rest is taken up by this sort of pixel embellishment).
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for over 164 files so far (averaging between 77 and 111K) seem to hover between 2- and 300 (a day, but for the last number of months Tripod has pulled that service too ((early nedstat via tripod installers still serviced though)), promising better) but how many are 'mere' spiders I know not. Oh by the way, before we begin; it took 10 years out of my life to build this site and I was on no type of drug whatsoever the whole time. ohnest ingyn (see note at bottom). I lived on under 10.000 guilders a years and now I am off to plant a grove somehow somewhere; wonder if that will prove an equally infectious activity....?
Site history:
  The first set of 20 files gestated all through the 80ties, collated corrected, connected and put online since the end of them. The collection slowly grew to 20Mb spread over hundreds of files since then.
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stats.htm as of early 2001;

for those with large screen resolutions; a repiet:
This first rough and quick (as yet unhypered) hints of subjects expounded upon
in different(ly cloven and ((cleave))aged) numbers of aphoricized and integraduated categories
comes in two more sizes down at the bottom of this file:

global issues like photosyn- thesis and its per- version: 
sex as a tug of war between  'deter-
my- nation' tides of wonder  and will.
econo- mics; particularly the history of emission rights as a crucial lever.
deterrito- rializable extended family alleg- iance formulas 
weather dynamics and gender dualities
musically making and admini- string fresh mud: volc- anicom- petence
pluralities cleav- ages and periodic- ities
things natural and simply fascin- ating
role models, monkey sniff, minekey scent
rules of conduct and condition- ality
sources links etc
Utopian protest ilk in dumb come?                          No!                     Pro utopian tests till kindom come!!!